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Aeris Ackerman



Earisu Akkāman


Soul Deliverer (魂の配達 Tamashī no Haitatsu)


Pandora-Cyborg Hybrid


September 10


Female Female


Long forgotten(biologically)





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Light Pink

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Absolute Fighter Magician Academy




Eren Seiun(briefly)

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Giselle Ackerman(daughter)
Hitomi Arras(daughter)


Astral Soul Magic
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Higurekarite (日暮れ刈り手 lit. Twilight Reaper)

"I'll write your ending!"
— Aeris's pre-battle catchphrase.
"The secret side of me, I never let you see. I keep it caged but I can't control it. So stay away from me; the beast is ugly. I feel the rage and I just can't hold it. It's scratching on the walls, in the closet, in the halls. It comes awake and I can't control it. Hiding under the bed; in my body, in my head. Why won't somebody come and save me from this? Make it end!"
— Aeris's theme, Monster.

Aeris Ackerman (エアリスアッカーマン Earisu Akkāman lit. Goddess of Discord Joining Existence) is a woman forced to suffer the same life over and over again, as a result from being cursed by a Black Arts spell. Her life is fated to repeat again in the exact chain of events that happened the first time she was ever reincarnated. When each life is reset, so is her magic power and history; she will be forced to suffer and watch everyone and everything around her die until she herself is murdered by the last human alive: her daughter. Seeking to change her fate, she threw herself off a high cliff, and was almost killed, but instead, she was found by a cult and was turned into their newest experiment.

Subjected to thousands of torturous experiments, and literally becoming the definition of a old rag doll. For years, she suffered there, subsequently warping her already shattered psyche, turning her into a rampaging beast, until the scientists operating there managed to subdue her. Believing that she was the carrier of some inner beast, they decided to remove half of her heart in an attempt to find her supposed inner power, replacing the missing half with a advanced life support system that provided her with a means to live. After discovering that the inner beast was not in her heart, they conducted several more experiments, removing most of her functional limbs in the process, and replacing them with cybernetic parts in order to compensate.

After finally removing the last of her limbs, and still not finding anything, the scientists decided to dispose of her. However, after keeping her anger and frustration pent up for so long, she finally let it rampage out, destroying the entire facility with her new, enhanced, cybernetic limbs. Angry and humiliated, she left the ruins of the facility, and escaped to the nearest village, where she met a patient man by the name of Noctis Arras (ノクティス アラス Nokutisu Arasu)), the descendant of the famed Arras Family. After years of being tortured and manipulated by humans, the first thing she did was try and kill him. However, gradually, she began to befriend him, until they eventually married, and conceived Hitomi Arras and Giselle Ackerman.


Aeris has the appearance of a youthful looking woman; one that can be described as a paragon of beauty. However, this is all but a disguise to hide the mechanical monster she has become. After suffering for years, and losing all of her limbs, she has been reduced to a ghost of her former self. Every piece of clothing she wears is laced with an enchantment to make the exposed flesh appear to be simply normal skin and tissue, when it is in fact, metal and steel. Due to the enchantments, her "skin" is slightly tanned, but is still retains a moonlight-esque appearance. In order to be able to apply as a student for the academy her daughter was attending, she managed to master a variant of Transformation, and alter her appearance to that of an average student attending the academy. Her altered appearance was basically the younger looking version of herself; her teenage appearance. At this point, she had light pink hair that extended past her waist. She possessed big, bright blue eyes that were filled to the brim with childishness and adventure. As described by Eren, she wore wedding-esque clothes. On each side side of her head, she wore a group of white ribbons tied into flowers, with two strips of ribbons hanging down. In the middle of the flowers was a light blue gemstone. Clothing-wise, she wore a white, high collared, laced, sleeveless blouse with a golden pin securing her collar, and a light blue gem right below her collarbone. Two pieces of laced cloth are loosely attached to her blouse, and wrapped around her shoulders. On both of her wrists, she wore a lacy, fluffy wrist warmer. She wore a light blue skirt that fanned out loosely, but was snugly attached to her waist. For shoes, she wore a pair of a white shoes, that were similar to white 'Chuck Taylors'.

The actual clothing that she wears is a outfit that can be described as one reminiscent to battle-gear. However, Aeris states that it's more of a casual thing that she found and tweaked. Her hair remains a pink color, however it is darker and more defined, as well as shorter than her teenage form. They are cut into choppy, loose groups of layers, and seem to pile up naturally. Her eyes are more defined as well, the roundness of them have grown blunt, but the color of them have grown to a more greenish-blue, as opposed to the bright blue they once were. She rarely smiles; constantly plastering a quizzical or monotone expression onto her face for the mere fact that she does not want socialize with anyone. Amusingly, when she utilizes her teenage form, she taps into her former personality a bit more than she should. Clothing-wise, she wears a maroon collared, fleece turtleneck shirt that is sleeveless. Over it, she wears a cream, brown, and white coloured vest with large collars facing outwards. The vest has a large belt tied around the top of her stomach in order to keep the vest secured. Below the belt, there are two pairs of buckles that also secure the vest. On the right and left side of the vest, there are two cream coloured pockets that can hold a variety of items. She wears brown, leather shorts with a belt and gold buckle wrapped around it. Draped across her waist is a small brown leather satchel; essentially, this satchel holds small shards of her invention; Hydren Core. The satchel also holds miscellaneous items, such as Lacrima, Jewel, and a small journal, as well as a pen to accompany the journal. Attached by several leather strips, a small bag is wrapped around her left thigh. This bag carries all of her necessary supplies, such as a flashlight, hairpins for picking locks, dried fruit, and matches. For shoes, she wears knee-high brown leather boots with several buckles lining upwards. On her left shoulder, there is a mantelpiece adorned with two layers of steel an gold. She has a skin tight, flexible piece of elastic that is worn across her arm, and ends right below her wrist On both hands, she wears a pair of leather, fingerless gloves, equipped with metal knuckle guards.



Aeris's low tolerance to people.

Aeris has a complex personality, one that cannot simply be described in a handful of words. As a woman who has suffered mentally and physically, she has learned a great deal from her experiences. Unlike many of those who were played the same fate, she has no intentions to share the lessons she learned with others. In fact, she refuses to do so because she states that she does not have a reason to share them because of how cruelly they treated her. Although this statement is rather biased, as she only knew several humans in her life, and that was the the scientists. Anyways, Aeris has complete control over her emotions; she is capable of wiping her mind clean, and retaining a calm and composed appearance even in the most desperate situations. Although she is calm and unforgiving, she is rather loose when it comes to enforcing rules. In all honesty, she could care less about such things. The threat of punishment doesn't faze her; she merely raises an eyebrow, and says her signature catchphrase, Is it Bitch O'Clock already?, regardless of the person she's addressing's rank, status, or power. Similar to her daughter's personality, she is rather blunt and refuses to hold her tongue, amusingly delivering them with a incredibly straight face. However, this personality spikes when she is annoyed by others. She generally has no patience, and will deliver physical blows to people in order to "wake them up". She is extremely punishing when others bother to hear her words, as shown when she backhanded a young woman from a village where she was residing. That was the last time she bothered to live even near civilization; living out her days inside a incredibly thick forest filled to the brim with vegetation and animals. Her obvious hatred towards humans has dimmed to a dislike of physical contact with them, yet she is still able to "get her hands dirty" when needed.


Aeris in a moment of serenity.

It is worth noting that Aeris almost never gets a moment of rest; she maintains a high stress job: taking care of her eldest daughter, Hitomi, as the younger one has seem to have vanished from the very face of Earth Land. Noting that she hates interaction, she often hides in shadows, saving Hitomi from particularly disastrous events. However, she has other priorities as well. A well known figure in history, she is the reincarnation of Indra (帝釈天 Taishakuten); the holy man who slew Vritra, a demon who stole all the water that existed in the world. Almost like a hermit, she distances herself from civilization; hiding in the woods, her only true happy place in the world. Here, she finds serenity that she never found elsewhere. Aeris could meditate for hours in the woods, if she did not have a daughter to attend to, as well as keeping the Vritra reincarnation in check. After her spouse death, as well as her daughter's supposed death, she wandered aimlessly, walking to the four corners of the world without a purpose, and disappeared of the face of earth, never to be seen or heard of until several million years later. When her legend once again appeared, her now living daughter was attending an academy, causing her to apply for the academy as quickly as possible, showing that she does indeed hold an affection towards her daughter. However, the same affection does not hold for Giselle, as she is distrustful towards the said woman. Disliking the aura of animosity she emits, Aeris keeps her in check from a distance, refusing to meddle with her affairs. Because of the said details, she is almost always awake, treating herself to at least an hour of sleep every day to keep her with at least a drop of health. Finding sleep unnecessary to an extent, she occasionally forgoes her "hour of sleep taboo" in order to ensure Hitomi's safety.

Although she may be good at distancing herself from emotions, she does indeed have them, albeit they only show themselves when they break free unconsciously. Her most prominent emotion is her concern for the wellbeing of Hitomi and Eren, as they play a major role in her entire life, and the fate of humanity. She has been shown to go to extreme lengths to simply save them from gaining a minor scratch. Often, she appears as a faint pink blur when she delivers these actions, making them question if they actually saw something. Her "occupation" is simply described as tiring, as she is constantly supporting them from the shadows, always making sure their wounds aren't too grievous, or if they have enough magic power left to sustain them. However, she often regrets doing so afterwards, as she wants her daughter to be safe, but she also wants them to gain experience from battles. You could even call Aeris battle-worn, as she has been through an astronomical amount of battles throughout her entire lifetime, and knows the importance of experience. Tacticial and analytic, she puts these two skills into use when diving into the middle of a battle in order to help. She has always appeared at the scene of a battle, so much, that she is arguably the protagonist of Awakening. Her pink blur has become so common that she has become commonplace to Eren and Hitomi, to the point where Eren found it strange when she appeared "late". Amusingly, Hitomi often yells at the pink blur to "show itself". As the reincarntion of Indra, Aeris is constantly obligated to save the people around her, as she has saved the world from disaster before. Aeris has grown bitter of living her long life, and now just simply sticks her arm out, and saves them. Lately, she has become slightly irritable of the problems humans cause to others; animals and nonhumans. Animal cruelty has been one of things that she rants about under her breath, as she dislikes seeing living beings that are being mistreated.


Aeris was originally a captain of her own squad in an unorthodox section of the army. The section was known as the Rojofantasma (朱幽霊 Ake Yuurei lit. Red Phantom). Rojofantasma took care of the more dangerous criminals, and disposed of them properly, with a unorthodox execution. Considered the best of the best, Aeris's squad took out more criminals than any other squad combined. However, her fame and glory was destroyed following the complete annihilation of the army, as anarchy spread throughout the country. Taking both of her daughters and husband into hiding, she ensured that they would survive the long war that was coming their way. Despite this, her eldest daughter and husband were eventually killed, one by her own hand, while her other daughter was sealed away. Filled with anguish, she disappeared off the the face of earth for millions of years, until returning once more to find her daughters.


Lacrima (魔水晶 (ラクリマ), Rakurima lit. Magic Crystal): Lacrima is a Magic crystalline substance found in both Earth Land and Edolas. Lacrima can be powered up with different spells and used for different purposes. Essentially, a Lacrima is crystallized magic that can dispatch enemies in many different ways, as well as provide other means of assistance to the user. Lacrima is generally powered up by the user's magic power; whether it be for offensive uses or just simply for "fun". This crystalline structure was the beginning in the evolution of magic, a newfound invention that proved to be extremely versatile during the golden age of the world. However, in the timeline of Awakening, usage of Lacrima is very scarce, as the materials needed to make Lacrima and the process of making it are very little knwown. Despite this, Aeris possesses vague knowledge of how to use and create Lacrima, as she observed the way Eren's ancestors created them, as they were shop owners that made their own items. Aeris holds an arsenal of different types of Lacrima, often selling them in the black market to earn her fill.

Higurekarite (日暮れ刈り手 lit. Twilight Reaper): Higurekarite is described as a True Soul Resonance Blade (純粋気迫共鳴剣 Junseikinhaku Kyoumeiken), and is officially known as Saikōamenoekimi (最高天の役身 lit. Supreme Celestial Battle Blade), but is called Higurekarite by Aeris for its distinct, twilight-esque appearance, and for its supreme power when utilized correctly. Higurekarite is Aeris's blade, one that should not exist because of its infamous and horrendous legacy, as well as its status within the Magic Council. The Council labeled it as Forbidden Maximum Power Unit No. 1000; there is a large bounty for its retrieval, further giving Aeris a reason to avoid humanity. Higurekarite is the representation of avarice and inner darkness, one of the more darker blades in the Soul Resonance weapons. These weapons all represent one of the Seven Deadly Sins, and reciprocate the power channeled by those words. In this particular case, the power channeled by the blade is Darkness Magic, befitting its twilight theme. The blade devours the souls of those who are cut down by the sword, and utilizes fragments of them as bullet enhancers, as Higurekarite fires silver bullets that can be enhanced with a Plasma Charger, and the souls that she collects. Several of these souls end up as a source of power for Aeris's Astral Armours, as Astral Armours are created when a compatible soul and a particular Astral Ring is manifested. With this blade, Aeris is capable of destroying foes by seeking out their inner darkness, and using it to annihilate them. Higurekarite is a black, silver, and red colored gunblade; a weapon that is capable of smoothly transforming from a blade, to a gun, and vice versa. This gunblade is more than capable of switching at lightspeed in order to satisfy the demand for a quicker transformation speed, so Aeris is able to deliver a swift, and painful death to whoever was unfortunate enough to get in her way. The blade is double edged, and razor sharp, capable of producing a bloody mess if simply tapped on someone. It is mostly black in color, and at the tip of the blade, it  branches off into two oddly shaped blades. The first one is reminiscent to a flame-like appearance, while the other is simply curved outwards with a very tiny blade branching off of it. The midsection of the blade is silver in color, and is the designated weakest point of the blade. However, simply charging at it with a Sword

Aeris unleashing Higurekarite

Magic spell isn't going to shatter it; an extremely powerful Sealing Magic will. This Sealing Magic spell will seal away the blade into shattered pieces, rendering it useless. The hilt of the blade is black in color, and has a flame like blade attached to the bottom. While in its gun mode, it has a silver colored barrel with a small silver blade sticking out on top of it, acting like a bayonet of a sort. The back of it is also silver, but is attached to the flame-esque blade, and then branches off into the hilt with the same little flame-like blade. Since Higurekarite is a gunblade, it can dispatch opponents in many different areas, whether it be ranged fighting or melee, thus making it an interesting invention indeed. Higurekarite, while in its gun mode, is folded into two layers, as the blade itself is folded at the hilt, and its point sticks out in front of the actual gun, acting like a miniature bayonet. However, Aeris has no need for a bayonet if she has Higurekarite. Higurekarite has a perfectly carved silver body, with several absorption Lacrimas implanted into it so that the gun can absorb solar energy, and convert it into concentrated spheres of what seems to be light. In order to switch it back to its blade mode, Aeris simply pulls the switch that is attached to Higurekarite in its gun mode. The gunblade will then quickly and deftly transform itself into its original form; the blade. The actual blade's anatomy is quite complex, as it still holds the absorption Lacrima in place, however, they are coated along the edge of the blade, technically tweaking its ability to coat itself in Eternano. Inside the Eternano it coats itself with, there is solar energy inside of it, enhancing its ability as a defensive and offensive mechanism. The blade is made of pure silver, ruby, and Hydren Core, capable of slicing demons an half without a hesitation. The length of the blade actually extends a few centimeters longer than Aeris's forearm, looking like it is extremely heavy. And it is indeed heavy, for those who aren't Aeris Ackerman in the flesh. Higurekarite has a defensive mechanism that acts similar to a fingerprint scanner. If somebody other than Aeris tries to wield it, they will receive an electrical shock equivalent to 1000 volts of electricity, and the gunblade will glow red, signifying a Error. If the same person attempts to use Higurekarite  once more, they will ultimately be killed by a charge of electricity reaching up to 500,000 volts.

Experimental HydCo Arms (試験的ヒドコアーム(最高の魂のパワーアーム) Shikenteki Hidoko Āmu lit. Supreme Soul Power Arms): As a result of having almost all of her organic body removed, she was forced to have to replace it all with cybernetic parts, all forged from unreleased blueprints. These blueprints were the building step to make magically enhanced prosthetic limbs so not only does the wearer get back their limb, they also obtain a magical feature. In Aeris's case, this magic feature is two cannon arms; each possessing the ability to generate and deploy concentrated spheres of plasma at her foe, annihilating them completely. These two arm cannons are made completely out of Hydren Core, diamond, and then decorated with white enamel and silver. These cannons are the arms that Aeris was given; when they are not activated, they take on the form of two completely normal arms to hide their true form. When they are activated, they are two inches thick from the radius, making a four inch diameter. Inside of the arm cannons are two Lacrimas that generate the plasma. The plasma Lacrima within the cybernetic arms are able to resonate together, creating a eight inch thick double cannon that releases a incredible plasma sphere of astronomical size. They are able to branch out into miscellaneous smaller cannons, each auto targeting the foes around her, leaving no survivors in the hailstorm of fury. The actual cannons are a pitch black color, with white enamel strips running on the sides of the cylindrical shaped weapon. There are silver crosses placed on each "side" of the cannons, ironically there to remind her that she can never go to heaven. Fortunately, these arms also give her another trait; scanning her Astral Rings to activate certain Astral Armours. The arms are compatible with Aeris's nerves and bones, as most of the bones in her body was converted into the unique mixture.  The arm has a compartment that opens upon the command, "Open!" (オープン! Oupon!). This compartment scans Aeris's Astral Rings, allowing her to use the Astral Armours granted to her by the Cancer Ring.

Aeris Ackerman Custom Legs: (エアリスアッカーマンカスタム美脚 Earisuakkāmankasutamu Bikyaku): Aeris's two cybernetic legs provide her with a means to walk and run once more; she can attain speeds no human could ever dream to obtain. These legs are made of extremely lightweight material, but are still durable enough to land attacks with punishing power. Although the materials are lightweight, they still maintain a silverish look to them, causing Aeris to infuse a Illusion Magic spell upon her shoes, to make the legs appear to be normal flesh. However, when the boots are removed, her true legs are shown. They are a metallic silver color, and appear to be reminiscent to greaves to an extent. The legs have a stripe of white running down each calve, extending towards her foot. The special function she is given is an invention of her own; rockets. These rockets are generated from Hydren Core and Lacrima infused with one nanomachine. Once she wills these rockets to activate, the shoes will emit a bright red color, and then the soles will burst into flames, igniting the spark in Aeris's shoes, allowing her to literally fly to her opponent in a millisecond. She can switch directions easily, providing a great range of motion when utilizing them. However, it is noted that she can only use these rockets when she slips off her boots.

Magic and Abilities

Physical Attributes

Ways of Combat


Aeris's skill in armed fighting against Vritra.

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Aeris's skill with a sword is deadly, unorthodox, and unpredictable. Dubbed as the Survivor Style (生存者様式 Seizon-sha Yōshiki) for her way of adapting to her opponents' way of fighting quickly, she utilizes a sword with brilliant precision and power. Drawing her power from her absolute willpower, she slices quickly and precisely without hesitation, capable of slicing a foe's head off in milliseconds. Her reactions are admirable, as she can dodge and avoid bullets in a blink of an eye. She utilizes a way of fighting that puts her on the offensive permanently, as she allows absolutely no time for counterattacks, and rarely parrying. She is capable of delivering slashes and stabs with incredible force, knocking back her foe with a simple swing. Often condensing her magic power upon her blade, she releases that power in the most extreme way possible, in order to inflict maximum damage. With her skill, she is able to throw her gunblade, while releasing a string of magic power, making the entire contraption reminiscent to an excellent grappling hook. Utilizing her rocket feet, she can zip through, and dispatch an entire group of renown mages in mere seconds, doing so with exaggerated moves, and amusing feats while she's at it. Possessing the astronomical power Indra once had, she is a incredible force to deal with, and is more than willing to eliminate her foes like she has in the past. Keeping this in mind, she has excellent leadership skills that allow her to devise excellent strategies and counterattacks before the actual attack is delivered — and parried. She adapts to any possible situation thrusted at her with ease, allowing her more versatility, and even giving her the ability to use her former opponents' fighting styles, while incorporating her own. A master at Iaido, Bōjutsu, and kobudō, she can incorporate these strings of fighting styles into her own, while still maintaining her offensive edge. Aeris is known to intertwine the environment around her into her way of fighting; when she fights Aerenia inside of a ghost town, she uses primitive tools to block attacks when her gunblade is taken by her foe. She rips a straw wall off of a shack, and throws it at Aerenia with incredible accuracy, and then picks up a metal spear to block the incoming attack from her. Then she twists her arm behind her back, and throws her into a brick building, forcing it to collapse underneath the weight it is now under. Then, she takes a sheet of metal from the blacksmith, and beheads her, eliminating her for the era.
  • Sword Magic: Brilliant Scarlet Survivor (剣の魔法:英明朱生き残り Ken no Mahō: Eimeiake Ikinokori)Sword Magic (剣の魔法 Ken no Mahō) is a Holder Type Magic that is used by a large percentage of the magician population. In order to utilize it, the user starts by channeling Eternano diretly into a specially constructed magic blade that causes a chain reaction to the sword, having the blade alter it's entire structure until it reaches an unstable form of metal and magic, allowing the person to manipulate it into a solid shape that can also engage the spell that the user sees fit to use. In some cases, when the person condenses the unstable structure, they often add their own elemental affinity magic, allowing for the user of elemental sword spells to be created through the effective means of the user. During the time after the sword spell is used, the Eternano is immediatly ejected from the blade, allowing the unstablility, the result from the Eternano, to cease and transform the blade back to it's normal shape. However, there are certain risks to using this magic as it takes much mental focus and incredible magic control in order to allow the blade to be altered in it's solid shape, and to be controlled in it's unstable form. When the user often attempts to make any spell, their hand is to remain on the hilt at all time, due to the fact that unless the Eternano is controlled and is kept at a steady flow into the blade, the blade will simply revert back to it's normal shape while the Eternano is simply ejected outward. Aeris's variant of Sword Magic is known as Brilliant Scarlet Survivor (剣の魔法:英明朱生き残り Ken no Mahō: Eimeiake Ikinokori), a variant that grants any user of it immense power while utilizing a blade; it can make even the dullest of broken knives become deadly weapons in a millisecond. Occasionally, the blade will simply snap under the pressure of the magic power that is being infused with it. Brilliant Scarlet Survivor allows Aeris to adapt to the contantly changing waves of opponents. It allows her to break Higurekarite into thousands of different swords that seem to be created out of light, and attack. The simplest particle of eternano that touches a blade she wields is automatically sharpened and lengthened. Each second that Aeris doesn't attack builds up for a next string of unique hits, giving her access to combo attack, and chaining several together to completely annihilate her foe.
    • End of Heart (超究武神覇斬 (エンド・オブ・ハート), Endo obu Hāto lit. Super Ultimate Martial God Supreme Slash): End of Heart is an extremely powerful Sword Magic spell, as well as a universally destructive Brilliant Scarlet Survivor spell—when performing End of Heart, Aeris manifests her crimson coloured magical power outwards, using Shape Transformation in order to forge it in the form of a blade, before swinging down with their regular blade, causing five illusionary swords composed of pure magical power to be ejected upwards from the main blade in a circle around the target. The main blade flies to float above the target as the other illusionary swords circle them. Aeris flies forward and grabs one of the five illusionary swords, dashing towards and slicing the target with it. Aeris completes this process four times, slicing the target with each sword. Each time Aeris dashes to take hold of another sword, a glowing silhouette of her is left in place holding the previous sword. Finally, Aeris flies above the target, takes hold of the main blade and descends for a final attack. A shockwave is unleashed as the strike connects, dispersing the silhouettes holding the illusionary blades. Aeris lands on the ground surrounded by the five illusionary blades and the main blade falls into her hand a moment later. Each of the strikes drain the foe's magical power, resulting in Aeris regaining a massive amount of magical power with this attack, making it an incredibly rewarding desperation attack; stealing over seventy-percent of the opponent's magical power which is then transferred into the final strike, making it an overwhelming blow that almost none could hope to recover from. However, the amount of health drained is rather unnecessary; as once the spell has been utilized, victory has already been secured. It should be noted that if the foe attempts to escape during this sequence, the air changes direction and boosts the force of Aeris's strikes.
    • Celestial God Eater (天体神イーター Tentai-shin Īta): Celestial God Eater is a powerful Brilliant Scarlet Survivor spell, as it manifests Aeris's deepest wishes in the form of a god-like entity. Gathering her courage and every single one of the emotions she has kept locked in a metaphysical cage, she condenses it into golden wisps magic power, solidifying it into thousands of brilliant shimmering swords that surround her gunblade. When she does so, she concentrates the swords into the fulcrum of her blade, intensifying the pressure that is being placed on it. After this is done, the blade will radiate a brilliant light, blinding her foes. When this is done, she becomes Indra of the Holy Light (聖なる光のインドラ Seinaru Hikari no Indora), the powerful entity that resides inside of her body. An apparition of wings appear on her back, and send her flying towards her foe; as she nears her opponent, she swings the blade once, forcing the swords to target her foe, annihilating them with thousands of powerful, ferocious strikes. As the blades assault her foe, she enhances the attack by utilizing her own sword, and slashes at them repeatedly, erasing all chances of counterattack. Finally, she buffers her final attack, allowing the combo skill to set in, and unleashes it upon her foe; in order to do so, she concentrates all of her remaining magic power into her blade, condensing it at the fulcrum of it, and extending it towards the blade. Gripping Higurekarite with her both of her hands, she waits several seconds, allowing the skill to set in, and then releases the strike in a whip-like fashion, slicing them into halves, destroying her opponent, and erasing them from existence. Indra, as said before, was a deity that slayed Vritra, a beast who stole all existing water on the earth. Aeris holds the power of Indra within her, and releases it through a series of spells and sword techniques, such as Celestial God Eater. Befitting its name, Celestial God Eater was created for the purpose of consuming a god's worth of power. Higurekarite absorbs the power of its victims; the ones who were felled because  of this blade.
    • Strike Soul (当て身霊 Atemirei): A versatile an unique Sword Magic spell; in order to utilize it, Aeris resonates the Lacrimas implanted within her limbs with the Lacrimas injected within her blade, creating a unique connection between the opposing power sources, causing a unique reaction between them. The magic that was contained within these Lacrima are steadily released, becoming focused to a sole point; the tip of her blade. The amount of magic power released causes a silhouette to manifest; when the Lacrimas' resonance levels reach a fever pitch, several dozen silhouettes appear, all glowing a shimmering gold. The magic power collected at the tip of her blade starts to pulse; a heartbeat matching her very own. Closing her eyes, she slowly points her blade at her foe, as if accusing them of some insufferable crime. Then, in a doubled voice, eyes glowing, she barks out a order, "Unfortunate, you are, to face me. I will show you the true power of me; grovel, you useless dog! STRIKE SOUL!" (不幸、あなたは、私に直面する。私はあなたに私の真の力が表示されます。役に立たない犬は、あなたにひれ伏す!ストライク魂! Fukō, anata wa, watashi ni chokumen suru. Watashi wa anata ni watashi no shin no chikara ga hyōji sa remasu. Yakunitatanai inu wa, anata ni hirefusu! Sutoraiku tamashī!). Once this order is executed, her eyes glow a florescent blue, and she sprints straight at her foe, slashing diagonally, injecting her fatal magic power into her foe's body. The magic power created by the Lacrimas, and partially her soul, automatically target their lungs, heart, and brain, constricting airways, slowing the heartbeat, and halting all brain commands. After this is done, she initiates a hundred slashes, ninety-nine of them delivered at their chest, legs, and arms. The one hundredth attack is buffered for a few moments, gaining power, and then executed, aimed precisely at the foe's heart, cutting off any chance of living, or at least, living normally for a while.
    • Sword Pressure (剣圧, Ken'atsu): When performing the Sword Pressure technique, Aeris swings forward with her sword, swinging the blade so swiftly that it seems that Aeris is able to utilize air itself to slice enemies, focusing a current of wind to the point where it takes on a sharp edge, which she launches at foes; sending it through the air towards the her enemy. It is a powerful blade of pressure that appears as faint ripples of wind that is launched towards the foe at high speeds; this attack enables Aeris to assault things which are out of her sword's range, sending slashes which fly through the air itself; and can even remain floating in it until the right moment to slash. The person struck by the sword pressure is assaulted by countless invisible blades which happens so fast that they would normally be unable to properly react in time, carving up their body. Also, the strong wind power will blow away all incoming projectile weapons and will even make the opponent unable to stay on their feet; this technique possesses enough power to slice down many trees in a forest. This technique can deflect both physical and sound wave attacks and attack at the same time, making it both an offensive and defensive technique. These blades of wind possess incredible range and devastating power; and at its highest level of mastery, the sword pressure is capable of cutting through barriers of magical energy; and they can even remain floating within the air until the right minute to slash.
    • Onishishasen (鬼死斜線 lit. Devil Slaying Slash): The Onishishasen is a powerful Sword Magic spell; in order to execute it, Aeris tilts her blade slightly, and delivers three strikes, all covered in her light; as Indra. These three strikes are delivered in a triangular formation. After this is done, Aeris strikes her foe in the chest with her palm, injecting a glowing, crimson coloured substance into them, rendering them paralyzed. Then, she takes her sword, and delivers another triangular-shaped formation of slashes, this time right on top of the first triangle, forming a unorthodox Star of David. Then, coating her entire blade with her magic power, she carves a circle around it, and writes several runes in the air with light. Finally, she yells these runes out loud, releasing a powerful sonic boom, generating extreme pain into the foe. However, this pain slowly buds, and then grows into an extremely painful ache, to a full blow feeling of being skinned and salted alive, and then burned to ashes. When this is done, Indra leaps into the air, buffering another final offense, and then releases the pent up power straight into the middle of the magic circle. After this, a brilliant light surrounds the entirety of the field, annihilating everything that is in a fifty-mile radius, generating a series of explosions, each one more ferocious than the last, until the very end, where the final explosion kills everything; including Aeris herself. The Onishishasen's purpose is to annihilate the last evil, while sealing the user away as a "safety measure". In order to save the world from its inevitable destruction, Aeris was granted this spell, and was ordered to use it when battling the final evil, and accepting her role as the Indra of the era, eternally guarding the beast that had terrorized the world of centuries. However, this attack, capable of sealing Vritra and Aerenia, consumes the feelings of those around her, making it difficult to execute. With Eren and Hitomi always seeming to be in her shadow, she refuses to seal away the last evil because of their attendance. Instead, she forces herself to simply defeat Vritra to the breaking point, where she should have sealed him away. But, choosing to live and protect the feelings of those around her, she does not.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combat: The centuries spent immortal were not wasted; she spent those years learning how to work with her hands and feet properly. Practicing her own devised style of unarmed combat, she possesses skill that excels far beyond the norm, incorporating her incredible magic power with her fists, annihilating her foes instantly. Her brutality when fighting with and without a weapon often leaves her foes helpless; a punching bag for her fists and feet. Utilizing her flexibility, she can twist and turn without worry in order to build momentum for a powerful strike upon her opponent. When she starts a fight unarmed; either she deems her foe unworthy of true attention, or if she has simply lost her weapon to the fight, she guards her face, allowing her superior reflexes to kick in if her opponent dives for the lower region of her body. Her strength allows her to simply chop the air, and generate pressurized blades of air to brutalize her foe. Relying heavily on her quick reaction time and her footwork, she often seems like she is Irish dancing as she avoids strikes to her legs and feet. However, this is simply for her own amusement, as she states that she cannot dance, but is learning how to by fighting. This proves to be true when she Irish dances in order to protect her true identity when she goes to infiltrate a bar in the Underlands. Utilizing her intimidating speed, she is able to outflank even the most powerful foes, whether it be in strength or numbers. She has the capabilities of dispatching an entire division of the academy's best soldiers, and her best feat to date; she was able to fully defeat Vritra, and seal his power away. Her power is indirectly derived from Indra; the Holy Saviour, who, in a unfortunate turn of event, ultimately failed at his destiny to vanquish all evils in the world when he was killed by Vritra. Aeris uses her resolve and little hope for the future in order to defeat all who are unfortunate enough to come across her. By doing so, she strengthens each attack with the power of Indra, destroying her foes by ripping them apart from inside to out, or vice versa.

  • Myriad Onslaught (万躍進 Manyakushin): The one and only technique that Aeris has learned; granted to her when Indra's power was fully granted to her. It is a powerful technique that is passed down to the head of the Rojofantasma division every twelve-hundred years; the soldiers were given a shot of Vritra's impure cells to keep them alive for an extreme amount of time, a heavy price to pay for the money given to them afterwards. Unfortunately, when Aeris was given the shot, she was injected with the essence of a Black Arts spell, cursing her with aging akin to immortality and forcing her to relive her life three zillion times before finally allowing her to simply die. In order to use it, Aeris concentrates her magic power into her fists, punching the ground in a fury at nearly lightspeed, generating an incredible amount of energy, releasing tremors and explosions around her, blasting her foe away. Then, she generates a blinding light; erasing the sense of sight from anyone who gazes upon her. Then, she transfers this light into her palms, and slams them down onto her opponent's chest, procuring a seal. When this is done, she stares at her foe dead in the eye, and says, "Stay down." (ダウンステー Daunsutē). When this is done, a crimson pillar of light engulfs her foe, burning their flesh away, and eating into their bones and muscles. During this time, they will be alive until the crimson substance reaches to their heart, and burns it away slowly, ending them painfully. This crimson light is the physical manifestation of Vritra's heart; one blackened by hatred and anger. Vritra was ended in a way similarly to this; slowly and painfully, while still holding onto that anger. The anger and frustration to kill is manifested through the crimson pillar, injecting them with the terrible feelings of Vritra; the One True Evil (破邪 Haja).

Immense Strength: Perhaps one of Aeris's better strengths is found in her muscles and muscular endurance. She is more than capable of carrying one hundred metric tons, and throwing it nearly a mile away. Utilizing this strength, she can easily chuck Hitomi like a football miles away from her, and still sprint to catch her. When she punches the ground, she can generate large shockwaves, and produce powerful waves of sonic energy, reminscent to the ones a L.R.A.D. can produce. Utilizing this, she can create earthquakes, and tsunamis by simply punching the environment around her.  She can simply tap someone with her pinkie finger, and shatter their skull instantly. As a result she often has to act extremely gentle to anything and everything around her, as she can easily blast them to smithereens. Her insane strength allows her to carry a bus full of people out of harms way in an extremely quick manner. Over the centuries she has lived, no matter what she does, she always kills someone innocent. To her, it is something that should never be forgiven. This fact often makes her angry, and gives her a purpose to become stronger so she can protect, and avenge the deaths she had caused due to her brash reactions. It is speculated that most of her strength shown comes from the anger she has; although she denies it. It is also speculated that the strength she shows isn't everything she has. On several occasions, she has shown sudden bursts of extreme strength in dire situations, enabling her to thoroughly beat her foe senseless.

Incredible Speed: Aeris's speed is considered her best trait; utilizing it, she is able to move faster than sound, cutting off sound intervals to hide her true location, and bombard her foe with various attacks, annihilating them in a series of fast movements. Her speed is incredible in its own right, as she can dodge bullets, and appear to be a pink blur to the naked eye. She is able to move at such high speeds that it seems like she is teleporting; she's in one place, and suddenly she's behind her enemy. Aeris's remarkable speed has saved her neck on many occasions, as she can outrun bullets and dodge tiny and large projectiles aiming for her. This incredible speed serves as an advantage to her in many ways, whether it be in a small race to jumping around roofs while trying to outrun pursuers. Additionally, Aeris has incredible balance when she is running, saving her from tripping or leaning the wrong way. She is capable of sprinting at her maximum speed on a tightrope, and still not trip or fall, albeit the rope might just snap. Aeris has the skills to dispatch an entire group of mages without them even being able to lift a finger in protest. Her speed is absolutely devastating, as she is able to create afterimages of herself, each of them seemingly solidified versions of herself, that are there to confuse her opponents until the very last moment.

  • Enhanced Reflexes:

    Aeris's reflexes.

    Aeris's reflexes are prime, refined, and devastating to an enemy. She can simply estimate where is foe is coming from by simply sensing their magic power, or hearing their breathing. Even the smallest things like goosebumps appearing can lead her to her opponent, and allow her to brutally mutilate them. She can move around her foes quicker than anything; she can catch bullets and other fast-moving projectiles aimed at her, and throw it back with such force that she can actually imitate the way a bullet moves. Hitomi can adapt to any situation thrusted at her, giving her more of a edge than other mages. Her reflexes have advanced to the point where she can catch a dart with two fingers while not even facing it. Simply because she reacted to the sound of a dart whistling through the air. This shows that not only can she adapt to visual situations, but through sound as well. Her ears are very sensitive, capable of hearing a dog whistle, and identifying the source of the sound. She can adapt to a fake easily, effortlessly countering it with a brutal counterattack.

Impressive Durability: Aeris has shown a massive amount of resillence; having been forced to undergo mind-numbing pain from anesthetic-free surgery to fuse cybornetic limbs onto her to replace the flesh lost during accidents. She has been smashed into steel walls, been hit by Wizard Saint-level attacks, survived Guild Master attacks, and walked out uninjured. She can punch right through walls of lacrima, kick holes through steel, and fall off high buildings without showing any sign of pain. Her impressive durability is partially due to her cybornetic parts, however, a majority is due to the years of experience that she has. Throughout the years, she has learned many ways to reduce the damage that is thrown at her; she can coat her entire body with eternano and solidify it so that she won't even have to attack to deal damage. Even after recieving a multitude of punishing, powerful attacks, Aeris can still stand up and fight, declaring that she will never lose. Part of her resillence can be credited to her indomitable will- one that can never be changed or bent, no matter how hard one tries. After suffering so much, she realized that the purpose of life isn't to bend to the will of another, instead, it is to leave your own mark upon the sands of time. Using this will Aeris refuses to give up, and will stand up and fight back no matter how many times she has to stand back up again.

Assorted Others

High Intelligence Levels: As the developer of several incredible inventions, she has a vast amount of intelligence inside of her brain. She has no bounds, and will willingly use her body as a way to extract information from her targets, as shown when she quite literally spilled her breasts on top of a business man's desk in order to prove that he was guilty of a crime. She is skillful and tactiful when it comes to tactics and strategies. An expectation of her position in the Rojofantasma was at least good initiative and strategy. She is able to pinpoint exactly where her opponent's weak points are, whether it be through prediction or observation. During pre-battle briefing, she used to often points out how plans could possibly fail or work, and then she is able to quickly improve on a plan. She has a pedagogic ability to remember all her opponent's fighting styles, weaknesses and strengths, and execute the best action to take care of them. She has been compared to Fairy Tail's First Master, Mavis Vermillion on terms of strategy and initiative. The way her comrades place their trust in her decisions can be slightly comedic, as even the slightest mistake on her part causes them to have exaggerated reactions. She often observes her opponents, and then determines their weaknesses through hunches and educated guesses. Her predictions are often correct, and when the proper measures are executed, the result on the target is catastrophic.

Magic Abilities

High Magic Power:

Aeris's magic power released.

Aeris's magic power levels are beyond astronomical; when she releases it, a fifty mile radius of the surrounding environment will be obliterated, and the pressure will crush even the best of foes. Her magic power is a reddish-orange color, reminiscent to flames. She has natural exertion and domination over her magic power; an unrelenting force that obeys no one but herself. She can coat her entire body with her magic power; touching her will incinerate whatever limb was unfortunate enough to come into physical contact with her. She is capable of using several magic skills as a result of her mastery over eternano manipulation. By forcing the eternano particles to move at incredibly fast speeds, she can generate enough energy to slice through hydrogen particles, and create several explosions. She is able to absorb the magic power around her in the atmosphere to heal wounds, and to refill her magic power container. By simply pressing her palm onto someone's back or chest, she can steal their magic power in an instant, draining them. Her aura allows her to blast an entire village into ashes, and blow the ground beneath her into smithereens. A simple touch of her magic power can deliver third degree burns. When she releases her aura, she is able to create an imposing feeling; a feeling of absolute anticipation and dread. When this is done, she is able to give herself a demonic look, appearing like Fallen Hero Indra in his descent into evil.
  • Magic Aura: Magical Aura (魔力の霊気 Maryoku no Reiki; Literally meaning Aura of Magical Power) is a common term given to the exertion of magical energy into a form outside of the user's body that isn't used in the formation of spells. It has been demonstrated by various mages of varying potency, and is a common means of intimidation. A "Monster" aura, as it is classified, is the strongest classification of aura to date. Only extremely powerful mages are capable of this aura, and are generally Guild Aces, if not masters. In the canon, two individuals have shown this aura, notably Gildarts Clive and Makarov Dreyar, both individuals with tremendous levels of magical power. Upon release, the magic almost consumes the user in their color, leaving nothing but a phantom-like apparition to remain. It should also be noted that the aura is far wider, and is generally uncontrolled by the individual. However, "Monster" auras aren't limited to intimidation, and can be used for the preparation of a spell. This was demonstrated aptly by Jellal Fernandes in his activation of Sema, which caused the environment to become distorted due to the sheer level of magical power concentrated in the atmosphere thanks to his release of power. It is also worth noting that the pressure exhibited from such an aura can form a large column of energy, leaving the pressure enough to visibly cause strain on individuals even from a considerable distance away from the exertion of the aura, indicating at the sheer level of power within this aura.
    • Magical Embodiment (魔法の実施形態, Mahō no Jisshi Keitai):  Somewhat of a sub-skill of Magical Aura, Magical Embodiment allows the user to shape their raw magical energy into an image which can be projected at an opponent or ally for a number of different effects. First the user must release their raw Magical Aura into the atmosphere around them. Then, by manipulating the aura around them they can project an image. The shape, size, and potency of the image directly reflect two things; the user's emotions and the vastness of their Eternano reserves. Depending on how purely the user is projecting the emotion they're feeling, the image could be of near equal intensity to a master magician's. If a user was filled with unbridled rage and resentment toward their opponent, their image would reflect those emotions and appear much more fierce than it normally would otherwise. But Magical Embodiment isn't just effected by negative emotions. If the user is feeling especially happy and at peace they can project an image that will have a calming effect on those around them as well. The other dependent factor of Magical Embodiment, the user's reserves of magical energy, has a somewhat different effect. The more energy the user possesses, the better they are at consciously manipulating their image for the desired effect, while people who rely purely on their emotions typically manipulate their image subconsciously. However, having vast reserves of Eternano can get an image equivalent to someone with especially strong and pure emotions. People who rely on their magical reserves can usually maintain their image for longer periods of time.
    • Shape Transformation (形態変化, Keitai Henka): Shape Transformation is not a spell per-se, but rather, Shape Transformation is a skill that somebody whom possesses mastery in their magic is capable of utilizing—but this can extend to anyone with a good grasp on the concept of eternano and how to harness its power easier. When utilizing Shape Transformation, the user is capable of grasping at the eternano in the atmosphere, grabbing bundles or even thin, minuscule amounts—any predetermined amount will do, as long as it is workable. Once this eternano has been taken ahold of, the user is capable of manipulating it into any form that they see fit; or rather, this seems to only work upon pre-formed spells. When utilizing Shape Transformation upon pre-formed spells, the user is capable of injecting small or large amounts of eternano into the spell, no matter how near or far away the spell is, or even if it's already been launched, enabling the user to modify, alter, or downright re-shape the form and movement of the eternano particles which compose the spell, enabling them to change the spell in any way which they see fit—it is through this method, that a magician is capable of developing variants of spells, or just plain mixing it up with variety in the heat of battle.

Miscellaneous Magic Spells: 'Magic (魔法 (マジック), Mahō (Majikku)) is the main form of combat utilized by Mages, and is bought and sold all throughout the world. Magic is the physical embodiment of the spirit. When the physical spirit of an organism connects with the spiritual flow of nature, the spirit forms Magic as a product of the connection. Only ten percent of the world's population is able to use Magic, which is noted to keep a balance between ordinary people and those with Magic. It takes an enormous amount of concentration and mental ability to use Magic. Aeris, during her journeys and jobs, learned several spells from locals and random passerby. Some of these spells are created by Aeris herself so that she could differentiate the several magics she already possessed knowledge of. Surprisingly, Aeris is able to find time to practice these spells, thus she spends that time training and practicing her magical skill, aspiring to strengthen herself. Along the way, she has mastered several powerful spells that augment her own raw power. Subsequently, Aeris now has several powerful spells that she can use when she cannot use her Ring Magic or Azure Essence Magic.

  • Abyss Break (煉獄砕破 (アビス・ブレイク), Abisu Bureiku lit. Purgatory Breaking Wave) is a forbidden, uncategorized spell that is noted to be one of the most powerful spells to ever exist. Abyss Break is a spell that has consequences the magnitude of what its name might suggests. While never explicitly shown to be used in combat, its effects, as described by Loke are that of a dark blast. Abyss Break uses the combination of four magic in order to be performed: Fire MagicWater MagicWind Magic and Earth Magic, or any other appropriate derivatives of the aforementioned elemental magic. Uniquely, the spell absolutely requires the use of a magical circle, which is later seen as the four different magic are actually embedded into the said magical circle. Whilst the exact magnitude of the spell varies dependent on the amount of magical power within it, it may be theorized that the functionality of the spell works akin to that of a Unison Raid. Albeit, if one employs it by oneself, it can be called a "Self" Unison Raid. Uniquely, this spell can be employed by four different users (such as the Element 4) or a single user with mastery over the four elemental types. The spell, thought to be powerful enough to destroy the R-System because of its use, is clearly a disaster simply waiting to happen.
  • Urano Metria (ウラノ・メトリア Urano Metoria): A powerful spell, known as the "Ultimate Magic of the Stars", in which the knowledge to achieve such was bestowed upon Aeris through extensive research and training to learn such a destructive spell. When the incantation is said, the area around her target became galazy-like; a night full of stars, colorful and radiant. Subsequently, hundreds of orbs of colorful light form, swirling around Aeris. After several seconds, shee releases the orbs, and force them towards her target, smashing into them with a destructive force. The spell itself isn't categorized into any magic; it is simply a spell. It seemingly takes away a tremendous amount of magic power away from the user, as even Aeris was a little out of it after casting the spell. On a trip to Crocus, Aeris watched her daughter's former guild participate in the famed event known as the Grand Magic Games; the Earth Land equivalent to the Olympics. While she was there, she witnessed a former guildmate's power when she unleashed Urano Metria, and was determined to learn the spell. Through extensive training and research, Aeris was able to fully master Urano Metria's fullest capabilities.
Astral Soul Magic (せいきたいせいしんまほう Seikitai Seishin Mahou):

Aeris first manifesting her magic.

Astral Soul Magic is a Caster-Type, Lost Magic of considerable power, and is known as Isshindōtai (いっしんどうたい lit. Two Hearts Beating as One). The magic's sole existence was created for the benefit of the humans during the time when demons and dragons wrecked havoc upon the world, when most humans were losing hope of being saved. However, before all hope was lost, the Dawn Knight approached the world, and destroyed itself to give the world hope once more. Those with high magical potential, and a determined soul resonated with the Dawn Knight's beating heart, and soon after, Astral Soul Magic was born. The magic is rare and powerful, capable of destroying even the slightly impure, if the user deems it as so.

Astral Soul Magic is rarely used, as nowadays it is considered a fluke in the laws of magic. According to Aeris, each person does not have only one soul- they have thousands of untouched, unused souls that are the source of Astral Soul Magic. Fusing the hope of one person with one of these souls, then use the sun's energy as a conductor, and finally, resonating with the Dawn Knight's heart beat is the only way to utilize this magic. These three crucial components of the magic are absolutely required, which makes it difficult to learn, as the beating of the Dawn Knight's heart is different for most. The most common, however, would be the metaphysical beating of a thousand hearts together. As soon as the beating of the Dawn Knight's heart is revealed to the user, they must align their heart beat and soul to resonate with him. Once this is done, the user is able to unleash the power of their soul and heart united- two hearts beating as one.

Astral Soul Magic is described as the metaphysical manifestation of the hopes of humankind resonating with the soul of the user. As a result, it almost takes a lifetime to learn and master. However, seeing as though Aeris has had nearly a million lifetimes to learn it, she has already become a excellent user of the magic. Astral Soul Magic chooses its users; it attaches itself to the blood and DNA of the user so that the magic can be transferred through genetics. However, if the magic is transferred through genetics, the magic will grow weaker and weaker, until the magic can be described as non existent. Astral Soul Magic can be classified as Holder Magic and Caster Magic. Users of this magic who utilize Holder Magic are at a distinct disadvantage, not only can they lose their item, but they are at risk of losing the capability of losing the ability to perform magic. This magic can be applied to the plainest of weapons to make them lethal; it actually relies on weapons, fists, and kicks to carry the magic over. Once physical contact is made, the magic will be transferred into the foe's body, destroying them from within.

Furthermore, each user of Astral Soul Magic has one main soul; Aeris's being the Hero Soul. These souls are the user's most powerful and versatile soul, the one that dominates all of the others at her disposal. These special souls are described as Abnormals (びょうてき Byouteki), ones that shouldn't have existed in the first place, but continue to exist. Once the main soul is identified, the user's attacks become much more powerful; more than what they would have been without these Abnormals.

Passive Factors
  • Advanced Regenerative Healing Factor: Described as cleansing the soul, users of Astral Soul Magic can cleanse their body of wounds and impurities by activating their healing factor. Although, activating isn't the correct word, as it is passive. Essentially, this healing factor can revert items and people back to their original form; healthy and unbroken. She is able to eject toxins via her Hero Soul, and fix her entire body's worth of broken bones in mere seconds. However, there are limitations to this healing factor. She cannot revert disembered limbs back to their original body; meaning that she can't "regrow" somebody's limbs if they are detatched from their body.
Offensive Attacks
  • Myriad Mirrors (無数ミラー Musūmirā): Myriad Mirrors is Aeris's signature attack; she is capable of simply "spamming" it over and over again in order to unlock the chain sequence, a way of chaining attacks together at a astronomical rate. Unlike most users of Astral Soul Magic, Aeris's magic appears in a florescent crimson color, similar in appearance to God Slayer Magic. In order to utilize it, Aeris condenses her Hero Soul into the very tip of her blade, and slashes forward, creating seven reflective panels around her foe. Each panel shows a distorted version of her opponent, as each of these mirrors represent one of the Seven Deadly Sins. If one gazes into one of the mirrors, they will become entranced with it, and will be convinced to make physical contact with it. Once this is done, the foe's soul is sent into the mirror, allowing whatever soul that lingered inside of the mirror to take over their body. Each and every one of the "cursed souls" possess an astronomical amount of power, enough to tear any host into pieces. With the sudden surge of magic power, the foe's body is placed under a large amount of pressure. While they are immobilized, Aeris coats her blade with her Hero Soul, manifesting the solar energy to integrate the two together, and releases a mighty slash upon her foe, casting them away, annihilating their existence. When the energy is being emitted from her sword, it emits a bright, crimson light, starting out softly, then slowly turning into a blinding flare that blinds anyone who dares to gaze into the light that it has created.
  • Soul Forward (霊俊 Reishun): A powerful supplementary spell, named after one of her daughter's way of Sword Magic; when she utilizes it, she gathers and condenses her magic power into her feet, allowing them to glow a soft crimson color. When this is done, she will slowly start to levitate, being lifted several inches off the ground. At this time, her blue eyes glow an ominous grey color, radiating it like it is the sun itself. Suddenly, there will be a soft thump sound, and then instantaneously, a double of her pushes forward, albeit only momentarily. Then, the entire perimeter of the battlefield glows a outworldy grey as she ejects all of the souls that have perished there, or nearby. Once this is done, the souls fly towards her like a magnet attracted to its opposite. When this is done, her Hero Soul surges forward, pushing her to wherever she desires to be, at a incredible speed. Somewhat of a teleportation spell, it allows her to travel at speeds unknown to mankind, and impossible to attain. She can  zip around at speeds reaching the speed of light, flying through to avoid the friction generated by such speeds. Undefeated, aggressive, and without mercy, this is the true Fallen Hero Indra at her best. She can deliver punches and kicks in milleseconds without her foe noticing until he is already down, with a sword pointed at his throat. When this speed is attained, it allows her to enhance her physical capabilties via momentum. Gathering enough speed, and then propelling herself forward when she jumps, allows her to deliver bone shattering attacks that can impale right through flesh. 
  • Starlight Essence (ほしかげえきす Hoshikage Ekisu): One of her strongest spells; one said to be the ultimate spell of the stars, it is indeed a spell that can send even the most powerful mages packing. It is described as the very essence of hope, the true spell embodiment of the Leo symbiote and armour. In order to initiate Starlight Essence, Aeris grips Higurekarite with her right hand, bracing it with her left hand- only using her right hand to inflict maximum damage. She starts charging it with the deadly mixture of sunlight, magic power, and her Hero Soul and Leo combined. She starts this by manifesting the damaging mixture into the sharp edge of the blade, until it is near its absolute breaking point. When it reaches this point, Aeris draws the constellation of Leo in the air, making it glow and resonate with its pulsing power, shattering into a thousand lights that augment the ridiculous power of her blade, as well as glow in her hair. Before executing this deadly spell, Hitomi shouts the incantation with great gusto, "I, the true carrier of Leo, call for the power of the stars! The beating of the Dawn Knight's heart resonates with mine, lets go! STARLIGHT ESSENCE!!! (私、双子座の真のキャリアは、星の力を求める!ドーン騎士の心臓の鼓動は私と共鳴する、行くことができます!スターライトエッセンス!! ! Watashi, Reo no shin no kyaria wa,-boshi no chikara o motomeru! Dōn kishi no shinzō no kodō wa watashi to kyōmei suru, iku koto ga dekimasu! Sutāraitoessensu!!!). Once the incantation is spoken, the true power of the Hero Soul and the Dawn Knight's power is invoked, blinding her opponents for several minutes- which is enought to cast this spell and dispose of them for good. Aeris's eyes will glow a bright gold, unleashing the true power of Leo. The lights that fell from the contellation apparation resonate with the glowing, giving Aeris a divine appearance; one associated with a goddess. The actual attack is brutal, devastating, and absolutely powerful;Aeris releases a flurry of a thousand slashes in vital points of the foe, ultimately destroying her enemy. Transferring the divine soul of Leo into her foe, she can literally rip them apart, casting the spell as a finality of the battle. When the initial execution is finished, Aeris will proclaim, "Now, it's done." (さて、それは完了です Sate, soreha kanryōdesu.), and unleash the final strike; a stab to the foe's throat, finishing them.
  • Chronochrome (クロノ黄鉛 Kuronokouen): The first spell she ever learned, it is not the most basic of them all, nor is it the most powerful. It is a spell that was created for the sole purpose of breaking a stalemate inside of a battle. In order to utilize it, Aeris stretches her palm out, carefully condensing a circular sphere of crimson coloured energy; as the sphere condenses even more, she injects solar energy into it, unstablizing it. At this moment, she slams her other palm against the sphere, releasing jets of crimson energy outwards. Once this is done, the six streams of crimson energy streams are condensed into six spherical shapes, resounding a crackling sound. Finally, Aeris leaps upwards, and attaches the first sphere to her hand, and slams it down upon her foe, imitating Palm Magic to a certain extent. The crimson energy, equipped with her Hero Soul, magic power, and sunlight, is absorbed into their body, becoming lethal as soon as it touches them, racking their body in convulsions. Then, she grabs the second sphere, and delivers a even more jarring hit to her foe, repeating the same process with each and every one of the spheres, until the last one is delivered. When initiating the last one, she takes the final sphere into both of her hands, multiplying it into two spheres, and slamming them down into the ground, generating a jarring tremor that spreads sporadically throughout the battlefield, creating strong fissures that snake quickly throughout the field, all sourcing from Aeris's feet. Unphased by it, she sprints towards her foe, generating the energy one last time, and strikes her foe one last time, across their face, sending them flying. Once this this done, the fissures become more violent, shaking down trees, and consuming the environment around her, including her opponent
  • Absolute X (ぜったいエック Rettai Ekksu): A efficient versatile attack, as well as one of the spells Aeris taught Hitomi; in order to execute it, Aeris channels the solar energy emitted from the sun into Higurekarite, charging it with her magic power, as well as her Hero Soul. Condensing it and manifesting it along the edge of the blade, until it is emitting a high pitched roar; the result of absolute resonance. Aeris holds it in a reverse-grip in front of her face, using her left hand to steady herself, and hold the concentration between her, and her Abnormal. Once the high pitched roar has reached to the point of unbearable to her foe, Aeris tilts her blade forty degrees to the right, and slashes the air in a 'X' formation four times, releasing a tilted X of solar energy, her Hero Soul, and the manifestation of Astral Soul Magic. The formation is launched at her foe in impossible speed; reaching them in milliseconds at the least. Once the mixture has reached the opponent, it explodes into a brilliant light, dealing heavy damage to the foe. If she deems necessary, Aeris can use her speed to sprint towards her opponent, and unleash this attack at close-quarters, risking the notion of being affected by her own attack. She can also choose not to concentrate as much, bringing the risks up, but promising absolute destruction towards her opponent. By letting go of her concentration a small bit, she can unleash a series of attacks at different angles, destroying the enemy in different places.
  • Suiginkire (水銀切れ lit. Mercury Slice): Suiginkire is the most powerful spell of Astral Soul Magic that Aeris possesses knowledge over of. It is known as the Final Stand (画龍点睛Garyoutensei) for its devastating power, and for its utilization as the final offensive to defeat a foe. Known by its predecessors as the One True Spell, it is almost considered an atonement for the sins one has committed throughout their life. While its power is astronomically large, and causes mass destruction, it is one of the spells that was used to seal Vritra away the first time, which makes it rather unorthodox. However, the spell itself has the capabilities to seal nearly any demon that exists within Earth Land. When Aeris utilizes it, she condenses her magic power into ten squares around her foe. These squares hold the ten most important people to that person; even if they are considered evil and cruel, ten different people will appear in these mirror-esque squares. This is the step in which the foe can surrender, and atone for their sins, as the people in the mirrors are often those who have suffered because of that person's actions. However, if they choose to fight once more, Aeris is able to grant that wish. There is a reason why she avoids this spell like the plague; if the opponent refuses to back down, the people in the mirror will disintegrate, in the mirror, and in reality. When this is done, the foe will be hit with every single pain each of those individuals have felt, including the pain of disintegration. The pain first begins as a dull throbbing, and then becomes a full on pain storm, racking every muscle, bone, and tissue with unimagineable pain and anguish. While her foe is suffering, Aeris pumps Astral Soul Magic from her soul, to her heart, where it carries it throughout her bloodstream, effectively stretching into every part of her body. Her entire body will radiate a bright crimson red glow, as the magic leaks out of her body. The pressure released from her magic causes those around her to be nearly crushed by it, effectively immobilizing them. She stretches out her hand, luring the mirrors forward, and manifesting them into a sharp, long, intricately decorated sword. The sword is ice blue, with the names of those who were formerly living, and now dead because of her foe, with a crimson rose intricately carved upon it. She advanced upon her opponent, and points it at them, more often than not in a accusational way. Upon reaching them, the pain will abruptly stop, leaving them immobile and exhausted. She lifts the sword, and slashes it across their chest, transferring her Hero Soul through the blade, and into their bdoy. When this is done, they will feel an incredible pain, forcing them to convulse and vomit. However, the true horror of the spell is the blood. Bright red blood will leak out of their pores, eyes, nose, and mouth, until they are nothing more than an empty sack of skin, muscle, and bone.
  • Soul Drive (倒れた主人公の最後の症状 (ソルライブ) Soru Doraibu lit. Final Manifestation of the Fallen Hero): Soul Drive is one of her more powerful techniques; it allows her to amplify the amount of power she holds tenfold, by increasing the amount of souls her Hero Soul consumes. In order to do so, she selects two souls to inject into her Hero Soul, allowing it to pulse momentarily with a incredible amount of power. When this is done, the power surges throughout her entire body, augmenting each muscle, nerve, and her brainpower tenfold, so that she may have a bigger edge in battle. However, the schematics behind this technique is more complicated then it sounds. Soul Drive is actually the manifestation of Indra's power within her, in a way that does not actually tear her entire body apart. Instead of her normal crimson coloured energy, it appears in a florescent blue color, wrapping itself around her in order to augment each part of her body. As it courses throughout her body, each nerve, muscle, and limb that she has is suddenly much more powerful than it was before, amplifying each and every move that she makes. Her reflexes are greatly enhanced, to the point where her body reacts for her, instead of her actually having to think of it. She can sense even the faintest traces of eternano particles around her, allowing her to catch her foes before they can even make a move. This power amplification technique allows her to run at speeds the surpass speeds attained via Soul Forward, and attain strength in the physical and magical department.
  • Indra Soul Release (インドラ魂リリース Indora Tamashīno Rirīsu): The Indra Soul is Aeris's alter ego; a warm, cheerful entity- easygoing and cares just about anybody. Due to its nature and way of fighting, Aeris forcibly seals it within her to contain it, as their two contradicting personalities are intolerable to her. However, in times of battle, Aeris is willing to release the soul, unleashing its annoyance of being kept in a cage under constant monitering. When she releases the Indra Soul, Hitomi imbues her blade with a fracture of her soul and the sunlight- and then stabs herself in the heart. When this is done, a bright light will engulf her, blinding all surrounding enemies. When the light dies down, Aeris takes on a enigmatic, powerful appearance. She gains gold and red markings that snake across her face, arms and legs. Her eyes turn steadily into a gold color. With the Indra Soul released,Aeris is granted one attack; the Indra Soul Release. Gripping Higurekarite with two hands, Aeris attaches the Plasma Charger onto it for added effect. Then, flicking the switch, she engulfs her entire blade with plasma. Staring back at her opponent, she braces herself, and sprints at her highest speed towards her opponent, slashing diagonally across their body, releasing a fragment of the Indra Soul inside of them. Since many people are unaware of the Indra Soul's existence, the fire that burns inside of it will, essentially, burn the foe from inside out. Accompanied by the plasma, the fire burns away her foe's body, until they are nothing more than a heap of ashes on the ground.
    • Soul Execution (魂の実行 Tamashī no Jikkō): A sub-spell of the Indra Soul Release; it only unleashes a part of the Indra Soul. Although not as powerful as the actual article, Soul Extinction is strong in its own right. When initiating it, Aeris manifests the soul of Indra into different places of her body, augmenting that one section of her body with the Indra Soul. Once this is done, Aeris solidifies the soul to give it an actual physical form. Once this is done, Aeris now has several armoured places. Although this is typically done with her hands and feet, Aeris has manifested it around her chest and stomach as a plate of armour to protect herself against attacks. However, these armaments only last for two hundred sixty seconds, but they can be quite powerful if used correctly. Using this spell, she can execute devastating counterattacks and punches to her foe. She can deliver a bone crushing kick to her opponents, smashing through their skulls in a matter of minutes. In order to produce more powerful kicks and punches, Aeris can charge the attacks with solar energy, delivering effective burns and purification to her opponent. These armaments are typically a crimson color, and look similar to her magic aura, shrouding her like a cloak, while the actual armaments are solidified onto her arms and legs.

Ring Magic (指輪魔法 Yubiwa Mahō): Aeris is a well-versed user of Ring Magic; capable of resonating with the Astral Rings to use magic. Ring Magic is a type of Magic that allows the caster to cast different Magics and spells with special rings. The rings are meant to enhance the wielder's Magic Power, granting them the ability to cast various spells for different purposes; some can be used for everyday use (generally speaking) or solely for combat. The properties in each ring are completely varied. In addition, while there are various types of Ring Magic that can be used, some are simply spells without a proper Magic for them to back it up. Additionally, each ring that Aeris carries has a Magic Crystal (魔法のクリスタル Mahō no Kurisutaru) that is actually a shard of the Hydren Core, enabling it to only be compatible with certain people; those with high magical potential and the resolve of a true hero. These crystals are specialized ones, as they originate from the Hydren Core. They only manifest when a strong emotion is felt, granting the user of Ring Magic a means to a stronger type of ring.

  • Astral Rings (アストラルリング Asutora Ruringu): Astral Rings are powerful items that originate from the very beginning of magic; described as the first decendants of the Pool of Magic. These items grant the user the ability to use Astral Armours (アストラル鎧 Asutoraru Yoroi), a specialized "armour" set that only the bearers of the Golden Zodiac Rings can activate. These armours aren't actually armours, instead, they can be described as "power-up" forms, similar to Pandora Forms. These rings have the power to convert one's souls into Kamitamashī (神魂 lit. Divine Soul), allowing them to utilize the Astral Rings. Each and every Astral Ring contains a Kamitamashī and a shard of a Hydren Core to power the ring. Should the ring use up all of its Kamitamashī, then it will begin to consume the user's, essentially sapping up their life force. Aeris is the bearer of the Leo Ring (レオリング Reo Ringu); it is a member of the Golden Zodiac Rings. In order to obtain the Astral Rings, Aeris must first invoke the power of the Leo Ring. Once it is activated, the Leo Ring dissolves, granting her her first ring; the Hero Ring, as a physical embodiment of her main soul.
    • Copy Ring (コピーリング Kopī Ringu): The Copy Ring allows Aeris to scan other rings and weapons in order to duplicate them for her personal use. It is a versatile ring, capable of copying even the most powerful of weapons and rings, albeit the more intricate and rare it is, the longer it takes to copy. It is worth noting that the ring cannot copy documents, furniture, money, etc. It can only copy certain weapons and other Astral Rings. However, the limitations of the ring is that it cannot copy another Golden Zodiac Ring, nor can it copy any ring that activates an Astral Armour. The Copy Ring is golden in color, with silver squares decorating the exterior of the magic loop. Essentially, the loop carries all of the magic power needed to power it up. The magic crystal is a unique black amethyst, with a grey coloured Hydren Core in the middle of the ring. The Hydren Core emits a golden glow when it scans a certain item, and then when the light fades, a duplicate it made. However, Aeris must wear the ring for the time that it takes to duplicate the item that she wishes to multiply. Additionally, she cannot multiply any item twice; meaning that she can only duplictate it once, and that is it.
      • Plasma Ring (プラズマリング Purazumaringu): The Plasma Ring is a versatile and unique Astral Ring; capable of producing thin beams of concentrated plasma. Plasma is identified as the fourth and final state of matter, created by ionizing gases at high temperatures. The process behind the conversion of magic power and the Hydren Core into plasma is obscure in details, but it is hinted that by turning the mixture into a heated gas, the Kamitamashī will converge it into a variant of plasma. The Plasma Ring possesses a multicolored, metallic colored crystal, where the plasma beam is fired. The loop is silver with white enamel, with several green emeralds decorating the loop. It seems that the converging of the mixture into plasma is initiated in this area, circulating the loop once, and then being fired from the gem. The plasma fired from the ring compliments the Plasma Charger quite nicely. The plasma fired from the ring can penetrate even the most durable armors, and tear right through flesh. This ring was created from Hitomi's desire to annihilate all evil in the world, manifesting in the metaphysical world, and then given a physical embodiment through Kamitamashī. Afterwards, it was copied by Aeris's Copy Ring.
      • Clock Ring (時計リング Tokei Ringu): On a typical wall clock, there are twelve numbers, one through twelve. Using the Clock Ring, Hitomi can, essentially, speed up time, or bring back time for the maximum of twelve minutes. This is a extremely dangerous ring, as it can be described as "light-leaping" in a sense. By converting herself into eternano particles, she can then rip through the very fabric of time and land in the particular spot she wishes to land in. When she reassembles, it takes at least one minute to reassemble herself. Additionally, this particular ring takes up a massive amount of brain power, concentration and of course, magic power. Should the user of the ring break their line of concentration, they will simply vanish into the fabric of time, never to be seen again. The appearance of the ring is befitting to its purpose. The loop is a simple gold color, decorated with diamonds. As for the crystal, it takes on the appearance of a normal clock- except that it runs thrice as fast as it could, powering itself up every three rotations. The clock is missing several numbers; 6, 2, and 12. This means that Aeris cannot accelerate time by six, two, or twelve seconds. Nor can she bring back time by this amount of time. The numbers are gained through different situations. So far,Aeris hasn't been in a big enough situation to use six, two, or twelve, meaning that she cannot use these seconds until she has.
      • Connection Ring (関係リング Kankei Ringu): The Connection Ring is extremely situational ring, as it takes up an extreme amount of power with every second it is used. The Connection Ring's full potential is dangerous to the foe-and the user. When donning the Connection Ring, a massive amount of Kamitamashī will burst through Aeris, risking tearing her apart. When the Kamitamashī has grown accustomed to her body, Aeris will make physical contact to her target, transferring her Kamitamashī into their body, essentially allowing her to enter their psychological landscape. Inside their mind, Aeris can file through their memories, choosing tragic incidents or painful childhood memories, and warping them to shatter her opponent's psyche. However, by using this ring, Aeris risks losing herself in the psychological landscape of her foe- becoming one with them, granting them her powers, essentially becoming a symbiote. The ring's appearance is simpler compared to the other Astral Rings; it is a silver loop with white enamel dots decorating the loop. The Hydren Core is actually the white enamel; concealed so that her foe does not register the ring as a threat, simply a ring.
    • Quasar Ring (準星リング Junsei Ringu): The Quasar Ring is one of Aeris's more versatile rings; a powerful Astral Ring in its own right. The Quasar Ring emits a golden like substance that can be molded to whatever item Aeris desires it to be, which makes it an extremely efficient and versatile ring. The substance can extremely sticky, or it can be extremely slick; it all depends on what she wants it to form. In order to use it, she first slips on the ring, and pours her magic power into the ring, then, it integrates with the Kamitamashī, creating the golden substance. In order to manipulate it, she waves her left hand around, drawing whatever she want to create, even tiny little details, like the atomic structure can change the way it acts. Aeris can use it at the last moment as a life saver when she falls off a great height, albeit her durability can do that perfectly for her. Amusingly, it can be used as food, but Hitomi states that it tastes like toxic waste. The ring, ironically, is a bronze color with white circles covering the loop. The crystal is white color, while the Hydren Core it contains is a florescent blue color.

Fallen Hero Indra Mode (倒れた英雄帝釈天モード Taoreta Eiyū Taishakuten Mōdo):

Fallen Hero Indra Mode

Fallen Hero Indra Mode is one of the few ways to truly invoke Indra, the Fallen Hero's power. When Indra is summoned, Aeris's power grows to such heights that by simply flicking the air, she is able to cut down boulders and trees. Indra's soul resides in her genes, and her soul. By resonating with it, and utilizing her resolve, she is able to call forth the mighty beast that ravaged the world for centuries. It is unsure whether or not if Indra is a demon or a entity from another plane of existence. Indra has been described as a child sent from hell to destroy the world, while others say that she was a former angel sent from heaven to save the world from its untimely destruction. But she failed to do so, instead, Indra succumbed to insanity, and became the monster that she was sent to destroy. However, her legend has been lost in time, and it is unsure where exactly did Indra originate from, and how she became a wandering soul, attaching herself into powerful mages. When invoking Indra, Aeris undergoes an extreme personality change; she becomes more brash, arrogant, and sly. Her moves are exaggerated and deal more damage than normal. Her magic completely changes to Indra's former one; Sky Devil Slayer Magic. This particular branch of Devil Slayer Magic allows Indra to completely control the domain of the sky, allowing her to pave a path of destruction each time she is summoned. Indra bears no resemblance to her former self; her appearance has become reminiscent to an actual human now. Her hair is a light blue in color, and it extends past her waist with several cowlicks; the most prominent one sticking up on the very top of her mop of hair. For a "shirt", she wears a a strapless piece of blue cloth that wraps around her flat breasts. Over it, she wears a slightly longer, navy blue, collared, jacket-like piece of clothing. The "jacket" has long, flowing, light blue colored sleeves that drape slightly. The shoulders of her jacket is padded so that it looks similar to a ball gown. She wears a light blue colored piece of silky cloth around her waist, help up by a single, navy blue ribbon that is thicker when it extends to her groin. For shoes, she wears thigh-high, brownish-black leather boots.
  • Incredible Strength: Indra's strength is the force that allows her to destroy her foes within seconds. Her strength exceeds the strength that Aeris possesses by tenfold; she can lift and press over four hundred metric tons, as well as throw the aforementioned weight at an extremely long distance. She has no problem smashing boulders to smithereens, as well as kick entire forests down within several minutes. By simply flicking someone, she can inflict severe damage upon their skull. She can simply punch the air, and cause explosions, courtesy of the hydrogen particles lingering in the air. With her incredible strength, she can create tremors and fissures in the ground by stomping on it, part waves by chopping down on the water, and extinguish flames by stepping on them. She can smash right through someone's flesh, effectively impaling right through them as if their flesh was simply warmed butter.
  • Devastating Speed: Indra's speed allows her to move at speeds unexplored by mankind; she can move at such speeds, that she can annihilate an entire division of Rune Knights without them lifting a finger in protest. Unlike her host, she doesn't appear at all. Only the sound lag can give her away when she runs. Utilizing her speed, she can build up extreme amounts of momentum in order to deliver a incredible finishing attack. Her speed can be enhanced by the utilization of her magic, Sky Devil Slayer Magic. She can manipulate the air around her to push her, and eject her like a rocket, allowing her to create incredible attacks that pave a path of destruction, annihilating everything in sight. She can rip right through the particles in the air, allowing her to create a path of explosions behind her as she runs, destroying any enemies surrounding her.
  • Sky Devil Slayer Magic (Sukai Akuma Tokkō no Mahō) is a Devil Slayer MagicLost Magic, and finally, a Caster Magic. This particular type of magic deals with elements related to the sky. Not only that, but similar to its God Slayer and Dragon Slayer counterparts, it also deals with support and healing.  This particular style of Devil Slayer Magic allows Indra to have absolute dominance over the domain of the sky. However, he can only consume the air around him, rather than the entire collection of elements related to the sky. Although it does indeed have several spells steered towards support and defense, it is mostly filled with a plethora of destructive spells that could easily destroy any normal person. Sky Devil Slayer Magic can be learned from a certain book that has been lost to time and history. The book has fallen apart long before it was officially recognized as a potential power source. Its only true user is Indra, the Fallen Hero. Indra was originally a demonic entity that ravaged the world when its true purpose was to defeat Vritra, a beast thought to have been sent from hell itself. Utilizing this form  of magic, Indra was able to subdue Vritra, but then became insane soon after.
Like all styles of Slayer Magic, Sky Devil Slayer Magic allows Indra to manipulate, generate, and consume her respective element; which in her case, would be the air around her. She has absolute dominance over the domain of sky, as she is able to manipulate the particles in the atmosphere to her will, and create various weapons out of complete whirlwinds that reach the speeds of a Category 5 hurricane. She can manipulate the speeds of the winds she produces, and inject her own magic power into it to make absolutely fatal to anyone who is unfortunate enough to get caught up within her winds. She can consume the air around her in order to regain magic power, and to heal the wounds that she hs collected on her body. Amusingly, when she does gain severe wounds, she can simply wrap them up within a whirlwind cast, and continue to fight. 
Indra's incredible power stems from the atmosphere itself, as she generatess the winds and water from the air around her. One she does this, she can then manipulate the eternano particles within the air to form a spell. Another unique trait completely esoteric to her magic is the ability to raise and lower the temperature of the air; she can force the air around her to drastically lower, or become intensely hot. Indra can inject this trait into her magic to release whiplashes of burning hot air, or induce a chill within the atmosphere to weaken her foe's defenses. The air around her always rustles in her presence; it becomes restless as she takes each step. By simply swinging her arm around, she can generate twisters. The power she possesses with this magic is astronomical, as it was used in a bid to destroy all life that exists within Earth Land, and then eventually move on to the next planet available.

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  • Aeris's favorite food is spicy instant noodles, while her least favorite is dried fruit.
  • Her stats are: 
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