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Fausto Svantepolk (パウストスバンテポルク Pausuto Subanteporuku) is the current King of Melchior. Born Fausto Roosevelt (パウストルセベルト Pasuto Ruseberuto), he came from a family of landowners south of Pergrande. His rise to nobility came with his advanced study of the world economy and his influence on it. Fausto had a relationship with the former Princess of Pergrande that gave birth to two children, Ragna and Maria. With the death of the old king, he, along with Adelaide, became King and Queen of the kingdom. He was hated by the entire country and accused for the brutal murder of Queen Adelaide. In desperation to save his daughters from the popular rebellion, Fausto separated a huge piece of land from the continent who later turned into his domain.

Fausto is recognized as a man of extreme political and magical power, and one of the most influential men in today's economy. His skills have been compared to those of Wizard Saints such as Jura Neekis and Makarov Dreyar, but his potential is still growing. He keeps one of the most powerful armies in the world, making him a feared King in the great continental nations.


His full name can be translated as "Auspicious Blessed People". Fausto is the Italian, Spanish and Portuguese variant of Faustus, a roman cognomen meaning "auspicious, lucky"; Svantepolk is the Old Norse form of Svyatopolk, meaning "blessed people".

Roosevelt means "rose field" in Dutch.


Fausto has a decent body for a man of his age, with a structure characteristic of a healthy person. He has a slight muscular build that is not perceived through his clothing, mostly suits. He has a thin face with square chin; light brown hair bifurcated into his forehead with wavy strands of hair that are barely up to his ears and lavender eyes. His voice is of a hoarseness that stirs the innermost desires of a woman, and his walk shows a hint of superiority.

The common array of Fausto is composed of suits, usually brown in color, almost in the tone of his hair. He prefers to look like a business man than a king, but never loses his nobility. He wears a brown jacket with shawl lapel and a pocket on the left chest, a waistcoat of a lighter color with six golden buttons from the collar bone and a white shirt underneath with a red pleated cravat. His legs are covered with a brown trouser and his feets by a pair of monk shoes of the same color.



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