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Zero Unit
0th Special Operations Unit

む とくべつ じぎょう ぶたい


Zero Unit (ぜろ うにと, Reibutai)

Professional Status

MagicCouncilSymbol Magic Council

Base of Operations




Professional Status

Guran Doma


Valecia Khan

Former Members

Anastasia Kaen (deceased)

The 0th Special Operations Unit (む とくべつ じぎょう ぶたい, Mu Tokubetsu Jigyou Butai) is a specialized unit of Rune Knights tasked with classified missions and covert assignments under the direct command of the Council Chairman, Guran Doma. The squad is often times referred to as the Zero Unit (ぜろ うにと, Reibutai) among the Rune Knights. A position in this squad is a hallowed opportunity, a testament to their skills. However, entrance into this squad is not necessarily indicative of great strength, as the three strongest members of the council's forces are not even among their ranks, but effective skills suited for the nature of the Zero Unit's work. The members are scattered across the continent at different branches, as they are allowed to station themselves at any base they desire—from the headquarters in Era and beyond. Due to the nature of their work, most are not famed at the exception of a few, and those members had achieved such before their induction into the unit. The Zero Unit is no secret to the public, and never has been, however, their missions are very much confidential. They are loosely allied with Corbeaux led by Richard Aria, though the latter's focus is primarily the assassination of dangerous dark mages within the Kingdom of Fiore. One of their most famous members was Anastasia Kaen, the mother of Lana Kaen.


  • Not all the members are powerful, rather skilled in stealth and infiltration.
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