A New Life is the first episode of Fairy Tail : Rainbow Story. This episode appear on Crystal Arc.


a park in Mangolia, it seems a short blue-haired girl was enjoying the afternoon air. The girl smiled and said "a new life will begin ... here ...!"

<Locations in Fairy Tail>

Lucy: hey, you all already know about the "Frozen Lake" yet?

Gray : Frozen Lake? I never hear it!

Natsu : Yeah! , Me Too..!

Happy : Aye Sir!

Erza : Same here...

Lucy : Lucy: Well, I'll explain, "Frozen Lake" is a lake that is always frozen and never melt, either during the spring, summer or autumn. Frozen Lake is located in West Forest of Mangolia Town!

Erza : weird huh ..? I'm so curious ..

Gray: what if we visit Frozen Lake tomorrow?

Natsu : Yeah, I'm agree with Gray, how we visit Frozen Lake tomorrow? lucy, erza and happy?

Erza : Nice Idea!

Happy : Aye Sir!

Lucy : Yatta!

<tomorrow in a train>

Natsu : Ugh...why do we have to board a train?

Lucy : how else ... this is the only way to get there ...

Erza : Gray, you swap seats with me!

Gray : Eh!? why..?

Erza : Just do it...

Gray : Okay...

  • Gray sit with Lucy and Erza Sit with Natsu

Then, Erza was hit Natsu, who made Natsu became faint.

Erza: that's better ... * smile *. while Lucy and Gray only gape.

an hour later they arrived at West Forest

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