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"It begs the question: who named the council the sovereign of the magic world? Who was it that bent the knee in fealty and allowed those stuffy men to handle the laws that govern magic and those that use it? It’s simple, not any of us, the common mages, the ones without our foot in the door of their meeting hall. Yet, we heed their every word. Magic is freedom given form! It is not the domain of a select few to limit as they see fit. They bring “limits” in the name of safety and security, but that is mere rhetoric to the masses. They desire the primal thing of the powerful—control. That is all it has ever been, and all it will ever be. I know not of you, but I refuse to be controlled and I reject the council and its’ puppets. Rise up, mages of the world! We must expect great bloodshed to tear down this kingdom of lies. But, the price of freedom is never too great, my friends. I’m in the game of dangerous freedom. "
— Junzen at a rally of supporters

Junzen of the Hanging Heavens (吊り九天純然, lit. Tsurikyūten no Junzen)
Black Sun (黒太陽, lit. Kurotaiyō)
Name Junzen
Kanji 純然
Rōmaji Junzen
Race Human
Birthdate ????

Male Male

Age Early 30s (estimation)
Height 6'4"
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color White
Professional Status
Affiliation Junzen's Army
Occupation Revolutionary
Base of Operations Hanging Heavens
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Marital Status Single (presumed)
Alignment Chaotic Good
Magic Arc of Illusion
Signature Skill Illusions
Weapons Unabhängigkeit (自由戦士(ウナブンジグケート); German for "Independence", Japanese for "Freedom Fighter")
"Walking anarchy. "

Junzen (純然, Junzen, lit. Absolute), known to many simply as Black Sun (黒太陽, lit. Kurotaiyō), was a legendary revolutionary that tore the social fabrics of the world of magic apart over a century ago. Years before the founding of Fairy Tail, Junzen was the first, and only, man to declare war upon the Magic Council. An impeccable orator with dauntless tact, skilled tactician, and vastly powerful man, Junzen is, to this day, known as one of the greatest enemies the council has ever faced. His most fearsome trait was not his strength but his words and propensity to gain allies. Mages, legal and criminal, from all corners of the continent bent the knee to him and his cause, powerful and weak. Junzen's forces were relatively small but powerful, and most importantly, brilliantly organized. With guerrila-warfare tactics in hand, they warred with the Council's forces effectively—laying waste to countless platoons of Rune Knights. Junzen's leadership painted a picture of carnage, betrayal, and upheaval that shook the magical world to its core, an era known as one of violence and uncertainty while the rest of the world could only watch.

While Junzen's insurgency ended in failure and his death, the rebel's uprising did bring the council of that era into question and how much power they hold over mages in general. In the aftermath, the council was pushed to iron issues in their style of governance over guilds and beyond. Junzen, to this day, stands as an icon of freedom and the pursuit thereof, to not blindly take commands. Hated by some, loved by others, and ignored by the rest, his tale holds its' own place within the magical world. It was said he was born of the blackened blood of demons, though more a line used to scare children in the night. His name is synonymous with rejecting the council's authority. In the eyes of the general public today, he was seen mainly as an extremist that had a thing for saying what people like to hear. This holds true to some extent, as the man's legacy is most popular amongst dark mages and like criminals. However, the right to question authority was highlighted during Junzen's era. He is eternally immortalized as the man that went to war with the rulers of the magic world. 





Magic and Abilities

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  • He bears minor similarities to Argentine, Marxist rebel Che Guevara for the controversy that surrounds his legacy.
  • Junzen was created for the sole desire of a historical figure that challenged the Magic Council's authority in the past. Like Ragnar Ghiscara, another character to add to the lore of Chronicles of a Mage's take on the Fairy Tail world.
  • In reality, it was Junzen's devious tactics that made them such a worthy opponent for the council rather than sheer power, which they were at a disadvantage in.
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