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Aldrich Boese
Duke of Trade
Duke of Inga
Name Aldrich Boese
Race Human
Age 40
Gender Male
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Professional Status
Affiliation Council of Iron
Inga, Bosco
Seal1Boese Family
Occupation Duke of Trade
Duke of Inga
Base of Operations Inga, Bosco
Council of Iron HQ
Personal Status
Relatives Tolbert Boese (son, disowned)
Ishild Boese (wife)
Rannulf Boese (son)
Wotan Boese (nephew)
Kaiser Boese (ancestor)
Marital Status Married
Alias Duke of Trade
Duke of Inga
Demon of Black Light
Magic Light Magic

Aldrich Boese is a member of the Council of Iron, acts as the Duke of Trade, a member of the Boese Family and a user of a strange variation of Light Magic.


Aldrich is a fairly tall adult possessing long shaggy black hair, as well as a hair stubble growing around his face and upper lip. He sports a thick bandanna with beading on it, which covers all of his forehead. He has the marks of a powerful Demon tattooed all over his arm, as well as the seal of the Royal Crest on his hand. Aldrich is often seen smoking.


Saotome Zenjuro
He is usually laid back and confident, this more often than not comes across as arrogant. Aldrich is arrogant and intimidating, but this doesn't become clear until he fights or "negotiates for trades" and often calls his "opponents" pieces of shit or crap. It is rumored that anyone who has prevented him from smoking or finishing a cigarette have never been heard from again. Aldrich is the one who started this rumor himself.



Magic and Abilities


Black Light

Light Magic
: Aldrich's magic is black in color. He doesn't claim that it is Light God Slayer Magic or Demon Slayer Magic. His variation does seem to be more powerful than normal light magic.
  • Black Light (不可視光線, Fukashi Kōsen): this spell doesn't seem to be offensive or defensive, rather Aldrich just seems to use this to intimidate. He never really named this spell either.
  • Wrath of Pluto (冥王星の怒り, Meiōsei no Ikari): by wrapping his entire arm in his black light, Aldrich then punches the ground. Shortly afterwards black light begins erupting from the ground and surrounds and engulfs the target.
  • Fist of Hades (ハデスの拳, Hadesu no Ken): again by wrapping his entire arm in black light Aldrich, this time, punches his opponent directly. There is then an explosion of black light and the target is then launched backwards.
  • Black Binding Light (黒バインディング光, Kuro Baindingu Hikari): Aldrich wraps the target in black light. The light seals the target's movements and seems to sap energy.
  • Light of Armageddon (ハルマゲドンの光, Harumagedon no Hikari): When activated, a massive amount of black light envelops the area and inflicts heavy damage on whoever is around. This is a last resort attack as he'd rather not harm his family if he can help it.


  • Aldrich is a German name meaning "old ruler; long time ruler"
  • Appearance is that of Zenjūrō Saotome from Beelzebub
  • The Demon marks will come into play eventually (but not yet XP)
  • Hades and Pluto are the Greek/Roman names of the god of the Underworld. Hades has also been used to refer to the Underworld.
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