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Kora looked up at the spiraling tower, looking at the barely visible top. Kora thought to her self, "Well, he's been here a while, so he probably is somewhere at the top..." Kora cast the Fire Dragon's Claw spell, and was forced upwards to an open window at the top, landing in the frame of the window. The stone corridors of the tower was apparently abandoned, only the occasional rat scurrying around. Kora lit and held a flame in her hand, to light the way down the dark path. She walked down the winding halls, but stopped in her tracks when she heard a faint ''help!'', in the distance. Due to her peaked hearing, she was able to trace the sound right outside a room. Peeking from behind the corner of the door frame, she noticed a giant sea slug, holding the clients husband captive, probably about to feast. "Ok, how did a slug get here?!" Kora wondered to herself. Kora shook off the thought, and ran through the doorway, causing the immediate head turn of the slug. The slug let out a roar, (grumble, whine) and proceeded to send a giant slimy "fist" at Kora. Kora jumped over the attack, and yelled, "Fire Dragon, Iron Fist!" Sending a flaming fist towards the slug, and connecting to its face with force. The slug roared, and attempted to deliver a crushing blow, which Kora was able to sucsessfully block. Kora then backed up, and began to sprint towards the slug's direction. "Fire Dragon Sword Horn!" she yelled, lighting her body ablaze and propelling herself towards the slugs face. The attack knocked the slug over, incapacitating it. To finish her enemy off, she let out a "Roar of the Fire Dragon" which seemed to do the trick. Kora then turned her attention towards the man crouching in the corner, probably in soiled pants. "I-im so sorry, I thought I could handle him! I just, wish I could've beat him..." Kora pittied the man, and said, "Its ok big guy, but your wife was worried sick. We should get you back to her." The man nodded, and tooks Kora's extended hand as she led him out of the tower.

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