A Place Of Demise

"So...Where exactly are we if I may ask?" Shiro Kirusaki says, trying to break of the silence between him and two other men named Keith Maverick and Almark Giovanni.

"Who knows? We may be in a dragon's stomach." Almark laughed a bit as he said that while Keith gave him a sharp look and said "Dragons disappeared in X777, there is no way a dragon will just pluck us up and eat us just like that, and besides, a dragon will make a lot of noise are something that big, even before it eats, someone is bound to notice. And-"

"Alright alright I get it, just joking."

Shiro signed silently while Almark and Keith were arguing and looked up into the red distorted sky. The sky seemed weird in Shiro's eyes. As a Phoenix Slayer his eyes are sharper than any regular mage, almost like an eagle's. What he saw was, of course red and black, with those weird floating light particles around him, and black clouds that moved pretty quickly for any old cloud would ever move, but beyond that, he saw, people? About four people were there, but two of them seemed knocked out because they where carried on the other two which they were seemly talking. Then all the suddenly-

Having Clayton been looking at the sky for a while, Keith tapped Shiro's shoulder which gave Shiro a shock. "Oh, sorry, did I scare you? And what are you looking at?" Shiro looked at the sky again but the people in the sky disappeared. "Oh, it's nothing, nothing at all, I swear". Was it my imagination? No, it was clearly human beings. Shiro thought deeply as he recalled what he had seen.

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