“Now that I think about it daddy wasn’t the first one who saved me” Asa said speaking of Numiar. “I was onced saved before daddy found me”. Today Asa was resting from her search to find Numair in a field of sunflowers. “hmmm I think his name was kaze or something”. She begins to lay down and fall asleep.


A young man wearing a purple outfit and pants, it was a more causal looking outfit but it had a kinda professional atmosphere to it, was watching the Young Asa. This young man was Kaze yagami a young s-class skilled mage. He had been monitoring Asa for a while now keeping track of her and making sure she was out of harm’s way. Today he was watching her from a nearby hill. Thanks to his incredible hearing he was able to hear what she was saying. “Well I’m glad she remembers me when we first met when we were so little”, he says standing up. He looks around sensing something amiss. “You can come out now i have very astute senses when it comes to other peoples magical powers and I sense yours out there” he says out loud. Another young man wearing clothes consisting mainly of black walks out of the nearby bushes. On his shoulder is a Black Pheonix surrounded by flames tattoo, “he he as the master said you are a sharp one being able to sense me even though I was invisible” The nefarious looking man spoke. “hmph what do you want I think you came here for more than just talking to me” Kaze said as a sword appeared in his hand in flash of small light. “hehe yes I have come to warn you to not go looking for Numair and to stop the young girl. He is safe and sound in our care”, the guy said as he waved around hand. “Hmph too late” Kaze said as he brought his blade down onto the unknown man from behind after using his telep[ort magic to get behind him. but this was all for naught as his body become water on contact. “hehe see ya kaze the breaker mage” the mage said as he became like air using his magic and vanished away. “Darn it he got away” Kaze said as he exquiped his sword, he was slight annoyed and aggravated the mage had gotten away. “Well at least I got to see what their magic was like and now I know for certain it who they are by his tattoo seems The Dark Phoenixes have returned and that means there leader is back too” Kaze says sighing “looks like I need to come out of hiding and tell her where Numair is”.

Asa wakes up to a Man shaking her awake. “uhhhh what Numair im sleeping”, she says  pushing the man’s hand away. “im not Numair, Asa the name’s Kaze” Kaze says as he tries to get her wake up.

“Huh!? Kaze!?” she says jumping up and knocking Kaze over making him fall into a group of sunflowers. “You mean Kaze that saved me when I was younger, to be exact ten years ago”, she said shocked not noticing she had knocked Kaze over. 

“uuggghhhh I’m glad you remember me Asa” Kaze says sitting up as he rubs his head. “I mean it’s been like ten years since I helped you out” Kaze says “but that’s not why I have come to you today”, he said as he touched her shoulder. “I know where your guild master is at but I need some help, I need the help of the Elite team of Harpy Wing, The WIngs of Magic ."


Some time later in the library of Harpy Wing. 

"okay why do you need my Teams power?" Asa asked now wearing a nice pink shirt with a small blue pheonix design on it with blue jeans. "I mean we are famous for a reason even with in our own guild but we rarely come together as a team so why does a former fairy tail mage need us". 

Kaze stood up still wearing what he was earlier when he woke up Asa. "hmmmm Asa i am quite a renowned mage within my own right but the enemy that Has Your guild Leader is no normal enemy or dark guild, i had faced Most of them Nine years ago right around the time that Numair found you. Their power Then was great but now they have grown stronger and are now using powers that not even i can contend with alone" he says getting up and walking around. "And i have a feeling they have hidden Numiar, My teacher and friend and your Father, inside their home base".

Asa tapped her fingers thinking "hmmmm Let me talk to them then it will be nice to see them again though so ill see what i can do to get them to agree".


In other parts of Fiore Three mages where Lazying  about doing different things. One was an electrifying a dinosaur type creature as he moved around it so fast you could see after images of himself. Another one was Using Super Archive to study some ruins of an ancient civilaztion. The third and Final Mage was sipping tea as he fought off a whole guild of dark mages with his fists alone seeming to have some fun. 

Suddenly Archive type screens appeared next to them all saying that it is time for a meeting. THe speedster smiled as her read what the meeting was about saying "He looks like its time for some fun and time to electrify my enemies". The Super Archive user simply smiled as she said, "looks like our precious Queen needs our help once again and this time To Save her Father". The final mage smirked when he got the message as he said, "okay boys looks like i have to finish this up now so its time for y'all to be flattened."

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