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"Weither i left or not my heart will always be apart of Warrior Angel"
— Alana Merle

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Alana Merle

アラナ マール


arana maaru


Lady Alana




Female Female






December 2

Hair Color


Eye Color

Light Green

Professional Status
Previous Affiliation

2. Warrior Angel Guild Mark Warrior Angel Guild (Stepped down)

Guild Mark Location

Back Right Shoulder Blade


Second Guild Master

Previous Occupation

Guild Master

Base of Operations

Warrior Angel Guild Hall

Personal Status



Kozuki Merle (Husband) (Desceased)
Esca Merle (Daughter)


Aurora Magic
Illusion Magic
Healing Magic
Sealing Magic
Angel Shine
Angel Judgment


Heleos Blade

Alana Merle(アラナ マール arana maaru): was the second master of the Warrior Angel Guild and is the mother of Esca Merle. She step down as the master because she was unable to withstand the death of her husband Kozuki Merle and retired from wizardry while her daughter stayed with the guild. Before her retirement she appointed Tristan Scalibur as the next guild master and handed him the famous Heleos Blade. She is now living alone in a forest not far off from Deltra City. She specializes in Healing and Support Magic. She often comes to the guild to check up on it and to take care of the weakened members and often comes to their special events. Her kindness rivals that of an angel as it fills people with happiness in their hearts.


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Alana's Full Appearance

Alana is a tall women with pink smooth hair with a red hairband keeping her hair back with long bangs that go down to her chin and bangs on her forehead curved to the left. She has green eyes and smooth skin she also has a purple diamond shaped mark on her forehead. she is considered very attractive to a lot of people

She has a thin necklace with a ruby on it that she got from husband, she now wears it no matter what. She wears a light green, buttoned sweater that goes over the edge of her shoulders revealing half of her lime green guild mark on her back right shoulder blade. She also wears white paints with pink heal that has straps wrapped around her ankles.

After the death of the guilds first master Masaki Alberno and the original guild masters robe, Alana customized an all new guild master which is a short-sleeved long white haori that is worn over her normal attire, closed in the front by a thin, orange rope. The haori was decorated by red flame-like motifs on the edges, with the kanji for "Guild Master", however the robe was passed down to Tristan Scalibur when she retired from wizardry.


Alana is a sweet and gentle lady, she is always polite and graceful even in a battle. She cares about others even towards people she just met, making them trust her instantly. She wants everyone around her to be happy which she does by not showing any worry or sadness towards them no matter how sever it is. She wishes to protect everyone she can but considering her magic she has no choice but to only give support, but she will not hesitate to take a hit for her members. Her kindness rivals that of an angel. She looses all confidence in herself whenever she sees someone she cares for bleeding and unconscious on the ground and will break down crying as she tries to save them. She truly loves everyone within the guild with all her heart.

During her time as guild master Alana loved her guild with all her heart and treats her members like their her own children so she didn't want any members to get hurt so if one dies her heart is shattered and breaks down crying. During her time as guild master so much members were dying on missions that she couldn't handle it, the final straw was when her husband died that made her step down as guild master.

She can get upset when someone talks about her age or how old she is and if she does she'll just smack them on the head, she gets serious when she's thinking of strategy or when something bad happens but other then that she's just a kind hearted lady who cares about everyone


Not much is known about her past except that she joined the Warrior Angel Guild at the young age of 12


Kid Alana

When she joined at age 12 she a very shy little girl and was interested in learning magic from the guilds creator and master Masaki Alberno. Masaki was more then happy to teach her all he knows about magic. Once she met Masaki she began to open up to him and became excited to learn from him. Within time she became great mastery of the Aurora Magic which she was proud of and once her teaching was completed she assisted him into make the guild better so that they can get more members and popular to get some jobs.

Although it took some time the guild has finally became well known threw out Fiore and has gotten powerful new members for the guild. Alana has grown accustom to supporting the guild and assisting in challenging jobs into keeping the guild running that Masaki made her an assistant of the guild despite her age.

One day while she was working on stacking piles of apology letters for destruction of property to the Magic Council, she meet a boy name Kozuki Merle and the 2 instantly fell in love, however they didn't confess their love for each other right away, but all that changed when Alana went to the nearest forest to grab herbs for the guild when all of a sudden a Forest Vulcan appeared behind her. The Vulcan was angry for Alana trespassing in his territory and attacked Alana. She tried running away and was chased even deeper into the forest. While she was running she tripped over a root and was about to be smashed by the Vulcan until she was rescued by Kozuki who stop it with his swords and fought the Vulcan and managed to chase away it away. He then went to care for Alana and they then head back to the guild, however they soon got lost going deeper into the forest. As they grew deeper the forget began to get darker and darker as the terrain got foggier and foggier. They wonder how they can escape when they came across a lake that shined brightly within the dark, foggy forest. The 2 gazed at each other as they glow beautifully under the lakes glow that they both confessed their love with each other with a kiss and a path way out of the first was revealed. Once they returned they returned home as a couple.

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Alana before the war

8 years later Warrior Angel was caught in a war by a dark guild that was created around the same time as Warrior Angel was. They started it by ambushing the guild with a large group of wizards, they managed to defeat a large amount of members and damaged parts of the guild hall only to have Masaki step in a stopped all of them, Alana overheard one of them say a guild war will be imminent, not long after that Masaki sensed the guild approaching and everyone watched as he tries to make peace with them, when it turn out to have failed he prepared the guild for war. Alana could see Masaki was upset of having to resort to violence and wanted to do something but knew she had no clue what to do.

Once the dark guild made it to the guild hall the war began. Alana used her Aurora Magic to support her allies while her boyfriend Kozuki protects her. She then gazed upon all the fallen wizards, both good and bad, and was horrified and all her hopes was lost at achieving piece, but that changed when Kozuki walked up to her and encouraged her to keep fighting. With a new determination she then focused her attention on healing her fallen comrades with her Healing Magic but that changed when the Dark Guild Master launched a powerful attack on the guild hall and was destroyed taking out everyone inside. She morned over those who were still inside and gazed upon her hands covered in the blood of those she tried to heal and she lost all confidence she had as she broke down crying. She then heard Masaki cry out and she looked up to see him attacking the Dark Guild in rage, taking out dozens of their members in mer seconds and then went to face the Dark Guild Master. This action gave Alana the courage to continue even tho she lost all will to continue. She did her best to heal anyone she could but then she witnessed the guildhall repair itself, no doubt thanks the Masaki's Telekinesis. She then heard the sounds of Masaki and the Dark Guild Master battle and could feel the shock wave all the way where she was. As their battle continued members from both guild were continuing to the fight as well while still routing for their master. The 2 masters gave one final attack and blasted each other with their greatest attacks, the result cause massive destruction to the area, blowing away everyone within the range of the shock wave including. Alana rose up and glancing over seeing both masters lying on the ground dead

Both sides were traumatized by the deaths of both their masters mostly Alana. She walked up to his body and gazed upon it as teared flowed out of her eyes and fell down crying. With their masters fallen neither side had no intention on continuing their war so they ceased their attacks and both sides declared a truss. The dark guild carried their master back to their guild to properly bury him and then the guild was disbanded. Warrior was quickly recovering from their wounds thanks to Alana but was slowly recovering front their lost of their master Masaki. Alana feeling depressed the most, could not keep the tears from escaping, but then Kozuki walked up to her and cheered her up and convinced her to lead the guild to greatness. Alana was so moved by what Kozuki said that she walked up to Masaki's body and grabbed the Heleos Blade. She overwhelmed by the remarkable magic energy the sword has that could hardly hang on to it and was almost blown away, however as she gazed upon Masaki she was filled with determination to carry on what he left and conquered the blade, earning her the title of Warrior Angels 2nd Master.

Not long after the war has ended the Magic Council declared a law saying that no guild should ever go into war against one another.

3 years later Alana has grown into a powerful and kind guild master as she and her guild became very famous threw out the land. During those 3 years she happily married Kozuki Merle and they now run the guild together. Not only has Alana been leading the guild as its master, she's also became the guilds medic, caring for serious injuries the members have taken. One day Alana went out to go buy some supplies she could use when she met Tristan Scalibur and Sora Minazuki who were arguing about directions. She approached them to help to help out and introduced herself. The boys found out she was the master of the famous Warrior Angel Guild which made them very happy and became new members of the guild. She watched as they both set their goals of becoming guild masters and was very happy to see them set their goals and try to achieve them. While at the guild they witnessed a sword next to the guild masters chair. Alana informed them that it is the Heleos Blade, the guilds signal of leader ship and demonstrated the swords amazing power. Tristan was amazed at it but Alana could tell Sora wanted that power for himself. Sora tried to grab the blade but got overwhelmed by the blades magic power that he was blown away, she informed them both about its power and watched as they both set their goals to become guild masters to achieve the blade but she knew the difference as to why.

11 years went by Alana watched as the guild became more powerful and famous throughout the land including Tristan who kept getting stronger and stronger since joining the guild that she decided to appoint him as the guilds very first S Class Wizard. Not long after that Alana found out she was pregnant which excited everyone in the guild, including her and Kozuki.

On the day of the birth, Alana gave birth to a daughter inside the Guild Hall, choosing to do so because she wanted her child to live her life loving the guild. She decided to name her new born daughter Esca Merle The Angel's Princess, and Esca was declared the first child to have been born in the Warrior Angel Guild. Seeing her child filled Alana with great joy and happiness along with Kozuki and everyone else in the guild.

About a week after Esca's birth, Kozuki received a very dangerous job request and insisted on taking it alone despite Alana's wishes. She didn't want Kozuki to go at all for worry that he'll never return and leave his new family, but he had no choice but to take it for he knew something she didn't. Before he left he asked Alana that if he never comes back she must never say a word to Esca about him and must grow up without ever knowing her father, and then he left for the job. Alana cried out to Kozuki with tears pouring down her eyes, holding Esca in a tight hug and watched Kozuki leave until he was no longer in sight. Not long has passed since she got word about her husbands death. The news hit everyone pretty hard especially Alana who was so heart broken. Her husbands death was so great she could no longer continue her role as Guild Master so she handed the title over to Tristan and retired from wizardry. She packed up her things and lived her things and lived in solitude in the forest outside of Deltra City.

Magic and Abilities

Aurora Magic: Alana's signature magic. Alana releases magic power as colored light from her hands like an aurora and cast it onto either herself or her target. The target then begins to glow like a magic aura. Once that happens she can either support her target or weaken them, depending on her choice. She is unable to use any offensive attacks, however she is able to increase her own physical attacks making her useful in battle, but considering her kind and gentle heart she doesn't enter a battle she merely support those who are. Her most recent ability she used so far is Aura Boost which increases or decreases her targets states, abilities and magic energy, since she has incredible magic power and has complete mastery of this magic she can increase her target to an massive degree. When the magic is cast on her target they will a specific color which determines what stats are being changed

  • Attack Aura: Alana's most usable spell. By casting the aura lights onto her target they will then glow a red colored aura, Alana is then able to increase her targets attack power. Making their physical attacks more destructive in power then it was before. They are then able to take down powerful foes better then they have been before. She is also able to decrease their physical attack, making them incredible weak and their attacks useless.
  • Flight Aura: Alana conjures the aura lights onto her target which they will then glow a yellow colored aura, Alana is then able to grant them the ability to temporary levitate threw the air at incredible speed. Making them more accomplished not just on solid ground but in the air as well. The flight doesn't last long and the target is only able to fly up to a certain amount of height for about as long as their able to fly until they fall to the ground.
  • Speed Aura: Alana conjures the aura lights onto her target which they will then glow a blue colored aura, Alana is then able to increase the targets speed. Making them more faster then they have ever been and can evade incoming attacks alot quicker. Not only are their speed is increased but their reflexes are increased as well making them able to quickly see an incoming attack and just as quickly dodge it. She is also able to lower her targets speed as well making them slower then they have ever been.
  • Defense Aura: Alana conjures the aura lights onto her target which they will then glow a green colored aura, Alana is then able to increase the targets defensive states. Making them able to withstand powerful attacks and emerge unscathed. It also increases their endurance so they can continue fighting longer then they could have before. She can also lower the targets defense, making powerful attacks more destructive then it should be.
  • Magic Energy Aura: Alana conjures the aura lights onto her target which they will then glow a white colored aura, Alana is then able to increase the targets magic energy. Allowing them to use their magics for longer periods of time. However she is unable to lower their magic energy.
  • Magic Power Aura: Alana conjures the aura lights onto her target which they will then glow a pink colored aura, Alana is then able to increase the targets magic power. Making their magic attacks more destructive then it has been before. She can also lower their magic power, making their magic attacks weaker and unable to cause major damage.
  • Healing Aura: Alana conjures the aura lights onto her target which they will then glow a turquoise colored aura. Alana is then able to heal the targets while their in mid battle. She is able to heal any serious injuries making them good as new. However the healing can not restore their magic energy or restore their lowered stats at all. It is also the only spell Alana is unable to use upon herself

Illusion Magic: Alana can make perfectly believable hallucinations on her targets to make them think their seeing things that can help distract her target enough for her ally to attack. She is unable to to make any creatures or humans with this magic only to trick them by deceiving whats around them. She has a great talent with this ability for throughout her years she has learned to easily mess with her opponents or has made them to lower their guard.

  • Dark Fog: Alana claps her hands and emits a large black cloud that covers the area. The cloud is pitch black preventing people from seeing whats around them. The cloud is created from her magic energy so it doesn't alter the senses.
  • Flash: A very useful spell that allows Alana to emit a blinding flash of light engulfing anyone who looks at her and blinds them to the point that all they can see is white. In truth the flash itself is an illusion cast upon those who look at her, anyone else does not see the flash for it was never cast in reality.
7.5 Alana's Healing Magic

Alana's Healing Magic

Healing Magic: Alana is a specialist when it comes to healing. Compared to Tristan Scalibur's Restoration Magic her healing magic is more dependable for she can send magic energy in her targets body and heal any injury, illness and even , she is even able to eliminate any virus within their bodies so long as her magic energy is stronger then the virus.
  • Panacea: Alana's most powerful healing spell. To perform this spell Alana must compress her magic power and positive emotions together to its utmost limit. This creates a type of energy known as healing energy. Once the healing energy is created, Alana touches the victim and flows the healing energy into the patient's cardiovascular system. The victim is then healed of any injury, both physical and magical injuries, including healing Jessie Longside from a deadly magic virus.

Sealing Magic: Alana is able to undo seals and seal away magic energy or other energy based power within magic circles. She can also imprison any evil within sealing barriers

  • Magic Power Seal: A very useful spell where Alana casts a magic circle under a single target's feet. By infusing her magic energy into the circle she can drain half the magic energy out of the target into the magic circle, this lowers the number of spells and powerful spells they can use before running out of magic energy. Once its over the magic circle shatters and the magic energy is lost in the wind.

Angel Shine: Alana is able to use 2 of the 3 Legendary Angel Spells including Angel Shine. Alana claps her hands together and a magic circle with the Warrior Angel Guild mark appears in front of her. The circle emits a bright light that can shine over an entire town. All magic that is Dark Magic, Black Arts, and Darkness Magic that cast within the light is completely negated leaving the target powerless. This however does not effect other spells and Demons that were already created.

Angel Judgment: Alana is able to use 2 of the 3 Legendary Angel Spells including Angel Judgment. Alana claps her hands together and a magic circle with the Warrior Angel Guild mark appears. Alana's hand beings to glow and places her hand on the circle. Once that happens dozens of small glowing dots of light shoot out of the circle, the dots of lights happen to be small glowing angels that fly around as far as she wishes. The angels

Master Medical Specialist: Alana is a specialist when it comes to healing, especially wounds caused by Magic. She does so by employing special medicines, which she extracts from herbs combined with her specialty in Healing Magic. Through her medical knowledge and skills, she was capable of saving Jessie Longside from a nearly incurable virus when she was on the verge of death.

Enhance Durability: Despite her fragile appearance and her tendency to avoid combat, Alana has proven herself to be quite resilient. Able to take multiple attacks and emerge with hardly any injuries. Despite her injuries Alana can still keep fighting no matter the cause and withstand powerful attack despite being badly hurt.

Enhance Endurance: Alana possesses strong endurance, when it comes to the protection of her loved ones she refuses to accept defeat no matter how much damage she has taken or will take. Such as the will to protect her daughter Esca Merle, despite the massive damage and the low amount of magic power she is still capable of taking a hit for Esca and still stand up. She is still able to cast the powerful Angel Shine with what little magic power she has.

Enhance Reflexes: Alana possesses remarkable reflexes, agility and reaction in the face of danger. Shes able to notice an attack coming and mange to quickly dodge it by a hair. She can quickly dodge and evade physical attacks and quickly block them despite not having much effect.

Immense Magic Power: As the second guild master of Warrior Angel Guild, Alana's magic power is. She is able to perform powerful spells without any trouble or exhaustion and can use her spells for longer periods of time. Alana possesses incredible magic power, enough to wield the Heleos Blade with easy. Alana can release intense magic power as an aura, the intense power is able to crack the ground shes standing on. Its part of the reason why the guild respects her so well.

Keen Intellect: Alana has displayed a clever intellect, and, most importantly, a deep knowledge of Magic and its related world. Her intelligence has is beyond anyone could have imagined, coming up with clever strategies and tactic's that made the guild famous threw out the land of Fiore during her time as the guild master. She has full knowledge of types of spells and magics that deemed mystery to some other wizards as well as know how powerful a wizards magic power is by seeing them in action. She also has full knowledge of a wizards injuries and problems and know exactly how to care for most of them, this is mostly because of her specialty in healing and medic skills.

Skilled Hand to Hand Combatant: Despite preferring to avoid combat, and especially close-range confrontations, Alana possesses some skill in melee combat. Capable of taking out a group of wizards with little to some trouble. At certain situations her combat skills are great enough to go blow for blow against powerful wizards along with the support of her magic she abilities are even greater.

Skilled Swordsmanship: When she was guild master Alana was a master in wielding the Heleos Blade, but as the years went by her swordsmanship is rusty for not having been in battle for several years. Despite her fallen abilities Alana has still proven to be highly skilled with the blade. She is capable of slicing threw a magic attacks with ease and use the blade to block incoming attacks with no problem. She would combine her sword attacks with her illusion magic to deceive her opponents and deal damage with no struggle.


Heleos Blade: Is a magic sword that has extraordinary magic power, who ever wields the sword will be granted access to such overwhelming power and their magic energy will be increased beyond compare. It also grants its wielder the power to use Light Magic and use it for multiple purposes. Only the masters of the Warrior Angel Guild is allowed to wield the blade so its passed down from master to master threw the generations. As the 2nd master of Warrior Angel guild, Alana was capable of wielding the Heleos Blade with no trouble. Her skills with the sword were powerful as she uses it for support spells. The blade was passed down to Tristan Scalibur as he became the new master of the guild while Alana decided to retire.

  • Light Magic: Whoever wields the Blade will be able to use Light Magic with the use of it. Alana is able to use this magic with great mastery, although she was unable to use this magic for offensive purposes, she is however able to use its power to support her allies in some ways or to support her own physical attacks.
    • Heavens Flash: Alana raises the blade in the air and releases a blinding white light. The intense light temporally blinds the targets so long as the spell is in use leaving them an open target against her. The user of this spell is the only person unaffected by the light.
    • Light Booster: By infusing Alana's magic energy in the Blade, The blade of the sword begins to glow blue. Magic energy is then released from the glowing blade allowing it deal greater damage then regular to the target.
  • Immense Magic Power: Whenever Alana holds or touches the blade, she will be given overwhelming magic power from the blade and added to her own. If someone else were to grab a hold of it, if their magic power isn't powerful enough, will instantly feel the overwhelming magic power that is far to much for them to control and will be blown away the next second. Alana has wielded the blade for years so she has gotten used to the overwhelming power.
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