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"Dragon Slayers were created for one purpose: to kill dragons. Now, does this power make us better than normal humans? No."
— Aether giving his reasons for abolishing Dragon Gunfire's Dragon Slayers only policy

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Aether with Erebus
Aether Cade



Eetharu Keido


Dragon Master
Guardian of Crocus




Male Male


22 (X792)




165 lbs.


November 11th X770

Hair Color

Blue (Dragon Force)
Red (Erebus Dragon Force)
White (Fusion Dragon Force)

Eye Color

Red (Erebus)

Blood Type


Professional Status

Magic Council

Previous Affiliation

Dragon Gunfire

Guild Mark Location

Left Shoulder


Rune Knight Captain

Previous Occupation

Guild Master of Dragon Gunfire
Sub-Commander of the Toveri Alliance


Dragon's Tooth



Previous Partner(s)

Samarra Inari
Walter King
Miriam Cade

Base of Operations

Aether Cade's Islands
Nidavellir (Former)

Personal Status



Miriam Cade (Mother)
Janus Saturnalia (Father; Deceased)
Winters (Pet)
Tyre Cade (Grandfather, Deceased)
Cronus Saturnalia (Uncle)
Syn Saturnalia (Aunt)
Jason Gaebolg (Cousin)
Jupiter Saturnalia (Cousin)
Proserpina Saturnalia (Cousin)
Saul Peregrine (Ancestor, Deceased)


Erebus Cade (Physical Representation of His Negative Emotions)


Plasma Dragon Slayer Magic
Dragon Force
Jutsu Shiki
Green Magic
Summoning Magic
Earth Magic
Organic Link Magic
Unison Raid



Manga Debut

Aether and Samarra: A Budding Friendship

Aether Cade (エーテルケイド Eetharu Keido) is the former guild master of Dragon Gunfire.  Aether is a Plasma Dragon Slayer, and is one of the few capable of using this Slayer style.  Despite being a Slayer, Aether also utilizes a multitude of support and supplementary Magics based off of necessity and his own aptitude. He learned all of his magics from his Dragon Master, Plasmius, his mother, Miriam Cade, and magic teacher William Mercury. Unknown to anyone but his mother, and the few that have witnessed it, Aether once housed a dark persona known as Erebus, which was the conglomeration of all his negative emotions. Although it was later removed from his body by his father, the immortal Janus Saturnalia, he later made peace with him after Erebus gained physical form, and reabsorbed him into his body.

Aether is responsible for Dragon Gunfire's more accepting ideals, as he was the one that abolished the guild's "Dragon Slayers only" policy. Due to this, and his overwhelming power, he is considered the greatest guild master Dragon Gunfire has ever had. After some infighting in the guild, Aether managed to get the guild on the right track, and would lead the members on the path to a better and brighter future, recruiting and accepting anyone that came to his door. His position, as well as his power and mastery over his magics has garnered him many epithets, including "Dragon Master" and the "Guardian of Crocus". After the war against the Legion Under the Black Sun, Aether left Dragon Gunfire and passed on the title of guild master to one of his teachers, William Mercury, as well as forfeiting his position as a Toveri Alliance sub-commander. He then became the captain of the Rune Knights black ops squad, Dragon's Tooth. He serves as the main protagonist of Dragon Gunfire: Wyvern.


Aether has fair skin and blue eyes. His messy, black hair reaches down to his neck, and has long bangs that sometimes obscure his eyes.  He has a rather lean build, hiding his immense strength and power. When serious in battle, Aether wears a look that intimidates the weak-willed and faint of heart. He wears a black sleeveless shirt with a popped collar, black pants, a brown leather belt, black sleeves with black gloves, a tattered black scarf, and black boots.  On the end of his sleeves, his collar, and the top of his pants he has a gold trim with a line of studs of matching color.  He sports his white team mark on his left shoulder.  Like other Dragon Slayers he also has sharp canines. His mother often says that he looks more like his father. After reabsorbing Erebus, Aether's general appearance did not change, with the exception of him deciding to wear the jacket that Erebus had worn as a disguise.


Aether once seemed outwardly emotionless, as he internalized all his emotions to prevent Erebus from getting out.  Unlike his predecessors, as the guild master of Dragon Gunfire, Aether doesn't think any less of normal humans as he does of Dragon Slayers. Because of this, he nullified the rule that only Dragon Slayers can join Dragon Gunfire.  He also is not sexist like they were, as Plasma Dragon Slayer Magic had only been taught to the men in his family, and his grandfather skipped over his mother. Although he was normally emotionless, there were a few things that could get Aether to feel joy.  Spending time with his mother, playing with his pet blizzardvern (Winters), and tending to the garden he has on his island. Also, due to his attraction to her, whenever Aether's was around Samarra Inari he felt happiness, love, and would get flustered whenever someone even remotely points out his attraction to her. After their break up, however, Aether stopped acting in the same manner.

Aether's outward appearance of lacking base emotions was truly an overlying fear that if he lost control of his emotions, he'd lose control of his power and hurt someone. Whether they were an innocent, or a Dark Mage, Aether never wanted to take the chance of accidentally harming someone, or even killing them. This thought process originated from when he killed his grandfather out of rage with his Erebus power.

Originally, when his Erebus personality was unleashed he would become a practical monster, rampaging all over the area he's in, and having difficulty distinguishing between friend and foe.  He would become brash and overconfident, believing that he was the strongest in the world, or he would simply show blind, indiscriminate, rage. In truth, after killing his grandfather, Aether was afraid of his own power, opting to seal it, and his emotions away with a Body Link. But he managed to overcome this fear, which allowed him to control Erebus. Due to this, he now no longer acts overconfident, nor does he go under rampages when activating Erebus. Aether would later realize that Erebus and him had the same ideals, but had different ways of going about accomplishing their goals.

After losing his fear of releasing Erebus, Aether fully embraced his emotions. He's now a kind, calm man, that's usually seen smiling, and greatly enjoys the company of his guild members. His wish to protect the people of Ishgar is incredibly great, and he was willing to utilize his Dragon Gun, which would incapacitate him, in order to block a Jupiter Cannon blast and destroy it. Whenever the time arises, however, he can still feel rage, and upon doing so the power of Erebus will be unleashed. His more emotional state also created a more competitive nature to him. Although, he still doesn't always wish to resort to violence, he will never turn down a challenge. He still has excellent emotional control however, due to training from William Mercury, which also provides masterful energy rationing, increased potency of spells, and the Equilibrium ability he utilizes with his Erebus power.

Aether believes that the Dragon Slayers were the chosen few of the Dragons, but not to conquer the other races, instead to protect those that are considered weaker. He has a great disdain for those that believe in Dragon Slayer superiority, such as Auriel and Saul Peregrine, often doing everything in his power to defeat them. His hatred for these people stems partly from his disbelief in the original teachings of Dragon Gunfire, and partly from the close relationships he shares with many non-Dragon Slayers, such as his mother, and other guild members. Mostly, however, it is that people like them conflict greatly with Aether's own ideals, setting back his goals, and making the public wrongly fear Dragon Slayers. Although, rarely seen, like all other Dragon Slayers, Aether has a crippling weakness in the form of motion sickness. As such, normally he rides Winters to avoid vehicular modes of transportation. Aether also possesses a voracious appetite, something that he is somewhat ashamed of.


When Aether was born he was immediately branded with the Dragon Gunfire guild mark and was chosen as the next guild master. When he was old enough, his grandfather sent him to train with his Dragon master, Plasmius, to learn how to use Plasma Dragon Slayer Magic.  After learning the magic, Aether returned to train with his grandfather, who would teach him to hone his skills.  The tough regime of his grandfather slowly began to break Aether, but he held together for the sake of his mother, who had also been teaching him various other magics, as he was a prodigy.

One day during his training on Mount Hakobe, Aether came across a baby Blizzardvern. Despite the objections of his grandfather, Aether adopted him anyways, and took it in as his pet. He named him Winters, and the two became nearly inseparable.  One day during another grueling day of training, Aether's mother arrived to give him refreshments, but his grandfather rebuffed her. When he struck her, something inside Aether snapped, and he unleashed his alternate persona, Erebus, for the first time and killed his grandfather.  The mental trauma of taking a life caused Aether to create several mental barriers that practically took away his emotions, effectively sealing away Erebus.  Despite being twelve at the time, Aether was made the guild master of Dragon Gunfire, where he immediately abolished the rule of only Dragon Slayers being able to join the guild, causing a rift between the guild.  Many of the Dragon Slayers attempted a coup against Aether, led by Cadmus Zephyrus, but he managed to defeat this rebellion, and forced them to leave the guild.  Aether then created two island, one that he uses as his secret getaway and where he spends a lot of time gardening, and the other to act as the trial site for Dragon Gunfire's S-Class Promotional Trials.

Later, the original guild master of Dragon Gunfire, Saul Peregrine attempted to take the guild from him, but Aether did not wish to relinquish his leadership.  The two fought in a brutal battle, but Aether managed to come out on top, keeping his position as guild master. During the battle, many citizens saw Aether's incredible raw power and destructive capabilities earning him the epithet Dragon Master. At one point he learned Earth Magic and emotional control from William Mercury, and upon request from the Magic Council, sent his teacher on a mission to track down Othrys' location while it was still limited to the size of a city-state.

Magic and Abilities

Plasma Dragon Slayer Magic (火電の滅竜魔法 Kakō no Metsuryū Mahō): A Caster Type, Lost Magic, and variation of Dragon Slayer Magic that involves the creation and manipulation of plasma. Aether learned this Magic from the Plasma Dragon, Plasmius, and greater honed his skill in the art under the tutelage of his grandfather.  Although difficult to find, Aether eventually located and implanted a Plasma Dragon Lacrima into himself, becoming a Third Generation Dragon Slayer. This magic allows Aether to eat external sources of plasma to heal wounds and increase his power, as well as granting him an immunity to plasma-based attacks. This includes, fire, lightning, the fireball created by nuclear energy, auroras, the ionosphere (upper atmosphere), solar energies, and other cosmic sources of heat (like the sun or quasars). This makes this magic superior to those Slayer styles, as Aether can consume their elements, but they cannot consume his. When consuming the magic of an Elemental body technique that is made from plasma, rather than eating the individual, he instead eats the magic associated with the form, reverting them back to their normal state. The spells he utilizes generally appear as blue bursts of plasma, but can also be used in the form of a cloud, beam, or like fire to spread across flammable material. This magic is similar to Lightning Flame Dragon Slayer magic, but is not a duel mode and is far more malleable, allowing Aether to shape his plasma into whatever shape he desires, similarly to basic forms of Maker Magic. Aether can even transform his spells from one spell to another without any troubles, it even saving him more magical energy than if he were to create an entirely new one. Aether's control over his plasma's shape is so fine, that he is even capable of writing perfectly legible sentences, drawing magic circles in the air, and changing the trajectory and power of an attack, while in use, to prevent himself from harming an ally.  

The heat this magic produces is enough to easily melt through steel, and when applied properly, can melt Adamantine, Black Steel, and even melt heat resistant alloys. Aether's plasma isn't superior to natural forms of plasma, as it's already incredibly hot, with so called "cold" plasma exceeding several thousands of degrees Celsius. Aether himself is capable of creating plasma exceeding 3,000 degrees Celsius with minimal difficulty. When holding back, Aether's magic is still capable of melting through stone, turning it to lava, and can be applied medicinally in order to cauterize wounds. This can even be applied to Aether's own wounds, giving him the appearance of having selective immunity to his element, as his spells being reflected back towards him still show no visible effect. Aether's plasma is even powerful enough to send a blast directly through his own Earth Magic spell, Mountain, when reinforced with Sediment. The temperature of his spells can still be increased even further when Aether exudes more and more of his magical energy, capable of exceeding 10,000 degrees Celsius, and beyond. Most importantly, by greatly heating the air, Aether can ionize it, making it unbreathable. This can affect him as well, however. In lower levels, Aether is also capable of changing the barometric pressure in the area, allowing him counteract wind and storm spells, and cause ice to melt at an accelerated rate by just being near it (in general, Aether's plasma will immediately vaporize any ice it comes in contact with). The intensity of his plasma is so great that it is nearly impossible for him, or his magic, to be frozen, by magical means or otherwise. This is in part due to plasma's atomic makeup, lacking electrons, and can be cooled, but not frozen. It requires great deals of magic power in order to freeze his plasma, with only the most skilled of Ice Mages being capable of even attempting such a feat. It still does possess equivalent speed.

Despite all the different uses of his plasma, Aether's most commonly used ability is him coating his body in his plasma to increase the power of his melee strikes.  Aether can also transform into plasma to fly around at high speeds, but while in this form, he can still be hit by physical attacks. Aether's plasma can have its direction changed, however, it requires an equally or more powerful source of plasma to strike it in order for this work. Only Aether is capable of doing this to his own plasma, due to his mastery over his magic, and the elemental superiority it has over all derivative elements. Aether can even use this technique to influence other sources of plasma, including those of supposedly superior grades, such as God Slayer Magics. This allows him to condense and redirect his opponents attacks, giving it the appearance of him merely touching and compressing them. When hitting an inferior source of plasma, such as standard fire or lightning, his spells absorb it, becoming more powerful as a result. Aether's plasma possesses all the advantages of inferior forms of plasma, without any of the negative side effects. Like stars, the power of his plasma is essentially pure energy. This make-up prevents it from being smothered like flames, despite its occasional flame-like appearance. This makes it immune to Wind Magic and Water Magic. It is also not affected by lightning rods like Lightning Magic, but still moves just as fast. Unfortunately, it lacks the same paralytic effect, only burning his targets. Out of all of Aether's magics, this is the only one that Aether truly uses offensively. In general, Aether uses his other magics as support in combat, or uses them for necessities when outside of combat.

  • Plasma Body: (プラズマ身 Purazuma Mi): A supportive technique often utilized by Aether in combat. Activating this technique shrouds his body in a layer of plasma, granting him the ability of flight, as well as enhanced offense and defense from the plasma outputted in this state. Despite being an elemental body technique, Aether's body can still be affected by physical sources, allowing opposition to harm him. This greatly enhances his speed as well, allowing him fly around at high speeds, equivalent to that utilized by Lightning Magic users, to fly around and assault opposition. Aether can also cloak his body in a thinner layer of plasma for the same effects of the technique, but at a lesser extant. This allows him to hover and fly at slower speeds, but grants him more control over his heat output and decreases the amount of magic power he uses while fighting.
  • Plasma Dragon's Roar (プラズマ龍の咆哮 Purazumaryū no Hōkō): The signature spell of all Dragons and Dragon Slayers. For preparation, Aether inhales deeply, and then releases a large stream of plasma from his mouth. This spell, although his most basic one, has high power, being capable of easily corroding metals. The farther this spell goes from Aether's body, the larger it spreads outwards, and it has incredible range. The more spread out it is however, the less damage it will do, meaning that using this at point-blank range possesses the most power. It is still designed as a ranged attack though, so Aether will still more often use it in this manner. It is approximately the size of Gajeel Redfox's Iron Shadow Dragon's Roar when at maximum spread, but it can still be narrowed into a more powerful beam. This decreases the area it covers, but without the spell losing power as it travels. When used as a beam, it can travel much faster and farther than the standard form, while also possessing a greater amount of piercing power. Similarly to Laxus Dreyar's Lightning Dragon's Roar, it also requires very little prep, merely its short period of inhalation followed by him blasting the plasma from his mouth. But, the longer Aether inhales, the more powerful this spell will be. It has managed to even overpower light-based attacks from Carwen Khapree, and severely burn and defeat Jason Gaebolg while Aether was in Dragon Force, even ripping off the former's Nightingale Armor.
    • Plasma Dragon King's Roar (電竜王の咆哮 Kakō Ryuō no Hōkō): An enhanced version of the Plasma Dragon's Roar.  It is similar in preparation to the aforementioned spell; Aether inhales deeply, then blasts a large column of plasma towards his adversary.  The inhalation period for this technique is much longer than the standard Dragon's Roar, however. This attack is ten times stronger than the usual Plasma Dragon's Roar, and is ten times larger as well.  This spell also does not suffer from the power of it decreasing the farther away from Aether it goes, with it maintaining its maximum power until it dissipates. This spell is large enough to destroy immense objects, including buildings, airships, and even small islands. It was strong enough to counter Seraph Kinmichi's Iron Dragon's Roar Version 2 at point-blank range (and overpower it easily), completely incapacitate Cronus Saturnalia in two separate occasions (putting him in a state of healing for one year after their first fight), and enough to demolish a majority of the army of corpses reanimated by Pluto Morior in one shot. Aether generally uses this spell as a finisher, or against entire armies due to it's large range and the area it can cover.
  • Phoenix Sphere

    The Plasma Dragon's Spiraling Sphere

    Plasma Dragon's Spiraling Sphere (プラズマ龍の螺旋丸 Purazumaryū no Rasengan): Aether holds his hand out in front of him, normally with the palm facing up, and focuses his magical energy into a sphere of rotating plasma, approximately twelve inches in diameter.  This spell's rotation causes people to fly backwards while spinning, at the same time leaving a spherical scar on the area of impact. This spell can also diffuse magical attacks with its high rotation. It was used to counter Mamoru Minamoto's Dragon Slayer's Secret Art: Umbral Nadir: Grand Eclipse Abyss, using its high rotation to diffuse the Dragon Slayer's shadows. This spell forms very quickly, allowing for Aether to utilize it at a moment's notice. The more power that Aether pours into this spell, the larger it can become. This spell is Aether's signature move.
    • Plasma Dragon's Pulsar (プラズマ龍のパルサー Purazumaryū no Parusā): This spell is similar to the Plasma Dragon's Spiraling Sphere, but only in appearance and casting, not in actual effect. Aether creates the Spiraling Sphere like he normally does, holding his hand out with the palm up. However, unlike the normal Spiraling Sphere, Aether manipulates the plasma so it's less compact. This causes it to look identical to the regular Spiraling Sphere, albeit somewhat larger, which can throw off most opposition. Do to being less compact, when it makes contact with an object, this causes it generate a sudden explosion of plasma, burning opposition and sending them flying backwards by the sudden application of force. Aether can also control the direction of the blast, sending it strictly in front of him to an opponent, or send it into the ground to create a pulse of plasma that strikes from all directions linear to this spell. Aether can also transform this spell into the Spiraling Sphere, or vice versa, making his opponents unable to guess which variation of the technique he's attempting to use. Only those with the most analytical minds will be able to tell the difference.
    • Plasma Dragon King's Nova Sphere (電竜王の新星球 Kakō Ryuō no Shinsei Kyū): An enhanced version of the Plasma Dragon's Spiraling Sphere. Aether collects a large amount of plasma into his hand, normally with his palm facing upwards, creating a powerful sphere, ten times stronger and larger than the normal Spiraling Sphere. Aether will then slam it into his opponent. This creates a forward burst of plasma, damaging the target even further, and sending them a great distance backwards. At the same time, as this spell only goes outwards from the point of impact, Aether can't use this spell to harm anyone behind him. This effect is similar to that of Natsu Dragneel's Fire Dragon's Grip Strike, but far more powerful. This spell can also be used at a range, but with less damaging effects.
  • Wendy Astraea - Sky Devil Slayer Magic - Ougi C

    The Plasma Dragon's Spiraling Shuriken

    Plasma Dragon's Spiraling Shuriken (プラズマ龍の螺旋手裏剣 Purazumaryū no Rasenshuriken): Aether holds out his palm in front of him, as with the Spiraling Sphere, but normally with his palm facing downwards. He then focuses his magical energy into the shape of a giant shuriken which he then throws at his opponent.  The shuriken is very sharp, and can easily cut through trees, boulders, and even various metals. The spinning motion of this spell increases its overall cutting power and speed, kicking up dirt from below it and with it being capable of cutting through large metal structures with ease.
    • Scatter (雲散 Unsan): After throwing the Plasma Dragon's Spiraling Shuriken, Aether can clench his fist, and cause the spell explode into several sharp needles.  This spell is mostly used as a sneak attack, as the needles go in several directions, and each needle is only one hundredth as powerful as the full shuriken. Despite the decrease in power, the needles are still capable of bombarding his opponent with the many projectiles, piercing them all over their body. The needles can also ricochet off of each other, changing their trajectory in order for Aether to once again strike his opponent with this sneak attack, regardless of if they've seen this spell before or not. Aether is also capable of calculating the trajectory of each, or least several of the needles to accurately strike foes. The various needles of this spell were enough to force Carwen Khapree into using her Ultimate Art during their first fight.
    • Plasma Dragon King's Galaxy Shuriken: (電竜王の銀河手裏剣 Ginga Shuriken): An enhanced version of the Plasma Dragon's Spiraling Shuriken. Aether prepares this spell as he normally does, creating the regular shuriken in his hand. He then holds his arm above his arm, pouring a greater deal of magic power into the spell and causing it to grow by a considerable amount. He then throws the shuriken at his target at high speeds and with monumental cutting power. This spell is considered 10 times stronger than the standard Spiraling Shuriken, possessing an equivalent amount of increased cutting power. Unlike the standard variation however, Aether cannot perform scatter with this technique.
  • Giphy-1

    The Plasma Dragon's Electron Cannon

    Plasma Dragon's Electron Cannon (プラズマ龍の原子砲 Purazumaryū no Genshihō)First, Aether creates a sphere in front of him using both hands, before cupping them next to his hip. After a brief charging period, he then fires a blast of plasma at his opponent. This spell is even more powerful than the Plasma Dragon's Roar, being approximately 1.5 times stronger, but requires slightly more preparation and a small amount more time to complete. Similarly to the Roar, the longer Aether charges this spell, the more powerful it will be. The area this beam covers is also similar to the Roar, with it being capable of either spreading over a large area with the damage being lower at farther distances, or being focused into a thinner beam which maintains the same level of power regardless of distance, possesses more piercing power, and moves at a much faster rate. This spell was capable of incinerating Mamoru Minamoto's Shadow Dragon's Zanbatō and was the spell Aether used to defeat Jupiter Saturnalia.
    • Plasma Dragon King's Quasar Cannon (電竜王の準星砲 Kakō Ryuō no Junsei Hō): An enhanced version of the Plasma Dragon's Electron Cannon. Aether collects a large amount of plasma in his cupped hands, as per usual, with his hands resting by his hips. The sphere that Aether creates with this spell is much larger than that of the Electron Cannon, with it even encompassing his hands, and causing them to disappear from view due to the light. Aether will then fire his spell at his opponent. This spell has a much longer charging period than the Electron Cannon, but this is due to the spell being ten times stronger and larger than its derivative. This spell also shares a similar relationship with the Plasma Dragon King's Roar, like the Electron Cannon does with the Plasma Dragon's Roar; it is 1.5 times stronger than the Roar attack. This spell also can cover more area than the spread out variation of the Electron Cannon, but does not weaken in power the more distance it covers.
  • Plasma Dragon's Blue Bomb (プラズマ龍の青い爆裂弾 Purazumaryū no Aoi bakuretsudan): It looks similar to the Plasma Dragon's Spiraling Sphere, but far more compressed. It is even created in the same manner as the Spiraling Sphere, with him normally holding out his palm face up and creating the sphere, but this spell is, instead, a ranged attack. Aether throws the small sphere away, which, like the Plasma Dragon's Spiraling Shuriken, can be detonated at will by clenching his fist. The speed of the sphere is dependent on how Aether throws it; when he uses a gentle movement, the sphere is somewhat slow-moving, making it seemingly easy to dodge and mislead opponents into thinking the spell isn't dangerous, but Aether can also use a strong throw, in which case the spell can move much faster than the previous throw stated. The damage this spell can unleash is often underestimated by those that haven't seen it before. Unlike the Spiraling Shuriken, however, this spell does not send thousands of needles off from the area of impact. Instead it causes a massive explosion that even Aether can be caught up in, depending on distance. However, due to his immunity to his plasma and his own immunity to temperature, he is never harmed by the heat. After its first usage, this spell left a large crater in the ground, despite his opponent, for the most part, dodging it at the time. This spell was capable of dealing a fair amount of damage to Mamoru Minamoto and Carwen Khapree in two separate altercations, despite them both dodging the spell, as they were caught in the shockwave. Before detonation, this spell's high compression also allows it to power through other spells before detonation, making it effective as a counterattack as well.
    • Giphy-6

      The beginning of the Plasma Dragon's Blue Sun's detonation

      Plasma Dragon's Blue Sun (プラズマ龍の青い太陽 Purazumaryū no Aoi Taiyou): A stronger variation of the Blue Bomb that Aether can also use, gaining its name from its appearance; that of a vibrant, blue sun. Aether holds out his hands above him, collecting the plasma above his palms. He then throws the sphere at his target. Upon contact with something, it will then rapidly expand, increasing in size to a massive sphere that takes up the area of the Blue Bomb's explosive radius, before generating an even larger explosion than the standard variation, with it being much more powerful as well. This spell is no less than twice as powerful as the Blue Bomb, with it possessing an explosive radius twice as large as well.
  • Plasma Dragon's Arc Net (プラズマ龍のアーク網 Purazumaryū no Āku Ami): Aether collects magical energy into his fingertips and expels it by swiping his hands in front of him. This creates a net-shaped projectile that can cut through and shred spells in a manner similar to Disassembly Magic. It can also ensnare opponents, trapping them in the net and burning them with the plasma. Aether can also weave the net behind him before running or jumping at opponents. He can then move his body in a way that his opponent goes right behind him and is ensnared in the net, capturing them.
  • Plasma Dragon's String (プラズマ龍の糸 Purazumaryū no Ito): Aether creates strings of plasma from his fingertips, similarly to the Plasma Dragon's Arc Net, and slashes them through the air, cutting through anything in their path with their incredible heat. He can also wrap enemies in them in a similar manner to Arc Net, in order to continuously burn through their skin. His strings can also be used to lightly pierce through skin, and restrict movement. When doing this, he appears as a puppeteer, pulling the strings of those he controls, however, he can only restrict movement, not completely control it. The strings are also considerably durable, allowing them to latch onto and hold up steel pillars with ease. One string from this spell was strong enough to cut through Carwen Khapree's magic circles from her Divine Dragon Slayer Magic, and render the circles inert. True to the malleability of Aether's plasma, Aether is also capable of controlling his own spells with this one, attaching them to his ranged attacks, such as the Spiraling Shuriken and Blue Bomb, and using the strings to control their trajectory.
  • Plasma Dragon's Fission Spear (プラズマ龍の分体槍 Purazumaryū no Buntai Yari): Aether collects his plasma into a sharp shape on his open palm. He then thrusts it at his opponent, using his incredible speed and the overwhelming heat of his plasma. Aether can use this spell to pierce through nearly any substance with only slight resistance. Aether can even use this spell to cut through a Black Steel enhanced wall. When using one of his clawed forms (such as his Dragonification of Fusion transformations), this spell is even sharper, and even more difficult to block. As a matter of fact, blocking this spell is highly unwise, as it can even pierce through spells and objects that resist heat.
  • Plasma Dragon's Atomic Cutlass (プラズマ龍の不可分剣 Purazumaryū no Fukabun Ken): In order to work, this spell requires the usage of one or both of Aether's swords, Hathor and Sekhmet. Aether channels his magic power through his swords, increasing their cutting power using the heat his plasma generates. He then slashes his swords at an incredibly high speed, so fast that the eye normally can't even track it. In fact, this spell is so fast that he can unsheathe the blade, cut his target, then sheathe the blade again, before his opponent even has time to react to this spell. Even those with trained eyes will only be able to register a quick flash of blue. Due to their make-up, the swords can easily cut through anything of equal grade (Black Steel and Yggdrasil wood respectively), as they are superheated in comparison to the normal materials. This spell was capable of cutting through Mamoru Minamoto's Shadow Dragon's Maw and block Auriel's Solar Dragon's Fang, the resulting shockwave destroying the latter's blade. Aether can also use this spell with just one sword, which he tends to do more often after the original Hathor's destruction at the hands of Saul Peregrine. The blade was later replaced, however. He can slice his swords through the air to create sharp blades of plasma with the same effect as the close-quarters version of the spell. When using both blades, Aether normally attacks in an X-shaped manner.
  • Plasma Dragon's Scales

    The Plasma Dragon's Scales

    Plasma Dragon's Scales (プラズマ龍の鱗 Purazumaryū no Uroko): Aether is able to use this spell to solidify his magical aura, providing extra defense, as well as increased attack power. It can be activated either on his entire body, or selective parts of it. The armor created by this spell seems to rotate around him, giving it a pushing effect, sending anyone who touches it with excessive force reeling backwards. The plasma also burns anyone who makes contact, unless they have special resistance to heat-based attacks. By using this spell's pushing effect, Aether can also increase his movement speed by pushing off of objects. The plasma comes out from his body, so even if someone was touching him beforehand, the activation of this spell causes them to be burnt and pushed off of him. It offers complete protection from blunt attacks, and requires high amounts of piercing power to break through due to the movement of electrons. This spell's primary weakness, however, is that Aether cannot breath while using this spell, as it ionizes the air before he can inhale, making it unwise to have it constantly active. To counteract this, Aether trained to a point where he can instantly activate and deactivate the armor, maximizing it's usefulness, while also enabling him to be able to deactivate it whenever he needs to. Generally he uses this spell in short bursts, only activating it for seconds at a time. This spell has shrugged off attacks from Seraph Kinmichi's Iron Dragon Slayer Magic, Mamoru Minamoto's Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic, and Carwen Khapree's Light Dragon Slayer Magic. It even managed to protect him from an attack made by Julius Kaizar, who is known for his piercing power. So far, only Julius Kaizar's Hastam Omnipotens has managed to pierce through this shield, and it still provided him with enough protection to survive the spell, as ordinarily the aforementioned attack can pierce through any substance, including Aether's Jutsu Shiki Barriers. This spell can also be increased in size, reaching the size of a sphere, while still completely encompassing Aether's body.
  • Plasma Dragon's Containment Wave (プラズマ龍の封波 Purazumaryū no Fūba): Aether initiates this spell by holding his hand, or hands, out in front of him, creating a concave shield of plasma in front of him. Any ranged attack that makes contact with this shield will be blocked. The shield then continues to cover the attack, trapping it inside. If the attack is solid, it will be liquefied before vaporizing; if the attack is liquid, it will simply be vaporized; if the attack is gaseous or plasma-based, it will just be contained inside the sphere. The sphere uses the magical energy inside the attack as a sort of power increase, making it even more powerful. Aether then condenses the spell to a much smaller sphere and throws it at his opponent. As this spell is very compressed from its previous size, this makes the spell infinitely more dense than any of Aether's other basic spells, meaning that simply touching it will crush his opponent, as well as burn them. Aether can also detonate this spell in a manner similar to the Plasma Dragon's Blue Bomb, allowing for a much greater blast radius than the aforementioned spell. The power of this spell increases the more magic power that was in his opponent's attack. The primary weakness of this spell is the speed at which it takes to cast. While creating the shield takes no time at all, the wave itself takes approximately ten seconds in order to compress the attack sent towards him, increasing or decreasing depending on the power and size of the assault.
  • Plasma Drive (プラズマ・ドライブ Purazuma Doraibu): Aether cloaks his body in a more vibrant blue aura, amplifying the powers of his Plasma Dragon Slayer Magic. This spell also improves his overall physical performance, including strength, speed, durability, reflexes, and endurance. After activating this Drive, Aether was able to easily counter and attack Mamoru Minamoto, forcing him to activate his Draconic Sovereign. He was even capable of fighting evenly with him after he activated the form for some time in just his Drive state, before deciding to end their battle with his Dragon Force. He also used this ability against Carwen Khapree in both of their battles, using it to completely overwhelm her in their first battle, and match the more developed mage in their second. His power is increased by 1.5 times when using this form. Unlike his other transformation, this is not in comparison to his base power, instead being compared to whatever his power level at the time is.
  • Dragon Slayer's Secret Art (滅竜奥義 Metsuryū Ōgi):
    • Fourth State: Electron Tornado (第四景気・電子竜巻 Daiyon Keiki Denshi Tatsumaki): Usually used while his Plasma Dragon's Scales are activated, Aether has himself cloaked in his magical energy, and quickly spins himself in a circle, generating several wisps of plasma to strike any enemy that comes within their bounds. The wisps stretch a far distance, moving in fluidic whipping motions, making it near impossible to predict all of their trajectories. This spell is also omnidirectional, having the wisps fly from all sides of Aether's spinning body. Anyone who attempts to get near Aether while he's using this spell should not hope to be able to get anywhere near his body unscathed. Even if they do manage to endure all of the wisps, and arrive to Aether's main body, he will be cocooned in his Plasma Dragon's Scales, making the entire reason for getting near him pointless in the first place. The closer one gets to Aether, the more powerful and quickly the wisps also move. The spell also possesses great overall power, as it was powerful enough to counter a two pronged attack from Mamoru Minamoto.
    • Fourth State: Ion Cloud (第四景気・原子雲 Daiyon Keiki Genshiun): Aether holds out his hands, and releases a great deal of mist-like plasma from them. This creates a cloud of plasma around his opponent and bombards them with the heat of the element. This spell is fluidic, so it can be escaped, but the farther towards the end the target goes, the more they get bombarded by the plasma. Aether can freely manipulate the movement of this cloud as well, and enter it without suffering any of the repercussions. He is even capable of condensing the whole cloud into a sphere like the Plasma Dragon's Spiraling Sphere, but far more powerful than before. The cloud houses no air, as everything is ionized, and burns everything inside, with the exception of Aether. The cloud is also unique in properties to Aether's other spells. Like the Flame of Rebuke, it is capable of slowly corroding magical energy, even heat resistant shields. This process takes a much longer time, however, to become fully effective, and is not instantaneous as with the the Flame of Rebuke. Carwen Khapree was only able to remain inside for a short time in their first fight, before the heat and lack of oxygen overwhelmed her. In their second bout, she was able to stay inside the Cloud for a much longer amount of time, but was still unable to breath.
    • Fourth State: Beta Ray (第四景気・Βレイ Daiyon Keiki Bēta Rei): Aether gathers plasma on his forearm, cloaking it in a powerful amount of condensed plasma.  Aether can deal great blunt damage by punching his target and releasing all of the stored energy, but at the cost of this spell's secondary effect.  Aether can also send a blast of energy using this plasma at incredible speeds, with it generating its own momentum more so than from what it had received from Aether's throwing motion, due to the highly charged electrons in the beam.  Aether is also capable of increasing the power of the beam by feeding it more of his magical energy, or condensing it even further before firing it.  Making it too powerful can be a problem however, as it could drain a great deal of magical energy. Aether is aware of how to properly balance this technique, however, always using the optimal amount of magic power. In terms of piercing power and speed, this spell is unrivaled amongst all of Aether's techniques.
    • Fourth State: Fusion Calamity (第四景気・分体災害 Daiyon Keiki Buntai Saigai): The strongest of Aether's Secret Arts, and the one possessing the most range. Aether creates two spheres of plasma, similar in appearance to his Spiraling Sphere, but more compressed than the Blue Bomb. Aether then forces them together. The two spheres initially reject each other, pushing apart, but as Aether applies more force, they begin to slowly come together. When the spheres fully fuse, they appear as a sphere twice as large as either one individually, before immediately detonating in a massive, omnidirectional explosion. The explosive radius is ten times as large as the Blue Sun, and its overall power has just as great a multiplier. Large craters left in the earth are often a sign that Aether had used this spell there. Despite being at the epicenter of the explosion, however, Aether is relatively unharmed by the blast, with it doing far more damage to someone at the edge of the spell's radius than Aether himself. The blast is also exceptionally fast, making it difficult, if not straight up impossible, to escape from. The only thing slow about this spell is its casting speed, with it taking approximately ten seconds in order for Aether to force the spheres together.
  • Dragon Slayer's Ultimate Art (滅竜極義 Metsuryū Gokugi):
    • Dragon Gun (竜砲 Ryū Hō): A spell passed down from generation to generation of guild masters of Dragon Gunfire, and the spell behind the guild's name. First Aether moves his arms in a counterclockwise motion, collecting his magical energy into two small spheres. He then forces them together into a larger, more condensed ball and thrusts his hands out from his body, where a cannon made of Aether's magical energy forms around the sphere. After a brief moment of charging, he then yells "Fire!" shooting a powerful, and highly compressed, ball of plasma at his enemy at unavoidable speeds. As this spell comes out of the cannon, its size increases, and takes on a more beam-like appearance as opposed to a sphere, due to its speed and area of effect. Depending on what Aether wishes, it can either continuously bore through an object or generate a large explosion. This is the most powerful spell in Aether's entire arsenal of magic. Like all Ultimate Arts, after using this spell, Aether is completely out of energy, but if it connects, this spell is almost certain to kill his target. It is so powerful, that not even Nullification Magic can stop it. This spell was powerful enough to disperse the beam from a Jupiter Cannon blast, easily pierce through Hyperion Lucifer's Titan's Shield, then destroy the flagship of the Bellona Alliance's 1st Attack Division, with the beam not dissipating for a long while afterwards. In his second fight with Carwen Khapree, the spell also completely overwhelmed her when she was using her Draco Surge power, simultaneously overpowering Carwen's Dragon Slayer's Secret Art with ease.

Dragon Force (竜の力 ドラゴン・フォース Doragon Fōsu)By consuming large quantities of external sources of plasma, Aether is capable of entering Dragon Force.  This was initially considered the ultimate form of Dragon Slayers, and drastically increases their power. He is also capable of entering a natural state of Dragon Force at will.  When using Dragon Force his hair turns blue, and his skin is covered in flesh colored scales. Aether has almost no difficulty maintaining or entering Dragon Force, with him often activating the form in order to easily overwhelm weaker opponents. In this state, his power is so overwhelming that he completely overpowered Mamoru Minamoto (who was using Draconic Sovereign), Carwen Khapree, and Jason Gaebolg, the latter of which was the former strongest member of Black Void. The attacks of Jason didn't even phase him during their battle after Aether had entered Dragon Force. His aura also emits an even greater heat, automatically melting objects in close vicinity to his body. This form is approximately 2 times stronger than his base state.

  • Hidden Plasma Form - Blazar Dragon's Burning Sword (不知プラズマ型 ブラザル竜の燃える剣Kakusareta Purazuma Keitai - Burazaruryū no Moeru Ken): Aether first surrounds his body in plasma, then flies towards his target at incredibly high speeds. As he goes, the plasma covering his body takes the shape of a dragon. Using either one, or both of his swords as the head of the dragon, he then pierces directly through what he's aiming towards. This attack's piercing power is so great that many believe it to be capable of actually killing a Dragon, and being superior to that of any of his other spells. Aether used this spell to kill Saul Peregrine before he could complete his Dragon transformation (essentially proving the Dragon slaying theory correct), and pierce through the cannon on one of the Bellona Alliance's airships with no issues whatsoever, happening so fast that people could barely process what had just occurred. This is Aether's second strongest spell, just after the Dragon Gun.
Ztumblr mn35yjJdhX1rej0dco1 500

Aether activating his Erebus power

Erebus (エレバス Erebasu): A state where Aether activates his darker persona inside of him. It can only be activated when he feels malice, so even if he's losing a fight, it won't be activated unless he feels malice towards that person. When activated, his aura turns crimson red, and his power is increased exponentially, approximately 1.5 times stronger than his base state. His pain sensitivity is also dulled, as Aether simply ignored all the pain and damage that Cronus had already done to him, and continued to inflict, and fought on without the slightest hesitation. This included several magical blasts, punches from his Slowing Magic, and even a previously acquired stab wound through the stomach from his scythe. Unfortunately he also undergoes a complete change in personality, being completely willing to kill his opponent, and he is far more angry than his usual persona. Anything can set him off when he's like this. He has demonstrated impressive feats with this power, such as launching back Jason Gaebolg with one punch, moving in an instant from where he was, despite the serious injuries he had beforehand. Aether was also capable of completely decimating Cronus Saturnalia in one on one combat, forcing him into a healing state that took a year to complete. He contended with Carwen Khapree after she had activated her Divine Glass Dragon Mode and Draco Surge, and could combat all of the members of the guild Underworld single-handedly, even reacting fast enough to punch Julius Kaizar to the ground when attacking with Hastam Omnipotens and knock out Japetus. This power was removed from his body by Janus Saturnalia, but Aether has since managed to gain equivalent power increases to it in his other forms. This power is approximately 2 times stronger than his base state, and 3 times stronger when utilizing his Dragon Force.

  • Mad Plasma Dragon's Roar (怒号プラズマ龍の咆哮 Dogō Purazumaryū no Hōkō): An empowered version of the Plasma Dragon's Roar. It is identical in appearance and preparation to the standard Roar. First, Aether inhales, collecting plasma in his mouth, then blasts his opponent with a red beam of plasma. This spell is twice as powerful, and twice as large, as the usual Plasma Dragon's Roar, giving it all the same prep, effects, and overall size, but with much greater power.
  • Mad Plasma Dragon's Megastar Fusion (怒号プラズマ龍のメガスターフュージョン Dogō Purazumaryū no Mega Sutā Fuyūjon): First, Aether collects plasma into his hands, creating two spheres in each of them, and much larger than the ones he creates with his Plasma Dragon's Spiraling Sphere, with each sphere being more similar in size to his Plasma Dragon's Blue Sun. He then jumps at his opponent and slams the two spheres into them, generating a large explosion that deals great burn and explosive damage. This spell is similar in appearance to Natsu Dragneel's Dragon God's Brilliant Flame, but superior in it's burning capabilities, emitting far more heat. It only lacks a superiority to Natsu's spell in that his plasma does not possess the power of a God Slayer, making it inedible to any Slayer. Other than that, the power is just as great, if not greater.
  • Equilibrium (安定 Antei): After reabsorbing Erebus and making peace with him, Aether gained access to this state. This ability gives Aether an equivalent power increase as the standard Erebus power, but without the side effect of increased rage. At the same time, Aether can enter this state at will, not requiring immense rage or the feeling of malice in order to activate it. As Aether is still in control of his emotions in this state, his power appears greater, as he is still capable of utilizing his energy manipulation to its fullest. The only, somewhat, negative aspect of this ability is that Aether can still feel any damage dealt to him, not having the same dulled sense to pain as the standard Erebus form. However, the damage done to his body from attacks is still more manageable than when using his regular power, he just can't ignore grievous injuries in the same manner as Erebus. Since acquiring it, Aether always uses this ability in favor of the standard Erebus transformation. This form is identical in appearance to his standard Erebus transformation (his eyes and his hair in Dragon Force are both red), with the only exception being Aether's double magical aura; it appears as a smaller red aura surrounded by a more vibrant blue one. When utilizing Fusion, the blue portion of his aura is white.

Jutsu Shiki (術式 Jutsu Shiki): Aether learned this magic to create traps on his island and in Nidavellir.  With this magic, Aether can write runes with specific effects depending on how he's written them.  When someone enters the area of the runes, that person must abide by the rules of the runes in order to escape.  The runes can also be rewritten by a skilled enough person, but Aether will be notified by this, and is capable of rewriting said runes in turn.  Aether booby-trapped his islands so that no one can enter them without bearing the Dragon Gunfire guild mark.  Even if they do manage to get on it, there are still hundreds of automatic traps.  The same traps are also present in the Dragon Gunfire guild hall, except this protection only extends to those with malefic intent. Only those people in that specific state of mind are incapable of entering the guild. In addition, Aether leaves formulas wherever he's been in order to gain an advantage in case he ever returns to one of those areas and finds himself in combat. Aether is also capable of writing, and rewriting Jutsu Shiki Runes at an incredibly fast rate, due to his heavy studying of the art. By just making contact with a wall of runes, Aether is capable of rewriting them, changing their rules and adding in different effects. He is also capable of multi-tasking while writing them, sending blasts of his magical energy at opponents with one hand, while rewriting his runes with the other. Even the runes of his other opponents are not exempt from his skill in this art. Aether has surpassed his mother, the one who taught him this magic, in the art.

  • Mark (印 Shirushi): Anyone that steps inside of a rune made by Aether is marked with a rune tag. These tags allow Aether to sense someone's magical energy over incredibly far distances, even more so than his usual sensing allows, granting him immense tracking capabilities. One of Aether's tests in the X793 S-Class Promotional Trial of Dragon Gunfire involved the removal of these marks, and although all of the remaining participants passed, the process was very difficult and painful for most of the candidates.
  • Barrier (関 Seki): Aether creates a powerful barrier, capable of blocking various forms of attacks. It can resist cannon fire from Vanaheimr airships, attacks from Nikolai Ichor's Destruction Magic, and was used as barriers to protect the citizens of Crocus from Herald Protista and Blaine Pheles. Aether erected these barriers on Nidavellir, his islands, and, during the Battle of Crocus, covered all major buildings with these barriers. Aether is capable of creating these barriers in seconds, much faster than normal mages. All Aether needs to say is "Jutsu Shiki Deployment" and focus his magical energy for the desired results. However, in order to create more powerful barriers Aether requires more time to deploy one, and even more time if Aether wishes to create a barrier with any extra affects.

Green Magic (緑の魔法 Midori no Mahō)This was the first magic Aether learned to use.  Generally he uses this magic for gardening, but it still has some defensive and supportive properties. He's capable of creating plant vehicles and summoning plants of any type that he's come into contact with. This includes large trees for surprise attacks from the ground, and vines to ensnare opponents. Aether can manipulate or create any plant he's ever come in contact with, and he has done this with most known plants in the world. Through enduring various difficulties, and other phenomena, Aether's plants are highly adaptive, gaining resistance to all manners of weather, including extreme heat and cold and even the strength of natural disasters. Aether's plants also absorb poison, in either a liquid or gaseous state, and are able to break down the material in order to prevent poison from affecting his body, or curing it by pulling the poison out. This includes Magical Barrier Particles.

  • Desertification (砂漠化 Sabakuka): The opposite of the usual plant growing. Aether first makes contact with some form of plant life in the area, and kills all the foliage in a large radius, although they can be regrown by himself or others who utilize Plant or Green Magic. Aether generally uses this so that his enemies cannot hide from him, but he prefers not to use it because of his love for plant life. Originally, as Erebus, this reservation was not present.
  • Flowing Giant Tree (滔滔巨人木 Tōtō Kyojin Ki): A mode of transportation, and an incredibly effective one at that. Aether can use this spell to sprout a large tree from the ground. It can then twist and turn to suit Aether's needs, headed towards Aether's destination or sending him flying around his opponent. The trunk of this spell actually seems to grow longer the more distance Aether covers with this spell. When doing tight circles around his opponent, Aether can also use this technique to trap opposition using very fine control of this spell. Aether generally only uses this purely as a mode of transportation when he is unable to use Winters, but can still use it effectively in a combat situation as a support spell, not even needing to be the one to ride it for it to be effective.
  • Blue Lotus (青い蓮 Aoi Hasu): A rare plant known for its immense beauty and incredible properties. Through consumption, this plant increases stamina, vitality, magic power, and also possesses great nutrition. While simply eating the plant itself does increase one's magic power, and makes them a more effective fighter, this power increase is not nearly as high as when the full power of the plant has been unleashed. When boiled and drank, the full power of the Blue Lotus is unlocked, allowing for even greater increases in power. The increase is only temporary, however, only lasting until the calories gained from eating the flower are burned. Also, this plant's abilities work better the less one consumes the Blue Lotus; if someone eats a large amount of the flower, the less of a power increase they'll get until it ceases to give them any power whatsoever.
  • Healing Vines (治癒蔦蔓 Chiyu Tsutakazura): While not as effective in healing as an actual magic or spell, these vines can be used for rather effective first aid. They aid in closing wounds, absorbing toxins introduced into the body, and can transfer magic power into someone suffering from magic deficiency syndrome. These vines can either be applied to himself or another person or animal for first aid. These vines can only affect organic life however, which includes the six kingdoms of animals, plants, fungi, protists, archaebacteria, and eubacteria (although Aether would rarely even attempt to use this spell on the latter three categories), he can not use it to affect non-organic creatures, such as dolls animated through Personification Magic or Machias.
Aether's summoning seal

Aether's summoning seal

Summoning Magic (召しの魔法, Meshi no Mahō): A magic used to summon a creature to one's side. Aether primarily uses this to summon his pet Blizzardvern, Winters, to assist him in battle or as a mode of transportation. This magic requires the user to have a strong bond with whatever they are summoning, alongside a magic circle, something that Aether draws by using the speed of his plasma to draw a circle in the air long enough to summon a beast. After losing control over Erebus, Aether realized the necessity of being capable of freely summoning Winters, and had a magic seal tattooed on each of his hands. They're hidden under his gloves, but they appear visible through them, glowing with an intense blue light, whenever he activates this magic. When the seals are uncovered, Winters is also capable of summoning himself.
Earth Manipulation BD1

Aether's skill in Earth Magic

Earth Magic (土魔法 Tsuchi Mahō): Aether is well versed in Earth Magic. Although, he usually doesn't use this skill offensively, he can easily use sand or rocks in the area to his advantage. His skill in this magic doesn't allow him to create new earth, just move what's already around. While capable of influencing earth created or manipulated by another Mage, he is incapable of taking complete control of it, however, another mage cannot manipulate his earth either. Aether can also manipulate liquid earth, such as lava, magma, or quicksand, just as easily as standard earth, he's just unable to change earth between states of matter using this magic. Despite these drawback, Aether can still freely control the earth around him, allowing for great versatility in combat. He can trap his opponent's feet in earth to prevent them from escaping him, open crevices for his target to fall into before closing them to trap them inside and grant them no leverage, or even manipulate large quantities of earth to entrap and crush a foe in midair. Aether also gains a sort of seismic sense, using his sensory abilities to keep track of what's going on around him, and anything that might be trying to hide in the ground. Aether owes his mastery of this magic to William Mercury, a Cavern Dragon Slayer with immense skill in Terrakinesis.

  • Sediment (堆積物 Taisekibutsu): This is not so much a spell as it is a technique. This is the particular ability that allows Aether to harden the earth that he gathers. While he cannot change the physical state of matter of earth, he can effect its density and hardness. This skill allows him to bring together weaker, grainy particles, causing them to become a much denser, and sturdier material. It is similar to Jura Neekis' Earth Magic, the skill that gained the Wizard Saint the title of "Iron Rock Jura". Using this ability, Aether can harden sand into stone and spikes, and create hardened earth pillars to block incoming assaults. Aether can even walk over quicksand in order to prevent himself from sinking. Aether can also use this technique in conjunction with his other spells, increasing their effectiveness and power, and more easily allowing Aether to create constructs.
    • Fragmentation (細分化 Saibunka): Of course, Aether can also undo the effects of Sediment. This causes earth constructs, made by either himself or others, to shatter or fall apart into dust. It is similar to earth going through erosion at an incredibly rapid pace. From time to time, the process of Fragmentation is rather violent, causing earthen constructs to seemingly explode, sending pieces of earth in every direction, with the exception of towards himself. This can cause dangerous projectiles to fly every which way, impaling and injuring enemies that are too nearby. Aether can also use this technique to create quicksand, when the area he's in is made from rocks that weren't completely solidified. In order to activate this ability, Aether must make direct contact with whatever form of earth he's touching. This technique has superior effectiveness on solids, but can still be used to disperse liquid earth.
  • Aether's Island Image

    One of Aether's islands

    Island (島 Shima)By summoning earth from the sea floor and condensing it, Aether is capable of creating a large island.  He is capable of sensing anything on the island, and can control where or how it moves. The process itself takes some time and magical energy, making the process itself impractical in battle. One such island is used as Aether's personal garden (where he grows plants on it with his Green Magic), while another is used for the S-Class Promotional Trial of Dragon Gunfire and training.
  • Sink (流し Nagashi): Aether forces the earth to sink into the ground, or ocean, at an alarming rate. He is even capable of sinking a large amount of earth the size of one of his islands (which was much smaller at the time), into the ocean almost instantaneously with this spell, and used this spell to avoid a burst of Destruction Magic by Nikolai Ichor preventing him, and his teammates, from being injured.
  • Mountain (山 Yama): Aether brings up an immense amount of earth from the ground, and contorts it around his opponents in the shape of a mountain, trapping them inside. Despite the name and shape of this spell, it is not actually the size of a mountain. Instead, it's just about the size of a Giant. Although, it can be increased in size depending on how much power Aether pours into this spell. Aether can also throw the mountain at individuals instead of trapping them inside, or do both in an interesting combination. This works by throwing the mountain, which then moves around his target to trap them inside the spell. Another variation could be Aether trapping his target inside the mountain, then throwing it into the ground, breaking it apart an harming his opponent with debris. Aether first used this spell to trap Seraph Kinmichi, and, if it wasn't thanks to Seraph's own usage of Earth Magic, he would've been trapped inside.
  • Spires (頂 Itadeki): Aether punches the ground, creating several spikes of rock from the ground, and impales anyone unfortunate enough to be underneath them. They have high piercing power, being made of incredibly dense rock, capable of even piercing metals. Even metals that are too dense for this spell to directly break through, the spires will often dent them. Aether can also shoot these spires from the ground in order to strike airborne foes.

Organic Link Magic (生体リンク魔法, Seitai Rinku Mahō): In order to seal Erebus inside him, he used a body link, using his mother, Miriam Cade, and the guild master of Koma Inu, Samarra Inari, as keys to lock him inside. If Samarra and Miriam have an Anti-Link used on them Erebus will be unleashed. However in the event that Aether feels extreme malice, Erebus will be temporarily released, and attempt to destroy whatever caused him to feel rage. After Erebus was released, and Aether's subsequent control over the alternate form, Aether no longer needed to use this magic to hold him in. He is still capable of creating new Links however, whether they be to induce pain, emotions, or to seal another being or personality. He is almost incapable of using this magic in battle, however, due to the amount of time it takes to create a link.

Fusion (合同 Gōdō): In preparation for his final confrontation against Cronus Saturnalia, Janus taught his son this powerful magic. Through physical contact, Aether is capable of merging with any creature. However, there are a few limitations. The creature can not possess human level intelligence, or else the two minds will fight for dominance, and break the Fusion's mind. Aether also must have a close personal connection with whatever he's fusing with. The creature Aether fuses with is his pet blizzardvern, Winters. As a matter of fact, Aether and Winters' bond is so strong that Aether can fuse with Winters through the magic summoning seals on his hands, instead of needing to summon the wyvern directly. This ease in which he can combine with Winters allows Aether to transform into, and easily maintain this form in order to combat foes with high heat resistance. His skin becomes covered in white wyvern scales (replacing his clothes and covering his body with the completely organic material instead), his fingers sharpen into black claws, and a pair of wyvern wings grow from his back. The fusion combines their magic containers, exponentially increasing Aether's physical capabilities, stamina, and gives him all the other physical aspects and magics of his pet. Aether can combine his own magics with that of Winters' to create even more powerful and destructive attacks. This state, in base, is 3 times stronger than Aether's normal base state. He can also combine it with his Dragon Force for a 4 times multiplier from his base form. When combined with his Erebus power, this also grants him a 4.5 times multiplier for Dragon Force. In this form, his Dragon Force possesses white hair.

  • Wyvern Physiology: In this state, Aether possesses all of the physical aspects akin to a wyvern, specifically the stronger variation, the blizzardvern. Due to his high magic skill, and Dragon Slayer abilities, his wyvern traits are even more prominent than if he were a normal mage, and are even stronger than an actual wyvern's.
    • Scales: Aether gains Winters' scales, which increases his durability, and even allows him to redirect attacks by striking them with enough force. The increased durability allows him to take much more powerful attacks than he could in his normal form, including Julius Kaizar's Hastam Omnipotens, and attacks from Cronus Saturnalia's scythe (the weapon despite all of the power increases Cronus has given it using his Arc of Time, as well as it being used to nearly put Aether out of commission in one blow in the past, was unable to pierce through Aether's scales). Although Aether himself is immune to temperature in general, these scales give him an even greater immunity to ice and cold-based attacks, making them all but completely ineffective.
    • Flight: Aether also gains Winters' incredibly powerful wings. Using the wings he gains from the wyvern, Aether can fly. As this is natural flight, Aether does not use up magical energy by flying. He can accelerate his flight with his Plasma Dragon Slayer Magic by turning his body into plasma. The wings have equivalent durability to the rest of Aether's wyvern scales, and can also be used to block incoming attacks. Aether once used these wings to reflect an attack back towards a Draco Surge empowered Carwen Khapree.
  • Ice Magic (氷の魔法, Kōri no Mahō): Aether is able to use this magic when in his Fusion state with Winters. As he has a larger magical container than Winters, as well as the two of them being combined, this magic is much more potent when Aether uses it with Fusion than when Winters uses it alone. Aether can't exactly form complex weapons out of ice, but he is capable of creating strong blunt or serrated weapons. Aether's ability to freeze objects is so great that he can freeze fire, wind, and other incoming spells, through either direct contact or using a ranged attack. His ice is also incredibly dense, acting as an extra defense against all manner of magical and physical attacks. Aether trained with this magic greatly, allowing him excellent mastery over this skill.
    • Ice Breath (氷呼吸 Hi Kokyū): This spell appears similar to a Dragon's Roar, with the exception of it not actually possessing the same properties. Aether begins preparation by inhaling deeply. He then fires a large blast of snow and ice from his mouth, appearing similarly to a concentrated snowstorm. This spell doesn't possess much blunt force. It moves over objects, covering them in the sheer cold, freezing them and leaving them in a more fragile state. This spell can even freeze incoming spells at high speeds, slowing them to a crawl before freezing them over entirely.
    • Icicle Crash (氷柱衝撃 Tsurara Shōgeki): Aether creates many icicles around his body, about the size of a stalactite. With a swift movement, he can then send all the icicles upon his opponents in the form of a bombardment. When the icicles make contact with an object, they pierce ever so slightly into it, before exploding and completely covering it in ice. The area of effect of one icicle is limited to the size of a normal man, meaning that several icicles will need to be used on larger beings, but this spell is incredibly useful against opponents, in either one on one combat or against multiple foes.
      • Cold Plasma Dragon Spells: Aether is capable of combining the power of his Ice Magic with that of his Plasma Dragon Slayer spells. This creates a powerful combination of magics, similar to a Duel Element Slayer Mode, but without the second element actually being a Dragon Slayer element. This series of spells absorb the heat in the area they touch in order to burn, freezing anything they come into combat with, and making these spells incredibly dangerous, and useful, assets. This allows Aether to instantaneously freeze almost anything, including lightning, storms, and all manner of other spells. It doesn't matter how little or much heat an object emits, this magic is still able to freeze it. The only effective defense against these attacks are spells with equal magic power to those Aether creates. Because of the immense power Aether puts out in this form, Aether's aura also becomes incredibly cold, causing anyone unable to resist his power to become frozen upon contact, with it even beginning to affect the landscape. This form of plasma is also inedible to any Slayer of any kind.
        • Cold Plasma Dragon's Roar (寒気プラズマ龍の咆哮 Samuke Purazumaryū no Hōkō): The Ice Magic enhanced variation of Aether's Plasma Dragon's Roar. For preparation, Aether inhales deeply, and then releases a large stream of plasma from his mouth. This spell, although his most basic one, has high power, being capable of easily corroding metals. The farther this spell goes from Aether's body, the larger it spreads outwards, and it has incredible range. The more spread out it is however, the less damage it will do, meaning that using this at point-blank range possesses the most power. It is still designed as a ranged attack though, so Aether will still more often use it in this manner. It is approximately the size of Gajeel Redfox's Iron Shadow Dragon's Roar when at maximum spread, but it can still be narrowed into a more powerful beam. This decreases the area it covers, but without the spell losing power as it travels. When used as a beam, it can travel much faster and farther than the standard form, while also possessing a greater amount of piercing power. Similarly to Laxus Dreyar's Lightning Dragon's Roar, it also requires very little prep, merely its short period of inhalation followed by him blasting the plasma from his mouth. But, the longer Aether inhales, the more powerful this spell will be. Everywhere this beam of plasma touches, it absorbs heat, causing incredibly cold ice to be formed, coating opposing spells, stopping them dead in their tracks, and generating lines of ice on the battlefield.
        • Cold Plasma Dragon's Ray (寒気プラズマ龍のレイ Samuke Purazumaryū no Rei): Essentially, the Ice Magic enhanced variation of Aether's Plasma Dragon's Electron Cannon. Aether holds his hand in front of him, before moving his cupped hands to his hip and briefly charging the plasma there. He then fires a powerful beam of plasma equivalent to the Electron Cannon in size. It is stronger than the Cold Plasma Dragon's Roar, by approximately 1.5 times, and can also be increased in power by charging the spell for longer periods of time. It freezes over everything it touches by absorbing its heat. This spell takes up a wide area in front of him, giving it incredible range, and a wide area of effect.
        • Cold Plasma Dragon's White Star (寒気プラズマ龍の白星 Samuke Purazumaryū no Shiroboshi): The Ice Magic enhanced variation of Aether's Plasma Dragon's Spiraling Skuriken. Aether focuses his magical energy into his palm, with it normally facing downwards, creating a giant shrunken. He then throws it at his opponent. The shuriken is very sharp, and can easily cut through trees, boulders, and even various metals. The spin this spell has increases its overall cutting power and speed. Anything this spell cuts is instantly frozen. While this generally prevents bleeding, the frostbite and cold one can suffer is just debilitating.
        • Cold Plasma Dragon's String (寒気プラズマ龍の糸 Samuke Purazumaryū no Ito): The Ice Magic enhanced variation of Aether's Plasma Dragon's String. Aether creates strings of plasma from his fingertips and slashes them through the air, freezing everything they touch. He can also wrap enemies in them in a similar manner to Plasma Dragon's Arc Net, in order to continuously burn their skin with the freezing cold. His strings can also be used to lightly pierce through skin, and restrict movement. When doing this, he appears as a puppeteer, pulling strings, however, he can only restrict movement, not completely control it. The longer one is in contact with any portion of the strings, the more of their body is frozen, starting with the area that was directly touched, then spreading to the rest of the body from that point.
        • Cold Plasma Dragon's Endo Bomb (寒気プラズマ龍のエンド爆弾 Samuke Purazumaryū no Bakudan): The Ice Magic enhanced variation of Aether's Plasma Dragon's Blue Bomb. Aether creates a small white sphere of plasma, then throws the small sphere away from him. It can be detonated at will, causing a massive explosion that even Aether can be caught up in, depending on distance. However, due to his immunity to temperature and the spell being his own magic, the explosion does virtually no harm to his own person. Unlike the Blue Bomb, this spell does not create a crater from its explosion. The explosion it generates freezes everything caught in the blast radius, which is equivalent in size to that of the Blue Bomb. This creates a sphere of ice, which his enemy will hopefully be encased inside of. If not outright defeating them, this leaves them unable to move and leaves them defeated, or, if they would be able to free themselves, Aether can attack his target before they escape the ice.
        • Dragon Slayer's Secret Art Revision (滅竜奥義 改 Metsuryū Ōgi Kai):
          • Fourth State: Endothermic Mist (第四景気・エンドサーミク霞 Daiyon Keiki Endosāmiku Kasumi): The Ice Magic enhanced variation of Aether's Fourth State: Ion Cloud. Instead of the spell remaining present however, it generally only briefly remains as it freezes Aether's target. Aether gathers the required energy, forming a mist of plasma similar to the Ion Cloud. He then envelopes the entire area he's in with his mist, freezing everything it touches near instantaneously. It appears as though its a fog being blown through an area, and absorbs all the heat in the location it touches in order to freeze the target, and the surrounding space, in a near irresistible cold. The amount of time this spell is present on the field, the more it freezes and the more effective it is. This is the coldest and most effective of all of Aether's Cold Plasma Dragon spells.

Unison Raid (合体魔法 ユニゾン・レイド Yunizon Reido)An extremely powerful ability that allows two Mages to unite two kinds of Magic, similar in nature, together, thereby creating an even stronger attack. Although a seemingly difficult ability to master, Aether is easily capable of doing a Unison Raid, seemingly, whenever he wants to. Although, it is evident that whenever he activates one, he is fighting with someone close to him. He most often has performed Unison Raids with members of Dragon Gunfire, Dragon's Tooth, or Samarra Inari.

  • Plasma Dragon's Icy Breath (プラズマ龍の冷たい呼吸 Purazumaryū no Tsumetai Kokyū): A Unison Raid done with Winters.  While Aether uses his Plasma Dragon's Roar, Winters simultaneously uses his Ice Breath.  The attacks then combine together to deal even more damage then they would separately, both burning and freezing the target. It appears as though it's a beam of plasma surrounded by ice and snow. When Aether is utilizing his Cold Plasma Dragon's Roar while in Fusion, the spell instead creates a blast of freezing plasma that near instantly freezes the target.

Enhanced Senses: As a Dragon Slayer, Aether has naturally advanced senses. Aether often relies on his senses, along with his sensory capabilities, in order to fight opponents that he can't see. This makes him an effective fighter in either pitch black darkness or blinding light. While his senses can be tricked, or overwhelmed, Aether is capable of using his magics to protect himself, or compensate for lost senses with alternative methods.

  • Enhanced Smell: As with all Dragon Slayers, Aether has a naturally well tuned sense of smell. He never forgets a scent, and always knows who he is smelling just by their scent alone (if they have one). Although, his smell can be tricked by someone masking their scent. Aether has attuned his smell, however, so it isn't affected by temperature or pressure, due to his intense training as a child.
  • Enhanced Hearing: Aether also has impeccable hearing. He's capable of hearing everything clearly within a twenty yard radius, without any sound obstructions. In different environments, Aether's hearing can either be better or worse, and can be tricked in locations with echoes, such as caves. However, like his smell, Aether's hearing is not affected by temperature or pressure.
  • Enhanced Touch: Stemming from Aether's Earth Magic and sensory capabilities, Aether also possesses an extremely acute sense of touch. It is not acute in the sense that simply brushing up against him will cause more pain or pleasure to his body, but he is able to feel an opponent's movements as they move through the air, and act accordingly. He describes it as "a tingling feeling on the back of his neck", whenever someone is coming near him. Aether's body is essentially surrounded by a barrier, approximately one meter from his physical self, allowing him to feel intrusion and other attacks at a much faster rate than ordinary humans, or even Mages.

Masterful Energy Manipulation: Aether is capable of manipulating his eternano due to his mastery over his emotional state. He learned this technique from William Mercury. This allows him to better control over his energy, never using any more than he needs to in combat, allowing for maximum efficiency when casting spells. Aether can also use this skill in order to cover his body in a thin layer of eternano, and negate the defensive capabilities of opposition that become intangible. This also serves to increase the effectiveness of his offense and defense against those who can't become intangible, allowing for greater blunt damage against foes and defending against attacks that could normally prove detrimental, such as Vincent Alvaro's Blades of Death. This skill is very invaluable against enemies that use magics like Water, or can otherwise transform into their elements or density shift. He can also use this ability to peel off magical defenses, which works similarly to burning them off when used with his Dragon Slayer Magic. Out of all of William's students, Aether has the best control over this ability, only being beaten by William himself.

Temperature Immunity: Aether's body remains in homeostasis no matter what the temperature is. Attributed to his Dragon Slayer Magic, Aether's body always exudes a warm temperature (which is why Samarra Inari noted how warm he felt during one of their embraces), that increases depending on the temperature around him. Aether could withstand the freezing temperatures of Mount Hakobe, without a jacket or any insulation, and didn't suffer any adverse effects from the cold, seemingly ignoring it. This feat is even more impressive when compared to the fact that Aether was only eight when he began training at Mount Hakobe, and continued to do so until he was twelve. His body is even capable of withstanding sub-zero temperatures, and lower. He is also capable of surviving in incredibly hot temperatures, giving it the same treatment as the cold. Aether can even swim in volcanoes without the assistance of his Plasma Dragon's Scales, possessing no risk of burning his skin whatsoever. Not only this, but Aether can even withstand the effects of plasma thousands of degrees Celsius. This, like his ability itself, stems from his Dragon Slayer Magic. Aether can even withstand Devil Slayer Magic and God Slayer Magic, despite the supposed superiority of the magics, when they influence temperature (i.e fire, heat, ice, cold etc.). However, Aether can still be burned or injured by a superior Slayer type if they also use strictly plasma. His body will demonstrate some tolerance though.

Immense Lung Capacity: As Aether is capable of ionizing the air, and making it unbreathable, he developed a large lung capacity, allowing him to hold his breath for an hour before needing any more oxygen. This time is shortened based upon his level of movement, but it is still incredibly long regardless. He was even able to hold his breath in Seraph Kinmichi's Gold Dragon's Imperial Sandstorm for quite a long time, and held his breath underwater, for at least until Seraph was out of eyesight in that same sparring session, having no negative repercussions on his body.

Master Sensor: Aether is capable of sensing even the most minute changes in magical energy. He can sense everything going on around him, allowing him to counter sneak attacks, practically giving him no blind spot.  It also allows him to tell the nature and type of one's magical energy from just feeling their power. The best way to get the drop on him would be to completely nullify one's magical power, or otherwise use Stealth.  He generally combines his sensory skills along with his speed and strength, enhanced senses, and other skills to take full advantage of his abilities, enabling him to block attacks from behind, and even see shifts in magical energy, allowing him to know when his opponent will attack and with which body part, and react accordingly. His sensory abilities are how he keeps tabs on everyone in Dragon Gunfire. He could sense the approaching Silvius Alvar, and use this skill to pick out the true Seraph Kinmichi among an abundance of clones, and even block an attack aimed towards his back. On numerous occasions he managed to sense the change in his opponent's magical energy, and was able to react accordingly to defend against, or avoid, his opponent's attacks.

Keen Intellect: Aether is considered a prodigy by many of his peers, including his guild mates, late grandfather, and mother.  He is even considered the star pupil of both William Mercury, and his Dragon master Plasmius. His high intelligence allowed him to learn and master many different types of magics, as well as armed and unarmed combat.  His magical aptitude allows him to understand the basic mechanics of any form of magic in a short period of time, only needing to witness a magic in action a few times before he is able to create countermeasures for said magic. Aether is also a master strategist, being capable of determining the best and quickest way to achieve victory. He managed to come up with multiple plans to escape Seraph's Gold Dragon's Imperial Sandstorm, and easily discover Saul's plans to release Erebus. He even came up with a plan to assault and infiltrate Othrys with only the assistance of his guild mates, although that plan fell through when they were discovered by an unscheduled patrol. Aether also knew to erect various Jutsu Shiki Barriers everywhere he's been to in order to gain a tactical advantage should he return to those locations and find himself in an altercation. These barriers have helped him on several occasions, including defeating a group of highway robbers, and even during his sparing session with Seraph Kinmichi. Aether is also capable of easily recognizing and countering illusions. Aether is even capable of dispelling said abilities without too much magical energy needing to be exerted, as his knowledge of their falsehood makes it even easier to counter. Aether's mind thinks at "a million miles per second", and as such, his intelligence is lower than very few. He can even rapidly calculate equations in order to change the trajectory of his or his opponents spells mid-flight, ensuring that they always hit their mark. It was his intellect, along with his overwhelming power, that helped him reach the status he has.


Aether's advanced swordsmanship skills

Master Swordsmanship: Aether has great skills with a sword.  He can easily fight on par with other sword wielding mages with his katana, and can easily wield multiple swords at once. His sword style revolves around optimizing offense and defense by switching between a reverse and forward grip with both his katana. After Hathor's destruction, however, he proved more than capable of utilizing Sekhmet on its own, specializing in Iai, the art of quickly unsheathing the blade, attacking with one powerful slash, the sheathing the blade again in one fluid motion. Although, he is also capable of easily fighting using general combat with one sword, and not sheathing it. Aether can also masterfully wield his swords in combat against those whose weapons are not swords. This includes Cronus Saturnalia's scythe, Harbinger, and Pluto Morior's various other weapons.

Master Hand To Hand Combatant: Aether generally prefers fighting opponents with his bare hands.  He's adept in several martial arts, and uses them in conjunction with his magic to increase the power of his blows. His combat is quite brutal, focusing on evasion, and dealing devastating blows. This includes body blows, targeting nerve clusters, and shattering the bones in his opposition's limbs in order to inhibit their own combat. He generally does not use this brutal a style when merely sparring, preferring not to cause permanent damage to his comrades. He's fought on par with Seraph Kinmichi, Saul Peregrine, Cronus Saturnalia, and Pluto Morior, all masters of hand to hand combat, as well as overwhelm a Draconic Sovereign using Mamoru Minamoto, having no trouble countering his berserk style.

Immense Strength: Aether has incredible physical strength.  Aether is capable of knocking out weak enough enemies in a single blow, easily punch through stone and metal, as well as wrestle his pet Blizzardvern, Winters to the ground. His strength was enough to shatter a gold ball created by melting Seraph Kinmichi's gold in one punch, and damage him with physical attacks through his Iron Dragon's Scales and Adamantine Dragon's Scales, as well as throw Carwen Khapree a considerable distance. He was also capable of damaging Fragor using physical attacks augmented with his Dragon Slayer Magic, and deal immense damage to Jason Gaebolg in one Erebus enhanced punch. His strength even allowed for him to beat Cronus Saturnalia to near death with mostly physical attacks, and knock out Julius Kaizar and Japetus in a single blow each when they were using his Kishin Soul and Hardening Magic respectively. When battling Hyperion Lucifer, Aether defeated him in one punch, sending him through the Vanaheimr airship they were in, and into the ground below at an immense speed, actually creating a small crater from the force.

Immense Durability: Aether can take immense amounts of damage without showing the slightest bit of discomfort.  He can take a direct punch to the face without flinching, and can simply outlast many of his opponents as opposed to using a more offensive approach.  He managed to sustain damage from Seraph's Iron Dragon Slayer Magic including his Gold Dragon's Imperial Sandstorm. Aether has also withstood burning himself with his own plasma to remove a magic circle created by Carwen Khapree, attacks from Saul Peregrine's Black Lightning Dragon Mode, a blast from Jason Gaebolg's Black Bullet: Grenade Launcher without flinching, and taking a stab wound to the stomach from Cronus Saturnalia's scythe, and then continue fighting. He even managed to get back to his feet after taking a direct hit from Julius Kaizar's Hastam Omnipotens and Alexius' Black Lightning Dragon's Dark Cannon. With the exception of the last two feats, Aether continued to fight on as though there were no problems (including the severe damage Aether had taken from Cronus' stab), and only had trouble continuing the fight against Alexius because of his Black Lightning Dragon's Dark Cannon which acted similarly to Magical Barrier Particles. He can even withstand attacks from superior Slayer types without any repercussions to his body. Aether's Plasma Dragon's Scales enhance his durability more by increasing his overall defense.


Aether's speed in action

Immense Speed: Aether is capable of moving at incredibly high speeds to easily dodge attacks and retaliate against even the fastest of enemies. Aether can increase his speed even further by transforming into plasma with his Dragon Slayer Magic. When using his Magic in conjunction with his natural speed, his body can appear as merely a blue flash as he moves from place to place, allowing him to avoid attacks, and enhance his reflexes. He was capable of matching Cronus Saturnalia in speed, them both moving so fast that individuals couldn't even keep track of their movements and having them appear as clashing bursts of light, despite Cronus' usage of Slowing Magic. He attacked Chase Grimsted so fast it created wind pressure, kept pace with Carwen Khapree's Divine Dragon Slayer abilities, move so fast that he appeared to be disappearing and reappearing while slashing at Carwen with his swords (it being so fast that they appeared as a blue flash) in their second bout, grab Carwen by the throat when she barely hesitated after he shocked her with his Ripple spell, block a surprise attack from Silvius Alvar with little to no difficulty from right in front of him, and fly behind Auriel near instantaneously to avoid his Solar Dragon's Roar. He also covered the distance from the tree he was lying against to Jason Gaebolg in an instant in order to punch him in the face, punch Julius Kaizar to the ground when he used Hastam Omnipotens, and almost instantly appear behind Nikolai Ichor to strike him with his Cold Plasma Dragon's Roar. He's considered fast enough to match, and even exceed, Hyperion Lucifer in terms of sheer speed, someone haled as the Fastest Mage of Othrys, easily dodging his attacks and punching him out of the airship they were in.

Aether's aura materialized

Immense Magical Power: Aether was born with an incredibly high amount magical power.  Most people he has met have commented on it.  Even his ancestor, Saul Peregrine has voiced how powerful he is. His power greatly stems from his incredible magic control, allowing him to better ration his magical energy through his emotions (courtesy of the teachings of William Mercury). He's capable of using several powerful and seemingly magical taxing spells and magics in quick succession with little to no drawbacks.  This includes the usage of multiple Secret Arts and Plasma Dragon King's spells in rapid succession, or multiple times throughout a battle. He even proved to use three of his Secret Arts back to back, before entering Dragon Force, showing no fatigue from the process at all. He's even gone toe to toe with, and overpowered several fellow Dragon Slayers, even those using Draconic Sovereign, using his more basic attacks including Mamoru Minamoto, Carwen Khapree, and Cadmus Zephyrus, and burn off Carwen Khapree's stigmatas with pure magic exertion in their first bout. His power was considered much greater than any other member of Dragon Gunfire, even being considered mountains above Miriam Cade, his mother and the guild's ace, and William Mercury, the current guild master and Aether's magic teacher. He defeated Jason Gaebolg, current program manager of the Spartoi Program and their most powerful member, swiftly after activating his Dragon Force. He has fought evenly with the likes of immortals, such as Cronus Saturnalia and Pluto Morior, and other powerful mages such as Silvius Alvar, and the Solar Dragon Slayer Auriel, the former of whom even defeated Pluto. In a one-on-one match against Jupiter Saturnalia, Aether fought evenly with him at first, but then gradually overwhelmed and defeated him. In his most notable battle, his second match against Cronus Saturnalia, the two of them simply colliding generated shockwaves that destroyed every solid object within a ten meter radius, including the airship their battle had started in. As Erebus, he managed to temporarily hold his own against the entirety of the dark guild Underworld, and, after using the Dragon Gun, managed to recover in a few hours and held off an entire army in order to allow for his companions to escape, although he was defeated in the end due to overexertion, and the interference of Pluto. He's even managed to defeat Saul Peregrine on two separate occasions, on the second one, killing him while he was partially transformed into a Dragon. He has even fought evenly with the dragon Fragor and defeat him (although it should be noted that Fragor held a disadvantage, as Aether could eat his fire, and Fragor was not personally into the battle), and overpower Team Hayley on his own (the second strongest team of Black Void) without using any enhanced forms. When exerting a high amount of magical energy his aura is colored blue. When exerted in low levels, his aura is warm and welcoming, but as he uses more magical energy, his aura becomes more vibrant and hot, repelling any enemy that tries to get near him, and burning anyone with mere contact. It appears white when he has used Fusion to combine with Winters. The properties of his aura also change to have a freezing affect, acting as the inverse of his normal aura, depending on whether or not he's using his Ice Magic or standard Plasma Dragon Slayer Magic.




Sekhmet (セクフメット Sekufumetto): A black katana utilized by Aether.  It's his preferred weapon in combat and he is incredibly skilled with it.  It's capable of clashing with most kinds of metals. This sword is made from Black Steel, a rare material twice as powerful as normal steel, and capable of even matching Adamantine. This metal also has the added benefit of counteracting magical defenses, allowing Aether to cut enemies with elemental body techniques without the aid of his energy manipulation. It's also capable of conducting magical energy, allowing Aether to increase his cutting power with it by streaming his Plasma Dragon Slayer Magic through it. This conductive nature can also allow Aether to store small portions of his magical energy in the blade. Through this method, Aether can lend his power to someone, similarly to an Edolas weapon, pin his opponent with his sword and continuously burn them with the blade (even when separated from it), or simply prevent someone from picking up his blade (as it burns them when they touch it). Despite being made from a metal device, the sword cannot be melted by Aether's own magical plasma, being capable of repelling Aether's 40,000 degree plasma, should he ever need to. His sword is notably durable, in that it could even block Vincent Alvaro's Blades of Death.


Hathor (ハサー Hasā): A white katana used by Aether.  Aether dual wields it with Sekhmet, switching between a regular and reverse grip on the blade to maximize offensive and defensive capabilities. It was initially a gift from Odin, captain of the Dark Mage Disposal Squad, and is made from his Yggdrasil wood. This makes it far more durable than ordinary wood. Odin describes the wood as being stronger than steel, but this sword was specially crafted, and as such is hyper reinforced. It is just as strong, and durable as Sekhmet, allowing it to clash with the likes of Black Steel and Adamantine with absolutely no problems. Other than this, it still has the same properties of Sekhmet, being magically conductive and resistant to Aether's own incredibly hot plasma. It only lacks the same defense nullification, but Aether can compensate using his energy manipulation. This sword was crafted to be a tertiary seal on Erebus, however, it was destroyed by Saul Peregrine in order to fully release his alternate persona. Fortunately, it was later replaced by a new blade from Odin. Like Sekhmet, this sword is also strong enough to block Vincent Alvaro's Blades of Death.

Black Steel Armor: After becoming a Rune Knight, the Magic Council equipped Aether, and the rest of his squad, with cutting edge Black Steel armor. It is just as dense and heat resistant as Aether's own Black Steel blade, Sekhmet, allowing him to utilize his magic to his fullest extant, while still possessing a powerful physical defense without the aid of his magic. He can also stream his magic through the armor in order to burn anyone who touches it, and act as an extra defense when using his Plasma Dragon's Scales. In general, Aether only wears this armor when on missions. Unfortunately, this armor does not show the same high resistance to the Blades of Death, still being able to be cut and serrated by the magic, but still provided ample enough protection to prevent serious injury.


Dragon Gunfire

Miriam Cade: Miriam is Aether's mother, and as such, he loves her dearly. He cares more about her than anything else, and picked up several habits from her, including his love for gardening. She was one of the few people that could get him to smile and laugh prior to Aether's emotions being opened by Janus. She always makes sure he's in a good mood. Miriam not being allowed to join Dragon Gunfire had a positive effect on his life, as this is what led to him being accepting of everyone, regardless of magical capabilities and race. Aether was so enraged when his grandfather struck her, Erebus was unleashed. Despite being an adult though, Miriam acts like he's still her baby.

William Mercury: William is one of Aether's magic teachers, having taught him Earth Magic, and is one of his most trusted guild mates. Aether's utter faith in William is demonstrated by how he was the one he sent to find Othrys so that the, then city-state could be defeated. William, in turn, did not reveal any secrets of Dragon Gunfire while being tortured by Cronus Saturnalia. The two share a close relationship, with William regarding him as his most skilled student, and sharing the same bond William does with all his disciples. William was the one that Aether chose to succeed him as guild master of Dragon Gunfire.

Jason Gaebolg: Although Aether feels no malice towards him, Jason initially hated him for the hand he played in the destruction of his guild, Black Void. Ever since then, Jason has been training nonstop in order to kill him. His most recent attempt at his life was during the Dragon Gunfire S-Class Promotional Trial on one of his islands. Julius Kaizar managed to take Aether out of commission, but the remaining Dragon Gunfire members managed to defeat Jason and the Quasars. Aether began to feel a small bit of hatred towards Jason after he threatened Samarra's life. After the Dragon Gunfire-Othrys War, Aether and Jason have reconciled, and Jason even became the head of Dragon Gunfire's Spartoi Program. Aether thinks he's now a top contender for the guild master position after William retires.

Koma Inu

Samarra Inari: The guild master of Koma Inu. The two became fast friends upon meeting and still remain so to this day. Aether harbored romantic feelings for Samarra, but originally didn't know if she reciprocated, and wanted to keep their relationship the same if she wasn't interested. The two have been on multiple dates, each time they had seen each other, they became closer. After the Erebus Incident, Aether professed his love for her, but the two have currently ended their romance.

Dragon's Tooth

Winters: Winters is Aether's pet Blizzardvern. Aether found Winters during one of his training sessions on Mount Hakobe after he had been orphaned. Taking an immediate liking to the baby Wyvern, Aether brought him back to the guild hall, and raised him. The two were nigh inseparable during adolescence, demonstrating the close bond the two share. During this time period, Aether had Miriam teach him Ice Magic with her Archive in order to help him better protect himself. Likewise, Winters also cares greatly for Aether, only getting into fights to protect him. Aether loves his wyvern, but his constant protection of the creature has caused him to become a "softie", often shying away from fights. But whenever Aether is in danger, Winters will not hesitate to get involved to protect his master.


Cronus Saturnalia: Cronus is the former King of Othrys, and was the most powerful being in the country. His goal to conquer the world was interfered with by Dragon Gunfire, which led to the kidnapping of William Mercury, and an all-out war between the guild and the city-state, prior to expanding to encompass all of Caelum. After harming his mother, Aether activated Erebus, and beat Cronus within an inch of his life. This event caused the two to feel unmatched hatred and resentment towards the other. Unknown to Aether at the time, Cronus is actually his uncle. Even after knowing this, his hatred for the man didn't decrease, especially after he killed his father.

Saul Peregrine: Saul is Aether's ancestor, and the original founder of the Dragon Gunfire guild. After Saul attempted to retake Dragon Gunfire, the two had an epic battle, ending in Aether's favor. As such, Saul hates Aether, while Aether has his guild members on constant watch for him, as he was barely able to defeat him the first time. In a climactic final battle, Saul was defeated a second time, and killed.

Genghis Breningoch: During the time Dragon Gunfire was fighting amongst itself, Genghis arrived with Dragon Soul to assist the pro-Dragon Slayers only faction, hoping to recruit them for his guild. Genghis and Aether clashed on the battlefield, but neither was able to beat the other. The two are opposites in their ideals, with Aether believing that all people are equal, while Genghis believes that only Dragon Slayers have the right to rule and should be on top. Currently Ghenghis is believed to be deceased.


Janus Saturnalia: Janus is Aether's biological father. Despite walking out on his family when Aether was born, Aether felt no ill will towards him, as his mother spoke very highly of him. Janus had been watching his son for many of his battles, wanting to keep track of his development. He was present when Aether fought during the Shattered Dusk - Toveri Alliance War, and when Aether battled and defeated Cronus. After Saul Peregrine returned to gain revenge, and successfully unleashed Erebus, Janus arrived to save his son. Using his Soul Door, he unlocked all of Aether's emotions, and removed the Erebus power from his body. After this the two were in constant contact, especially after Janus and Miriam were married. Aether sees him as his true father, and Aether often goes to him when he feels conflicted, or needs someone to confide in. He was later killed by Cronus, with Aether crying for the first time in years at his funeral.

Alexius: Aether has been hunting down Alexius due to his magical aura being identical to the deceased Saul Peregrine. As such, he sees him as a dangerous threat, and wishes to destroy him before things get out of hand. This led him to taking a leave of absence from Dragon Gunfire in the year X798 in order to find, and eliminate him. Despite knowing he's been trying to recruit mages, he initially didn't know what his goal was until the Legion Under the Black Sun came out of hiding. After their defeat, and when the army took control of Othrys, Aether no longer found it necessary to kill him, and the two are now more neutral than anything.


Aether's past times include:

  1. Spending time with his mother
  2. Playing with his Blizzardvern, Winters
  3. And tending for the garden on the island he created

In Greek Mythology, Aether is the primordial embodiment of the upper air, while Erebus is the primordial embodiment of darkness. Aether is sometimes considered the son of Erebus and the Night (Nyx), while in other variations they are brothers.

Aether's swords are named after the two faces of Sekhmet, the wild kill-crazy side, and the peaceful side after she's drunken too much blood. A reference to his normal and Erebus personality.

Aether is the youngest guild master Dragon Gunfire has had.

Aether shares the same birthday as Black Dwarf Star. Only his most favorite characters are given this honor. The only other character that he has created that has received this honor is Jupiter Saturnalia, who is based off of the author himself.

Aether is one of the four different characters created by Black Dwarf Star that he considers power stacked or overpowered, and does not wish to role-play with him in a combat situation. The other three are Cronus Saturnalia, Altar, and Jaco.

Aether's stats are:

Split Personality
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