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Absorption Magic

Caster Magic


Lisa Soma
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Absorption Magic is a Caster Type Magic utilized by Fukuro, Lisa Soma and Danny Zamie


Absorption Magic is a type of Caster Magic that enables the user to absorb his opponent's Magic by eating said opponent. Once the opponent is digested, the Magic of the opponent is made the user's own Magic, however, it is not as powerful as the original. Lisa has demonstrated a far less bizarre way of absorbing another's abilities, she can gain the power of others through touch and she gains a physical trait of the absorbed. She can only absorb animal abilities unlike Fukuro.


  • Capture Ho Ho Hou: Fukuro's most unusual technique and the source of his power. Fukuro eats his opponents and take their Magic as his own, once he has digested them they become permanently part of his power. However, the strength of the obtained power doesn't seem to be as powerful as the original wielder's, proven when Fukuro used Natsu's fire breath on Gray and it had no effect on him, with Gray commenting that those flames were nothing compared to Natsu's.
  • Fire Ho Ho Hou: After "eating" Natsu, Fukuro gained this attack which allows him to shoot fire at his opponent from his fist.
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