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Earth Land, Eastern Oceans

Albion (アルビーアン Arubiian?) is a remote island located in the Eastern Oceans, the evermost ocean to the eastern hemisphere, east to Earth Land's prime meridian. A island of untold stories and legends, it is island inhabited by the distant and ancient ancestors of Eurasians, settled by which the Olympians and the Albionic Magi where considered the only ethnicity culture groups on the island.

The island were considered a mysterious place only told through verbal stories of sailors and privateers, which even the infamous pirate Blackbeard had obtained the Sword of Tolkien. It was also the island which Team Highrise and the Crew of the Normandy were hired to perform a quest locate the Holy Grail. The crew soon realized the island filled and riddled with such unprecendented danger of various of creatures, someone like Samuel Hayden believed one of them could rival even a dragon.

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