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Ahura Halcyone

アフラ ハルシウーン


Ahura Harusiuun




Female.png Female




177 cm (5'10")


68 kg (150 lbs)


March 2

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

Vanguard.pngEternal Vanguard
TenWizardSaints.pngTen Wizard Saints
Magic Council(Loosely)

Previous Affiliation


Guild Mark Location

Left Cheek



Personal Status



Unknown Family (Deceased)
Kida Saskia (Adopted Sister)


All Synchronization Magic

"A child of love."
The Life-Binder

Ahura Halcyone (アフラ ハルシウーン Ahura Harusiuun) is a kind-hearted Mage who is a currently employed by the Magic Council and is known to be incredibly powerful. Originally born in a village of primitive-like people, she was raised to be the Priestess of their religion. However, when the village was attacked, there was no village left. This turned her heart cold for awhile, and as a young teenager, she lived on the earth until she was found by Monks. Alongside Kida Saskia, they were raised to be the peacekeepers of the corrupted world. Much like her adopted sister, both deeply care for the earth and will do everything to protect it and it's inhabitants. Ahura chose to work under the Magic Council, hoping that doing this would make a bigger impact on other people instead of joining a guild. Ahura does this by using the magic that exists to protect the universe, All Synchronization Magic, and is incredibly advanced in the use of it. Even more advanced than Kida. Despite coming to the Monastery at a later age than Kida, Ahura was able to pick this magic up with ease. Many of the Monks believed that it was her ties to her original religion that allowed her to use this magic flawlessly, and she does. Ahura is incredibly dangerous when using the offensive spells of this magic, however, since she doesn't believe in violence she will only use defensive spells when it comes to battle.


Kida atlajntis by ceiga-d5nptw6.jpg

Ahura is known to have a very tribal appearance, an obvious tribute to her former village that was destroyed by war hungry mongrels. She also looks like she is older for her age, but  doesn't have wrinkles or bags under her eyes, the wisdom that she displays can cause people to add a few years to her. She has a dark tan complexion when it comes to her skin, and it makes a really beautiful contrast to her bright white hair. Ahura has bright white hair that falls down to her mid-back and it is known to be kept unkempt, especially when it comes to the cut of the hair. She has really choppy layers that are all over her face, and some frame her face, but it works for her look. She has bangs that falls at her dark-haired eyebrows, with a chunk of hair extending past her bangs, and it usually falls just to the right of her nose. It matches her incredibly unkempt hair. She has one section of hair that is tied together with a small band, it has no signifigance, it might just be there so her hair doesn't get in her face. Ahura has unusually bright blue eyes that always seem to have a glow-like appearance to them. It either makes her look like she is possesed or is in the middle of synchronization. That might be a reason people tend to talk with caution around her, or they think she is some kind of savage due to her appearance. To compliment her blue eyes, Ahura has the mark of her tribe underneath her left eye in the same ghastly blue. This is the biggest thing that relates back to her tribal history. In their primitive language where they used symbols to write out their language and histories, the mark on her face means 'hope' in her first language. 

Much like her appearance, her outfit is homage to her former life. You may be thinking, why is everything dedicated to her old life? Well, it was the only like she ever knew, and the people she grew up with taught her everything she still uses today. Now, Ahura wears an outfit that is rather...revealing. It consists of a top and a skirt that has a cloth go down to about her mid-calf. Everything is blue, well there is one red stripe on her skirt. Her top is a light blue, same as the cloth that goes down to her mid-calf. Her skirt is a darker blue, a darker blue that compliments the red stripe and the other lighter blue. Ahura is able to pull the cloth out, so she is just wearing a skirt, she will usually do this when she is swimming or doing an activity where she doesn't want it swinging around. On her left upper arm is a gold band, it looks like it would be a strap to her top if it wasn't a different color. However, it's a band made entirely of real gold. She also wears a necklace with a blue gem on it. It looks like she channels her magic through it, however, the magic that she wields cannot be channeled through a material object like a necklace. Instead, it glows when she is in Synchronization or even using magic. It's really neat, and it glows a very pretty blue as well. Much like a her gold band, Kida wears hoop earrings made of gold as well. it really pulls her tribal look together. There are some occasions were Kida is wearing armor, and when she does, it's usually shoulder pads and wrist protectors. They're not blue like her usual outfit, instead they're a boring gray. Yeah, nothing interesting about them except how they protect her body.


Ahura comforting

Unlike Kida Saskia, Ahura did not have to spend her childhood locked up inside a Monastery doing nothing but learning. She's not awkward and doesn't know how to make friends, in fact, she is very sociable when it comes to meeting new people. She can just walk right up and she won't get cold feet. Also, she got to have fun, she was an incredibly happy child when she was growing up, and she still has some of that child within her. However, this side of her did go away for awhile when she watched her entire village get destroyed. However, when she came to the Monastery, this side had seemed to come back completely. She loves to laugh and crack jokes, however, it might be very amusing to her while not very amusing to the person that she is telling the joke too. At least she knows how to have a little fun. She understands that a smile can change the entire mood of someone, so she will always greet someone with a warm and compassionate smile. Also, with a big hug. There are some times where she will invade your personal space, but it will all be in good meaning. Now, she has has been called the child of love many times. This would be because she has the love for everything that of an innocent child would. Someone completely oblivious to the past of other's is able to open their arms to them. This is why she is called that. She not only has the innocent love of a child, but she also loves to have a little fun too. When she spent her time at the Monastery, she learned an important lesson, and that was to love everything. She already does that, but it put on a much deeper meaning to her. Ahura began to donate her time to helping others, she would help preserve the wildlife that was being destroyed. She would put anything above herself, and through this she understood that she was put on earthland to protect earthland. She even learned this in her tribe, but it didn't really strike her heart until then. 

Ahura giving advice

Now, along with her more child-like personality, she is an incredibly curious person. This could also go along with the fact she can walk up to almost anyone. She loves to try new things, to meet new people. She can dive into things without reading the list of dangers first, she's that curious. This curiosity has led her to get into some trouble before, poking her head in places where she shouldn't be poking it. She hasn't gotten into any legal trouble or anything like that, she has just done some things that people wouldn't really like. Ahura can act childish, but she can also step up to the plate when she needs to be serious. She is like that relative that is hilarious, but someone you also go to advice when you don't know what to do. So, you can guess that she is incredibly wise. Even though she is rather young to be incredibly wise, but being able to reconnect with Monks at any time, and the lessons she had learned when she was young, she is incredibly wise. Even if it is as something as simple as deciding what type of food to get, she could give you an entire lecture on the ways that it will affect your mood and things that don't even matter or relate to the food. Ahura can over-inform like that. She doesn't mean it to be annoying, she just does it so people will make the right descision. She can also be serious if she wants to, and this side will usually turn on when it comes to the protection of Earthland. It is like she becomes different person when something is threatened, especially if it something that can't defend itself like plants or innocent wildlife. This side only comes out when it becomes an incredibly serious sitation, other than that, she tries to make the most out of the situation. All-in-all, Ahura is someone who you can joke around with, and even ask her personal questions, and with her wisdom she can give you the right answer you were looking for. 


Ahura and her Mother

Ahura has a past that starts out well, then it gets bad, and it starts to get good again. She doesn't talk much about what happened before she came to the Monastery because she doesn't want people to pity her. She isn't a person who needs someone to tell her that she couldn't have stopped it. Ahura knows that, and she moved on. Now, she was born into a primitive-like tribe. They didn't use advanced magic like the magic that exists now, the only thing that the tribe people knew was Fire Magic, and usually only the leaders knew how to use this magic. Ahura was happy, she grew up with many siblings and had parents that loved her deeply. Life was good, and life was treating Ahura and her people well. However, not aging with the world was bound to cause them trouble, and eventually trouble caught up with them. Bandits who used very different magic attacked the tribe, killed everyone, and ransacked what they had. There would be more detail, but Ahura doesn't remember much. Even though she was a teenager then, she had lost conciousness due to an unknown item falling on her head. Her mother had hidden her away somewhere where she wouldn't be found, and it worked out perfectly. After she thought it was safe to come out, Ahura discovered all of the dead bodies of her loved ones. This is the part that she remembers clearly, and the part that she tries to tuck away in her mind. Total shock ran though her, and she laid beside her mother's dead body until morning. When she awoke, she was an entirely different person. They world that she knew had died with her loved ones, and she realized the true nature of the outside world. This hardened her heart, and she wouldn't let anyone melt it. That is, until she had met Kida and the Monks. However, that is farther out in Ahura's story. 

Meeting the Monks

Ahura began to wander different parts of Earthland, and being only a teenager who did not use magic, she had a hard time making it in the world. She began to beg for scraps, and lived in a tree that she had to share with some unwelcoming animals. It was rough, and she had to endure it. However, it made her become humble. It's rather funny that she didn't come upon Kida, because it seemed that that both had lived on the streets some time in their lives. Hungry and out of options, Ahura broke into a Monastery to feed herself and survive another day. Little did she know that this action would change her life forever. Instead of the Monks punishing her, they decided it would be better to take her in and teach her their ways. This is where she met Kida, and awkward child that had somehow melted her heart along the way. She changed her entire life around, and became a servant to the people. Along with this, she learned an incredibly magic alongside Kida. All Synchronization Magic, the magic that allows you to have a deep connection to the universe. Unlike Kida, she was able to pick this up easy. It must have been from her deep connection to her past religion and commitment to the earth that allowed her to pick this up with ease. She was even able to surpass Kida when it came to skill, resulting in a small competition between them. However, it was friendly competition. She was able to fully be a servant to Earthland, and this magic would help her get there. It's actually her wisdom and compassion that seals the deal, and the magic has little part in it. The magic just does the physical healing, while her spirit does the emotional and even the spiritual healing. 

After awhile, it was time for Ahura to leave the Monastery and go out and make a real difference on the world.

Saying goodbye

Unlike Kida who joined a guild, she wanted to make a change in a different way. This is where the Magic Council comes in. She felt like joining an organization that doesn't cover just one certain area would be better. So, she applied and she was accepted. Ahura became first respone when it came to the healing of the earth and the comfort of people, and wasn't really someone who wanted to fight. This is what made her strange to the other mages employed under the council, and she sort of became an outcast. This didn't really affect her, because she wasn't out looking for a friendship, she was only there to help. She spent a few years just doing her own thing, not really socializing with anyone that she worked with. Which is weird, because she is known to be an incredibly social person. Ahura began to move up the ranks, and she was soon forced to use her magic for battle. She didn't really know how, because all she knew were the spells that she was taught by the Monks, which were mainly defensive spells. Then, she had met with Kida when they happened to be in the same town. After a discussion, Kida had told her than she had invented a spell that involved some offensive properties. It didn't break any of the rules of their magic, so it was perfect. Ahura thanked Kida greatly, and this made her job so much easier. With this, she also gained in strength. She could fight for herself, well, she could before. However, this time she can send a massive punch back. 


Magic and Abilities

Magical Abilities 

All Synchronization Magic (一切同期の魔法, Issaidōki no Mahō) is a very rare Caster Magic that involves the user having a deeper connection to the universe. This magic allows the user to synchronize themselves with the said universe. It allows them to shape the energy of the universe to their will. Even though this might seem overpowered, the users who shape the energy can only to it to heal the earth or protect it. There is no rule of magic for this, it is the users own rule to themselves on this magic. Well, most of the Monks are told this. Since this is a magic that's only purpose is to serve the universe, if they happen to break away from this, the magic will become ineffective because it is only to protect the universe. It is not used to destroy it. There is some offensive abilities, but are usually used as a last resort. If the user is being attacked, they can reroute the attack towards the person who seeks to harm the user. Or, the user can negate the attack using the energy of the user. Since the user is drawing energy from the universe and using it for offensive users, this will quickly drain the user. However, when it is used to help heal the earth, it drains little power. This user of this magic who synchronizes with the user has been known to manipulate eternano. So far, Kida and Ahura are the only known users of this magic who are able to use an offensive style while not in Synchronization. 

  • Synchronization (同期 Dōki) The most basic spell of the magic, it allows the user to become one with
    the universe. When in use, the user's eyes typically glow a ghostly white. This symbolizes that the user and the Universe have made a connection.  When the user is connected the the universe, they can manipulate the eternano in the surrounding area. When the eternano is being manipulated, it appears as a beam of blue light, and in other cases, it looks like wind. When the user is being attacked while in synchronization, the universe will react by manipulating the eternano to attack the attacker. Usually, the user has no control over this, as the universe and them have become one. In most cases for Kida, she usually uses this spell when she is meditating. This allows her to contact the universe and the spirits that roam. However, she will use this as last resort. Even though is the most basic spell, when used as an offensive spell, it can be the most deadly out of all of the spells. Usually, the user has to be connected to the universe to access all of the other spells. However, Kida and Ahura are only known users who do not have to be connected to the universe to access all the other spells. 
  • Negate (否定する Hitei suru) A more complicated spell, which branches off of the Synchronization spell. The user usually has to be connected to the universe in order to negate the spells that are coming towards them or the thing they are protecing. However, since Ahura is so advanced in this magic she does not have to be connected to the universe in order to Negate other spells. This would be, because the user is manipulating the eternano of the magical spell that was casted towards them. When the spell is being nullified, the user blocks the spell with either an extended palm or in a punching motion. Even though the spell is not used very often to protect the universe, it is used to protect the user that wishes to protect the balance of the universe. So, this spell is greatly needed becauser the user cannot do very much offensively. However, since Ahura can use offensive spells, using a combonation of this and an offensive spells makes her a deadly opponent. Typically, the user will nullify the spells until they can get close enough to their attack so the user can physically attack them. 
  • Abrogation  (アブロガシーオン Aburogasiion) This spell was created by Kida Saskia herself, in order to have a spell that can actually deal some damage. This spell does not required to user to be in Syncronization, because this is an offensive spell. This could also be called 'Reflector' because the user takes the eternano of the spell and sends it back to the attacker. Ahura doesn't send the attack back in the form it came in, rather, she sends it back in something that looks like wind. It's just the eternano of the magic in a physical form. This spell has been proven to be extremely deadly, especially if she is facing higher skilled mages. She is able to send their attacks back to them, same power, this is what makes it deadly. This spell is considered extremely unorthodox for this magic, but she bended the rules for this spell because she needed something that would allow her to have a fighting chance. Using a combonation of Negate and Abrogation has been proven to be a deadly combonation, especially when fighting high skilled mages whose intentions are evil. That is her only justification for making this spell. 
  • Reconnection (再接続 Sai setsuzoku) A spell that allows Ahura to connect to the past Monks of the
    Monastery she learned this magic in. This spell has been proven many times to be the most useful when seeking wisdom, as well as advice about life. In order to use this spell, Ahura has to be meditating and she has to be in Syncronization. If these requirements are not met, this spell will not work and she will not be able to connect to the Monks of the past. While using this spell, Ahura's mind is sent to another dimension to talk to the past Monks. Here, she is able to learn about their mistakes and achievements so she will know the better choice to make. In many situations, she has been known the sit down randomly and connect. Even when she is a public facility. It doesn't matter where she is as long as she can connect to them. She is even able to connect to Monks who are meditating at the same time as her, seeking for answers like her. When she meets a living Monk, she usually asks how it is back home, as well as advice. She believes that getting advice from someone who is living in the same time and experiencing the same hardships as her has better advice than someone who is deceased. This spell has no offensive or defensive capabilities. It's only function is to provide Ahura with wisdom and advice. 
  • Ascertainment (たしかめ Tashikame) This spell allows the user to see what is unseen by connecting to
     the earth. This is one of the only spells where the user is forced to be in Syncronization because the user has to be connected to the universe in order to use it. When in use, the user can see beyond what the naked eye can see. In now way is this an offensive spell, besides Reconnection, this spell's only use is to help the user navigate in the dark or places where they have a hard time seeing. The purpose of this spell is because the Monastery is up in the mountains, and there are many caves where it is hard to see. The monks developed this spell, learning from the bats using Sonar to help them see. Instead of having a signal sent back to the user, they can see whatever is in their way just by using this spell. Ahura and Kida have been known to use this spell a lot, because it helps them predict their enemy's next move. They can feel the slightest movement, even if it's a large inhale. This spell is so useful when it comes to fighting, that Ahura has been known to closer her eyes when fighting because it is easier to fight. This throws her opponents off, and it makes them think that they can beat her since she has her eyes close. However, she can see much better with her feet than with her eyes.

Natural Abilities 

Immense Magical Energy: Ahura is known to possess an incredible amount of Magical Energy, enough to allow her to endure long battles and still have magical power to spare. The magic that she uses while fighting requires tremendous amounts of magical energy, so in order to have magic left over she needs to have this immense energy in her arsenal. Ahura isn't one to show off her power, but when she exerts her magical power it gives of a light blue color. In fact, there are many people who don't know that she possess this kind of power. Most people believe her to be fragile and weak because of her love of nature and all things breathing. However, when someone threatens to hurt those things she can whoop you into shape, and with her Immense Magical Energy, it might even happen in a few seconds.

Exceptional Strength: Ahura is known to be incredibly powerful when it comes to the physcial side of her. Just like


her magical energy, it's a bit of a surprise when she can lift you up over her head and throw you in the opposite direction. That's why it's more of exceptional strength instead of immense strength, because her strength is like a surprise attack weapon. Even though she looks fragile and weak, she can most certainly show you up in an arm wrestling personality. However, it's not like her to do that. Unless, you appeal to her childish personality and you dare her to do it. They had to teach her something else in the Monastery that she was cooped up in, and she chose to master the physical side of herself. It most certainly paid off, and she became an incredibly dangerous opponent when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. There are even a few of her fellow council members that she can beat in an arm wrestling match, but hey, the size of your bicep doesn't compare to the size of your heart. In Kida's case, she has both. Though, to be fair, her heart is way bigger than her biceps. So you better watch out, because this fragile tribe woman can pick you up even if you weigh more than her, and throw you over her shoulder. 


  • Ahura is based upon Kida from Atlantis and Atlantis: Milo's Return