" Oh my, you are badly injured. Let me help you." Karin said as she quickly healed the man.

" Wow, you are amazing." The villagers commented as she quickly left, and put a black robe on to disguise herself.

" I should start searching for her again." She said as she jumped high up into the air and left. Meanwhile, Tsukiko and Haruko quickly defeated the target they were looking for in their mission.

" Well, we defeated him, now we get our money." Tsukiko cheered as Haruko was standing, shocked by her behaviour.

" These two girls are something." Akane commented as she felt a familiar presence.

" Yes I've found her." Karin said, as she was standing on top of the large building. She took out her bow.

" Yajirushi no ame." She chanted, as a multitude of arrows rained down on Akane.

" That's where you are." Akane said as she drew her blades and cut through the arrows.

" Well, aren't you as powerful as ever. Sister." She said, as she threw her cloak away, revealing a young girl with black hair and in shinto robes.

" Karin, you are here to kill me?" Akane asked.

" Yes, now die Akane! Mizu-u." She chanted, as a multitude of water imbued arrows rained down on Akane.

" Sword Dance." Akane chanted, as her swords swung at unimaginable speeds, destroying every arrow fired at her.

" Hi-u." Karin chanted, as this time, fire arrows rained down on Akane.

" Karura-en." Akane chanted, as her blade of fire shattered the arrows.

" Damn you!" Karin shouted as she sent her bow away and jumped down on Akane, attempting to kick her, with Akane making a fluent dodge.

" Stop this." akane was about to finish her sentence whenKarin attacked her with a variety of different martial arts attacks, with all of them Akane either blocking or dodging.

" Water dancer." karin chanted as water surounded her hands, as she tried to attack, with Akane blocking each and every attack.

" Stop this Karin. Don't you believe in your sister?" Alexander asked, as Karin stopped attacking and dropped herself onto the floor.

" Sister, I did not want to hurt you, but I had to obey the village." Karin said as she was crying all the tears she had been holding inside herself.

" Now, now. Cry as much as you need to, and let feelings of happiness enter you heart." Akane said, as Karin lay on her lap.

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