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Additional Information
Primary Ability

Enochian Magic (エノキアン・マジック Enokian Majikku?)

Located In Heaven

The Aedra (天使 Tenshi?, Lit. "Angel") or Disciples of the Light (光の弟子 Hikari Deshiare?) perceived to be that of an powerful race, and close relatives to the angels. Aedra are beings of pure massless energy, inhabiting that of solid suits of intricate, complex armour. According to Alice Springs, the Aedra are angelic-like beings created by the Light to acts the Light's envoy and soldiers, and the presiding being of Heaven.

The term was used throughout Eurasia to originally refer to the Twelve Archangels, but after the Great War, they grew in numbers, with the Archangels themselves being the first and strongest generation of the Aedra. Aedra is used as both plural adnd singular context, however Aedroth was once used as the singular form.




The appearance of Ramiel.

The Aedra are purely, unique spiritual beings who's existences are incorporeal pure massless sentient mystical energy that inhabiants an ancient solid, complex vessels forged directly by the Light. Larger then their kin, the Aedra mystical wings are said to be literally them manifesting into the world. Their being is believed to be the conceptualization of the Light's light that manifested in defend all of creation. Ethereal beings is what they truly are, made out of ether, a magical energy which Aether was named after. Upon releasing the ether, they're wings takes the appearance of a misty-filled, which they have multiple wings which represents how much "ether" they have.

The Aedra are immortal individuals that rely on the solid armour they came into existence with, and do not require food, water, sleep or anything an mortal individual would require. As spiritual ethereal beings, they can leave their armour vessels, and inhabit the pure biological beings of either animal, humans or even elves, though they require permission to enter one's body. Upon possessiong the individual, they can utilize only 5-10% of their true capabilities, due to the biological vessel being, most likely, incapable of withstand the full potential of a Aedra. As such, while being posssessed grants certain enhnces (physical stronger, faster), the Aedra can't perform most of Enochian Magic, besides engraving and drawning Enochian Sigils upon matter and.

Physical Diversity

Aedra are physically, spiritually diverse and unique to each other, each of their armoured vessels being complex and different to each other, often reflecting their personalities and their overall role in their existences. Take Michael, he's an large, massive seraph due to his role being a war-like warrior and brute, ruthless in his conquest of the fight, and so is considered the physically superior Aedra. However, Ramiel is the archangel of hope, and uses Hope Magic, which essentally raises mortality of those around her, her appeance being female is slender, but give radiance of someone one can place their faith-their hope into.

Life Cycle


Spirit Slayer Magic (滅霊魔法 Metsurei Mahō?): As the Aedra are classified as spiritual beings of divine status, they can be slain with Spirit Slayer Magic, along with the Slayer capable of consuming their respective element.

God Slayer Magic (滅神魔法 Metsujin Mahō?): Aedra are considered divine beings of the Light and such there's a chance God Slayer Magic can in fact kill them also, with the God Slayers consuming their element. However this is not 100% certain, and as of yet, Socrates is the only who believes this theory.

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