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The new threat called Olympic Code has made its' first moves. The world of magic is now aware of the coming dangers ahead; even the Military are ready for them.. The group has made its' first hostile move against the big name guild Fairy Tail. Erza, Natsu, Gray, Lucy were all easily defeat by two members(Aphrodite and Ares). Their intentions are still unknown but this is soon to be discovered. Sanjo Vista and Richard Aria have set out to uncover the truth on this group and their intentions. What is in store for them, what will happen next.....

Trailing the Enemy

It was a normal average day for a large city, people were on their way to where they needed to be. As it was the afternoon, people were making their way home. However two mages had dropped in to to gather info on Olympic Code in the shadows.

Sanjo Vista was walking through a not so nice part of town. This was the type of place one would call "the wrong side of town". He was doing his best to blend in with the crowd, as he dawned a hoodie for this mission so people would not recognize him. He was surveying the area around him to find somewhere "suitable". "These types of places are best for gathering info, though it's pretty depressing being here...Richard is off who knows where in this city, probably better off than me." he thought to himself as he stopped with a feeling of reluctance. He shook his head, "No get it together! This is what matters at the moment. No use in complaining." he continued walking.

He looked around as he saw children walking closely to their parents despite being in a area where crime is rampant. He was keeping his senses up for any "dangerous" guests. Sanjo saw a tavern up ahead the street as he turned the corner. "I can work with that" he thought with a smirk on his face. He made his way to the tavern. Sanjo pushed the doors opened to the full embracing of the smell of alcohol and mold, along with seeing criminals and scammers alike lounging around; not to mention suggestive women who would likely cheat a person out of their money.

"Lovely.." he thought as had stern expression. He walked through the room filled with laughter and indistinct chatter, he made sure to be aware of his surroundings. He made his way to the bar and took a seat on a hard wooden bar stool. The bartender was cleaning a few glasses with a cloth, though Sanjo noted not very well. He waved his finger to get his attention, "Yo!" Sanjo said softly. "Oh...what can I help you with?" the bartender said in a raspy voice. "Can you get me a drink. I don't care what....just make it good." Sanjo replied as he veered to the left to see a new group of thugs walk in.

There were several of them and behind was an especially big dangerous looking person. The people near them cleared to the other side of the bar. Sanjo assumed the big guy was the boss, "It's always biggest one" he thought to himself as he smirked. The bartender set down a drink for Sanjo. "That's Kritz." he said. Sanjo looked up as the bartender continued talking. "He is the big guy around he, came into power a few years ago. Him and his cronies have been running all things illegal in this city since then. As a word of advice, I suggest you don't mess with him." he said softly.

Sanjo smiled as he peeked over his shoulder, "Is that so" he muttered. Sanjo turned his attention back to the bartender, "So have you heard anything "interesting" as of late?" he asked as he took a sip of the drink. "Hmm...Nothing really, though I know big things have been happening in other parts of the country." the bartender replied, going back to cleaning dirty glasses. "This may be a big town, but it seems no one worth talking about is here." Sanjo thought to himself.

The Criminal Boss Kritz' annoying laughter echoed through the tavern as he was ordering all the workers around and ignoring everyone else. Of course they were all too scared to do anything about it. Sanjo looked over his shoulder again and right at boss. "Street punk, nothing else." he thought with a judgmental expression. Kritz noticed instantly that someone was staring him down, "Who the hell you looking at boy!" he shouted. He got up and pushed the women on his lap off.

He trudged over to Sanjo seat and smashed his hand on the bar counter, "Listen small fry, do you know who I am?" he said with the smell of the last 5 drinks fresh on his breath. Sanjo uttered no response. The large man laughed obnoxiously, "Your obviously not from around here....I am Kritz. But you can call me Kritz-sama." he shouted. His lackeys were laughing in agreement with their leader, they all got up to aide him. "Naw Naw, I can take care of this punk my self. Some people got to learn respect!" he exclaimed as he threw Sanjo's drink off the table.

"Get up!" he shouted. Sanjo rolled his eyes at the remark. "Eh? You little shit!" he shouted as he went to punch Sanjo with a hard going right hook. Then suddenly someone caught his hand. Both Kritz and Sanjo were equally surprised. It was a beautiful young woman in a dark jumpsuit type outfit. She had a stern expression. "Who the hel-" she threw him instantly over the bar counter and into the wall. Kritz was out like a light. His once proud men backed off. "Wait, what did you do you!" shouted one of them as he attacked her. The others followed his lead.

She easily dispatched them with hand to hand combat, sending them to opposite ends of the Tavern. Sanjo smirked as not only was he impressed, but it was a familiar face. He got up and put some money on the bar counter, "This is for the drink and the broken glass, sorry about that." he said with a smile on his face. The bartender was too much in awe to respond. Both Sanjo and this mystery beauty went outside promptly.

"'s been a long while huh old friend. Never thought I would see Lana Kaen, especially not around here." he said. Kana stopped and looked at Sanjo a bit disappointed. "Idiot! You may think you can fool people with that hood, but not me." she said. Sanjo chuckled at her words, "I was surprised that you helped me. Even more that you are in a place like this." he said. She shook her head, "I was not helping you so to speak, just you were more of an ally than him. I am trying to get some info on this new bunch called Olympic Code" she said.

Sanjo sighed, "Not exactly the way i would do it but I have got nothing to show for, so I won't judge." Sanjo said laughingly. "Oh as if your method was working much." Lana retorted in a serious tone. Sanjo looked down the road, "Better go see what Richard is doing" he muttered. Sanjo looked back at Lana, "Care to join me?" he asked in the politest of tones. Though reluctant Lana agreed with a simple nod, "You're still an idiot.." she said "Of course....of course." Sanjo said mockingly.

Joining Forces?

"So you are also getting info on Olympic Code huh." Lana said. "Yep me and Richard Aria of the Magic Council are doing our best." Sanjo replied as he looked up tot he sky. The two were walking down a busy sidewalk in the more prosperous part the city. There were people everywhere as they were going too and fro. Sanjo was trying to get a lock on Richard's magical energy signature. Sanjo briefly stopped, "Where the hell is this guy?!" Sanjo said, looking annoyed. "Not the best teammates, are you guys?" Lana said mockingly. "Annoying and strict, what a ridiculous combination." Sanjo thought as he looked around aimlessly.

Sanjo pointed at a clothing store, "How about we just wait there, no sense walking around in the sun" he said as he began walking. Lana followed him into the store. They stood near the entrance, Sanjo told the nearby worker that they were simply waiting. He took off his hood and the hoodie sweater as well. "Finally..." he muttered as he exhaled. Lana cleared her throat, "This group is a serious threat. From what I know they are bosting serious strength." she said calmly and softly. Sanjo out his hands in his pockets. "It would seem so." he said.

He continued, " They are no joke, and are a serious danger to people. But now we need to figure out their motives and movements." he stated. Lana looked at him, "Someone's ahead of the game." she said. Then someone walked into the door of the store. "Hey! Sanjo! Sorry to keep you waiting". It was Richard, he walked over to Sanjo and Lana. "I got nothing man, this city was no use." he said, then pointed at Lana. "So who is this?" he asked.

"My name is Lana, it's not polite to point....idiot." she said, sounding annoyed. Sanjo scratched his head as he chuckled at the two, "Yea she is an old friend, I met her back over where I was" he said. "Oh interesting... Well as you may already know I am Richard Aria" Richard said as he put out his hand to shake hers. Lana did not shake Richards hand. Sanjo was not surprised. Richard pulled his hand back, "So is she joining us?" he asked.

Both Sanjo and Lana were surprised. "We need the help, and she seems skilled. So....". Lana interjected, "Did I say I was joining you two?" she said as she turned away. "I think I will be going now. Another time Sanjo and...." she walked off. Richard was devastated that she purposely forgot his name. Sanjo laughed, "Don't worry she can be like that. But I assure you she is strong. Your idea about joining forces is seeming wise when I think about it." Sanjo said patting Richard on the shoulder.

Later that day and into the evening......

Lana was walking down an alley when several figures appeared in front of her. "Dark Mages?" she thought as she stopped and surveyed the situation. "To think legal mages would start meddling in this city." said one of them. "Should small fry dark mages go talking so big and bag. huh?" she said mockingly at the group of assailants. "This woman is too much!" shouted another one. They prepared to attack.

Lana shook her head, "Requip..." she muttered as a magic circle opened around each hand. Then suddenly two large curved blade gauntlets appeared on each arm. "Glacier Edge..." she said. Ice was falling off the edges of the large blades. The group attacked, then in an instant were cut down by Lana. On the ground layed their injured and some dead bodies. "Why did they attack me?" she wondered. Then she heard clapping, it was Sanjo walking towards her.

"I was gonna help you, but then you showed that graceful power. Strong as usual, huh Ice Princess." Sanjo said laughingly. "I told you not call me that Sanjo! Also stop being so carefree. Obviously us walking around annoyed a faction of dark mages in hiding. "So...." Sanjo said plainly. "So what?" she asked. "How about it then?" he asked. She sighed, "How about what man?" she asked. " Join us! Join me and Richard, we could use your help. He had the right idea, think about it. It would make life easier for the both of us" he said as he waited for a response.

"Why should I go with you?" she asked with a stern face. "Well three heads are better than two no? Just come on, we will have some fun along the way." he said with a smile on his face. She shook her head, "Your were always like that huh." she became silent as she thought things over. Lana looked up and walked over to Sanjo, looking up at him. "I'm in. Under the condition you don't try to boss me around Sanjo.." she said as poked his chest in an annoying fashion. "Alright" he said smiling. "This ought to be fun, we are an unbeatable team!" he said. The two made their way to find Richard.

Trying to Find a Lead- dangerous followers

The day was sunny, a day of blistering heat. Sanjo and company were making there way to another city on foot. They chose to go on fit for one logical reason, covert operation. Sanjo was a well known person, so if he started showing up places out of nowhere. Any and all criminal groups would be wary, including their target- Olympic Code. Lana was walking next to Sanjo and diagonal from Richard,who was a bit ahead of the pack, she wiped the sweat from her forehead and glanced at the sky.

"This is hell!" Richard moaned to catch the others' attention. Neither uttered a response, Richard was usually not the type to complain but no one was a fan of this type of torture. Sanjo stopped walking, the other two stopping to what was up. He shielded his eyes from the sunlight as he looked at the clear blue sky.

In the background the sounds of nature could be heard, with bird chirping and frogs croaking. "What's up Sanjo, aren't we on a schedule to meet with Lana's source." Richard asked with a puzzled expression. Sanjo looked back at his companions than point towards a shaded area. "How about we rest for a bit." he said.

Richard's face lit up, as he could get out of this heat. "Fine, but not too long." Lana scoffed as she walked ahead of the two. Both Richard and Lana had taken a place to sit in the shade. Sanjo was still standing. "So I think we need some type of plan. We can't just recklessly go asking around about Olympic Code. They obviously have contacts here and there." Sanjo stated as crossed his arms. Richard sarcastically raised his hand to this, "If I's Lana's contact. So.......she should have something in mind." Richard said. That moment he fell victim to Lana's intense and scary glare.

"Well it's a middle aged man by the name of Gato. He is tied in a few things criminal, like dark guilds and what not. He also was supposedly, these are his words, a temporary informant for the Oracion Seis." she stated. Sanjo was caught by surprise, "Formerly one of the Balam Alliance? He may of some help then." Sanjo said with a comical smile on his face. Lana face showed anger in the works, "Are you saying you did not trust my sources. huh!" she exclaimed.

A thought crossed her mind, reminding her of something important. Her face turned back its' stern but calm self. "Guys, the town up ahead is full of people with their hands where they're not supposed to be. We will get a lead." she said. Both Sanjo and Richard nodded to this. "We should be getting into this place then." Richard remarked as he stood up straight and patted some dust off his pants. "Right." Sanjo agreed.

The three mages continued to make their way to this town, and to meet this source of Lana's that happened to be there. But little did they know that they were being watched the whole time.

Old Man Gato

The three mages were walking through the crowded streets of the town. Left and right there were people in a hurry to get places. It was not a big town but a busy one. Lana was leading the other two through the cramped streets, on their way to see Gato. Lana had assured them he was reliable but don't let their guard down. Sanjo looked around as he walked, surveying the area. "Lana!" he said loudly.

Both kept walking. "What is it?" she replied. "How long till we get to this Gato? Can't be too long right. "It's around this corner actually. Now let's see what we can learn. The three of them stopped before a liquor store. Richard sighed, "Why are sources always at places dealing with alcohol. Pretty cliche if you ask me. "Richard remarked as they stepped inside. It was a rather large liquor store, they went towards the back.

"It's this door, stand back a bit" Lana said softly. Lana knocked on the door 3 times then paused before knocking 4 more times. The door opened. "Just like that huh" Sanjo thought. They walked into a dimly lit room filled with a few people. There was a small bar inside. "Ah Lana you have come. And with company I see." said a middle aged averaged sized man with gray hair. " know why I am here." she said. Gato smoothed his hands, " Yes yes, come and sit. Your companions as well." he said.

Meanwhile outside the store on the building adjacent to the entrance were two crouching figures. They seemed to be watching the liquor store, more specifically who was in it.

"Is that so? So things have been different lately?" Lana asked. Gato crossed his arms, "There this new organization. They have a lot of power, seems they have been calling the shots lately at a few places. They are called Olympic Code, a group of 12 powerful criminals." he said. Sanjo leaned forward in his seat, "Do you know anything else old man. Like a few members of the organization?" he asked adamantly.

"Someone's interested. Well they have a one or two infamous criminal with them, I am not naming any names though. But most are unknowns though. I must say though, watch where you stick your nose- they are a dangerous bunch from what I know." Gato stated looking at their Lana, Sanjo and Richard's faces. "That blonde one looks familiar, naw must be confusing him with someone else." he thought as he shook his head.

"So I guess we should be going now huh." Richard said as he got up. Sanjo looked up, "Yea we should." Lana nodded in agreement. Gato walked over to Lana, "I am happy I could be of help, long as you don't let anyone know what I do. I scratch your back and you scratch mine eh?" he said as he put his hand on her shoulder. Lana suddenly kicked the old man across the room and scoffed. "Let's go!" she shouted.

"Yikes..." Richard muttered. Sanjo had a comical look on his face, "Yep same Lana, vicious." he said. They promptly made their way, they went down the street. "Now we have some hard facts on them, not alot but some. Still we know nothing of their patterns." Sanjo said. Richard looked at his companion, "Well the council has its' best intel teams on the job, we will get info in due time. I also heard the Military may step in." Richard said. Sanjo jutted a bit, "Dad and company are gonna make a move huh." Sanjo thought.

They went down an alleyway and stopped. "Alright I think we should split up and see if we can get some other info around here. Since theres a lot of informants that go through here, at least according to Gato." Lana said with her hands on her hips. Sanjo looked at her for a moment and then at Richard then back gain to Lana. "That would be wise. Let's meet here in an hour". he said.

The Threat Shows Itself

Lana walked through the streets of the town on the silent hunt for more intel on Olympic Code. She had been walking for a while and had not found anything worth mentioning. "I guess we may need to move on from this place then"she thought as she halted and sighed. She scratched her head as she thought about a new plan to leave. Lana looked around and decided to make her way through an ally as a short cut.

Down a abnormally long alleyway she walked down. A few cats running about, she naturally shewed them away from her. A figure loomed from the rooftops, though not matching with the previous ones back at Gato's place. Suddenly Lana felt a presence and quickly looked up towards its' source. She was a shock as she looked around, up and down, to find her pursuer.

Then a tall man with brown hair appeared behind. Lana jumped back and took a fighting stance to face her pursuer. He smurked at her actions, "You go sniffing around and are so careless..." he said calmly. Lana analyzed the situation and wondered who he was, "He must be...." she thought. Suddenly two magic circles opened around her arms and her weapons appeared. "Requip huh" he thought.

She took a different stance, ready to counter any attack. "You are part of Olympic Code aren't you!" she shouted. The man stepped forward with a slight grin on his face. "Maybe I am, or maybe not who knows." he said. "But this will be no easy battle for you woman. From here, brace yourself." the man said. Then a huge sword appeared in his hand. He slung blade over his shoulder, holding it with only one hand. "Lunar Edge."

"Oh and you can call Hephaestus" he muttered as suddenly dashed towards her at great speed. Just in time Lana blocked as they locked blades and sparks flew here and there. Lana clenched her teeth, "I need to be very cautious about this." she thought to herself. Lana noticed she was started to slide back, this Hephaestus was pushing her back all with a smile on her face.

Lana sidestep and went for a slash. Hephaestus quickly blocked. The two went at it, slash for slash. Lana dashed forward and went for his stomach but he parried the attack. The clanging of blades could be heard loud and clear. He jumped slashing downwards, she dodged barely, the wall behind her collapsed. Lana jumoed from window ledge to ledge to make her way to a roof.

She stood back for a moment and surveyed the situtation. She had managed to fight him somewhat on equal terms, though she felt she was getting nowhere. Ice started appeared on her blades, her magical power was seeping out. "Ice? I guess you use ice magic as well...." Hephaestus narrowing his eyes at her with an almost piercing glare. She slung one arm forward, "Ice Make- Eagle!" she shouted as she created several ice eagles that propelled themselves towards Hephaestus.

Hephaetus without much effort slashed the eagles into pieces. "Too easy" he said looking back at her with a cool and calm expression. "I suggest you forget about bystanders getting in this bout. You won't live if you act like that." he said as suddenly grapsed his blade with two hands and slashed at her sending a compressed blade of air presseure at her. Her eyes widened in shock. On contact it made a large explosion, most of the building had been devstated.

Out of the large pillar of smoke emerged Lana with some scrapes on her. She landed on the what was notw rubble of the roof. Lana was panting after barely dodging the last attack. "This guy is something. I barely got out of that one. Thankfully only got a few bruises." she thought. Hephaestus suddenly appeared make a slash at her neck in an effort to decapitate her. She swiflty dodged the attack and flipped backwards a few times.

She slid back. "Looks like you guys are no joke huh." she said with a smirk on her face. She stood up and regained her composure. "Well the fact that you dodged that attack mean you skilled." he said as he stared at her for a moment. "Who else is with you?" he asked. Lana took a more serious tone usual. "Why does it matter to you?" she replied.

He looked towards the sky, "It's almost time for us to get down to business. Big things are coming my lady." he said. Then in an instant he charged at Lana. The two traded blows once again.

Meanwhile back at Gato's place....

Glasses smashed on the ground. The room was silent. Gato fell to the ground in fear. He was sweating, his eyes shouted that he feared for his life. "I did what you said!I ....alerted you of those trying to get info on your group." he muttered. "I even sold out someone I have given alot of info. Please...don't.." he screamed. A young man with white hair walked towards Gato slowly.

"Even then....if you sold them out. What's to say you won't betray us, you rat." he said. Gato was on his knees as he made an effort to crawl away. "Olympic Code cannot have any doubtful people in our information network you know." he said. "Please! Spare me!" he screamed." The young man shook his head, "Not likely.."

Sanjo walked down a empty street. He had found really no sources to go with. It seemed that Gato was the only person of help in this city. He was a bit worried though. "What was that sharp jump in magical power. Wasn't that the direction Lana went. But if I try to check it out, she will get pissed for me underestimating her as always" he thought as he stopped walking. He then imagined Lana's many angry reactions to him showing up.

Sanjo shook his head at the thought of it, "I should just go my way, besides what's the worse that can happen." he continued on his walk. In the shadows loomed three figures that were trailing him. Sanjo, as he walked, sensed something off. He took a turn into a alley way. He soon stopped with his hands still in his pockets. "Whoever you are....come out." he said in a loud voice.

Three stalkers appeared a few meters away from Sanjo. "As feared, he is that Golden Lion guy." one of them said. "At least we could confirm it, wise to know one's enemies." the other said. "But we have been found out in the end" the one in the middle said. Sanjo raised an eyebrow as he was a little confused. "Are you guys talkin to eachother. Who are you? What do you want?!" he said in a stern voice.

One of them shook their fingers almost taunting him. "Like we would tell you that. But I must say, big things are coming mage of the light." he said. Sanjo took a step forward clenching one of his fists. "I don't have time for your crap. Who are you!" he exclaimed. The usually calm Sanjo was becoming irritated more and more. He felt another spike in magical power he turned his head back to the same direction as before. "What the hell?" he muttered.

He turned back to his stalkers, "It's obvious then that you are lackeys of Olympic Code. Am I wrong?" he asked. The three of them looked at one another. "This one is perceptive." one said. "Perception is key to victory is it not." the other replied. "But he has still befallen deception." the one in the middle said. "My god! Stop doing that. You all don't need to answer" Sanjo shouted in irritation.

He felt another spike in magical power and from the same direction. "Lana!" he thought. "But I can't leave you here either." he said as turned back to his stalkers who were nowhere to be found. "What the.." he said. Sanjo decided Lana was far more important than his followers. He ran towards her area of town.

Things become clear

The colliding of blades echoed in the evening. Lana was more injured than before as she jumped back. She was panting as her opponent walked dashed towards her. They locked blades once again. Hephaestus had no injuries for the most part. Though he had a cut on his arm. "Not your day huh. That's why pretty little girls should stay at home." he said grinning. He broke the lock and roundhouse kicked Lana crashing into the ground.

Lana jumped back to her feet. "This is no good." she thought as she was a little dizzy. "Something is wrong with my power..." she thought. "I know if that rat Gato had not spiked your drink, our battle would of been better." he said shocking Lana. "He what!" she muttered as she put her hand on her forehead. Her vision was becoming distorted. "Yea it's hard to know who to trust. Our leader gave me and my partner an interesting objective. This is getting boring now." he said as his sword dissapated.

Suddenly a figure appeared before Lana. "Richard!" she said as here weapons disappated. She was staggering as whatever drug that effected her took affect. Richard looked back at her, "This guy is good if he pushed her this much." he thought. "She didn't go all out, rather she could not." Hephaestus intejected. Richard turned his attention to the enemy. "A drug that temporarily distorts the flow of magical power. A powerful one it is."

Richard took out a scalpel and focued his opponent. "No reason to fuel the fire. At least I did not kill her." he said grinning at Richard. "Makes sense then. For him to just injure her so bad and have no injuries would be more than impressive. Seems she was drugged. We have been betrayed." he thought.

"Enough Hephestus..." said a young man who appeared on the right flank of Hephaestus and Richard. "Dionysus, so I guess you cleaned up the trash huh." he said a little surprised at his comrade's arrival. "Let's go, we are done here." he said. "If our business here has ened than I have no problem leaving. I guess we leave them here." He said as he walked over to his comrade. "Interesting group you are. Seems they are traveling with Sanjo Vista." Dionysus said as a magical circle opened under both of them. "Another time" he said. Both sunk into the magic circle and dissappeared, no trace of magical power.

"Lana! Richard! Are you guys alright" Sanjo shouted as he landed on the rumble that was once a roof and top floor of the building. He ran over to his comrades. Lana passed out. "What happened here Richard?" he asked in a worried tone. "She was drugged. We were betrayed and Olympic Code was here, two to be exact." Richard replied looking up at Sanjo. Sanjo thought back to the words of one his followers- "But he has still befallen deception.".

He clenched his teeth "Damn it." he said. "We need to get her somewhere to rest and recuperate properly. We should find a nice inn, they can help us and not ask too many question, hopefully." Richard said. Sanjo shook his head, "No that isn't wise. People are nosy and it's a threat to their safety since we have become a problem to OIympic Code. We need somwhere better, safer, where no one will mess with us." he said as he folded his arms.

"So where do we go." Richard asked. "The closest place and safest place. Won't cost us anything either. We going to my family's place- the Vista Manor." he replied as he knelt to pick up Lana. "That would be a wise place to go. Then let's go, funny way of you going to visit eh Sanjo." Richard said as he stood up. "We can get some more info on Olympic Code there as well. Depending on what my Dad's men have dug up." Sanjo said as he began to walk. "Then let's go, this ought to be interesting." Richard remarked.

An Unruly Homecoming

Lana turned as they layed on her back. She woke up to a well lighted, large room. Lana sighed as she sat up straight to notice she was in a new gown, a nice one at that. She looked around at the room she was in, trying to figure out what was going on. Lana thought back to their betrayal by Gato and what happened in that town. She rose from the bed and walked over to the large windows, looking out to the view. She had a familiar feeling of where she was.

The door to the room opened after a few knocks. A young girl with black hair walked in, smiling. "Oh yay, your awake" she exclaimed. Lana looked over to her a little confused. "Aren't ?" she said. The girl nodded, "Mhm Siata, it's been a long time Lana-san." she replied. Lana uttered no response as she patted her gown. "It's about noon, how about getting something to eat." Siata asked. Lana smiled, "Not a bad idea.". They went out of the room.

Lana and Siata walked through a large corridor and though a hallway, to reach a large stair case. "Also thanks for this gown. Hope I have not troubled you too much. Siata kept walking, "Don't worry, it's the least we can do. Anyway let's go." They went down the stairs and through another corridor into a casual dining room. Only to find Richard munching on a crossiant among other treats there. He waved at them as he kept eating.

"Can I get you anything." a servant asked. "No no, I am fine but thanks." Lana and Siata took a seat at the table. Richard drank some milk, "Huge place Sanjo's family got here huh." Siata sipped some orange juice as Lana put some sugar in her tea. " and Sanjo are still friends Lana?" she asked. Lana looked up, "Yes, yes we are." Siata felt persistent, "Just friends?" she asked. Richard chuckled.

"How about we don't bother our guest Siata" said a voice. People turned to see a lovely blonde woman walking over to the table. "Ruzana -sama" said a servant. "Mom, so your here." Siata said. She smiled, "Yes I am, let the girl eat in peace please." Ruzana said calmy as she took a seat. "So your Sanjo's mom huh." Richard asked. Ruzana looked over to Richard, "Of course, I wonder where that boy went. Brings an injured comrade and then dissapears." she said picking up a cup of coffee.

"I don't see what Sanjo is saying, she doesn't seem like a hot tempered monster to me. " Richard thought continuing to eat his food. "So I won't ask what happend. But why are you with Sanjo?" she inquired. Richard looked over to Lana, hoping she would respond- she stayed silent. Richard cleared his throat. "We are together to hunt down info on a certain group, and face them as well." he said. Ruzana knew whom he was referring to, but decided not continue the conversation. She just nodded.

"Seems like everyone is fine huh. Glad to see it." said an excited voice. "Sanjo!" exclaimed Siata. Sanjo walked in with a young man with black hair. He smiled at his little sister's good mood. Sanjo patted the boy next to him on the head, "Lighten up Drake ..." he said. Drake rolled his eyes as they both went over to the table and took a seat.

Sanjo grabbed an apple and bit into it. "So since Lana is fine now, I guess we should get ready to leave." Richard said as looked over to Sanjo. "I gotta talk to my father before we go, it's important of course" he replied as he went back to eating his apple. Lana looked around, "That's right we can get some info from the Military, pretty smart Sanjo. Long as his dad decides to share what they have learned" she thought as she drank some more tea.

Siata stood up. "Hey Lana let's go to the garden, it's so nice this time of year. It will help pass the time too." she said with a smile on her face. Lana nodded in agreement, "That's sounds good...". Lana got up and followed Siata out of the room. Ruzana turned her attention to Sanjo, her eldest son. With a comical expression on her face."So Sanjo, thinking of getting together with her huh!" she said grinining. Sanjo spit out his drink, "What?!" he exclaimed,blushing a little. Richard laughed at the remark. Drake chuckled as well.

"Freaking Annoying Mom!" he thought. "She is beautiful, grew up to be something huh. Don't be shy, I'm your mom after all hehe" she said with the same grin. Sanjo was annoyed at this, "That's about enough of that. Richard and Drake! How about we somewhere else." he said getting up. Ruzana chuckled, " It should not bother you so much." she said. The three walked out.

Siata and Lana overlooked one of the few garden courtyards of the Vista manor, had a very japanese feel. Both went to look at the many flowers. "Lana-san." Siata muttered. Lana looked over to Siata. "Hope your taking care of my older brother." she remarked. Lana smiled, "It's going well. Us three make a rather fine team, Sanjo, Richard and I." she said. The usually serious Lana was in a more than great mood.

"So that's what happened?" Drake said. Sanjo nodded as he skipped a rock on the Koi pond before him. Richard took a seat on the grass. "Won't be long till we get into some serious battles. I'm sure other people are gearing up to take the fight to Olympic Code as well." he said in a serious tone. Sanjo threw another rock, he sighed. "It's gonna get serious, more so than ever before. I have a bad feeling for some reason." he said. "Um Sanjo, sir, do you all need anything." said a servant who had just walked over to them. "No were good, thanks." Drake replied.

"Three brats skipping rocks, how juvenile." said a low voice. They all turned their attention to a tall and buffed man with a smirk on his face. "Raimo -sama?!" said the servant. "Look it's dad." Drake said. Raimo walked over to the three of them. "You two go, I want to talk to my boy alone." he said. Drake nodded and grabbed Richard arm, signaling them to leave. Richard followed Drake, "Raimo Vista, Sanjo has got one famous and accomplished dad. Hopefully he feels nice enough to give us some info." he thought to himself.

"Wahaha, they really tricked you all good." Raimo said chuckling at his son's story. Sanjo grinned, "Comical as always huh Dad. I felt ridicoulous for this happening, we were...I was too reckless and carefree." Sanjo said in a somber tone. Raimo put his hands in his pockets and exhaled. "Well you learned from it all, this group is no joke. I guess you want some info right?" he said looked over to his son. Sanjo gazed at the sky, "Yea, have you all learned anything?".

Raimo looked over to Sanjo and folded his arms. "Not much, we are still in the process pretty much. All the bases are on high alert. Theres really no info to give. It's not like we have known about them for long." he said. Sanjo sighed, "I guess that can be expected, oh well." Raimo smiled and patted Sanjo on the head, "What are you excited or something to fight." Sanjo pulled away, "I am not some kid dad. Anyway how are Drake and Siata coming along as mages?" Sanjo said. Then suddenly both turned to hear a familiar voice.

"SANJO!" shouted a female voice from the distance.

Over walked a beautiful young woman with red hair and in a revealing top. She went over to Sanjo with a big smile on her face. "You finally came back to visit! Huh Sanjo!" she said. "Oh Selena , it's been a while." he replied. Raimo smirked as he turned to be on his way, "Well see ya." he said as he walked off. "Why so aloof?" Sanjo said. His father uttered no response.

Sanjo sighed and turn back to Selena. "So how long has it been Selena." he asked. She blushed as she grabbed his arm and nuzzled her head on his shoulder. "Too long Sanjo, it's been several months since the last time we saw eachother." she said looking up at him. Sanjo smiled, "Sorry about that, been busy with other things."

Selena shook her head, "No need to apologize, I read about you on the papers since you make the news alot. But now you're all mine." she said. Sanjo looked around as it was getting too much." My goodness, same thing everytime with this chick." he thought. "So have you thought about our future together-" she was suddenly cutt off.

"Hey Sanjo, we are about ready." shouted Richard as he walked over to Sanjo with Lana next to him. Lana was back in her normal clothers, which had been repaired. "Oh look it's Lana..." said Selena with a glum expression. "Oh guys! You're ready to go?" Sanjo asked smirking. "Idiot, what are you all happy about. Let's just get get going." she said. Sanjo pulled away softly from Selena hold. "Alright I need to say buy to my family first though" Sanjo said as he walked away, Richard went with him. "Don't think he is all yours Lana." Selena proclaimed pointing at Lana.

"Eh? What are you talking about....Your the one falling all over him" Lana replied Selena turned away, "This is not over Lana Kaen". Selena walked off as she was on her way home. Lana shrugged and walked towards where Sanjo and Richard went. "I don't think of Sanjo that way right. Or maybe....." she shook her head at the thought. "I have...we have other things to worry about at the moment." she thought. Sanjo was saying bye to his siblings and his parents.

Lana made her way to the front of the huge home. "It's only gonna get harder from here...." she thought.

A Call to Arms

At the hideout of Olympic Code, the atmosphere was a little tense as some thing was about to go down. All the memebers were there. Hephaestus and Dionysus were back as well from there little run in with Sanjo's group. The stood in a large circular formation as usual in a huge room. Before them was archive magic at work. Plans of action were being explained at this very moment.

"Interesting.." Hephaestus said as he yawned for a moment. "So this is how we will be approaching the next stages huh, Zeus?" Aphrodite said. He looked over to her and nodded in agreement. Thought the other 11 people were standing, Zeus, the leader, was sitting in a throne like chair. Everyone else took a seat as well. "Yes things are in motion, now is the time to act decisively." Ares leaned forward in his chair, seeming anxious to say something. "So it's time for some action then...." he said.

Zeus nodded in agreement once more and looked over to the left end of the room. "Athena, Artemis- it's your turn..."

Continued in: Chaos Ensues- Olympic Code Wreaks Havoc!

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