When Alejo Blanco first arrived in Fiore he decided to make his own guild. He started out with rather low standards of accepting mages, often picking up lazy mages to be in his guild. But, with various magics himself he used his own skills as collateral to get jobs for his guild. By the time he was 44 he handed the reins over to Jimena Mingo to run the guild after several years of running the guild. Jimena did a good job with recruitment, recruiting some of the best, youngest and brightest mages around. Leaving the guild with two main groups of mages, the 30s mages as they were called were lazy and drunk day in and day out. And the Youngster Mages, a group of enthusiastic job completing young mages that were 15+. But, he has once again became guild master of Selkie Pelt at age 46 because of Jimena's death.


A green eyed almost fifty year man with four arms that wears a brown four sleeve t-shirt with a left chest pocket.


A bit of a gambler he always takes on nearly any and all action to collect money. Often a winner shows that he can calculate multiple variables about an event allowing him to win over 90% of the time.


Magic and Abilities

Skewer: Carrying in his various Skewers on his person, but also has a few skin strapped sheathes with Skewers inside them.

High Speed: One of the fastest mages in the world even winning a few underground magic races when he was younger allowing him to have connections with the underground.

Hekatonkheires: A talented Hekatonkheires Mage that has summoned a maximum 74 arms at one time. He has yet to summon 100 arms like talented Hekatonkheires mages, but he is in the top 50 Hekatonkheires Mages in the world at 74 arms.

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