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"The Hunter in the storm, who strikes his prey with lightning speed."
— Primarch11
Agire Hitokuchi
Sentinel Agire Hitokuchi
Name Agire Hitokuchi
Kanji 行為一口
Rōmaji Kōihitokuchi
Alias Kōken (黄犬, Yellow Hound)Raiya (雷矢, Lightning Arrow)
Race Human
Age 25
Gender Male
Height 6'7'
Eye Color Gold
Hair Color Yellow
Blood Type C
Unusual Features Red Tattoo on stomach
Professional Status
Affiliation Sentinel Order SymbolSentinels
Previous Affiliation Unknown
Occupation Member of the Sentinels and part of its elite and only team
Previous Occupation None
Team Team Cazador
Partner Voz Apoye
Base of Operations Heavenly Palace
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Magic Lightning Magic
Sealing Magic
Claw Magic
Unison Raid

Agire Hitokuchi is a member of the Sentinels, as well as a member of its only official team the Cazador, along with his partner Voz Apoye. He is well known for his use in lightning magic and his skills with Unison Raid alongside Voz. Agire is considered a vaulable member to the order.




Magic and Abilities

Natural Abilities

Immense Magical Powers

Incredible Reflexes

Incredible Speed

Incredible Strength

Incredible Hand-to-Hand Combat

Magical Abilities

Lightning Magic

Sealing Magic

Claw Magic

Unison Raid


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