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"Ahriman...Now there's a name to strike fear into even the blackest of hearts."
Azazel talking about the Ahriman




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Located In Caveam
The Ahriman (アーリマン, Āriman lit. Destructive Mind) are a race of extremely powerful creatures, known as "beings of chaos", the very manifestation of everything it represents, thus becoming alternatively known as Bringers of Discord (不仲の運び, Funaka no Hakobi). They were all sealed long ago in a dimension created to contain them, known as "Caveam" (獄門 (カビアム), Kabiamu; Latin for "Cage" and Japanese for "Prison Gate"), where they have remained for millenia.



The Ahriman are humanoid in their bodily structure, their skeletal structure having the basis, but the rest of their body being vastly different. They are incredibly thin and slender, to the degree their ribs are visible, as well as veins. They possess an elongated head structure, extending to their back, lacking any eyes, only a mouth full of fangs. On their back, they have bones sticking out like spikes, as well as having claws on both their hands and feet. Their hands have six fingers, with two "thumbs" on each side of the hand, as well as three toes. The Ahriman have a distinctive tail, being incredibly thin, but also very strong, with the tip having a blade-like bone structure.

Background & Creation


The gate of Caveam closing after sealing the Ahriman

The Ahriman's origin is shrouded in mystery, but a commonly accepted theory is that they are the end result of millions of years being sealed away in Caveam, after the initial Ahriman were merely demon corpses that were affected by the strong energy residue from the Original Demon, causing them to distort and change to something far worse. Initially, they were merely corpses controlled by the dark energy of the Original Demon, but slowly began shifting to a more "complete state", resulting in a stronger, more feral version, slowly becoming embodiments of chaos. After being sealed in Caveam, the Ahriman spent millenia fighting amongst themselves, "changing" as time went on, with only the strongest remaining alive, and soon after, the began reproducing asexually, resulting in increasing numbers. Currently, the Ahriman are said to possess extraodinary power, that if unleashed on Earth Land, would be catastrophic, and mark an apocalypse.

In today's world, they are believed to be a mere myth, a legend much like the Original Demon. While others believe in their existence, some even thinking the Ahriman are a single deity, as opposed to one large race, and is typically worshipped, much like how there exists cults who worship Zeref. Regardless, there exists individuals who try and free the Ahriman once more.

Biology & Behaviour

Powers & Abilities

Overall Physical Prowess:


Chaos Ahriman

Chaos Ahriman (境界を粉々腕 (カオス・アーリマン), Kaosu Āriman lit. The Arm that Shatters Boundaries):


  • Ahriman is the Middle Persian equivlant of Angra Mainyu, the Avestan-language name of Zoroastrianism's hypostasis of the "destructive spirit".
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