"Keep Calm With The Calming Method Passed Down Through The Generations of The Armstrong Family"

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In a remote forest of Earth-Land, life seemed so serene. Not a sound besides the calm hum of nature. That is, until they came tromping through. "I don't care if your favorite dress is getting muddy! Stop yappin' so we can get on with the mission already!" said a black-haired man grumpily to his partner. Out of all the people in the guild, their guild masters had to assign him with her.

A long black haired woman was dancing through the forest behind the man, for some reason she always danced even when walking, she said she was addicted to the dance and all its twirls. Her high heels were muddy and her dress as it had been raining, "Men are such lowly creatures, they don't even understand the intricacy of these dresses and their fine threads!" she began singing.

Oh great, now she's singing too, thought Deker Ginzo, as he tromped through more mud on the forest floor. Deker thought about any legitimate reason his guild masters might have had to send him on a mission with Balsa Ciguatera of all people. He was a generally well-liked fellow around the guild. There were plenty of people he actually got along with that they could've chosen, so why this woman of all people? He decided it best to stay focused on the mission at hand, and with that, drew a large pink lollipop out of his pocket and put it in his mouth to calm his nerves.

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