This RP happened before Angelica became human.
My my it's hot in here

"My, my it's hot in here, eh Sukie?

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It was a completely normal day, nothing could go wrong. Tetsuya Nishida was reading, Yuji Shusin was eating with his friend Chat. Shroombit was gratefully doing errands around the guild. There was not a single worry to be had at Rebel Drone, everybody was having a good time. Magnus and his team, the Three Wheelers, were out on a job, as usual, and Sara was practicing her sharp shooting with Dokusei. It was a completely normal day, nothing could go wrong.

Yui smiled as she and Kira went out on a walk. Her other parenther, Sukie (Tsukiske (murdering the spelling)) was out doing an errand for someone. Yui thought nothing of it since he had been busy recently. As Yui walked by she notice how she was in a different town than Magnolia. "How did we get this far Kira?" Yui asked, Kira squeaked since she couldn't very well talk. Yui sighed and went to turn around from what seemed like a quiet town when she saw a man at the bottom of the hill. "Kira it's a person!" Yui cried getting excited. Yui ran down the hill and a small squeaked of warning was given from Kira to be careful but it was too late. Yui soon became a ball and started to roll down the hill, much like she did when she first met Sukie. "WATCH OUT!" Kira screamed as she transformed into her human form and tried to warn the boy below. Yui was picking up speed and Kira was just behind her as she traveled down the hill. Kira slipped and she knew, herself, she was going to become one with Yui and become a massive rolling human rock. Kira quickly came back to her fmailair form and flew down at the bottom on top of the boys head. It was quite enjoyable to watch. For Yui however she was NOT going to land nicely as she hit the boy like he was a skittle and she was the bowling ball. She stopped rolling when she hit the building next to her. Kira went flying to her ignoring the boy and started to fix her owners wounds. "Sorry..." Yui managed to say as she started to recover.

Tetsuya gets up from his table and walks to the job board. Shroombit notices and walks up to him, "What's wrong wise one?" It asks in curiosity. Tetusuya laughs, "You know you don't have to call me that!" "But I can't help it wise one!" Shroombit responds in embarrassment. "Ok, I'm sorry, I'm just looking at the job board. I'm really bored today, I want to spice things up-" "Can I come?" Shroombit responds immediately. Tetsuya pauses for second "Of course you can silly!" He pats Shroombits head and promptly sneezes. "Oops, I forgot about your spores." He cracks up. Then as the two were looking for a job to do, Sara walks up to them. "Hey, Tet, I have a favor for you." Tetusya turns around, "Oh really? What is it?" He asks. As he responds, he thinks of all the things that Sara could ask him to do. Maybe it is to infiltrate Grimoire Heart; or to find and kill a giant monster; maybe its a personal problem. "I need you to go to Fairy Tail, a dear 'friend' of mine is in there, Yui Sakai, I would like you to meet her. She's a very strong wizard, but I'm worried for her..." Sara trails off for a second before talking again. "Can you protect her? Dosukei and me are away at our job!" Tetsuya dozed off, and all he heard was "Fairy Tail" and "Yui Sakai". "Yeah, yeah! Sure! Anything for my friends!" He responds curtly.

The man smiles at Yui. "Ow! It's fine, Is it normal for you to do that?" the man asks trying to make Yui laugh as he picked himself up and brushed off the dust on his neat placed clothing. He wore navy and gold clothes making him look special. Yui giggles - letting the man win - at the mans question. "Of course not... although that is how I met a lot of people..." Yui goes of in a wonder of thought. "So what's your name?" the man asks, a small evil glint is in his eye. "Yui!" Yui perkly responds before turning around to her familair. "And this is Kira! We part of the team The Blue Dragons!" Yui cheers as Kira swoops by. Yui then asks what 'Man-kun's name is. "Erm... Rōgu Kerī but please just call me Rogue." Rōgu gives a small smile that seems a little forced but Yui only smiles... then remembers what they are surpose to be doing. "Ack! Kira we need to hurry up! If we are late for the train we will never make it in time to Drove what-it Guild." Kira squeaks clearly showing her announce at the fact she forgot and how she couldn't even remember the Guilds name. Rōgu stirs at the name. "Eh... do you mean Rebel Drone?" Rōgu guess and Yui smiles and nod letting Rōgu sigh with relief. Rōgu and Yui start to walk towards the Train Station and as they do Rōgu explains how he is going there to meet a shady charter who joined just a while ago. "Me too!" Yui grinned. "My Guild got told we had to get rid of her because she use to be in Grimoire Heart and so there is a chance that she only there to spy." Yui runs inside the train with Rōgu just in time, Oh she's no spy... Rōgu thought as they both sat down and spoke about some travels. Sara has got plenty on money. She shall be great for my list of 'To Kill' maybe Yuki and Ame can eat tonight!

Tetsuya and Shroombit head out of the guild to go get Yui. "So I guess we're supposed to get to Magnolia." says Shroombit. "It's definitely been a while since I last visited that guild." Fairy Tail, huh? "Wait a second," Shroombit interjects, "Aren't we supposed to meet them at the station?" "How am I supposed to know? I dosed off." Tetsuya's face turns red, "I didn't really listen to what she said..." "It's ok! That's why I'm here wise one!" Shroombit says gleefully "You call me wise even though I just made a big mistake?" "I old you I can't help it." Shroombit replies. "Well, anyways, we should be heading out, we can't miss the train now can we?" They both head out to catch the train. When they get to the train station, Tetsuya's stomach rumbles "Crap, I forgot to eat breakfast!" Shroombit grimaces in annoyance, Wow, this guy was completely unprepared for this. "Oh, well!" Tetsuya replies "I'll just go get a quick breakfast, you can wait for her in the meantime okay?" Before Shroombit can reply he runs off into the distance. I'm going to call him the dumb one from now on. Shroombit arrives at the stop and sits to wait. He tries to conceal himself so nobody can see him. No one wants to see a one-eyed walking mushroom anyways. Then he hears a sound come from the megaphone "The train from Magnolia will be arriving in 2 minutes." Crap, Tetsuya's not back yet...

Yui laughs as she realized that Kira had feel asleep. The journey wasnt to long but even so it was long enough for Kira. Yui slowly picled her up, not wanting to wake her but knowing Yui would have to wake her up at sometime. "Kira, wake up sleepy head" Yui giggles as the small blue dragons groans. Yui looks over to 'Rogue' (She has been told just to call him Rogue since it was a a nickname for him). Rogue had been watching the window outside for ages. As the train came to a halt Yui couldn't help but let out a gleeful 'yipee'. Yui rushes out of the train and stares at awe with all the crowds. Soon Kira and Yui gets lost but Rogue watches them from behind. If they know where Rebel Drone is then... maybe I can get them to lead me to her...

Right before the train arrives, Shroombit gets impatient and leaves to look for Tetsuya. After looking for him for 5 minutes, Shroombit finds him at a small restaurant in the train station, eating to his heart's content. "Dumb One, the train's here!" Tetsuya lifts his finger while chewing his food, and then gulps it down. "Alright, just let me pay for this, besides, I told you to pick Yui up right?" Oh crap! He's right! "Whoops, sorry Wise One." "Don't call me that, I like 'Dumb One' better." "Why?" "Because I'm anything but wise." Shroombit expression suddenly changes as he gloomily puts his head down and slowly leaves the restaurant. "Sorry about that, Dumb One..." He leaves the restaurant. "Crap, I didn't mean it like that!" Tetsuya shouted in vain. He pays for his food, and leaves the restaurant. Shit, why the hell did I say that? I may as well, pick Yui up, she's probably lost by now. He heads to the stop and waits for Yui. "This is all probably in vain, but oh well."

Yui stares of to find a boy standing there looking for something. His eyes land on Yui and as they do so she realizes that he is looking for her. Yui slowly walks over to him trying to get though the crowd. She smiles waving but due to her small size it disappears in the crowd. Yui huffs and puffs but only ends up getting washed with the crowd. "HELP ME KIRA!" Yui screams as the herd of people washes her away. A hand comes up and grabs her saving her from the crowd. Rogue. "Thanks," Yui mumbles but before giving Rogue a chance to speak she runs of towards Tetsuya. "Hey there!" Yui beams a smile. Her hand gently comes out so they can shake. "I'm Yui!"

"Oh, so you're Yui Sakai? Pleased to meet you!" he gleefully shakes her hand. "Before we leave, I need you to help me look for someone." He explains. "My friend, Shroombit, got mad at me and stormed off, and I have no idea where he is. Can you help me?" Before Yui could respond, Shroombit walks into the room and gets Tetsuya's attention. "Geez man, can't you look for me yourself?" asked Shroombit. "Sorry..." Tetsuya apologizes, and his face starts to gloomily sag. "Get a hold of yourself!" Shroombit slaps him in the face. "Ow! OK, OK, you're right..." Yui watches the interaction in interest, but doesn't say or do anything. "Let's just go... before I start wailing like a newborn child." Tetsuya finally says "You're pathetic Wise One." Shroombit responds.

Yui watches and once she and her new friends, Shroombit and ... Yui stops and realizes she that she hasn't even asked what his name was. "Hey, 'Wise One' may I ask what your real name is?" Yui giggles saying his nickname was weird but even so filled her with delight. She waited for an answer, once she got one she said. "So then may I ask what Shroombit... well is? I know he is a mushroom but..." Yui stops and blushes, her face turning red. God they must think I am an idiot or worse, an arrogant fool! As if to save her Kira squeaks! Yui jumps a little but even so allows her best friend to land on her before clapping her.

"Oh, sorry, my name is Tetsuya Nishida, and Shroombit, he's well... it's a long story" Shroombit nods, "I don't wanna talk about it." Shroombit replies. "And how many times have I told you not to call me 'Wise One'?" Tetsuya asks. "Up to right now..." he starts thinking "about five times." Tetsuya gawks at Shroombit for a long moment, then suddenly picks Shroombit up and hugs him tightly "Giving clever answers to my questions, I'm so proud of you!" "Yeah... thanks..." Shroombit awkwardly replies. "Can we just go?"

Yui smiles and nods. "It's fine don't worry about it! It's a bit like me and Kira," as she watches Shroombit and Tetsuya fight she notices that Rogue is n where to be seen. "ROGUE!" Yui shouts making everyone look at her. Yui's timidness starts up and her face goes red. "Yea," comes a timid voice form Yui. "Let's go..." and as they group leaves Yui can't help wonder where Rogue went. Kira rests herself on Tetsuyas head. "Kira," Yui starts but as Kira squeaks she leaves her. "Kira, really?" Yui can hardly say and she gives a I'm-Really-Sorry-About-This smile to Tetsuya. "So... too Rebel Drone right!?" Yui yells.

Tetsuya smiles "It's ok, I kinda like it, it's comfy." Tetsuya pets Kira "And yes, we should be heading out to the greatest guild in the universe." Shroombit smiles "You say that, but Rebel Drone didn't even make it to the Grand Magic Games." "Hey!" Tetsuya replies "I fell asleep, we did not have a complete team... if I weren't asleep, we would've defeated Fairy Tail easily." The group starts walking back to the guild and as they get close to the guild Tetsuya says "You know, you kinda remind me of me... when I was younger." He starts to dreamily think about the past and almost runs into a pole, but Shroombit save him "Geez, you should at least try to look where you're going." "Sorry... this happens all the time by the way." Tetsuya replies. "He's right you know!" Shroombit immediately replies.

Yui couldn't help but laugh when Tetsuya hits the pole. The laugh however was kind like the laugh she uses with Sukie. Now that I think about it he is quite like Sukie but I think Sukie is funnier! Yui smiles almost like she was sorry. "Don't worry I usually fall off a cliff. I'm sure I would be dead if it wasn't for Kira's Healing Magic." As if Yui's comment flattered Kira the blue dragon's face went a little red and a small squeak that sounded a lot like 'Thanks' came out. The walk was peaceful and Yui and Kira enjoyed it. Tetsuya was kind and Yui kept laughing at Shroombit and Tetsuya's petty arguments as they walked. The more Yui thought about it she realized that the way she acted with Tetsuya it was almost like they were family. Once again Yui's tomato red face showed. Am I falling for him? Yui shook her head and if to prove her point of how clumsy she was she hit Tetsuya. Her mind starts to panic. You idiot! Clumsy! Yui opens her mouth to say sorry to only hear her gasping. Kira face palms.

Tetsuya turns around and sees Yui's face, it is completely red. "Are you okay? You don't seem okay." He is worried for Yui, "You're a nice girl, is something wrong?" Yui doesn't reply. Tetsuya stares at her for a long moment and finally says, "Man, girls are really hard to understand!" He laughs heartily and sees that she isn't laughing with him. "Just you wait until I tell Sarah about what you said." Shroombit said. "Nah, she knows full well I don't understand women, but I've always wanted too." Tetsuya replies "My dream is to be able to understand everything, why people do things, why this world is the way it is. I believe that if everyone could understand each other, this would be the happiest place in the universe." He says. "I want to show people that everyone has love within them," Tetsuya smiles slightly "Now Yui, is everything okay?"

Yui tries to speak but only nods. Wow Tetsuya wants to understand the world, that would take a while but that would be cool if someone understood it. He is right no one really does understand it! Yui gets her senses back and then realizes the name Tetsuya has said. "Sara..." As if the name was a dog whistle and Rogue was a dog Rogue came out of no where and landed next to Yui. "What are you saying 'bout Sara?" Rogue seemed different to Yui, his eyes being narrow as they stare down at Yui but Yui tries her hardest by smiling and answering his question. "Sara is an..." Yui stops thinking for words she could put for Sara. "Well, she's kinda my sister...?" Yui says finally with lots of confusion. Even though Sara was her sister she was her long lost sister and even at that the last time Yui saw her sister Sara had tried to kill her.

"Oh, you're talking about Sara Hayashibiara" Tetsuya responds, and chuckles a little, "I'm talking about a different Sarah. With an H at the end." He laughs a little louder, "Sorry about that, I'll introduce her to you when we enter the guild." The group approaches a gate with the two large drones at the entrance. Shroombit walks to one of them and waves, after a few minutes of waiting, the gate opens. "Welcome to Rebel Drone, the best guild in the universe!" Tetsuya says with pride. "I have so many things I want to show you!" He starts to get a little jittery and can't sit still, Shroombit grabs him. "Dude, calm down..." "Oh, right, sorry!" Tetsuya calms down a little but can't contain his excitement in the end.

Hearing the fact that Yui had mucked up and confused this 'Sarah' with her sister made her disappointed in herself. After calling Kira to sit on her shoulder and walking sullenly, Yui couldn't help but think about her sister. Where even is she? Is she still with Grimoire Heart? How did Tetsuya know her if she's not the Sara he was talking about? but all the questions did was lead onto more question with no answers to them. As she turned the corner to see Rebel Drone she was amazed by the guild. It's simple look to it that almost looked like an everyday house intrested Yui. She couldn't help but think how different her guil;d was how it looked like a castle compared to Rebel Drones. As she hurried a long side Tetsuya Yui noticed that Rogue was lagging behind. "Rogue you coming?" Yui asked with a smile. Rogue shook his head and made a phone with his right hand. Yui nodded, understanding that he had to make a phone call. I wonder who? Yui couldn't help but think as she entered Rebel Drone.

"MASTER! How are you? Are you there? Have you done 'It'?" As Rogue called his family he wasn't surprised by the questions his familiar asked him. Rogue smiled at little. "No, 'Hi master'? Your manners are getting worse each time we speak Angelica. As for your questions." Rogue took a small breath before telling Angelica that he is fine, that he was right next to Rebel Drone and that 'it hasn't beeen done'. "Get your butt in gear, she's not with Grimoire Heart anymore so it should be easier for you to get her right?" Angelica's tone was normal to Rogue but to anyone else it would seem rude. "Angelica, you'll miss the fun if you don't come here soon," Rogue says with smugness and a evil grin appears.

"Welcome to our guild" Said Tetsuya with a wide grin "Feel free to look around, don't worry, we won't hurt you." Shroombit runs off to the bar at the far right of the guild. A woman walks up to him and Shroombit strikes up a conversation with her. "If you don't want to look around, I guess I can give you a tour of this wonderful guild, your choice." Tetsuya said. Something, isn't right, that other guy has not said a single word to us since he arrived. Tetsuya walks up to the man and greets him "Oh, I'm sorry I didn't notice you before, I'm Tetsuya Nishida, If you didn't know that already." He waits for a reply but gets none. "Ok, feel free to look around, just don't destroy anything." Tetsuya chuckles nervously and turns back to Yui, "So, what do you want to do?"

Yui looked in wonder at all of the guild. It was quieter than Fairy Tail but it still held that warm feeling of a home. The idea of a tour delighted Yui but then she smiled and passed. "Can i meet this Sarah with a 'H'?" Yui asked with a grin. As if to agree Kira squeaked a little with what seemed like delight. Yui turned to Rogue to talk to him but then she realized he was talking to someone with a Exceed. Maybe an old friend? Yui thought and turned around to give another smile but this one was forced. Her eyes kept looking at Rogue. "Tetsuya-" Yui started as they started to walk about the guild. "I'm not sure if Rogue is here for good or bad..." Her voice was quiet worried that Tetsuya would be angry at her. Yui looked to the ground and waited for a reply.

"It's okay," Tetsuya replied "I just hope that this guild doesn't get attacked again..." Tetsuya's starts to get worried. "You know what, I'll just take you to Sarah..." The two starts walking around, looking for her. Meanwhile, Rogue is sitting in the back of the guild in wait, and a short man approaches him. "Hey, I don't think I've seen you around before! I'm Yuji Shusin!" Rogue just sits there and does not reply. "Come on man, I don't have all day..." Rogue still does not respond. "Pfft, whatever." As he walks away, Rogue opens his mouth to speak "Can you tell me about this guild... I'm curious." Yuji gives him a curious look and finally says "Sure, just don't do anything weird." This guy is really getting on my nerves, I don't even know why. Just as he is about to start explaining things about the guild, a little girl runs inside. "Hey Yuji, have you seen daddy?" "Yeah, he just came back, he's right over there." He points at Tetsuya "Thanks, you're the best." She runs off to Tetsuya.

Yui smiles and walks with Tetsuya giving Rogue a last look. After walking for what seemed like a few seconds but was actually a few minutes Yui looks to see a small girl come running in the guild. She had been watching Rogue whenever she could and noticed him talking to another guy. At the time a small thin smile lifted on her since she was happy to see he might make friends. As the girl came in she watched as Rogue eyes glittered with red and then disappeared suddenly. The little girl comes running over but Yui keeps her eyes on Rogue. What was that? Yui thought and then she felt a buzz. She turns round to see Tetsuya looking at her but also Kira - Who had made Tetsuya her new 'chair' - giving Rogue a weird look. "You saw it too didn't you..." Yui mumbles as she claps Kira softly. Yui was about to explain to Tetsuya what she was meaning when the little girl came to Tetsuya. Yui gives a soft smile. "Hello there," Yui says, her voice soft with a childish tone to it. Yui instantly goes down on her knees so she is the same height as the girl - Who wasn't that small compared to Yui but still.

As Rogue sees the girl he feels his stigma glitter. Crap, did anyone see that? He looks faintly within eye range, trying not to turn his head. That god damn girl... Rogue muttered in his head. She looks too much like Yuki. I need to stay low even more now. If Familiar Girl saw that she might understand what it means. As if his thoughts where playing with him he cussed under his breath. Looking back up he decides to change his question. "Who is that girl who just came by?" I must know... she might be useful He adds in his head.

"Oh her?" Yuji asks "She's Tetsuya's daughter, you know him right?" Rogue nods. "Her name is Emelia Grace, and she is the epitome of Zeref himself." He laughs at his own joke, not expecting Rogue to do the same. "If you make her mad, bad things happen, I can't even describe it." He still pisses me off, but something about him makes me want to tell him these things... "I have to go." Yuji leaves and heads to the bar.

Meanwhile, Emelia tell Yui "I need to talk to daddy" She walks around her and gets to Tetsuya "Daddy, I'm bored!" she complains "You escaped from the daycare center, ran all the way here, you risked your life, just to tell me you're bored?" Emelia begins to feel bad and tears up. But suddenly. Tetsuya starts laughing and messes up her red hair. "That's my girl! Great job! I'll try to keep you entertained." Emelia's eyes widen."Just don't run away again, OK?" "Yes daddy!" Emelia immediately hugs him. "And don't tell mommy." Emelia said. Then, another voice comes out of the blue "I already know." Emelia recognizes the voice immediately and hides behind Tetsuya. "Sarah... how are you today?" Tetsuya asks "Well, I'm mad today, because you let her stay here, and you can't do that, it's dangerous." "But momy." Emelia interjects. 'No buts!" Tetsuya cracks up a little and Sarah sighs "You can stay here, just don't leave daddy's side okay?" "That's exactly what daddy told me to do." Sarah looks surprised "Wait what." "Oh, how the tables have turned." He laughs again, he finds this whole situation amusing. "And before you angrily storm off as usual, I have someone to introduce you to, meet Yui." He gestures to Yui and smiles.

"Oh hi!" Yui smiles waving at Sarah. "I heard a little about you but I never knew you and Tetsuya where..." Unsure how to put it Yui left it as so. Yui whistled softly to get Kira's attention who was in her own world. "This is my familiar Kira!" Yui introduced and if the sight of a child pleased Kira as much as there own mother Kira swooped down and started to tickle Emelia. Giggling a little herself Yui couldn't help but sigh. "It's so peaceful in her..." Rogue, who as if he hated the word 'peaceful' cringed. "Hey..." Rogue said with a hard voice. Shivering a little Yui gave a force smile. "And Rogue speaks!" she jokes.

Happy with what he had gained he walked over to the girl giving his most I'm-A-Good-Guy voice as he could but he couldn't help but notice the shiver Yui had gotten. He laughs heavily at the joke before giving a smile that he knows doesn't suit him. I need to act like part of the crowd so I can get with Emelia alone... he mumbles in his head. "I'm Rogue, sorry I haven't talked much been worried about my... wife, she said she would meet me at the train station. I called her although so I think I should be okay!" Rogue tried to say with a clear, worried voice which seemed to be okay. He swore under his breath although at the thought of saying Angelica was his wife. She's so going to kill me later on... But other than that he knew he had did

"Oh, hey Rogue! It's all okay!" Tetsuya responds gleefully "You can go to the train station and wait there if you'd like." Emelia runs up to Sarah and tugs her red t-shirt "Mommy, why are you always so angry?" "Emelia!" Tetsuya responds, he then starts laughing. "I'm supposed to be saying that!" Sarah is steaming "It's because you two dunderheads keep annoying me!!!" Tetsuya and Emelia laugh together. Sarah then says under her breath "and I want in..." Tetsuya then looks at her and gives an understanding smile "Then join in silly goose!" He says "All you have to do is make horrible jokes and laugh out of nowhere. It's easy!" Sarah smiles "Of course..."

Yui smiles once again. Tetsuya's crazy but loving personality almost went with -what Yui guessed as - Sarah's strict but yet playful personality. Without thinking Yui hugs them all - including Rogue and Emilia. Kira, flies away with a squeak telling her master that not only was it unexpected but painful for the little blue dragon. Yui let go, her face flushes red but even so she still smiles. "I just want you guys to know I think of yous as best friends!" Kira lands on her master, gives a small scratch - which makes Yui moan but even so she knew Kira was only getting comfortable - before becoming 'invisible'. Looking up at her head, Yui had an idea. "Hey, see after we get your wife Rogue why don't we have a battle! Just a fun-friendly battle. Maybe two on two?" Yui moved to Sarah and Rogue with a wink. "The guests versus the home! What do you guys say!"

Tetsuya smiles gleefully "Sure, I haven't had a good fight in some time! What do you say Sarah?" Sarah nods. "I've been training a lot recently, I want to see what I can do after all this time." "Yay Mommy!" Emelia cheered. "There's a small battleground out back, but if you're so powerful you might destroy the guild, like me, we should head to the nearby plains." Tetsuya says "Oh come on, you're not that powerful." Sarah said "I survived a spell that destroys people's souls... and accidentally destroyed his soul instead... I have regrets." He said bluntly. "Fine," Sarah groaned. "Let's head to the plains." "Can I come?" Emelia asked. Tetsuya picked her up "Sorry, but this is a bit much for you to handle." "Awwww daddy!" "I'm sorry, I'd love for you to see this, maybe when you're older." Tetsuya said with a smile. "Ok..." "Yuji will take care of you for now, right Yuji?" Yuji is at a corner, eating a red carpet. "Yeah sure, whatever."

Rogue gave a small smile. He wasn't into battling with the rich but he knew this would be useful. "My wife knows I'm here anyway so we should be all good." Yui was staring a little at Yuji but it shifted her mind. She was use to Natsu eating fire and Wendy eating air maybe there was a carpet dragon slayer? Yui stopped herself from laughing as she grabbed Rogue and forced him to come. "Tetsuya, you may be strong but you haven't even seen Kira's true form!" Yui almost screamed with excitement. Recently battles had made her really excited. "Hey there's a thought I wonder what kind of magic you and Sarah use.. Oh and we don't know what Rogue uses either!" As if she was going to a theme park and she was five she cheered before running up Tetsuya's toes. This better not last long or I'm going to die thought Rogue as he moans at Yui to let him go.

"I'm afraid I can't tell you." Tetsuya said, "Not until we battle at least, I want it to be a surprise, same goes for Sarah." He said. The group heads out to the field. As they are walking to the field Shroombit tags along. "Is it okay if I referee?" He asked. "Sure, just as long as you don't interfere" said Tetsuya. Sarah looks at her opponents. How am I supposed to be of any help to him... these two seem weak, but I can feel the power within them... "Hey Tet." she said "Yes Sarah?" he responded. Sarah seemed worried "I have a plan in mind."

Tetsuya gives her a curious look and says "A plan? I've never seen you so engrossed in battle like this-" "Quiet!" she quickly responds. "These two are strong, I know you can feel it too." Tetsuya nods. "So I have a plan that will give us the edge, is all." Sarah says. "Fine, I guess a plan can spice things up." Tetuya says. "Go ahead then, what's this plan of yours?" Sarah leans close to his ear and starts whispering the plan. It is too quiet for anyone to hear. She finally finishes and goes back to her normal position. "That's not a bad plan, it just might work, good job!" Sarah grins widely."Thank you!"

Yui stretched herself and made sure her sword was at her side. "Hey, are weapons allowed?" Yui asked. She knew some people were scared at the thought of a weapon but she knew she could control the power so no one could get seriously harmed. She also knew that she always had Kira and her Light Magic to back her up. "Rogue, is there any plan you want to tell me?" Yui said as she noticed her opponents making a plan. Rogue shrugged making Yui sigh. Yui watched Tet and Sarah. They were powerful, she knew that already but even so they didn't seem that hyped. They must think I am some person to look over. Yui laughed as she nodded to Kira. I'm not as strong as Sukie but I'm still strong! Yui told herself!

"Of course weapons are allowed!" Tetsuya said "How else could I use my sword." He draws a short sword. He looks at the sword and laughs. "I'm not exactly the best at sword play, but I'm good enough to use this and not die." Shroombit moves in between the two groups and says "Alright combatants, take your positions!" Tetsuya and Sarah get to their positions. "You know the plan right?" Sarah asks "I think so." Testuya responds. "Good enough." Tetsuya smiles and looks at Sarah. I haven't been this excited for a battle since.... forever

Yui did as Shroombit asked her to do. She stared at Rogue. "Hey, you wanna focus on Sarah, I can feel Tets power but not Sarah's so I'm not sure if she's super strong or even if she has no magic power." Yui was hoping for an answer like 'Of course' or 'Yeah, sure... just be careful' but she only got a nod. Yui turned to her familiar. She was glowing a little, showing that she was ready to give it her all. Whispering Yui told the familiar to stay in her familiar form until they realized her power. A squeaked and then a small bang. She hadn't notice Shroombit telling them to start which she noticed gave Tet a start. We got this! Yui told herself but it wasn't aimed at Rogue, the 'we' was her and Kira!

"Ready, Begin!" Shroombit shouts and flails his hands wildly in the air. Tetsuya instinctively steps back and runs as far as he can, once he decides to stop he makes a signal to Sarah. Sarah slams her hands at the ground, and a large dome of ice forms with Tetsuya inside. "Let's do this." Sarah then runs up to Rogue, but notices that he is not doing anything to counter, which causes her to hesitate.

Rogue gave a small smirk. The hesitation was all he needed. Rogue stared at Sarah. A flash of red! "Sarah, crush Tetsuya!" His words seemed filled with joy which made Yui shiver. The ice that Sarah had just created disappeared into water. Yui stopped Kira who went forward. Sarah, slowly turned around, almost like she became a slug. Her eyes red. Bright red. "Possession Magic..." Yui mumbled as she stared in awe. But something was wrong. Yui could sense it. The red in Sarah's eyes waved. Of course! The possession is an attack from the inside. Sarah doesn't want to harm Tet that's for sure. Yui whispered to the blue dragon again before they both got ready for action - again. Red eyes waved again. Yui ran towards Sarah. Confused Rogue looked at them. He gave the What- the-hell-are-you-doing stare to Yui but Yui ignored it. Sarah moved into place. Facing Tet head on. Yui noticed the look in Tetsuya. He didn't want to attack her either. Taking out her small familair's sword her eyes almost glowed with gold. "MORE DEMEN!" Yui screamed and her sword glowed. Kira flapped her wings over Sarah letting her Healing Magic do it's job. the red eyes disappeared. Rogue fell to the ground a little. But before Sarah could act again Yui sliced her. It was shallow, Yui didn't want to hurt her to the stage she was in great pain and she knew Kira could get rid of any sting! "One, neil to the Away Team!" Yui produced. Her eyes almost sparkled. But that's not enough...

Tetsuya gives an interested look "This is why I hate making strategies." He says. "But since the startegy hasn't happened yet..." he smirks "Power Word: Switch!" Suddenly, Tetsuya and Rogue switch places, and now he is right beside Yui. "Power Word: Trap!" A hole appears below Rogue and he falls in, and the hole is sealed. "Geez, that was almost too easy..." Tetsuya runs to Sarah. "Is everything okay?" Sarah smiles "It is now, I just hope we win." "Winning doesn't matter anymore." Sarah gives Tetsuya a confused look "what do you mean?" Tetsuya smiles "Now it's a chance to have fun. I'm so excited." Sarah nods "Whatever you say." She then runs to Yui "Let's get on with this!"

Yui tutted playfully. "one on two is unfair! So why don't we make it two on two again?" Yui laughed as Kira glowed. The once blue dragon was now a girl with wings, long light blue hair and wearing some white future- looking clothes. "Let's get this started then! Hope you can manage to get yourself out Rogue cause me and Kira won't be helping you out! Sorry!" Kira blushed before running right next to Tet. "Hi..." Kira said quietly before she blew on Tet's cheek. All would seem fine if it wasn't for a gust of wind started to form and become a spiral around Tet. "Wind! Dance with me!" Kira said with more confidence as she started to become the wind... Meanwhile Yui was going all for it against Sarah. "Eyes Fleine More!" Yui comanded her Light Magic as it started to blind Sarah. Giving Yui enough time to use her Transformation Magic and turn part fairy. "Try and hit me but my doging will be even more better with wings added to the mix!" Yui couldn't help but tease and her wings almost wiggled in response.

Tetsuya is blown away by the wind and he sees Yui "Power Word: Fly!" He gains the ability to fly and he flies toward Yui. He gets to Yui and shapes one of his hands into a finger gun. "Power Word: Shoot!" Low-Power bullets fly at Yui from Tetsuya's hand. "Let's see how you handle this!" He shouts excitedly. Sarah runs to the toarnado that now is starting to get out of hand. She flattens her hand a white energy begins to glow in it. "I don't usually shout attack names," she says. "But to day I feel a bit more... cliche... than usual." She runs to the tornado and touches it with the palm of her hand. "Slice Rhapsody!" The white energy is unleashed in short slices, and they tear up the tornado. As they slice it up, they make a noise similar to someone who is whistling. The torando falls apart. "Yeah! How do you like that?!?" She yells.

Kira was a little shocked but smiled. "Good, I have found a enemy that I can't slay instantly!" Kira allowed her self to float upwards little giving her an inch off the ground. Kira open her arms as if she wanted a hug before a jet of cold wind flooded the place. Kira took out her familiar sword and went to do a simple attack. Yui sighed as Tetsuya attack. She knew he would come for her. A smile formed onto her face as she looked at Tet face-to-face. "That's all your got?" she couldn't help tease. She used her transformation magic to make her turn herself into part fairy. Flying into the air she used her sword to deflect the bullets. "Time we dance for real is it not?"

Sarah takes advantage of the cold air. She waves her arms in the air as they are turned into blades of ice. "This is a little spell I've been working on, even Tetsuya doesn't know about this," she smirks "and now you've given me the chance to use it." She charges straight at Kira, eager to strike. Just as she approaches her, she jumps high into the air. Tetsuya looks at Yui "Do you really want me to go all out?" He asks "Do you know who you're talking to? I alone ended a war... if you want me to go all out, then get ready for a good time." Tetsuya clenches his fists and gathers magical power. "Power Word: Evolve!!!" He shouts as loud as he can. And his magical power warps him, causing his entire body to glow. Suddenly it stops, and reveals that he is now in some sort of blue power armor. "Prepare yourself, for the winner of this battle will not be you."

Kira looks with a little bit of fright. The only reason to jump high in the air is either she wanted her to follow her or go towards the ground. Either, Kira knew, would not be a good idea. Thinking about it for too long would also give time for Sarah to strike. Kira allows her wings to let her glide away from the ring but yet she stayed in the ring. She looked as if she was going to come up towards Sara when she sunked down to the ground beating the ground hoping that it would give off some dust to hid herself a little. What she didn't think was the fact the dust would travel everywhere making it hard for Tetsuya and Yui to see. Yui gave a little smile at Tetsuya's magic power. It was strong but she already knew this. As the dust came it didn't help Yui at all. The glow was okay on Tetsuya but it wasn't a huge glow that you would see from miles so Yui sighed as her opponent disappeared into the dust. Just when I was going t- Yui stopped cursing herself as she listened out. Hearing might be the only way she could 'see' Tet. Silence. More Silence. And nothing! Of course there is nothing to hear... "I must admit Tet you are strong!" Yui shouted to the dust. Yui tapped the ground softly. It bounced back a little. Soft ground. No use for what she was planning....

The look on Tetsuya's face changes, he no longer seems to be joking around. He spread his arms apart, and all of the dust disperses. He sighs "This power... every time I use it I feel... mad..." He stretches his arm and magical power gathers around it, he aims his arm at the ground as he looks at it with an expressionless face "Shatter" he says, as the magical power hits the ground and it all falls apart around them. Sara sees the destruction and notices that Kira is struggling. Now is my chance... She swings her arms, and ice shards shoot at her. She falls back to the ground and lands clumsily. "Ugh, I really don't like it when he does this..." Tetsuya looks up from the ground and doesn't move. He suddenly disappears and reappears next to Yui. "You having fun yet?"

Yui stands strong while Tet using his spell 'Shatter' but when he disappears and reappears next to her ears Yui get's a cold shiver. He's almost emotionless... Yui thinks for a few seconds before jumping away from him but she knew he was just going to reappear next to her again. "Well at least I can see!" Yui shouts trying to still sound storng but her voice leaves her and squeks. "KIRA! DO IT!" Yui screams with all her might but even so it might as well be a shout to someone who was next to her. Kira however heard this. Shaking off the cold feeling on ice off her back she stares at Sarah. "Why do you not like it when he is like this?" Kira asks simpley. After her question is answer she nods like she understands. She takes a left turn towards Yui "Roar of the Sky Dragon!" As if by magic Yui flies up leaving golden dust behind. All Yui could do is watch where Tet was and hope it was enough to do damage to him. Yui did, however swoop in and attack Sarah with her sword. "Ready for a two-on-two, Sarah!"

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