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Acid Magic



San Mahō


Caster Magic


Daini Senshi
Nami Kuro

Acid Magic (酸魔法, San Mahō) is is a Caster Type Magic utilized by Nami Kuro and Rafal when he Requips Daini Senshi


This magic allows the caster to create various magical acids which can vary in colour and acidity. Rafal has also shown that he can release acid by swinging his sword.


Neppa's Spells

  • Multi-Angle Acid: The user creates numerous purple spheres made of corrosive acid, wherein the user is capable of ordering them to rush towards their targets.
  • Acid Pillar: By punching the ground, the caster summons a pillar of acid that streams upward. The caster can also conjure up to five pillars simultaneously.

Rafal's Spells

  • Shisui (シスイ Shisui) : This spell gives the caster the ability to coat their sword in a powerful acid, it increases it's lethality and can also be released by swinging the blade. The acid has been said to be powerful enough to melt through a human being almost instantly.
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