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"No matter how strong you grow, my magic is far greater still."
— Morgana to Kaname

Morgana Lafay is a Dark Mage and the leader of Black Hand.




Magic and Abilities

Lifestream Magic: is a type of Caster magic that involves to life force of the caster and anyone that they come in contact with. It also specialise in the manipulation of raw magical power. These assets allow a user of Life Stream Magic to enhance themselves in very unique ways. The most prominent is that it will extend the life of the user to many times there life expectancy.

Sovereign's Ceremony (玉璽儀式, Gyokuji Gishiki; Sovereign's Rite): ~Coming Soon~

Tenshinanayo (天使世七, Seven Generations of Angels):

Omoikane (思兼, Serving One's Thoughts):

  • All is Vanity (色即是空, shikisokuzekū):
  • Fuzoufugen (不増不減, nothing increases or decreases (because all things are void)):
  • Ultimate Punishment (極刑,Kyokkei):
  • Genjūdaha (現状打破, destroying the status quo):
  • Release (解放, Kaihou):


Behind the Scenes

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