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Ailment Magic

エールメント メージク


eerumento meejiku


Caster Magic


Ren Kurushimi

Ailment Magic (エールメント メージク eerumento meejiku): is magic that inflects different types of "status ailments" onto the opponent. several ailments can be applied at the same time

Ren's spells

  • Cobra Strike: The Sufferer's Blade gets a purple aura to it. When an enemy is hit they are poisoned, the poison slowly weakens an enemy giving Ren an advantage in long drown out fights.
Cobra strike

The sufferer's blade gets a purple aura when using cobra strike

  • Delirium: A magic blast shot from the palm of Ren's hand. This blast must hit the head to work. When it hits the head the enemy is dazed for a moment.
  • Blinding Light: This spell requires two free hands so Ren must sheath his Sufferer's Blade to perform this spell. After placing his hands together he opens then creating a bright light which blinds unsuspecting enemies.
  • Medusa Glare: Ren shoots two small but fast moving magic blasts from the tips of his middle and index fingers. when the shots hit there mark the enemy is turned to stone till they are hit again.
  • Scorpion Sting: The Sufferer's Blade gets a yellow aura to it. when an enemy is hit they are paralyzed for a few seconds.
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