" Well, I'm sorry children, but you must go and follow your family footsteps." Hitomi's and Kiba's mother said sympathetically as Kiba was crying and Hitomi had a sad look on her face, as they went into the car.

The start

"Here we are, Fiore Royal Military Academy." Their father said, as they entered.

" Are these our new students, well, let's go to th private Junko area." The Principal said, as they followed him into a vast space filled with over thousands of books.

" Okay kids, your schooling will start tomorrow." The principal said as he lead them into their room.

"Good night."Hitomi and Kiba said as they slept with their eyes still filled with water. It was soon morning and their lessons began, first it was magical history, and soon after they were studying martial arts. Slowly and slowly time passed as the two children were growing up with their studies, until Hitomi was seventeen and went into the true academy where the other students were.

The first 'real' day

" Oh, hi there young lady." A senior said as he made her bump into the wall.

" Excuse me." A young man said, as he effortlessly intercepted between the two students and pushed him away instantly. " Noow, now. You know that I hate it when you hurt my friends, don't you?"

" Souryu-senpai. We are very sorry, we did not know she was an acquaintance of yours." They said fearfully as they ran off.

" Souryu-nii san." Hitomi excitedly said as she hugged him with joy.

" Well, how have you been Hitomi." He said with a little smile.

" I've been fine." Hitomi replied, as she remembered she had to go to class and quickly went.

" Young girls these days." Souryu said as he stared into the sky.

Kiba's last day

A few years had passed by, Kiba had entered the academy before the natural age because of his talent, and quickly went through the grades until it was his last year.

" Hmmm, I wonder what we will do today." He said, as he saw his sister walking by.

" Kiba, you have to go to your class." Hitomi said sternly as Kiba reluctantly agreed. When he got to his class, he saw nobody there, and realized it was an assembly and quickly went into the hall, where he saw Hitomi talking to everyone. He quickly got past the teachers, and sat down at his seat.

" Hello students, as you might know. I am Hitomi Junko, I have recently become a captain of the Fiore Royal Military and was wondering if anyone would like to have a match with me." She said frankly as nobody put their hand up except for Kiba.

" Well, then, Kiba, come to the field and we will battle there." She said as she walked towards the field, with everyone going with their teachers.

Kiba vs Hitomi, a sibling bond