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"Even if you beg for mercy, I won't listen!"

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"Behold, my latest creation. Akavish Sha-...!
Why the big boobs?
I mean, you created her, right? That means you purposefully designed everything about her, right?
I am the one who shaped her mold into the visual key I desired, correct.
Then...why did you give her such big boobs?
Look, I may not look like the most romantic man alive. And I'm not, or the most lovey dovey one, and I'm not. But, I am still a man. And a man can still enjoy the presence of a woman's breasts. have me.
Like I said, a woman's breasts.
Darkwalker and Diana Omdurman's exchange after Akavish's "birth"
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Akavish Shachor

アカビシュ シャカー


Akabishu Shakā


Demon Spider (鬼蜘蛛, Onigumo)


Demon (Living Magic)


Female Female

Hair Color


Eye Color


Professional Status

El Met


Dark Mage


Holchei Eden

Base of Operations

El Met Headquarters

Personal Status



Darkwalker (Creator)


Thread Magic

Akavish Shachor (アカビシュ シャカー, Akabishu Shakā lit. Black Spider) is a Demon created via Living Magic by Darkwalker, serving as a Dark Mage of the Black Magic Cult El Met. She is also a part of the cult's elites, the "Holchei Eden" (ホルキー イーデン, Horukī Īden lit. Heaven-Walkers), being considered medium-level among the group.



Akavish's full-body appearance

Akavish's appearance is quite possibly one of the most unique throughout Ishgar. As a Demon created by Living Magic, her appearance was optional and Darkwalker had a multitude of ways in which she could have been designed. Due to Darkwalker's multiple eccentricities, Akavish was designed a very attractive "demi-human" — a half human, half animal. In Akavish's case, she possesses the attractive upper body of a woman with short, lavender hair cut to her neck, pale skin, and six red eyes — two less than the common number of spider eyes. Her arms, from the shoulders down, are covered in a black carapace, matching her lower abdomen.

Her lower body, however, is her most shocking trait, as it is the abdomen and legs of a spider. Her legs are black in colouration, and smooth; imprinted on her back is a skull-like design, hinting at venomous capabilities. This abdomen is attached to the female rump that extends from her upper body.

Her attire consists of very revealing halter top, coloured black with white and gold trim. It's cut to reveal her large breasts, and reveals her entire wait. Furthermore, covering her waist and below is a similarly coloured loincloth.


Powers & Abilities


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