A bow floating to Natsu and Igneel's bonding

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After years of making Fairy Tail stronger, it's back being the strongest guild in Fiore. It's flag is waving to the gentle wind but a fast event was made. The Fairy Tail sign was made as a target of an arrow. The arrow is at the exact middle of the sign/flag even though it's windy. It is the news inside the guild and everybody's shocked. They know that the guild's reputation is clean and no one will fight against us (unless it's a dark guild or a guild enemy).

Reedus and the other shocked when they see Lissana

Fairy Tail members are shocked because of the news

No one knows who made the flag as it's target. Others thought that Lucy's Celestial Spirit, Sagittarius made it because he's an archer but because the keys are inside Lucy's pocket so they remove Sagittarius as their suspect. The members keep looking for evidences but they can't remove the arrow from the flag because it's tight.


"You've forgotten me, Natsu. How about our bonds with Igneel, huh?" , a random voice. This random voice came to a girl who's crying right now. She's on a tree branch, viewing Fairy Tail. "You only looked for Igneel, but not me. Not me." , again the random voice. She can't be heard everywhere. She saw Mirajane coming out of the guild's building, this girl jumped away. Mirajane looked at the tree. "It's not windy anymore but why this tree currently swayed? Is this a clue to the one who destroyed our guild flag?" , she said.

Mirajane&#039;s Satan Soul

Satan Soul

Mirajane came inside to tell everyone that a tree swayed. The others laughed and Mirajane activated her Take Over which is the Satan Soul because the others didn't believe. "This is shouldn't be laughed at. It's a serious sign that a group or someone may attack this guild. We should be ready, that's why I'm mad." , Mirajane said. The others agreed because Mira's scary but Erza asked a question, "What if it's just someone from a guild member's past?" Mirajane replied, "Then someone's needs to fix his or her personal problems. It is needed to be fixed or else, our guild will be continuously destroyed."

While they are discussing about the arrow and the flag, Natsu and Happy are just eating. "We should keep

Lucy &amp; Natsu

Natsu and Happy eating Ramen and fish

looking for Igneel, right Happy?" , said Natsu. "Wait, I think there's a problem here in the guild about personal problems. Do you know someone from the past, Natsu?" , Happy asked. "It's only Igneel and nobody else." , answered Natsu. An arrow striked again to a window near Natsu. Everybody in the guild looked at the broken window. Erza came near Natsu and checked. "This archer's fast. There's no sign in here, just the same arrow." , said Erza. Lucy became curious. "Hey! Here's Sagittarius' key. I'm just curious why it hitted near Natsu. There are many windows here in the building, right? Natsu, do you know someone from the past?" , Lucy asked. "I asked the same question earlier, Lucy. He only said that it's only Igneel and nobody else." , answered Happy. Another arrow hitted the building. The members are looking to each window but there's no one. "Igneel and nobody else, huh?" , said Lucy. A arrow with fire hitted the building and a big voice said, "I'm tired hearing that it's Igneel and nobody else, Natsu! You always find Igneel, Natsu! Have you forgotten the style of my arrows? Do you know someone releases an arrow with fire than Erza? Or do I need to show you my rage and envy?" After that voice was heard, multiple arrows attacked the building.

They went out to see what's is that big voice. A girl came down, wiping her tears.


"I think it's forgotten. My bow. I will destroy your friends until you remember me, Cess and my forgotten bow!"


Cess (drawn by :

then the bow and arrows fell on the ground and Cess cries but stands again. "I'm still your friend and sister, Natsu!", she shouted. Natsu came out too and gets an arrow and tries to kill himself. "Now Natsu, do you remember me?", she said.

Author's Note

It's a part of the Cess Arc.

The next episode/chapter will be posted. It's name is "Stop! You Don't Deserve It!"

Cess' drawing is not mine but I will post a drawing of mine very soon!

Thanks for reading! BTW, Cess is my OC.

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