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Akiru Shisen
Tojima AU
Name Akiru Shisen
Age 26
Height 5'11
Professional Status
Affiliation koma Inu
Occupation Mage
Personal Status
Marital Status Married to
Magic Shadow Magic


Born in the small, nearly frozen town of Crescentia. Akiru had a fairly easy life despite the normal hardship that comes with living on the tundra. Living in that frozen wasteland bored Akiru, so at the age of sixteen he sat off on his own in search of a life full of adventure. It was during that journey that he got a taste for the ruff and tumble, fights, gambling, you name it. These activities got Akiru in a lot of trouble with the dark guilds and other underworld street gangs. Thanks to his silver tongue, Akiru was able to talk his way out of any big trouble he found himself in. He also met his future wife, Annalina. A smart girl from Zakuro town. A travelling florist with an attitude who, trough some twist of fate, joined Akiru as he travelled Hylion. keeping him out of trouble as best she could. Little did Akiru know that he would eventually fall in love with this woman.


Akiru has short, messy black hair. He can normally be seen wearing one of his favorite suits, smoking a cigarette to pass the time.


Akiru's arrogance and attitude are a huge part of who he is, second only to his Laziness. A cocky smile and a cigarette in mouth is his signature look. Insulting him or his woman is a quick and easy way to get on Akiru's bad side.

Magic & abilities

  • Hand to hand adept: Akiru is very skilled in hand to hand combat due to years of martial arts training.
  • Shadow armor: Incasing parts of his body in hardened shadow Akiru create an armor of sorts.
  • Shadow-Make: The ability to create and mold shadows at will.


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