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Akari is a shinobi who is recognised by the Koga Family as the strongest shinobi who has existed in a very long time. As a shinobi she is legally able to go on normal missions and missions that would turn a mage into a dark mage in the eyes of the public. These missions include: information gathering, infiltration, espionage, sabotage, and even assassination. Her rights as a shinobi extend to the point that she is allowed to use her judgement to legally kill anyone, even if she isn't on a mission. Like most shinobi, this makes her very valuable to a lot of guilds, governments, and organizations.


Akari is a short girl who wears her long brown hair in a ponytail. In addition, her bangs fall down past her face and they are parted in the middle as a way to hide the entire left side of her face, but at the same time leave the right side visible. Like most shinobi she has a non-intimidating and unimpressive build that hides her true physical prowess and allows her to hide more effectively. Underneath her unimpressive build is her incredible physical prowess that most vampires have.

While being a shinobi, she doesn't wear the stereotypical attire of all black clothing. In fact, this rumor was started as a joke because wearing all black clothing all the time can cause a shinobi stick out when a shinobi's greatest tool is stealth. Since she finished her shinobi training, Akari's clothing changed from an attire suited for combat to an attire that looks more civilian as a way of blending in. Simiarly to Itsuki's clothing, her clothing is as durable as armor yet as light as silk, which is thanks to the magic power infused in every piece of clothing. Akari wears her trademark white scarf that wraps loosely around her neck. During missions that require stealth, this scarf is moved up her face to conceal her mouth. Beneath the scarf she wears a sleeveless black vest on top of a long white shirt. The long white shirt is very loose on her arms which could suggest that there may be a hidden blade strapped to one or both of her arms. Benath her shirt and vest, Akari wears a red plaid skirt, which is above black socks that reach her calves and brown shoes. The right sock is usually visible while the left sock is concealed under a leg warmer that reaches to her knees.

Appearance During a Mission

Shinobi Drive

When Akari uses Shinobi Drive her physical apperance is altered slightly.


As a very experienced shinobi, Akari has been on a lot of jobs such as espionage, sabotage, assassination. This has caused her personality to develop an "adaptive" quality. This means that her personality, likes, dislikes, and tics fluidly changes depending on her environment and the people she is with. This trait allows Akari to gain anyone's trust or friendship and effortlessly infiltrate herself into any community, no matter how tight the security of that community is. In addition, Akari's vast wisdom allows her to pick on body language of those around her in ways that allow her to gain knowledge about the community she is in.

When Akari is around her close friends or the Koga Clan, Akari is often portrayed as a very lenient and easygoing person.


Touma Kaneko


Akari and her brother were born in a hospital in Neo Arcadia. Akari was born first followed by her brother who was born two minutes later. While her brother was very healthy at birth, Akari was not. Not only did she have a disease that caused her to have mismatched eyes, but she also had too much magic power. This caused her to be feverish for most of her infant-hood.

When Akari turned three years old her parents found a mage who was a doctor. This doctor was able to bring Akari's magic power reserves to normal by draining the magic power from her body. As Akari grew older and entered her childhood, her parents discovered that her childhood wasn't much easier than her infant-hood. This is because Akari was always alone since all the kids her age shunned her because of her eyes. This treatment caused her to hate her eyes. This hatred showed itself when Akari let her hair grew out in order to hide one of her eyes when she was six years old. Her parents once said that it almost seemed as if Akari was trying to send a message that she wanted one of her eyes removed.

When Akari was eight years her entire family was attacked by a vampire. The vampire killed her parents and bit Akari and her brother, causing both of them to transform into a vampire. Afterwards, the vampire disappeared which forced Akari to look after her brother because at the time no one wanted to adopt them. Two years later, a woman that belonged to a family of ninjas found Akari under a bridge and decided to adopt her even though she was a vampire. The Koga Clan tried to adopt Taiga as well, but Taiga was no where to be found.

Akari discovered that the family was really kind to her, despite the fact that she was a vampire. The woman was especially kind to her and a remarkable good mother as well. This was because she allowed Akari to drink her own blood after cutting herself and letting the blood flow into a cup and at the same time not tell anyone that she was a vampire. She was probably the best human parent a vampire could have. As expected it didn't take long for Akari to trust the family enough to uncover her eye. However, unlike the kids who teased her before she became a vampire, the kids that belonged the family of ninjas thought that the mismatched eyes were "cool." The kids began to make up stories saying that her right eye was the eye of a god and they believed that so much that the adults outside the family who previously ignored Akari started to talk to her.

As Akari grew up with the Koga Clan, the family trained Akari in the ways of a shinobi. To the family’s surprise, Akari was a quick learner and became full-fledged shinobi in only five years when it usually takes eight years. After she became a full-fledged shinobi, Akari began to play an active role in the five-decade-long war against the Iga Clan. During this time, Akari began to hear rumors about a new and powerful dark mage that goes by the title of the "Lord of Pandemonium."At first, Akari wasn't interested in this dark mage because she believed it wouldn't be long before a shinobi killed the dark mage for profit.

The war against the Iga Clan ended four years after Akari became a full-fledged shinobi. Once the war ended, she found out the "Lord of Pandemonium" was still alive. She also found out that this dark mage was able to kill every shinobi who tried to kill him. One night, two months after the war ended, she saw the Lord of Pandemonium kill her adoptive mother and brother killed.

She was startled to find out that this dark mage was actually her brother. At first she was in disbelief that her brother would do such a thing and she believed that he must have a good reason. This was proven false when Taiga tried to kill her. At that moment she convinced herself that the brother she once knew was dead, replaced by the man that was in front of her. At that moment, she swore to herself that the Lord of Pandemonium will die by her hands to pay for what he did to her real brother, adoptive mother, and adoptive brother. Right when she was prepared to fight, the man in front of her smiled and then fled.



  • Various Shinobi Weapons and Tools:
  • Amulet of Darkness: The Amulet of Darkness is an amulet that emits an invisible barrier that weakens any light that comes into contact with it just enough to allow a young vampire to walk during the day. The invisible barrier extends just enough to cover the entire body.
  • Shinobi Paper Bomb: Shinobi Paper Bombs are slips of paper that were special invented by the Koga Clan. These slips of paper set off a powerful explosion when the wielder produces their Magical Aura.

Magic and Abilities

Shinobi Art

Shinobi Art is a form of combat that serves as Akari's main form of combat. This fighting style gives Akari the mystical, mental, and physical abilities that have made shinobi famous throughout Earth Land. The physical and mental abilities usually revolve around espionage, sabotage, assassination, etc. While the mystical abilities revolve around using magic power in order to perform feats such as: turn invisible, use magic power-based attacks, shapeshift, increase the efficiency of the mental and physical aspect of Shinobi Art, create clones, create illusions, create diversions, summon animals, etc. One of a shinobi's most well-known mystical abilities is their ability to bend their environment to their every whim. As a Shinobi, Akari also has absolute dominance over the environment she is in. Spells that are associated with this side of Shinobi Arts are grouped under the name: Elemental Shinobi Art. These spells use a set of hand seals called the kuji-kiri to mold her magic power into a form of energy called Śūnyatā. Śūnyatā is a type of energy that doesn't have a physical form. Instead, it is a type of energy that connects Akari to her environment, allowing her to control it. How the environment is controlled depends on what kind of hand seals are used. In addition, this connection gives Akari the ability to produce and control the five basic elements with incredible skill. These five elements are: earth, water, fire, wind, and metal. Just like manipulating the environment, how these elements are produced and controlled depends on which kuji-kiri is used and the order that the kuji-kiri appear. While this fighting style is technically a magic, due to how exclusive this fighting style once was, it has become known as something separate from magic.

  • Shinobi-iri Art: Vanishing: By focusing inwardly, Akari is able to hide her magical power from other mages and shinobi.
  • Shinobi-iri: Ghostly Presence: This spell allows Akari to blend into a populated space expertly. Living beings can still see her, but to them she is just another stranger. This means that they won't pay her much attention, this even works on pursuers who are actively looking for her. The only known weakness to this spell is that if the user's pursuers know that she is using this spell, it will no longer work on them.
  • Shinobi-iri: Shapeshift: Shapeshifting is one of the more famous spells that a shinobi uses. Stories about shinobi have stated that that they are masters of transforming. This is done by flowing magic power all over her body and then she visualizes what she wants to turn into. When she drinks someones blood she can shapeshift into them with much greater easy as well gain the ability to match their speech patterns when she transforms into them.
  • Shinobi-iri: Shadow Sneak: Shinobi-iri: Shadow Sneak is a spell that allows Akari to use her magic power to hide herself within the shadows of others or teleport to another being's shadow. Akari is able to use this spell to spy on her targets without leaving any evidence or make an unexpected assassination attempt.
  • Shinobi Art: Magic Clone: This is a basic spell that allows the user to create a clone of themselves or an object with magical energy.
    • Shinobi Art: Clone Army:
  • Shinobi Art: Magic Transfer: Shinobi Art: Magic Transfer is a spell that allows Akari to transfer her magical energy to anything or person. When it is transferred to a person the person's magical power increases by the amount of magical energy transferred. When it is transferred to an object, it can cause the object's durability, power, or cutting power to increase.
  • Shinobi Drive: Shinobi Drive is a spell that allows Akari to use the full capacity of her brain and muscles by focusing magical energy to her mind and body.
  • Kenjutsu Art: Swift and Silent Death: Kenjutsu Art: Swift and Silent Death is one of the most basic Shinobi Art assignation techniques that involve the use of a sword. To perform, Akari uses her incredible speed to seemingly teleport next to the opponent before using her incredible reflexes to swing her sword several times with blinding speeds.
  • Kenjutsu Art: Gatling Gun: Kenjutsu Art: Gatling Gun is a technique that incorporates incredible speed with magical energy. The user channels magical energy into their sword and then performs eight very fast stabs. On the eight stab the user releases the magical energy which causes the foe to be propelled back a great distance away.
  • Kenjutsu Art: Sword Kata: Akari rushes toward the opponent and performs four quick stabs directed at the opponents chest in a star shape formation with her Wakizashi, to try to cause the opponent to lose their balanced. This is followed by three quick slashes directed at the opponent's ankles. Finally, Akari channels magical power to the tip of her Wakizashi and stabs the opponent, upon impact the opponent is propelled back a great distance.
  • Taijutsu Art: Substitution: Taijutsu Art: Substitution is a spell that requires incredible speed and very precise timing to trick an opponent into thinking that Akari was hit. This is done by waiting until the exact moment an attack barely touches Akari and then using extreme speed to switch places with a nearby object. This in turn causes an opponent to think the attack landed, allowing Akari to form a surprise attack.
  • Taijutsu Art: Titanic Strength:
  • Taijutsu Art: Knife Hand: Akari makes a knife hand with one or both of her hands, then channels magic power along the edges of one or both of her hands. This allows Akari to cut through some of the hardest objects with her bare hands.
  • Taijutsu Art: Spear Hand: Taijutsu Art: Spear Hand is one of the most fundamental assignation techniques derived from Taijutsu Art. While it is a Taijutsu Art, it can be considered a Shinobi Art as well because incorporates magic power. To use the technique, Akari makes a knife hand with one or both of her hands. She then channels magic power to the edge and tips of that hand before running her hand through the opponent. If the opponent is struck at the right spot they can die instantly, this is why this technique is considered a "merciful" assassination technique among the shinobi community. Akari can incorporate any elements that she can use to increase the efficiency of the technique and add additional abilities to this simplistic technique.
  • Fire Ninja Art: Flame Devourer
  • Fire Shinobi Art: Fire Spin: This spell is a fire-based spell that incorporates Shinobi Art's Kuji-kiri allowing Akari to produce fire from her body. To perform the spell Akari forms the hand gestures: Retsu and Zai, then Akari extends her hand in front of her and releases a blast of flame from each hand. As the flames approach the opponent the two blasts of flames intersect each other while widening vertically and horizontally, forming a very difficult fire spell to dodge that resembles a flaming tornado.
  • Fire Shinobi Art: Smokescreen: This spell is activated when Akari forms the hand gesture: Retsu. Using this single Kuji-kiri allows Akari to release smoke from a single body part or her entire body. Once released, the smoke is able to prevent Akari from being seen, allowing her to make a quick getaway.
  • Wind Shinobi Art: Leviathan: To perform the spell Akari first forms the hand gestures: Retsu, Kyo, Zai, Rin, Retsu then she extends both arms before releasing several blasts of wind from her hands.
  • Water Shinobi Art: Vortex: Akari performs the hand seals Retsu, Zen, and Kai and then releases a vortex of pressurized water from her hands. The vortex of water is able to move toward the target at incredible speeds and when it makes contact with the opponent it causes the opponent to be launched off their feet.
  • Water Shinobi Art: Aquatic Stealth:
  • Illusion Art: Phantom Stroke: This illusion is activated as soon as an opponent sees one of Akari's attacks. This illusion causes the opponent to misjudge the attack's speed, power, and range. This allows Akari to successfully land attacks on target's that she would otherwise be unable to due to their speed or other factors.
  • Illusion Art: Dragon Army: Akari snaps her fingers and creates an illusion of a dragon army that is flying towards the opponent. This spell is shown to be very life-like. It is so life-like that it can confuse an opponent's sense of touch, causing the opponent to feel pain that is not actually there whenever a dragon successfully attacks the opponent.
  • Illusion Art: Killing Intent:
    Killing Intent

    Illusion Art: Killing Intent

    Illusion Art: Killing Intent is one of the few spells that requires Akari's left eye. With a single glance of Akari's left eye, the opponent is forcibly trapped in a mental illusion while their physical self is in a hypnotic trance. When the opponent is in the mental illusion they see a giant ominous figure looming over Akari that appears as if it is the manifestation of Akari's will to kill. Depending on how much Akari wants to kill the opponent, Akari can cause the opponent to suffer from immense physical trauma. Some opponents have been so scared that they pass out immediately.
    • Illusion Art: Death by Illusion: This spell is performed in the same way as Illuision Art: Killing Intent. When Akari makes eye contact the opponent becomes trap in a mental illusion and enters a hypnotic trance. Inside the illusion the opponent only sees darkness. After, the opponent has been inside the mental illusion for a couple of seconds they feel a sensation very similar to the sensation felt when a being dies. This can cause an enormous amount of mental trauma. Some opponents have never fully recovered from the effects of the spell.
  • Illusion Art: Lightning Storm: This illusion causes numerous illusory lightning bolts to streak down from the sky. The lightning bolts are so real that they can effortlessly confuse all of the opponent's senses, including the sense of touch. This means the opponent will feel pain that does not actually exist. This illusory pain is similar to the pain felt when a being is hit by a lightning bolt.
  • Illusion Art: Mirror Image: Illusion Art: Mirror Image is a spell that has recently caused her opponents to believe she is able to use Memory-Make. After witnessing a spell, Akari mimics the opponent's gestures or incantation and performs an illusory version of the spell they just used or have used in the past. While the spell is merely an illusion it is very realistic. Similar to most of her illusion spells, the illusion is so realistic that the opponent will feel pain that is not actually there whenever the illusory spell hits the opponent. This pain is similar to the pain that the spell can inflict. The one weakness this spell has is that once an opponent realizes what is happening the spell won't be as effective.
  • Illusion Art: Water Reflection: Illusion Art: Water Reflection is an Illusion Art spell that uses Akari's left eye. This spell is unusual because it used to counter another illusion spell. When an opponent tries to cast an illusion Akari uses her left eye's ability to serve as a mental block in order to turn the illusion against the opponent. Akari can keep the illusion as it is or transform it into a mental illusion and trap the opponent into the mental illusion. When Akari used the second version of the spell the opponent enters a hypnotic trance.
  • Illusion Art: Heavenly Wolf
  • Illusion Art: Tenrou Soldier


Requip is a holder type magic that allows Akari to store most of her shinobi weapons in a pocket dimension. This allows her to summon the weapons to her hand easily and quickly.


Togakure-ryū (戸隠流, School of the Hidden Door) is a very common fighting style that is practiced among shinobi. While other fighting styles focus on using a certain form of weapon or martial arts, Togakure-ryū uses an array of martial art styles, weapons, and it even incorporates Akari's various Elemental Magics. This unique blend of martial arts and weapons causes opponents to constantly be on their toes due to how unusual it is. This unique way of fighting stems from the Togakure-ryū philosophy of: "Keeping your opponent ignorant and guessing." Due to this philosophy, those who have fought against this fighting style often describe it as "stealthy" or "underhanded."

Flash Sword Style

Vampire Physiology

Despite Akari's human-like appearance, Akari is actually a vampire: a type of creature that feeds on blood. Since she is a vampire her biology is a lot than a normal human since she isn't alive, but instead she is undead. Her status as an undead is the main source of her abilities as a vampire. Just like the lungs of almost any user of Slayer Magic, Akari is shown to have very powerful and durable lungs and stomach. The similarity to users of Slayer Magic goes deeper than that because just like a Blood style Slayer user, when Akari drinks blood her physical and magical abilities are restored.

As many may guess, Akari's heart isn't beating due to her status as an undead, but her blood is distributed throughout her body by her magic power. This allows Akari's blood to function just as it would if she was alive. Similarly to the blood of a human, Akari's blood requires oxygen which means Akari still needs to breathe, but Akari's blood doesn't need as much oxygen allowing her to hold her breath for extended periods of time. This same magic power is known to be the source of Akari's incredible regeneration abilities.

As a vampire, Akari's main weakness is the sun, and as a child if her skin were to ever come into contact with the sun it would have caused her to combust. However, as time passed and she grew older the sun began to not have as have as much of an effect on her. Instead, the sun always causes a terrible sunburn upon contact.

  • Enhanced Physical Prowess: Akari has demonstrated on multiple occasions that her physical prowess is immense. This is mostly attributed to the fact that she is a vampire as well as a shinobi. By far, her greatest physical attribute is her speed followed by her strength. Akari's speed is so great that she is able to move fast enough to make it appear as if she is teleporting with very little effort. This speed of hers is what gave her the alias: The Flash. While Akari isn't the strongest vampire, she is pretty strong nevertheless. Akari is strong enough to easily cripple most opponents with a single punch. She has also shown to generate enough force with a punch to completely destroy a wall to the point that it looks as if someone used Crash on it.
    • Biological Immortality and Regeneration: Many of her opponents have talked about how hard it is to kill Akari. The reason for this is that as a vampire she is undead, which means she cannot die the normal way. Since, Akari is undead, she cannot die from old age or even diseases. She can even recover a lost limb or almost any other physical injury by simply reattaching the missing limb. This is thanks to the fact that her magical power is the reason behind how her body parts are linked. However, there are a couple of things that she cannot recover. If an opponent were to steal the limb a way before Akari could reattach it she would have to search for it and reattach it in order to regain use of that limb. She also cannot recover from damage inflicted by silver.
    • Blood Consumption and Blood Empowerment: As a vampire, Akari's diet consists solely on the blood of humans. It has been shown that her favorite type of blood is O-negative while her least favorite it A Positive. ​When Akari consumes blood the effect is similar to a Slayer consuming their element: she regains any stamina and magical power that she might have lost.
      • A less well-known fact about Akari Koga is that she has never sucked blood straight from a human. Instead, she drinks from a blood bag and uses Illusion Magic to help her visualize the bag as a human being. While this has helped, it is theorized that this has affected her magic power. As a result, the magic power she has right now isn't all of it. If she were to ever drink fresh blood, Taiga suspects that she may gain a dramatic increase in both magic power and physical prowess. This increase in power may even outclass his abilities.
    • Weapon Mastery: As a shinobi, Akari has mastered a wide variety of weapons. This mastery over weapons plays a key role in her ability to expertly use Togakure-ryū in combat. It appears that her mastery over weapons allows her to quickly master weapons that she hasn't used before by combining her knowledge over other weapons and apply it to the new weapon.
    • Enhanced Stealth: Stealth is one of a shinobi's greatest tools. As such, during training a shinobi tries to master the art of stealth early in their training. Akari is no exception and due to her training her ability to walk around or simply be in a certain location unnoticed as reached levels that far surpass most individuals of her species.
    • Enhanced Senses: Akari has incredible senses, most notably her sense of smell, which is strong enough to tell a human's blood type through the scent alone.
    • Fangs: Akari's canine teeth are able to grow from length of a normal human into fangs about an inch long as well as retract from fangs back to the normal size of a human. For the most part Akari is able to do this on a whim, but whenever she is really thirsty her canine teeth turn into fangs automatically and when this happens it seems that it is out of her control. The fangs are shown to be extremely sharp, capable of easily piercing though human skin and bone. Despite what it looks like, the edges of the fangs aren't smooth like a knife, but rather the edges resemble the edge of a saw. The only difference is that the bumps that make up the serrated edges of the fangs are too tiny to notice since it is serrated on a microscopic level. When a person is bitten the fangs pierce the skin more like a drill rather than like a needle not because the fangs rotate, which it doesn't, but because of the serrated edges. As a result the bumps that make up the serrated edges fall off causing the recently inflicted wound to be irritated. As a result the pain caused by a bite feels more like a paper cut, but hundreds of times more painful. The last key feature of Akari's fangs is that they are able to regrow rapidly whenever they are broken or even used.
      • Vampire Venom:
  • Vampiric Aroma: Like most vampires, Akari's scent is very appealing to humans. Akari's adoptive mother helped in tune her mind to her scent after realizing how useful it could be for a shinobi. After a couple of months of training, Akari gained the ability to manipulate her scent with her mind. This allows her to perform feats such increase its potency, direct it towards a single person to potentially have limited control over their mind, make humans trust or treat her as a friend, induce drowsiness, and she can even hide the scent away. The offensive applications come into play when she increases the potency then focuses it at a single person. This can overwhelm the opponent, causing them to become disoriented. The one weakness this ability has is it can only effect humans.
  • Cursed Eye:
    Cursed Eye

    Akari's Cursed Eye

    When Akari became a vampire a mutation occurred in her left eye that caused her left eye to gain unusual abilities. The first ability is the ability to trap opponents in a mental illusion state that causes them to enter a hypnotic trance and then control the illusion. This illusion is shown to be incredibly powerful, in fact Touma says the illusion can easily outclass the illusions created by Illusion Magic. This fact makes it very hard to break the illusion, but if one has enough magic power and willpower it can be broken. This eye is also able to see blood flow and veins in living beings, allowing her to predict an opponent's movements with great ease. Lastly, this eye gives Akari a moderate level of protection against Taiga's Eye of Chaos's ability to paralyze opponents. This leads people to believe that this eye also serves as a strong mental barrier.
    • Cursed Eye of Chaos: The Cursed Eye of Chaos is an eye-based ability that Akari obtained after her fight with her brother when her brother sealed his Eye of Chaos into her left eye. This evolved state of Akari's Cursed Eye is an ability separate from her Cursed Eye. This means that she is able to use both her Cursed Eye and her Cursed Eye of Chaos on a whim. In addition to having all the abilities of the Cursed Eye, the Cursed Eye of Chaos has abilities that are different from the Cursed Eye and Taiga's Eyes of Chaos. The first ability is probably the ability that puts the most strain on Akari. It puts so much strain on Akari's left eye that Akari can sometimes experience temporary blurred vision as well as bleeding. This ability allows Akari to focus her sight coming from her left eye causing the left eye only to see the target and then materialize an explosion of stellar energy around the single target, inflicting a lot of damage. This ability comes from Taiga's mastery over Heavenly Body Magic, which seemed to have had a small amount of influence on Taiga's eyes. It is unknown what this influence is since Taiga never showed the ability to combine his Eyes of Chaos with his Heavenly Body Magic on a large scale. Also, coming from Taiga's ability around fire is the ability to see infrared and heat through her left eye. To use this ability Akari must simply flow her magic power to her eyes. While it only has one combat use, it does have a lot of uses for activities such as spying since the eye is able to see the heat presence of any target. The only use it does have for combat is increasing Akari's ability to react to extremely fast movements. This ability is obtained when Akari focuses more on her ability to see heat than her normal sight. The last ability is an extended field of vision. While this eye is activated, Akari can have a 360 degrees field of vision. In addition, she is able to see across very large distances. When used with her ability see see infrared, this ability can make Akari a master of surveillance.

Magical Power

Akari has a lot of magic power at her disposal and she is able to use all of it with great skill due to her training.


  • "Strength is meaningless if your opponent is going so fast that you can't even see, let alone hit them." - Akari to an opponent.


  • Akari and her abilities as a kunoichi are based off of ninjas and kunoichis and their mythical abilities. This means that any similarities to Naruto is unintentional.
  • Akari's appearance is based off of Levi from the manga/anime, Trinity Seven.
  • I received permission from Ash to use the Flash Sword Style.
  • Akari's mismatched eyes is caused by a disease called Heterochromia.
  • The structure of Akari's fangs was inspired by the reason behind why paper cuts are so painful.
  • Akari gave her eye ability "Cursed Eye" due to her feelings toward her mismatched eyes, not because it is actually cursed.
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