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Alexander Alastair



Arekusandā Arasutea


Celestial Warrior (天体戦士, Tentai senshi)






October 22nd




Male Male



Blood Type



KIMA Koma Inu's Magical Academy

Hair Color


Eye Color




Skin Tone



179 cm


67 kg

Guild Mark Color


Guild Mark Location

Upper right arm

Professional Status


Previous Affiliation

KIMA Koma Inu's Magical Academy



Previous Occupation






Base of Operations

Arthur's Mansion

Personal Status


Marital Status

Single (presumably)</br>


KIMA Koma Inu's Magical Academy
Moshiyoto Family


Daniel Moshiyoto (father)
Arthur Moshiyoto(uncle)

Powers & Equipment

Spatial Magic(Celestial Spirit Magic, Absolute Territory)
Water Magic(Water-Make)


Genius level intellect

Signature Skill

Celestial Cross Fuse

Alexander Alastair (アクサダースア, Arekusandā Arasutea) is a Celestial Spirit Mage extraordinaire who believes that he will be the next best celestial spirit mage the world has ever seen. He is Arthur Moshiyoto's cousin, being the firstborn child of Daniel Moshiyoto.  Alexander is an honorable alumnus of the Koma Inu's Magical Academy, being one of the best students the school has witnessed, alongside Jade Angelson. He is known as the Celestial Warrior (天体戦士, Tentai senshi) throughout Fiore.


Since childhood, Alexander has always kept a positive outlook on life, despite events that occur in his life. He often begins interactions by entering other's conversations, inserting his own comments and input on whatever people appear to be talking about. He never means it in a rude manner, he simply wants to make more friends and talking and entering conversations is the perfect way, in his eyes. Often people begin to feel awkward or try to get rid of him, but he's too naive and playful to do stop. He just gets a kick out of it, and nobody admits it but his cheeky smile is impossible to ignore and everybody enjoys seeing it in their face every once in while. It's not rare that a silly joke or positive saying from Alexander cheers someone up and brightens their day.

He's that spontaneous member of the group who will show no fear walking into a dark alleyway, cave or forest. He'll be the one that gives everybody else the courage to do the same as himself and stay just as cheerful with high hopes. Although many doubt his overwhelming optimism, it's something that's kept him going and alive all these years, so he doesn't plan on changing anytime soon. This often causes him to find himself in trouble, trapped or surrounded in the silliest of situations. If something happens to go wrong in or out of a job, Alexander keeps his head held high and his hopes even higher. There's almost nothing that can break his ecstatic attitude.

When on a job or a mission, Alexander tries to do them as quickly as possible with as little violence as he can. However, these often include small scale fights in which he has no other choice but to overcome his opponent, which he is never truly sorry for; after all, he dislikes "evil" or "mean", people more than anything. When under a leadership, he is often one to obey, however poorly. Thinking that luck will always have his back, Alexander doesn't look for the most logical or safe path, he simply goes for whatever he thinks will get the job done. Really, he see's things like this as a playful event, unless there is something morbid or cruel occurring, that's when Alexander becomes serious and impossible to reason with.

As a leader, Alexander tends to be quite laid back in terms of how stressful a situation can be. Because of his nature he often takes input from everybody else in the group and waits until everybody agrees on a plan before they actually use it in action. With great teamwork and coordination and luck, Alexander believes that no situation can be overcome by him and his teammates. Although people often doubt the happy-go-lucky attitude he holds during jobs, battles or even small skirmishes, they know that somehow, in the end, things always turn out the way he wants them to and are often left confused, wondering how Alexander maintains his unique lifestyle.


Alexander stands over many of his peers at 5'9. Despite his lanky appearance, he is lean and and does have a fair amount of muscle, though nothing too spectacular. He has a head full of ruffled light brown hair and deep brown eyes that are often mistaken for a shade of red. He is often seen outside which results in a slightly tanned skin, though remaining on the lighter side. He usually sports a long white, black&red trimmed jacket with white pants and shoes. He looks rather high class, though not wealthy. When not wearing his usual attire, he wears your basic T-shirt and shorts, sweatshirts and what any other teenage boy would wear. It's just that usually on missions and trips that he wears his white jacket.



Ways of combat

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Mental capabilities

Magical Abilities

Magic and Abilities

Celestial Spirit Magic

Celestial Spirit Magic (星霊 魔法, Seirei Mahō): Celestial Spirit Magic is a Holder Magic, Spirit Summoning Magic and a type of Spatial Magic, commonly considered to be highly influenced with Light Magic, in which Alexander summons Celestial Spirits by opening their gates through the use of Celestial Spirit Gate Keys. Celestial Spirit Magic has, on several occasions, been referred to as Heavenly Body Magic's sister, or a holder-magic variation of the previous, as the two have major similarities. The previously mentioned keys are separated into two classes: the more common Silver and Elemental Keys and the rarer Gold, Jade, Amethyst and Crystal Keys. Keys for Celestial Spirits are counted in Units (collectively without regard of Crystal, Elemental, Gold, Platinum, Jade, Amethyst or Silver), and a Celestial Spirit Mage is noted by how many Units they have obtained. Alexander, practicing Celestial Spirit Magic, is considered a Celestial Spirit Mage (魔導士星霊, Seirei Madōshi), although, on numerous occasions, he has been referred to as The Celestial Emperor (天の皇帝, Ten no kōtei), signifying his complete mastery over the said magic.

Celestial Spirits (星霊, Seirei) are a brand of Summoning Spirits who reside in their own seperate universe, commonly dubbed the Celestial Spirit World. Celestial Spirit Mages, such as Alexander himself, are able to summon forth Celestial Spirits through the usage of Celestial Spirit Gate Keys. Celestial Spirits are rather potent fighters, as they are, to a certain degree, proficient in using Magic and are rather skilled in non-magic oriented battles, using a variety of weapons, or only their fists. All Celestial Spirits have some similarities, but are all quite unique. First off, all Celestial Spirits are immortal, and can only be killed if they were forced to reside in the Human World for too long. Their strenght is corresponding to their summoner's, allowing the two to progress together. Additionally, all Celestial Spirits are somewhat skilled in Light and Heavenly Body Magic, wherein Zodiac, Crystal and Planetary Spirits' skills are of the same caliber as of the respective mages'. Some Celestial Spirits, such as Nikora, aren't very compatible with the two, and can only use minor abilities which, more often than not, have no visible effect.

When a Celestial Spirit Mage receives a Key and opens its Celestial Gate for the first time, they have to set up a contract with the respective Spirit. This contract consists of asking the Spirit which days it can be summoned by its contractor. This simple agreement leads to a dedicated and serious bond between the Spirit and summoner. However, under certain circumstances, i.e. during battle, and a Spirit is summoned for the first time, the making of a contract may be suspended on a later date. Contracts can be broken if the Mage gets arrested, releases the Spirit by themselves, or dies. When a Celestial Spirit Mage summons a Spirit, it appears directly next to them, as that's where the gates to the Spirit world had been opened. It's impossible to summon spirits elsewhere.

The Spirits must also abide by certain rules enforced by the Celestial Spirit King. The only rule that has been introduced so far is that a Spirit may not directly or indirectly kill its summoner under any circumstances. When the Gates are closed, it is required from both the summoner and the Spirit to agree upon the gate's closure. However, Spirits can also be "forced closed" in battle, which means they can be forced back into the Celestial Spirit World by the summoner's will, though not every Celestial Spirit Mage is capable of doing such. Celestial Spirits also have different categories of sorts that fall under the basic summoning conditions from their owner. It also seems that if the Celestial Spirit is strong enough, they can employ their own Magic to stay in the Human World, if/when the contract is not in action. The strength of the Celestial Spirits is affected by the Magical strength of their summoner.

Alexander, practicing this magic since he was still a small child, is quite adept to Celestial Spirit Magic, some may even call him a grandmaster of the said magic as well, due to a large amount of units he has collected, as well as mastering techniques such as Urano Metria and Gottfried. He also found a way of utilizing this magic to a greater extent, making it highly more efficient and reliable in combat. It seems like Alexander had found a way to utilize Celestial Spirit Gate Keys as a type of medium capable of channeling Celestial Energy directly from Celestial Spirit World, allowing him to use magic without any costs. Furthermore, after recieving the Ethereal Blessing of the Supreme King, Alexander's entire body became a vessel of Celestial Energy, allowing him to conjure and manipulate Celestial Energy without requiring a Celestial Spirit Gate Key, making Alexander a living lethal weapon.

  • Summon (召喚, Shōkan): A Celestial Spirit Mage is able to summon Celestial Spirits from another dimension by using the Keys of the Gates. Upon summoning Celestial Spirits, the keys begin radiating golden or green colour, depending on the key type. In matter of milliseconds a golden Magic Seal is formed, serving as a portal that connects the Celestial Spirit World with Earth Land, out of which numerous golden orbs are released. All of this happens so fast that it may look as if the key itself were emitting the orbs. Out of the said orbs, the respective spirit is formed. Celestial Spirits can aid the Mages in battle, do chores for them, or even just play with them. However, the mage has to follow the contract they have with the spirit and can summon them only on certain days. However, if the bond between the mage is strong enough, the contract can be temporarily dissolved.
    • Multiple Summons (複数召喚, Fukusū shōkan): Summoning more than one Celestial Spirit uses up a lot of the summoner's Magic ability which may cause death. However, Alexander has demonstrated the ability to summon four silver spirits and one golden at the same time, that being five in total (not including Sacral Summoning technique). Considering the fact that Alexander is capable of this feat, it provides him great flexibility as he is able to combines the strength and abilities of his spirits for more powerful attacks, such as combining Gladius' Stella Cadens and his own Celestial Comet, then allowing Taurus to absorb it with his labrys and use it as a projectile of his own.
    • Enhanced Summon (強化召喚, Kyōka Shōkan, lit. Improved Summoning Procces): A special summoning technique known to just a few of the Celestial Spirit Mages, Enhanced Summon allows a celestial spirit mage to pour a small portion of his magic into the key upon the regular summoning ritual, thus empowering the said spirit to a great extent. As a result, the key itself would begin to glow brighter than usually This empowerment usually manifests itself in form of a physical empowerment, most likely giving the respective spirit an armour of some sort, or even a weapon. It has to be noted that most of the spirit who don't usually appear in a humanoid form will get it with the help of this technique. Additionally, it's important to state that this technique doesn't interrupt the Double Gate Opening, allowing Alexander to power up certain spirits to the strength equal to one of an average S-Class mage's, but rarely chooses to do so, relying in the variety of spirits rather than an extremly powerful one.
    • Spell-Summon (技術-召喚, Gijutsu Shōkan): A Celestial Spirit Mage may be able to summon fort a specific spell or technique used by the spirit of their choice. By channelling a small portion of their magical energy via the key itself, Alexander connects with the respective spirit on a mental level and asks for their assistance, naming the preferred technique he would like to utilize. As a response, the spirit preforms the required spell and releases it through the minorly cracked gate, big enough for the energy to burst out. This ability grants Alexander more choices in battle with low magical power. Alexander has even demonstrated the ability to merge several attacks or even a Celestial Comet into a powerful one capable of knocking down a wall. The summoned attack can then be freely moved telekinetically by the Celestial Spirit Gate Key used for its conjuring, allowing him to use the attacks as makeshift shields or even battering rams.
    • Self-Summon (Unnamed): A technique that doesn't really belong to Alexander, but the author felt the urge to write it down with the other; Some spirits have shown capable of summoning themselves into Earthland without any summoning technique, using their own magical resources to do such. These summons can be classified as a temporary contract dissolvent due to the bending of the rules enforced by the Celestial Spirit King himself. When a spirit is summoned via this method, Alexander is unable to use any supporting skills for the spirit, such as Double Gate Opening. When Alexander finds himself in danger (that he may not even be aware of), he unknowingly sends a signal to the spirit(s) whom he has the strongest bond with. The spirit then uses their own energy to crack a gate and enable them to pass through it and assist Alexander. The spirits are limited to how much they can actually reside in the Earthland based on their magical capacities and will be immediately sent to the celestial spirit world if (fatally) wounded.
    • Sacral Summoning (仙骨召喚, Senkatsu Shōkan): This spell is available only to celestial spirit mages who have gathered both, Northern and Southern Crown Gate Keys. By putting the keys in front of himself, Alexander is capable of starting this unique summoning process. Upon colliding, the tips of the keys will glow bright gold and separate slowly, creating several thick strings of pure celestial energy that keep twisting and bending one ofer another as they form a magnificent large circural sigil with five minor ones with the same twisting pattern, each one of it having one major string that connects the smaller sigils to the bigger one. The mentioned creation is roughly 120 cm high and appears to be levitating in front of Alexander. The two silver keys can be seen pointing north and south at the poles of the sigil. By putting any type of key in the sockets of the minor sigils, Alexander is able to summon five spirits at the same time. As the energy within the sigils is Celestial Energy, the energy cost for Alexander while preforming this spell is equivalent to the one of opening two silver gates, Southern and Northern Crown. Reffering this ability as his true last resort, Alexander only uses this technique when he needs to overwhelm his opponent through strength in numbers. After every summoned spirit's gate is closed, their respective keys appear levitating at the same spot they were lastly seen while the Crowns' keys get closer and connect once again, this time with no magical effects.
    • Double Gate Opening (二重召喚, Nijū Shōkan lit. The Second Opening of the Cracked Gate): As the name suggests, this technique allows Alexander to open an already existing gate for the second time in order to manipulate the existing gate's properties, or better said, this technique allows Alexander to alter the modifications of summoned spirit to a limited extent. In order to access such a feat, he must first get a verbal or mental of the spirit that is about to get a boost. If the said spirit were to deny the alternation for any possible reason, the energy used for the second opening goes to waste. This modification usually manifests itself in form of a weapon or armour, that is, on a physical level. However, on several occasions, the modification happened on a phychological level, purifying the spirit and pulling them from a trance they were in. On extremely rare occasions, the modification manifested in form of rejuvenation, that is, it instantly healed the spirit from all injuries, as if they were just summoned. It should be mentioned that a gate can be opened for the second time only once during the spirit's continuance on Earth Land. If Alexander were to open the gate for the third time, the key would simply shatter.
    • Wrought Iron Summon (錬鉄召喚, Rentetsu Shōkan): Wrought Iron Summon is a special variant of the regular Summon spell; when performing it, the user generates a "band" of light that waxes and wanes, extending in front of the user for as long as they wish—the "band" is completely composed of celestial energy, from the same type that Celestial Spirits generate. When Wrought Iron Summon is manifested, the user inserts as many of their Celestial Spirit Gate Keys into the "band" of light, before turning them all—the "band" acts as a conduit for the Celestial Spirit gates, and seems to be from the Celestial Spirit World, meaning that it costs the caster absolutely zero percent of their own magical power. In any case, when Wrought Iron Summon is activated, the user summons as many of their Celestial Spirits of any kind as they wish for, overwhelming the enemy through strength in numbers. However, this does have one tiny drawback—the Celestial Spirit Gate Keys which are used in the "band" of light on the far left and far right hand sides absolutely have to be that of a Gold Key, or else the Wrought Iron Summon will not work as a powerful presence can only uphold said celestial energy.
    • Regressed Summon (退縮召喚, Taishuku Shōkan lit. Miniature Gate Opening): Regressed Summoning technique, as the name suggests, allows Alexander summon a miniature, chibi-like version of the respective spirit. The whole summoning process is identical as if Alexander were summoning the respective spirit through the original process. A spirit in this form is, however deprived of techniques such as Enhanced Summon and Double Gate Opening. As a return, their existing telepathic abilities are augmented to an extent where the spirit is capable of communicating with mages other than Alexander freely. The spirit keeps all of their abilities, although they are corresponsive size. In addition, while in this state, every spirit is granted the ability to levitate, as well as to enter a willow-o'-the-wisp shape, the colour of which is corresponsive to the spirit's nature.
  • Tumblr n38xs2A2Op1rdhbd2o2 500

    False Summon in its Molding Phase

    False Summon (召喚, Nise Shōkan): A rather simplistic spell distinct only to the Moshiyoto Family, False Summon technique was developed in order to allow a celestial spirit mage to have more units on the battlefield with less magical energy input. As the name implies, this summoning technique allows Alexander to falsely summon a celestial spirit, or better yet, a Celestial Pawn (天の質屋, Ten no shichiya, lit. Lesser Celestial Being) who is capable of taking numerous appearances, suitable for the required situation. The whole summoning process can be broken down in two phases; the first phase starts when celestial spirit mage starts channelling their magic througout a Zodiac Spirit Gate Key (although, on several occasions, crystal spirit gate keys seemed worked as well) and transforming the input energy into celestial one, releasing numerous golden orbs from the key's blade, forming a golden anthropomorphic blob made purely of celestial energy. The second phase works in a manner similar to the one of a molding magic and it starts the moment the celestial energy is released from its medium. The process is rather simplistic in its nature, but requires a lot of concentration in order to be done properly. After approximately five seconds, the golden blob starts to shift into whatever Alexander previously desired. The Celestial Pawns usually have an angelic-like appearance, having magnificent golden wings sprouting from their backs and more often than not, a halo. A Celestial Pawn appears to be rather skilled in hand to hand combat and is capable of dueling Alexander himself on their own. The said being always usually takes a rather feminine appearance because, as stated by Alexander, it's easier to conjure a female pawn due to their predetermined physique. There doesn't appear to be a limit to how many pawns each key has conjured, although, so far, the maximum number of pawns conjured from a single key is five. After a key is used for this summoning method, Alexander is unable to actually summon its respective spirit for three minutes, with additional two minutes for each pawn conjured. The said pawns are furthermore unable to move 15 meters away from the key used to conjure them.
    • Enhancement (強化, Kyōka): A simple supporting technique that allows Alexander to boost one (or more) of his Celestial Pawns by conjuring them a weapon of his choice, although the only ones seen so far are Sword (剣, Ken), Bow and Arrow (弓と矢, Yumi to ya) and Shield (盾, Tate). The pawns show medium mastery over the said weapons, but this can be altered throught the Upgrade process. The whole process is rather similar to the false summoning process, Alexander channels his own Magical Energy throughout a Zodiac Spirit Gate Keys used for the pawn’s conjuration, transforms it into celestial energy which he then proceeds to shape into any shape he desires, most commonly the three mentioned earlier. The said construct is more condensed than a Celestial Pawn, and as such, is rather durable and has even shown the ability regenerate after withstanding enormous amounts of damage.
      • Sword (剣, Ken): Alexander first points a Zodiac Spirit Gate Key used for the pawn’s conjuration which he desires to enhance, locking the key on the said target. HE then channels his own magical energy throughout the key, transforming it into celestial energy that is shot towards the desired pawn in myriad of golden bubbles that, before making contact with the previous, shapes into a two-handed double-edged sword with regenerative capabilities, as seen on multiple occasions. The said sword has shown to be divine, being especially effective against demons and etherious alike.
      • Bow and Arrow (弓と矢, Yumi to ya): Alexander first points a Zodiac Spirit Gate Key used for the pawn’s conjuration which he desires to enhance, locking the key on the said target. HE then channels his own magical energy throughout the key, transforming it into celestial energy that is shot towards the desired pawn in myriad of golden bubbles that, before making contact with the previous, shapes into a gleaming golden bow capable of producing golden arrows made purely out of celestial energy. Much like the sword, these arrows seem to be divine and are perfect for harming demons and etherious alike.
      • Shield (盾, Tate): Alexander first points a Zodiac Spirit Gate Key used for the pawn’s conjuration which he desires to enhance, locking the key on the said target. HE then channels his own magical energy throughout the key, transforming it into celestial energy that is shot towards the desired pawn in myriad of golden bubbles that, before making contact with the previous, shapes into a grand luxurious shield with celestial design. The shield is capable of emitting a golden barrier around the one holding the shield which seems to nullify all curses.
    • Multiple Summons (複数召喚, Fukusū shōkan): As a False Summon doesn't require much magical energy (Alexander stated that by summoning eight Celestial Pawns he spends enough magical energy to summon a zodiac spirit), Alexander has demonstrated the ability to call forth numerous Celestial Pawns, although the maximum number of pawns summoned so far is five. Theoretically, Alexander could summon up to fifty Celestial Pawns before running low on magical energy.
    • Upgrade (上り坂, Noborizaka lit. Advancement): A technique that has commonly been dubbed the third phase of false summoning, Upgrade functions similarly to the second phase of pawn shaping, as the whole process is rather similar to the mentioned phase. Alexander first channels his own Magical Energy throughout a Zodiac Spirit Gate Keys used for the pawn’s conjuration, transforms it into celestial energy which he then proceeds expell outwards in a form of a semitransparent golden ray that engulfs the desired pawn, altering their physique, making them suitable for one of the three roles, The Knight (桂馬, Keima), The Bishop (書く, Kaku) and the Rook (飛車, Hisha), each one of them having their own advantages and disadvantages. The advanced pawns are furthermore capable of utilizing magic that appears to be fueled by the extra Celestial Energy stored within their bodies. They are most commonly proficient at Light Magic, although, when paired with their correspondive Enhancements, they become capable of using Sword, Arrow and Barrier Magic respectively.
      • Knight (桂馬, Keima): Knight is one of the most common pawn's alterations and their focus is mainly put on their physical strenght and dexterity, turning them into rather potent melee fighters. When used in conjuction with Sword (剣, >Ken), Knight becomes an exptert swordsman, hence their name. n/e
        • Expert Swordsmanship: A Knight possesses great mastery in swordsmanship and their skills in swordsmanship are of the highest caliber. Their offensive capabilities mainly come from their swordplay, which enables them to effectively utilize their ehnanced sword. Knights have shown great skill in utilizing the reverse-grip of swordsmanship as well as the normal grip. They are even capable of employing the sword effectively using their feet, by wielding its hilt between their hallux and second toe. Their swordsmanship is enough for him to slash through intangible Airspaces, and to deflect hundreds of needles with relative ease. In addition, their sword slashes possess so much force behind them that they are able to slice through metal using only the air pressure from the swings. They are also able to utilize Sword Magic in order to successfully back up their techniques.
          • Heaven-Shaking Slash (動天斬, Dōtenzan): Heaven Shaking Slash is a Sword Magic spell of considerable destructive power. This spell lives up to its name quite clearly; its a slash so powerful everything trembles in its wake. Unlike several Sword Magic spells, it can be utilized with any sword so long as the user is capable of manifesting the required energy to make use of it properly. The Heaven-Shaking Slash works by concentrating an excess of magical power into one's blade, creating surges of magical energy leaking out of the medium which the spell is being used from. From therein, the user makes a slash, generally vertical, against the opponent in question. The slash builds up an extraordinary amount of momentum from the movement that goes behind it, therefore releasing destructive shockwaves of kinetic energy which can slice through inanimate objects such as trees and even steel with some effort. While the spell is very powerful and effective, inappropriate use can easily lead to fatigue and unwanted destruction of the surrounding environment.
          • Sword Pressure (剣圧, Ken'atsu): A basic ability which can be learned by almost everyone and their mother, but it sure is deadly if utilized properly; it is the most basic techniques that one can perform with their sword. When performing the Sword Pressure technique, the user swings forward with their sword, swinging the blade so swiftly that it seems that the user is able to utilize air itself to slice enemies, focusing a current of wind to the point where it takes on a sharp edge, which the user launches at foes; sending it through the air towards the user's enemy. It is a powerful blade of pressure that appears as faint ripples of wind that is launched towards the foe at high speeds; this attack enables the user to assault things which are out of their sword's range, sending slashes which fly through the air itself; and can even remain floating in it until the right moment to slash. The person struck by the sword pressure is assaulted by countless invisible blades which happens so fast that they would normally be unable to properly react in time, carving up their body. Also, the strong wind power will blow away all incoming projectile weapons and will even make the opponent unable to stay on their feet; this technique possesses enough power to slice down many trees in a forest. This technique can deflect both physical and sound wave attacks and attack at the same time, making it both an offensive and defensive technique. These blades of wind possess incredible range and devastating power; and at its highest level of mastery, the sword pressure is capable of cutting through barriers of magical energy; and they can even remain floating within the air until the right minute to slash.
            • Sword Pressure: Blade Concealing Gale (剣圧・刃隠風, Ken'atsu: Jinkakupū): A special application of Sword Pressure. When performing this attack, the user gathers and condenses their magical power into one of their swords, before using it as a magnet of sorts in order to draw enormous amounts of air towards it—using Shape Transformation, the user molds it upon their blades, compressing multiple layers of wind into air of a super-high pressure onto the blade, which distorts the refraction of light and renders what's inside the multiple layers of wind invisible to the naked eye. The moment that the wind is molded upon the sword, it takes upon the shape of the armament and renders it as an invisible weapon that emits no secondary effect—not even sparks will fly off of it, and no clashing sound will be heard. The technique itself is known to be exceedingly simple in regards to its execution, but that, along with its effectiveness in combat, for the record, the winds compressed upon the sword are not a vacuum, so the air which is always whirling around the armament grants it a rather notable boost in power. Due to the slicing winds surrounding the armament, the damage emitted is increased, and so is the cutting power—and it also has the side-effect of being more difficult to evade, as the winds can expand their range at a moment's notice. However, its true purpose is what makes it so deadly—due to the sword being, well, invisible; it is indeed extremely difficult to counter for people whom are unfamiliar with the nature of the attack, as they are left unable to successfully defend themselves from a weapon which cannot be seen. The opponent would fail to analyze or discern the properties of the armament, which would leave them constantly on the defense against the user, relying only on their movements in order to develop a proper counter for their strikes—this causes them to become confused regarding the user's attacks and defending actions, and thus, they are required to stay out of the user's strike range in order to stop themselves from being defeated rather easily. Lastly, Sword Pressure: Blade Concealing Gale makes it possible to manifest the multiple layers of wind on something other than the user's weapon. For maximum effectiveness, Blade Concealing Gale is best utilized with a weapon that is capable of shifting its size, or a morphing weapon, adding another layer of unpredictability to this spell. At any time, the user is capable of releasing the layers of Blade Concealing Gale in order to activate one of two special attacks, as listed below.
            • Strike Gale (統帥風王の六重鉄槌(ストライク・ゲイル), Sutoraiku Geiru lit. Sixfold Iron Hammer of the Supreme Commanding Wind King): Strike Gale is further extension of Sword Pressure: Blade Concealing Gale—when performing Strike Gale, the user releases the multiple layers of wind around the blade, causing the previously compressed wind to surge around their body chaotically, creating a vicious surge of air pressure as it diffuses into the air with enough force to knock people over and uproot trees with ease. The Strike Gale technique acts in a similar manner to a hammer which is composed purely of wind—the attack is capable of crushing and blowing away a multitude of people and it is also able to upturn asphalt with ease. Indeed, the air pressure unleashed by releasing the windy layers around the user blade take upon the form of large yet immensely sharp blades of wind which not only possess a large amount of pushing power, but they move so fast that the movements of the blades are invisible, and it truly seems like the user shoots their opponent with a bullet from all directions, except that the resulting impact is not akin to an actual pistol, but to a small hand-held cannon and powerful enough to propel the unlucky recipient several meters away. The incredible speed both makes the strike far more powerful, and harder to dodge; connecting instantly with the target. This attack possesses incredible power, able to tear through non-magical armours with relative ease. The hit of this technique will have more of an impact on actual magical defenses since it is sharper and larger than regular blades of Sword Pressure. It is a very useful technique that can connect rapidly and accurately, which works well with their impressive speed and agile techniques. Strike Gale serves as a medium-to-long range attack with a consistent amount of damage that isn't influenced by the user's physical condition of the magical energies left within their magic origin; while it is capable of being deflected normally, it is best defended against by using a high level of magical energy. What should be noted is that Strike Gale applies enough knockback to force opponents out of range and away from the user within seconds, and can then keep them away from the user without hope of getting near them due to how it doesn't cause flinching—though this will only last for a few moments. Interestingly, after unleashing Strike Gale, the user is capable of re-summoning their Sword Pressure: Blade Concealing Gale by compressing the surrounding air to reform the invisible barrier.
          • Slipstream Accel (高速上空鉄砲弾歩(スリップストリーム・アクセル), Surippusutorīmu Akuseru lit. High Speed Upper Air Gunshot Stride): Slipstream Accel is further extension of Sword Pressure: Blade Concealing Gale—when performing Slipstream Accel, the user assumes the position of crouching their knees, leaning forward, and holding one of their blades in a behind stance, with both hands grasping the sword's grip- in this position, the user releases the multiple layers of wind around the blade, causing the previously compressed wind to surge around their body chaotically; when this is done, the user does a short hop up and down, dragging out the noise so that the sound of their feet tapping on the ground isn't heard until after their feet have left the floor again. Once the sound lag is at its fullest, the user leaps forward with a powerful forward boost while the user charges forward, accelerating their towards their opponent, enabling them to move at thrice their regular speed, if only momentarily. This movement is known to be at exceedingly high speeds; almost invisible to the naked eye at a velocity that gives them the appearance of a supersonic bullet shooting towards the enemy at the speed of sound; it produces a sonic boom that echoes outwards for several meters, destroying everything in front of and behind themselves, propelling the user into their opponent at inconceivable speeds. Because they move faster than the eye can see, the opponent won't be able to react until after the user has already hit them. Slipstream Accel is excellent for getting the jump on the opponent. If working together with another person, the partner can use the vacuum left behind by the attack to immediately rush in behind it by using the surge of air taken in by the vacuum as a Slipstream.
          • Sword Birth (無数刃の幻影創世(ソード・バース), Sōdō Basū; lit. "Phantasmal Genesis of a Myriad Blades") is a Sword Magic spell of immense power, said to be one of Secret Arts (奥義, Ōgi) of swordsmanship; it allows a swordsman to accomplish a feat that no other thought was possible. It's mastered by a select few, with those being recognized as true master-class swordsman. The spell has been used throughout various instances in history — decimating the caster's opposition with ease and turning battlefields into desolate wastelands. It's because of this that the technique has been highly sought after, even in the modern era. It's known that there are variations of this technique used with other weapon-based magic — emulating the incredible power & versatility this one possesses. Also called the "Thousand One-Blade Style of Ultimate Annihilation" (千一刀流の杏都波, Senman Ittōryū no Kyōkuha) by many opponents due to the immense amount of damage it produces and using only blade as its catalyst. Said to be the penultimate of one's experience as a swordsman, it can be described as something as ethereal and phantasmal, while fearsome in both power and name. It's a technique that's only mastered by those who truly bonded with their sword to an extreme, completely becoming one with it in any given situation. It's a technique is versatile in nature and extremely fast that most don't have time to react, making it a potent surprise attack technique. the user first focuses magic power into their blade(s). Then, by imagining the radius of the area he wants to cover, they slams down the blade(s), forming a spell circle that encompasses said radius. Once that's done, the user activates the spell, causing numerous amount of copies of said sword(s) to violently burst from the ground, easily wiping out all within its range, making it indiscriminate to both allies and enemies alike. Each sword is said to carry half the power of the original, though powerful nonetheless. There have been few who've mastered this technique to such an extreme, thus there are none before and after them that can use it on the same scale has they currently can, or so it's believed. This technique can be used in a plethora of ways, going from mid-air combat to integrating it into their swordsmanship in order to give them the upper hand. They can also created many variations of this technique. One being that while in mid-air, by creating an arc, they can transform that single strike into a cascading wave of blades that shimmer into reality, launched at great speeds decimating all of its foes that are caught in the crossfire. It can also be used as an omnidirectional defense mechanism, creating a makeshift shield of blades that has enough power to easily disarm any foe that dares to stand up against it. A third variation seen is that they can cause the blades to easily multiply & increasingly oscillate every time they're destroyed at an astonishing rate, creating a distortion effect and can cause several forms of phenomena to happen, some not explainable by normal means. The possibilities of this technique are endless when wielded in the hands of a master. The current radius of this technique, while using minimum amount of magic power nonetheless, is five miles in total. When using all of their magical power, the radius becomes one hundred miles in distance, being twenty times the size of the minimum, with its power being increased a thousand times over, potentially making this particular spell one of the most powerful within his arsenal, though this is rarely used as it can obviously exhaust the user and render them unconscious. It's been stated by past users that the technique is much easier to utilize than originally perceived as it's only limited by one's imagination, saying that the name is most appropriate for this technique. Thus, this is to be, without a doubt, a preferred technique that many swordsmen would utilize during combat, having enough power to take out a plethora of foes at any given moment and could be used to their liking in any given situation.
          • Sword Beam (魔力剣波 (ソード・ビーム), Sōdo Bīmu lit. Magical Power Sword Wave) is one of the most basic Sword Magic spells to exist; while it is unknown, perhaps it is one of the first spells to be developed, as it is the basis for any magical attack that launches some sort of energy from a weapon; it allows the user to fire a wave of magical power from their sword. Is it a beam that shoots swords? Is it a sword that's actually a beam? Nobody knows, but one thing is certain- without the spell, weapon-based combat probably never would have gotten as far as it has these days. When performing the Sword Beam spell, the user infuses their sword with their magical energy, condensing it to its utmost limit, converging at a singular point—the tip of the sword; intensifying the kinetic energy that is about to be released by convergence and acceleration. This process can take from about half a second to a full minute, depending on the user's preferences or the properties of the blade; the caster is capable of compressing even more of their magical energy upon their sword to achieve a higher level of power. In any case, once this process has been completed, at the instant of the slash, the user swiftly releases the magical energy compressed upon the blade which magnifies the slash attack, unleashing it in the form of a wave of energy that flies forward at high speeds. The principal use of Sword Beam is to strike at adversaries outside of the sword's range, effectively nullifying the claim that swords are meant for close-range combat only. In any case, the Sword Beam spell, without any modifications, is extremely powerful, as it possesses great force that enables the user to unleash large-scale damage and destruction. Upon impact, the Sword Beam spell causes a large explosion with enough momentum to breach defenses; making it extremely powerful, ripping into the ground and destroying a very large prison building. A single swing of it is more than enough to disperse an entire rainstorm; as well as demolish a large radius of the surroundings and leave behind a huge crater in the wake of the attack. It can be utilized in many ways; striking at the ground allows the user to unleash the energy condensed upon their blade as an omnidirectional blade which can used as an impromptu shield for incoming attacks while upturning the earth before them; the debris of which crushes everything in its path. What should be noted is that the Sword Beam spell possesses homing properties; tracking the foe's heat signature in order to sniff them out and deal damage; curving until it reaches its destination; once fired, the user can move around as normal without any drawback. The attack requires about two seconds to travel a few hundred-kilometer distance, and the user can immediately fire the next attack after confirming a miss as long as they have magical energy left. Going back to the part about being charged; the user is capable of adding more of their Magical Aura onto the blade when they are initiating the attack to achieve a higher level of power; this process, while it does result in the spell being launched at an ever-so-slightly later date, it can drastically enhance the power, width, and size of the Sword Beam spell, and as such, the option of charging can mean the difference between victory and defeat in the heat of battle. Generally, the charging speed of the Sword Beam spell takes about two seconds down to the letter, and if the Sword Beam spell is charged, it travels in a straight line, but when fired without charging, it flies in an up-and-down wave motion. The user is also capable of continuing to hold the spell in its magical energy compressed form and move around as normal; this can serve as a way to take advantage of extra power while taking evasive action. The user is capable of interrupting the charge of the attack by grabbing their weapon with their free hand; the charge cancel can be used to bluff an opponent by allowing them to come close to the caster while they're charging, only to find themselves attacked by another method.
          • Hidden Blade: Thousand-Carved Retribution (秘剣・千刻罰, Hiken: Senkobatsu) is a spell that can only be mastered by those who've understood the true meaning of "wielding a sword for one's convictions". It's described as a spell that embodies the concept of "condensed power of the samurai" — a thousand slashes launched in a single instance. A technique belonging to master-class swordsmen, it's been used throughout various times in history since the creation of swordsmanship; as it's a sword-based technique, can be used with any bladed weapon — magical or no. It's also said that this technique signifies one's mastery over the art of the sword, as it allows them to call upon the full extent of their swordsmanship prowess — unleashing its destructive power against those unlucky enough to be deemed a target. If one were to surmise the technique, it would based off of the phrase: "one thousand strikes in a single slash", which ironically serves as the basis of this move. Since it involves the use of the Sword Pressure technique — which serves as the vessel for such a feat, it's imperative for a swordsman to have certain knowledge over the technique in-question. In order for this technique to be properly carried out, the user must empty out their mind and enter a state of Mushin (無心, "No Mind" or "No Heart") — their focus reaching its maximized limit; it's then that they synchronize with their weapon, which results in the two glowing with an incredible aura. This aura is not of magical nature, but represents the swordsman's spirit. With a single swipe, they unleash a shockwave of such proportions that it completely dwarfs all other beings within the area and is recorded to be many times the size of the user. Whatever happens to be in its flight-path is eliminated without question; this is due to the technique carrying "one-thousand slashes" behind its person — or so it may seem. In fact, the user's eliminating the ability to cut through anything else — focusing on a single target. When one is hit with this technique head-on, their body is cut by various vacuum blades that the technique carries, taking major damage and unable to defend themselves; it's said that the technique can even cut through things of a magical nature — despite not being magic in and of itself, making it possible to break through barriers and clashing with other spells, possibly overwhelming them. Since the technique is based on one's will and concentration, breaking either one can easily cause the technique to be disrupted and possibly overwhelmed; aside from this, there are no other ways to stop it once it's launched. While being one of the most powerful of its kind, it's used by a rare few because of what's required.
          • Energy Sword (unnamed): When a swordsman winds up having their blade break for any reason, they can channel their own magical aura through the hilt, forming a new blade made out of raw magical energy emitting itself from the hilt. The user is capable of extending or retracting the blade, and unconsciously keeps it at the length their body is most comfortable with, to avoid a blade that expands almost indefinitely. While a useful spell, it is by far without weakness. Due to the lack of a blade made of any solid material — such as metal — an Energy Sword has no counterweight; the only part of the weapon with any kind of weight is the hilt. Due to this, the blade feels remarkably light in the hand, and can be wielded by even the most physically weak; however, this weightlessness comes at a cost. The lack of a counterweight makes balance difficult. Control and skill are required to use an Energy Sword effectively, as for the untrained, it would just as easy to accidentally cut off their own limbs as it would be to cut off their opponent's.
        • Bishop (書く, Kaku): Bishop is one of the less common pawn's alternations whose focus is mainly put on their slenderness, agility and evasiveness. Bishops are the most agile of all pawn's alternations and as such rarely carry a weapon, relying on dodging and evading enemies' attacks. However, Alexander has stated that an optimal enhancement for a bishop would be Bow and Arrow(弓と矢, Yumi to ya), due to its lightness. Bishops have proven to be rather skilled with said weapons and their skills rival even Saggitarius himself. n/e
          • Superb Speed:
          • Exper Marksmanship and Archery: Bishops, living up to their theme, employ bows and arrows in battle, with their skills as a Celestial Pawn lying in their use. They have proven themselves to be an extremely proficient archers: he was shown capable of easily destroying small objects which maneuver at high speed in mid air, with his arrows, demonstrating both pinpoint accuracy and great speed; such traits were further proven when a Bishop succesfully blocked one of magical bullets with a projectile of his, reciprocating the same action that a dark mage's sniper previously did, and leaving him amazed. They are more often than not able to nock and shoot more than one arrow at the same time, firing a barrage of arrows at once. Bishops also seems to be very resourceful with their archery, as shown when they were able to create fire by shooting electrical equipment in order to cause a distraction; a feat which one of them claimed to be "mere child's play" for their arrows.
        • Rook (飛車, Hisha): Rook is the rarest pawn's alternation and hs so far been introduced only three times. Rooks' focus is mainly put on their durability and endurance. Their speed is not so great, but their defenses have proven to be nearly impenatrable. As the name would apply, the perfect Enhancement for Rooks is Shield (盾, Tate), as it greatly helps their defenses. n/e
          • Titanic Durability and Endurance:
  • Force Gate Closure (フォース•ゲート閉鎖, Fōsu gēto klōsa): Alexander is able to force the gate of a Celestial Spirit to close against their will, forcing them to return to the Celestial Spirit World. Such skill would come in useful if one of his Spirits had been taken over by the foe through various means and was forced to attack him, allowing Alexander to remove them from battle without actually harming them. For a Celestial Spirit Mage, obtaining this ability seems to be a remarkable feat.
  • Stellar Projection (恒星投影, Kōsei tōei): Upon channelling his own magical energy throughout the key, Alexander converts the ethernano coating the key's stem into Celestial Energy that starts accumulating around the key. The said celestial energy then begins to envelop the stem, expanding up to ten times while doing so, shaping itself exactly like the stem, literally projecting the key in front of Alexander, hence the name. The said energy than begins to harden and starts acting as a weapon. In order to maintain the energy, Alexander doesn't have to keep the flow active, the key rather does it itself. Upon breaking, the key will expell more celestial energy, immidiately fixing the made damage.
  • 88e7bd27ed162caefde459219b5afcfbb5a020c1 hq

    Alexander's ally upon recieving Celestial Jewel

    Celestial Jewel (天の宝石, Ten no hōseki): Celestial Jewel is one of the more complicated Celestial Spirit Magic techniques distinct to the Moshiyoto family, as it doesn't necessarily involve only the mage and the spirit, it may also be performed on a third person. This technique is classified as a support spell, and as such revolves around focusing upon the mage's allies, supporting them by significally boosting their capabilities. By pointing a celestial spirit gate key towards their desired target, the mage is capable of partially opening the spirit's gate within the said mage, temporarily giving them the spirit's attributes. The previous will manifest itself as a small jewel on the target's forehead, the colour of which corresponds to the key's type, hence the name. In this state, the user and the mage who casted the spell develop a telepathic bond, allowing them to communicate amongst each other in secrecy. The said jewel disappears upon the gate's closure, alongside the gained attributes. While the spirit is in this state, it cannot be summoned, otherwise the jewel will crack, permanently stripping the boosted mage of their newly-found power.
    • Celestial Crown (天の冠, Ten no kanmuri): A variation of Celestial Jewel; Celestial Crown, as the name implies, is an advanced version of Celestial Jewel. After forming the first jewel on the ally's forehead, Alexander proceeds and creates more jewels, forming some sort of crown on their forehead. While in this state, their abilities and statistics are obviously extremely boosted, possibly to the extent where their enhanced magical energy rivals a Wizard Saint. Additionally, as the ally's and spirits' magical energy synchronizes, the said ally won't be pinpointable by other mages, due to their energy mixture.
  • Sideris (サイダース, Saidārusu): By pointing a Golden Gate Key at his desired target, Alexander is able to release several golden orbs that orbit around him until they stop three feet above him, creating a miniature constellation that rotates around itself slowly. Upon summoning the orbs Alexander has to recite "I ask for your assistance, oh great stars that are in heavens, show me your appearance!" Each one of them being made out of pure Celestial Energy, this construction has high destructive potentional. Usually, each one of them fires a powerful laser beam at the desired target. However, on several occasions, the constellation began to lower itself and dissolve while leaving a golden trail around Alexander, forming a golden-glowing sphere that can act as a make-shift shield. The said barrier dissapeares within 10 minutes if not damaged, but is able to withstand quite an amount of damage, as seen during his battle with Satoru.
    • Seraph's Blade (熾天使の剣, Oki tenshi no ken): A sub-technique of Sideris; Seraph's Blade shares the same mechanics as a typical molding magic, allowing Alexander to use the celestial orbs to conjure up a weapon that he can later on use as his own. As the name would apply, the said weapon manifests itself in a form of a golden-gleaming sword that features large, golden decorated handguards reminiscing a pair of seraph wings and both center a spherical golden jewel that keeps powering the sword up, stopping it from disappation. The fuller adjacent to the guards house a golden, leaf-like ornamental design, where the blade is slightly wider with white embellishments along the blade. The blade is said to possess celestial and divine properties and is rumoured to be able to slay demons and etherious alike, although Alexander still hasn't encountered one.
  • Tesentis (魔れ複, Tesenutisu): By pointing any type of a gate key towards the desired target, Alexander is able to fire up an enormous amount of Celestial Energy shaped like a laser-beam at his opponent. The ray of energy is said to have a high destructive capacity, being able to pierce through most types of metals and even create holes in walls. The colour of the beam varies from the colour of the key, a godlen one producing a golden ray, silver one producing a silver ray etc. Upon firing the laser, Alexander can also manipulate the distance it goes to, as well as move the key around, making this a highly versatile technique. The said laser was powerful enough to counter a Dragon Slayer's Roar at its peak.
  • Celestia (セレスト, Seresutia): By pointing any type of a gate key up in the sky, Alexander is able to release an enormous amount of Celestial Energy that glows golden and surges around Alexander, hardening as it reaches a state of a perfect sphere that keeps orbiting around Alexander, deflecting most of the magic-based attacks heading for Alexander. The shield can easily be broken my sheer power and any type of physical damage, such as hitting a wall or getting slashed by a sword. Unless destroyed, this creation will orbit around Alexander until he commands it to dissapate. The said barrier can withstand enormous amounts of damage, up to 9000 MPF points.
  • Protection of the Stars (星の保護, Hoshi no hogo; lit. The Ultimate Protection of the Night Sky): A very special and unique technique developed by Alexander himself; this spells seems to allow Alexander to become invincible, figuratively speaking. By combining two of his defensive abilities, Celestia and Sideris, Alexander easily creates two goldens spheres orbiting around himself. As the two make contact, they combine in a single seemingly larger barrier that can hold up to two people, Alexander and another person of his choice. The said barrier can withstand both magical and physical assaults, acting as the ultimate defensive spell perfect for both close and distance fights.
  • Celestial Ribbon (天の帯, Ten no obi): Celestial Ribbon is one of the few Celestial Spirit Magic spells Alexander refuses to use, as he deems it a rather cruel method for the Celestial Spirits. It works on a principle of a temporary merge of the two spirits' essence, creating a single, highly potent Celestial Spirit whose appearance appears to be a combination of both, as well as their abilities. These beings have superhuman senses, speed, strenght and durability, but while in this state, they lose all of their sanity and often don't tell the difference between a friend and a foe, the only exception being its creator, Alexander himself. They listen to all of his commands without hesitation, often taking them on a literal level.
    • Celestial Mirror (天の鏡, Ten no kagami, lit. Divine Reflector): Celestial Mirror is a non-violent method derived from Celestial Ribbon that allows Alexander to copy a single spirit's magic and/or abilities and paste them onto another spirit, wherein the process works in both ways. This simple, yet very versatile technique allows Alexander to greatly empower his spirits' abilities. For this spell to work, both of the spirits must be summoned and mustn't distance themselves too far one from another, as the spell is effective within a 15 meter radius from Alexander, making the maximum distance between the two 30 meters.
  • Celestial Comet (天上の彗>複, Tenjō no suisei): A technique created by Alexander himself, this is considered to be one of the few spells not involving celestial spirits, both directly or indirectly. Alexander has referred to this spell as a weaker form of Urano Metria, as the two spells have some similarities. The only requirement for this spell is a key, regardless of what kind, though Alexander prefers to use Golden Keys, mainly due aesthetic purposes. By simply moving his hand forwards while holding a key in it, Alexander is able to fire a wave of pure celestial energy from the Celestial Spirit World. This ability does not require great skill and thus doesn't consume much energy, making it a highly desirable skill. The wave itself is shaped like a sphere and is constantly spinning, additionally increasing its already high speed. So far, Alexander has demonstrated the ability to fire more than one Celestial Comet, making this a highly versatile ability. The colour of the wave depends on the colour of the key, thus silver keys will produce silver energy, crystal light blue etc. Upon colliding with the target, the sphere will combust, creating a massive explosion, powerful enough to break down a large thick wall.
    • Seven Shooting Stars of Heavens (天七つの流れ星, Ten nanatsu no nagareboshi): A stronger variation of Celestial Comet; as the name suggests, Alexander conjures seven Celestial Comets simultaneously from two Golden Gate keys, one in each hand. He fires the first six normally, but uses both keys in order to conjure up a much larger sphere, roughly double the size of the original Comet. The Comets will start orbiting around the target, all attacking it a second before the final comet collides with it, dealing a massive amount of damage to the target and the surrounding area. The energy required for this spell isn't high, so Alexander can perform this spell and still be able to use other abilities.
    • Celestial Drop (天体降下, Tentai kōka): A sub-technique of Celestial Comet, Celestial Drop is, as the name implies, is a smaller version of the previously mentioned technique, and as such, shares the same mechanics - Alexander releases a wave of celestial energy out of a celestial spirit gate key which then, rather than forming a larger ram, condenses itself and forms a golden will-o'-the-wisp that starts orbiting around him. He can control its movements with a simple weave of his hand, including the manipulation of its speed. They can be used to simply light up a room, or for aesthetic purposes, but upon coliding with anything, they explode with tremendous force, due to the drops being nothing but condensed celestial energy.
      • File:Alexander - Celestial Drop.gif
        Celestial Dew (天体露, Tentai Ro lit. Dance of the Fairies): A variation of Celestial Drop, Celestial Dew can be considered a more versatile technique as it can be used in offensive, defensive and supplementary manner. It shares the same mechanism as its parent technique, but rather than creating one celestial drop, Alexander conjures a myriad of them, but if one were to count them, their number would almost always be 88. Upon their creation, they begin to encircle Alexander, orbiting around him in a gracefuly manner, giving him almost angelic-like appearance. He can later-on command these will-o'-the-wisps to attack, focusing on one or more targets, or to simply light up a larger area. Alexander can also utilize this technique in a somewhat defensive manner, changing the wisps' properties. They keep encircling him at rapid speeds, catching any incoming projectiles of their size and destroying them. In this state, they do not explode and cause damage to Alexander and his vicinity, they rather implode, destroying only the projectile. This spell can also be considered a minor form of Urano Metria, as the two have some similarities. In fact, even Alexander himself had stated that this technique was heavily influenced by the said spell.
    • Celestial Torch (天体花の聖火, Tentai no seika): A rather simplistic supplementary spell in its nature that has shown quite handy when it came to illuminating dark spaces, Celestial Torch works with any type of celestial spirit gate key, regardless of its type. Upon twirling the said key in a clockwise manner and channelling a small portion of his magical energy, Alexander forms a small laming orb that apears on the key's tip, serving as a torch of some sort. Additionally, this light can be thrown far off of the key, illuminating the surrounding area for several minutes after its initial casting before darkening once more.
      • Celestial Firework (天体花火, Tentai hanabi): A simple variation of Celestial Torch, this spell appears to be rather simplistic in its nature, and as its predcessor, functions with any type of celestial spirit gate key. The whole process is almost identical, upon twirling the said key in a clockwise manner and channelling a small portion of his magical energy, Alexander forms a small laming crackling orb that apears on the key's tip. He then points the key up to the sky, releasing the said orb, forming a light show above him. The said orbs disperse, in a similar manner to a firework, impressing its witnesses.
  • Celestial Fire (天の火, Ten no Hi): An ability developed by Alexander himself, Celestial Fire can be classified as a caster spell with defensive and supportive properties. To execute the spell, Alexander first summons nine keys, three golden, three silver and three crystal ones. Each set of keys then begins to levitate around Alexander on different levels. Each one of the key starts to glow and release some celestial energy, coloured correspondingly to their key type. The said energy then shapes itself into a ribbon and connects to the other two keys, forming three triangles around Alexander. The said triangles then transform into three celestial glyphs that pass through Alexander. By chanting "I call the light of golden rays I seek protection thus’, I pray. For heavenly forces at my side, oh be my spirit guides who walk with cunning skill! Come to my aid! Come at my will!", the said glyphs make a projection ten feet above Alexander that starts to emit celestial energy downwards, creating a forcefield around him. The energy within starts to coat Alexander and rapidly enter his body, replenishing his energy and healing his wounds. The shower of celestial energy lasts for about ten seconds. The glyphs disappear alongside their projection, leaving nothing but nine keys levitating above Alexander.
  • Celestial Beacon (天の烽火, Ten no Hōka): A rather potent support spell with a major withdrawl, Celestial Beacon acts as a form of a support spell which bolsters the statistics of the user's targets, in this case, Celestial Spirits (Celestial Pawns included) and those bearing a Celestial Jewel, in order to increase their combat prowess as well as their magical energy output and movement speed. By pointing a Zodiac Spirit Gate Key towards himself, Alexander himself becomes a medium of celestial energy, most of which manifests itself in form of a beam that projects itself above Alexander before finally spreading out, forming a glowing aura in his vicinity that boosts pretty much every spirits' statistic, temporarily making them equal to S-Rank Mages. However, due to a large power surge, upon performing this spell, Alexander becomes immobile during it's duration, which is limited to 180 seconds. After the timespam runs out, Alexander will be drained of his magical energy and all the spirits' gates will be immediately closed, leaving him nearly helpless. However, thanks to his numerous energy-restoring equipment, he is capable of restoring to his previous state within a minute.
  • Celestial Unison Raid (合体魔法・星霊流, Seresutiaru Yunizon Reido) : Celestial Unison Raid is a spell exclusice to Celestial Spirits, alongside their owner. Like all Unison Raids, Celestial Unison Raid synchronizes magic of two or more spirits in order to create a more powerful and efficient attack, such as combining Gladius' Stella Cadens and Alexander's Celestial Comet, then allowing Taurus to absorb it with his labrys and use it as a projectile of his own.
  • Telepathy:(テレパシー, Terepashī): Due to very strong connections with his spirits and being on the same wave-length, Alexander is capable of communicating with each one of his spirits, regardless of their position (summoned or in Celestial Spirit World). He is able to do this via their keys, by simply putting his hand over the key's bow, although, on several occasions, with a spirit he has the biggest connection with, Alexander was able to communicate without putting his hands on the key. He has shown to be able to communicate with up to four spirits at the same time and frequently uses this skill, mainly for tactical maneuvers or checking if they're alright in case they were injured during a battle and were forced to return to the Celestial Spirit World. In case he replaces a spirit, Alexander wouldn't be able to communicate with the respective spirit until their connection is broken. Additionally, those bearing a Celestial Jewel are capable of this feat as well.
  • Catalogue Book (目録本, Mokuroku hon): Human version of Star Memory A technique known to just a few celestial spirit mages; This is not a spell per se, but it's rather a form of a magical artifact filled with knowledge. The book is said to be able to contain and store celestial spirit gate keys and allow only the rightful owner to summon it, either via Interspatial Ring or by flipping throgh the pages, as the two (the ring and the book) are connected, sharing the same miniature dimension. This item allows Alexander to freely store his keys and find out informations about random spirits he may encounter.
  • Urano Metria (ウラノ・メトリア, Urano Metoria, lit. The Ultimate Magic of Stars): A very powerful spell exclusive to Celestial Spirit Mages; Just like Gottfried, Alexander had discovered this spell in an old book and this particular spell caught his eye. This magic is one of the rare caster-type spells available to Celestial Spirit Mages, thus is highly desirable and more available than Gottfried, due to its usage during the X791 Grand Magic Games. It is a "power that unleashes the might of the constellations in the skies" upon the user's enemies; a power that is capable of razing most enemies, turning them into naught but ash before the might of this spell. In any case, when performing Urano Metria, the user focuses their magical power, synchronizing their spirit with the Eighty-Eight Stars of the Heaven (全天88星, Zenten Hachjūhassei), also known as the eighty-eight constellations (八十八星座, Hachijūhachi Seiza) suspended within the skies- each constellation, of course, represents a single Celestial Spirit, both of the silver tier and the golden tier. Once this has been done, the user recites the incantation, "Survey the Heavens, Open the Heavens...All the stars, far and wide...Show me thy appearance...With such shine. Oh Tetrabiblos... I am the ruler of the stars...Aspect become complete... Open thy malevolent gate. Oh eighty-eight stars of the heaven...Shine! Urano Metria!" (天を測り天を開きあまねく全ての星々その輝きをもって我に姿を示せテトラビブロスよ我は星々の支配者アスペクトは完全なり荒ぶる門を開放せよ全天88星光る! ウラノ・メトリア, Ten wo hakari ten wo hiraki, Amaneku subete no hoshiboshi, Sono kagayaki wo motte, Ware ni sugata wo shimese. Tetorabiburosu yo, Ware wa hoshiboshi no shihaisha, Asupekuto wa kanzen nari, Araburu mon wo kaihōseyo. Zenten hachijūhassei...Hikaru! Urano Metoria!); this results in the eighty-eight constellations bestowing their power upon the magician- the magician aims at their unfortunate targets, as the visage of countless star-like lights make their appearance within the vicinity, followed by a shroud of darkness blanketing the area. These stars gather and converge all sorts of energies upon their forms before each star detonates in a rather spectacular manner, catching the user's target(s) in the blast range no matter what they do to evade- as each star will follow the target(s) to the ends of the earth like a heat-seeking missile, ensuring that the magical energy spent is not in vain. Upon contact with the enemy, the explosion of all eighty-eight stars released in the form of a tremendous attack provokes the obliteration of the enemy from the inside out in a very violent manner, more often than not propelling the victim into the air or anything in the vicinity by the sheer force of the blast. The force of the blast is enough to pulverize any magical weapons and armour, as well as eradicate any magical auras. One thing to note is that this move is similar to Abyss Break in that it is a compression of multiple "aspects" of a certain magic released in the form of an almighty attack, although Abyss Break does not leave the user in a exhausted state; as contrast to Urano Metria. To the on-looker and also the victim the move would appear as if a myriad of stars came crashing into them provoking a massive galactic explosion with visuals giving the indication of a second Big Bang occurring, all converging upon the unlucky target. Urano Metria packs enough strength to defeat almost any demon; including an Etherious.
  • Gottfried (ゴットフリート, Gottofurīto): A long forgotten magic that is only available to highly skilled Celestial Spirit Mages; While clearing the library in the abandoned academy building outside of Magnolia, Alexander has stumbled upon a book exclusive to Celestial Spirit Mages with a seal on it that allowed only those of the purest heart to open the book. The book itself contained a lot of information that was already available to him, but one spell caught his eye, a super magic, long forgotten and could be considered a taboo for its effects. To activate the spell, Alexander must kneel on the ground and hold his hands up, pointing to the sky while reciting the incantation. Whilst chanting, a green aura will encase him, acting as a shield as it surges towards the desired target while stars slowly fill up the heavens. Upon saying the incantation, any summoned spirit will be forcibly sent back to Celestial Spirit World. While performing the incantation, Alexander will be inflicted by incredible pain, equivalent to the pain dealt to the target. The incantation Alexander has to say is "I ask that the heavens make the stars descend to earth. Illuminate... by all means... this land... this world... this land! By your hand, let everything be illuminated. Twinkling, shooting, falling... Let the stars descend before us! Gottfried!". As a result, a giant sword-like construction is formed out of the aura and is fired towards Alexander's desired target(s). So far, Alexander hasn't used this spell on anyone because of his morals, but if necessary, he will perform it. Also, this spell highly drains Alexander, making him unable to use any magic for a short period of time.

Celestial Cross Fuse

Celestial Cross Fuse (星歌・一心同体(セレスチアル・クロス・ヒューズ), Seresutiaru Kurosu Hyūzu lit. Celestial Elegy: Two Hearts Beating As One): Celestial Cross Fuse, oftentimes referred to as the "Star Dress" due to a certain celestial spirit mage's frequent use of this ability, is a Celestial Spirit Magic spell that makes full use of a summoner's link with their Celestial Spirits in order to incorporate the power and Magic of the Celestial Spirits they summon through their contract into their existence, which manifests itself in the form of a change in attire and a tattoo of the Celestial Spirit's seal on their body.

In any case, when performing Celestial Cross Fuse, the wielder of Celestial Spirit Magic focuses intently as they intensify the volatility of the magical energies that are dwelling within their Magic Origin as to excite them exponentially while grasping the summoning catalyst for this form of Summoning Spirit Magic, their Celestial Spirit Gate Key, they perform a small downwards slicing motion with the object, the tool going from being suspended slightly above the caster's head to almost touching the surface where they stand - from here, the caster releases the voluminous quantities of energy outwards from their body ever-so-slightly, the Celestial Spirit Gate Key and their emotions being used in order to take the concept of magic equaling the feelings of the magician to its absolute zenith – fuelling the fused energies with positive emotions, the user is capable of initiating the usual fusion of ambient ehternano that's saturated throughout the vicinity and their own magical power, the Celestial Spirit Gate Key generating a whirling torrent of golden energy from the two edges of the key while this is happening; instead of being summoned, the wielder of Celestial Spirit Magic sends a telepathic message to the Celestial Spirit associated with the key they're holding as to combine their power - due to the user holding a contract with them, the spirit has a special "magic link" with the user, essentially a contract of sorts that they can annul at any time.

By synchronizing their magical power frequency with that of the spirit's when the two are in close proximity through this telepathic link, with the spirit's approval, the user can perform this spell; which merges the magician and the spirit, integrating the spirit within their body. This allows the magician to replicate the powers of the spirit; filtering out magic (known as drawing) from the spirit and storing it ready to be used by the user. This allows the user to possess near superhuman abilities, such as increased speed and strength, as well as being able to use the spirit's magic. When the magician and their spirit are merged, two kinds of beings are brought together, and since the user possesses a comparable consciousness, the spirit will lose their solid form and can only manifest for limited periods of time while the merging is occurring; giving the user superhuman strength and enhancing their body functions. The merger grants the user an extreme boost in power; giving them access to new abilities, including executing powered-up spells; and when entering fusion mode, a pair of white feathered wings will emerge from the user's back. The merger can only be executed when the user gathers enough ethernano; however. In order to activate the merger, the spell has an "limit meter" that fills as the user collects eternano; which are glowing orbs of light that appears whenever an attack is landed or an attack is blocked; the user automatically absorbs eternano as they move around the area, but not while attacking or being attacked.

When the user can enter the merger, the user begins to glow orange. Once the merger is entered, the user's magical power slowly drains, and the merger ends when it is depleted. The rate at which the power drains can be lowered by using certain accessories and equipment pieces. While in the merger, the character can still collect ethernano, refilling their power as it depleted. While in the merger, the user slowly begins regenerating their stamina; while they gain a higher chance of obtaining a critical hit; as well as generic bonuses as special attacks, increased damage, and other enhancements. Entering the merger blocks any spell the opponent is striking the user with and knocks them back; however, this can be a double-edged sword, as the user's current magic is cancelled out when activating the mode; but despite this, this drawback can be morphed into a blessing, letting attacks be chained together in new ways. During a successful merge, striking hair or pupil colour changes become apparent, and it will even change the colour of clothing the user is wearing at the time; additionally, invoking Celestial Spirit Magic grants the caster the ability to use Heavenly Body Magic and Light Magic in addition to the magic of their spirit when fused. The magician can always initiate telepathic contact with the spirit. However, in the case that that the user loses consciousness or the spirit for any other reason has to assume full control over their shared body the spirit creates a so-called "Internal Space" (内部空間, Naibu Kūkan, pocket dimension), where the user can communicate with the spirit in safety and even recuperate.

  • Apostle Cooldown (使徒・冷え込み, Shito Hiekomi): In a partial use, Celestial Cross Fuse completely drains the user's full magical power to recover from a foe's attack and slow down the opponent for six seconds, or until a spell is landed. The duration of this period can be adjusted by the user's magical power levels. During this time the user's attack cooldown is reduced to nothing, allowing the user to link together several powerful spells one after another; even spamming what would be considered spells with a normally long casting time. Also, if the opponent is evading, the user can still continue their assault against them, as the foe doesn't receive temporarily invulnerability during this method.

Heavenly Body Magic

Heavenly Body Magic (天体魔法, Tentai Mahō) is a unique form of Caster Magic that allows the user to utilize stellar energy as well as various astronomical objects. At first, Alexander gained access to this magic after succesfully merging with a celestial spirit during their Celestial Cross Fuse process, but after recieving the Ethereal Blessing of the Supreme King, he became able to use it at any given time, as long as he carried the badge with him. It is an incredibly powerful and rare form of Magic as it requires a immense amount of control over one's magic. This is an important factor as to utilize this magic the user must be able to siphon their own magical power into the atmosphere in order to create the primary energy of Heavenly Body Magic, which is commonly known as stellar energy. However, this cannot be achieved normally as the user must use a special body suit that allows their magic to properly siphon with the Ethernano around them. This unique form of energy allows the user to draw on the power of various astronomical objects such as meteor and constellations as well as simply generating and manipulating the energy of the stars from their body. The user can embody the astronomical objects that they are conjure, being able to enhance their physical capabilities to new heights. The generated stellar energy can be manipulated in a wide variety of ways, its "type" can be changed at will, and they can even be given a somehow material consistency. When used for offense, Heavenly Body Magic can take the form of a sphere-like object that can be ejected at the opponent or as a beam that can be blasted. Light can also be emitted from the user's body; depending on the brightness or heat that the light emits, it can be capable enough to blind an enemy or cause the surroundings to explode.

Heavenly Body Magic can also be manifested for multiple usage in defense, and it boosts the user's melee performance, empowering their physical attacks with wakes of destructive light. The stellar energy can also be employed in other ways, with the user being capable of emitting it in vast amounts, enough to cover a wide area, and of shaping it into various forms. The user has used the stellar energy in inventive ways, such as jets of light, whirling disks, and blades of light. They often manipulated light using only two fingers, rather than with a closed fist or open hand as was commonly used by other elemental users; and the user also has the ability to produce a greater amount of light than any other light mage to exist without tiring, as they are shown to be able to maintain successive assaults for long durations of time. The user is also extremely accurate with their blasts of light; and the user has demonstrated the ability to condense the stellar energy, enabling the stellar energy to cut clean through various objects. When formed into spheres of light, the light serves to be rather concussive, able to firmly pulverize objects, such as stone. The user is able to generate powerful shields of swirling light which could withstand the full force of four simultaneous elemental attacks; and they are even able to charge up their light before releasing it, resulting in a far more powerful attack.

This light is not the only substance used, however. The caster is also capable of using the power of gravity against the opponent for destructive usage; the strength can be comparable to the effects caused by a crushing meteor; as the user is able to freely increase or decrease the amount of gravity in the area around them with devastating effects. By applying this gravitational power to incoming enemy attacks, the user is capable of rendering them harmless by dragging them down to the ground. Gravity can be used to lift objects, even gigantic ones, and people alike, and to move them around in the air; in addition, when concentrated around a single opponent, it can cause the latter great pain. This function is powerful enough for the user to shake a house and completely alter the surrounding area with a light touch of their hand, and a minimal amount of it, let out from the user's body, can prevent falling rain from even coming in contact with them. It also allows the user to alter the gravity of a person, either themselves or someone else. The user can lower the target's gravity, enabling them to walk on walls, or raise the target's gravity, rendering them incapable of moving, additionally utilizing it in order to enhance their speed and movement to enable them to dart around the battlefield with ease, allowing the user to attack with impunity.

Masters of this magic are able to draw on the magical power from the celestial bodies to the mortal plane of Earth Land. This allows single ability allows users to access a unique set of spell that are known as True Heavenly Body Magic (真・天体魔法, Shin Tentai Mahō) as they are literally drawing from the energy from astronomical plane that was thought to be outside the reach of humanity. This specific form of Heavenly Body Magic allows the user to draw on physically manifest the astronomical object that they draw on and utilize it to their command.

  • Stellar Energy Absorption: Alexander is, like most Heavenly Body Magic users, capable of absorbing stellar energy either via the stars themselves or through other mages' Heavenly Body Magic Spells. Additionally, due to the unique way Alexander gained mastery over such magic, Alexander can freely convert Celestial Energy into Stellar Energy to additionally boost his spells' power
  • Meteor (流星 Ryūsei): Alexander's body is surrounded by magic that manifests itself as a bright golden light instantly leaps off of him and then yanks back around his body. Alexander is surrounded by a slight, golden outline of a glow; that seems to be literally smoking with light. Upon moving, Alexander leaves wispy trails of golden stardust behind him. This is a technique that all users of Heavenly Body must master, said to allow the caster to fly as fast as a comet, and hit with the force of a meteor. The trails of stardust left behind by the user, especially through the air make this a very dazzling spell to witness.
  • Altairis (暗黒の楽園 Ankoku no Rakuen lit. Dark Paradise): Alexander raises one or two hands above his head as a huge chasm of space opens and begins to whirl; a Black Hole the size of a truck spins into existence within twow seconds; crackling with spatial energy. Alexander then chooses his target; and flings the giant spatial distortion at his opponent(s). As it travels, it sucks up any objects that aren't weighed down as they are gone forever; yanked into the depths of space from which the Black Hole came. Any person or lifeform caught up in the pull of it and whirl around the Black Hole soaring through the air until it explodes in a wave of knockback energy and they are tossed out. So far, Alexander hasn't used this ability during an actual battle, due to its latent destructive potential.
  • Grand Chariot (七星剣 Shichi Seiken lit. Seven Star Sword): Alexander supercharges himself with starlight in less than a second; and rockets off into the skies above. Night drops over the area for a brief moment; as stars above begin to illuminate with an unnatural gold color. Like pinball, Alexander begins to ping from star to star; drawing a design into the stars. He seems to speed up after about ten seconds; the pings becoming extremely rapid until he finally rockets back to the ground in a huge burst of starlight and gravity. Pointing two fingers up to the skies he brings the peace sign down into an open palm, 7 fingers; he activates the old Heavenly Body Magics of Grand Chariot. The starlight design he has drawn in the heavens comes to life; shining to an apex until they blast down with one train sized blast of starlight from 7 different stars that rocket directly downward from each star like a golden satellite ray. When they hit the ground; the huge rays of light slide together and create a huge 200ft explosion. The spell's name is derived from the Big Dipper.
  • Black Holes' Gates: Alexander waves his hand, throws one of them in front of himself, or concentrates. A split moment later a huge black hole big enough to drive a bus through whirls open in front of him and begins pulling everything toward it. Two Seconds later; another black hole opens and drops the target(s) out in a different position, up to 100 feet away from Alexander or in any direction he desires. The Black Holes are very loud and displace both sound and space. This technique allows Alexander to absorb and nullify incoming damage for the duration of the spell. In addition, the two act as a pair of portal, allowing Alexander to use them as a form of transportation.
  • Shooting Star: Alexander raises one hand, or both at the same time. Or throws a palm out towards an opponent as a small blast of starlight rockets from his hand. The blasts are golden colored lasers that bounce a few times if Alexander misses his target. Alexander can fire multiple blasts if he wants to rapid fire, as well. The blasts explode into small clouds of golden stardust upon impact that can easily disorient vision. They can be used to chain blast someone, stacking quite an amount of damage. The blasts can bounce around a room ricochet style. Each blast can bounce twice before exploding. The blasts have a high pitched sound which can be disturbing and disorienting.
  • Denebola's Glow (尻尾の輝き, Shippo no kagayaki): Alexander engulfs his entire body with a thick layer of Stellar Energy which then proceeds to set itself on fire, without causing any harm to Alexander himself. The flames will burn brighter and brighter until they turn white. Upon their decolouration, a wave of explosive energy will detonate around Alexander in a ten feet radius, destroying a large portion of his vicinity. He can also condense the said energy in a sphere that can then freely be shot towards his desired target(s).
  • Orion's Blessing (狩人の祝福, Kariudo no shukufuku): A spell specially made by Alexander, Orion's blessing is one of the few supportive spells this magic has to offer. This technique was originally meant only to increase Alexander's strenght and speed, but he found a way to enhance the same of his allies. Alexander expells a small amount of Stellar Energy throughout his entire body, engulfing it in a small, barely noticable layer of stellar energy, that is by its nature quite intangible. While in reaction with the air, the energy will literally burn out,giving Alexander a form of a motor drive while doing so. He can also channel the energy towards his allies in order to cause the same effect in the same manner.
  • Saturn's Rings (土星の環, Dosei no wa): A rather simplistic spell in its nature, it can be used either in offensive, defensive or supplementary manner. Alexander first begins to channel stellar energy throughout his body, exerting a major portion of it through his hands. He then, in a manner similar to molding magic, condenses it and shapes it like three concentric rings spiraling around each other. He can then throw the construction towards his targets, resulting in the construction growing ten times its original size, entangling around and binding the said target. It can furthermore be used a make-shift shield, as the rings are actually quite durable and capable of blocking an apsurd amount of damage. Finally, the rings can be furthermore shaped and molded, seemingly granting Alexander molding magic abilities.
  • Cygnus' Wings (白鳥の翼, Hakuchō no tsubasa):
  • Corona (光環, Kōkan):
  • Aurora Australis (南極光, Nankyokukō):
  • Milky Way (天の川, Amanogawa):
  • Capella (カペ, Kapera): Accordingly to it's title, 'Capella' absorbs energy from the twin stars Capella B and Capella A. Alexander closes both eyes and crosses both arms in front of his chest, palms out and fingers apart, each hand must also be just an inch away from each ear. Two seals will appear on both palms (not the back of the hand), the left one should be flipped upside-down, while on the right side it must be as is. These seals will quickly become two glowing disks of light-energy, roughly 5 inches in diameter. At the same moment, the caster closes both hands, later creating a throwing motion towards the opponent, the left hand must be on top of the right, since that disk will be the first one to be released, followed by the right one. Upon opening his fists, the disks are fired at amazing speeds towards Alexander's desired target.
  • Pulsar D (パルサー, Parusā): The basic form of a Pulsar spell; Pulsars are known for their electromagnetic radiation and their fast-paced interval period times. This spell uses that force and converts it to a useful navigating system. The proper position in this spell requires the user's left hand bending softly against the user's head, creating an arch with the hand limp as possible. The right should be pointed at the direction where the user wishes to go, a finger pointing exactly into that direction whilst the other four fingers stay limp. A seal should appear against the pointing finger, roughly the same size as the user's hand. The said seal keeps levitating after removing his hand. Once removed, the user must then forcefully push both hands against the seal, which will later rotate opposite of its current direction. A blast of electric blue energy should radiate from the seal, traveling for about a kilometer. This does not, in any way, affect any form of life that it passes through. The Pulsar D blast can be considered invisible to everyone else other than the mage who performed it. After the process of reaching its maximum distance, the blast will manually direct itself back towards the seal at the same level of speed, containing every detail of the place it pressed through. The seal will remain intact until after the information is taken up by the hand of a Heaven Body mage. The necessary schemes of the place will immediately be implanted into his/her mind once the user places a hand over the seal.
  • True Heavenly Body Magic: Sema (真・天体魔法 星崩し Shin Tentai Mahō Sēma) Alexander bows down and points his hands downwards, with all the fingers closed except the index and middle fingers. He then begins to slowly move his right hand until it points upwards, causing the clouds above Alexander to begin circling, creating what appears to be a cyclone. From the center of the swirling formation, a glowing orb begins to form, growing in size until a humongous meteor emerges, falling quickly to earth towards the intended target. When the meteor hits, the force is strong enough to create a large explosion, which engulfs a wide area and releases a strong hurricane of air, also leaving a large crater in its wake.

Light Magic

Light Magic (光の魔法, Hikari no Mahō): Light Magic is a Caster Magic which draws on the positive emotions of the user and manifest it in a physical form, the element of Light. Light Magic gives off a feeling of hope to the user's allies which in turn inspires them to do better in combat due to this magic releasing the benevolent nature of the user back into the world.

It should be noted that Light Magic was intentionally created to be used as a counter against Darkness Magic and later Black Arts, two types of Magic that feed on negativity and cause massive destruction. This is triggered by going by the opposite of the 'magic = feelings' concept—by fueling their magic with positive feelings, the user is capable of initiating the usual fusion of eternano and magical power, only manifesting magical power in a light and benevolent nature; this is known as natural Light Magic, drawing from the inner feelings of the humanity to purify the world off all its evils and mistakes, like a beacon of hope. This version of light magic is more commonly known and used by Legal Mages as they are often encouraged to use their emotions when it comes to fighting, being taught it will increase the overall power of their spells, though this is just a rumor and has not yet been official confirmed.

However a recent discovery has just been made revolving around Light Magic; a group of scientist have discovered a new way to utilize Light Magic without having to go through the process of converting their own feelings into magic. This is considered incredibly difficult for a mage to successfully pull off and as such, there are only a small number of Mages that are capable of using this method of Light Magic. To do this, the user will manifest and modify their very eternano and magical energy, entwining it, into that of protons which the user can then alter the movement of them, allowing them to be able to use virtually any light based power; being granted the ability to control, generate, and absorb light as well as utilizing said element as a form of offense and defense. Users of, what has now been dubbed, natural Light Magic have taken note that the light that is manifested through this specific procedure is not capable of being sense as it does not have any feeling in it, making most mages feel uncomfortable around a mage that is capable of using this variation of Light Magic. Due to this fact that this Light Magic does not use any emotion and is based on science, this variant of the magic has been named artificial Light Magic. It has been rumored that more and more Dark Mages are gaining the ability to use this form of Light Magic, disguising themselves and spying on Legal Guilds.

Light Magic can be utilized in a multitude of different ways, ranging from offensive to supplementary applications. Occasionally, a certain technique will usually involve the use of hands to cast a spell, though an experienced user can preform said spell without having to go through such an approach. It can be used to destroy and pick up various objects, defend various enemies' attacks and unleash devastating beams of light with immense power behind them. Light Magic can also be used in the most basic way possible which can still lead devastating results; by emitting light from the caster's body, depending on the brightness and the heat that the light emits, it is capable of blinding as well as burning an opponent or causing the surrounding area to explode in a brilliant light. The user can create constructs and weapons made of the element, and even teleport themselves away via transforming into light; being capable of taking out a horde of opponents in a flash of light and rendering them unable to fight, blinding them with radiance. Similar to other elemental magics, Light Magic allows the user to transform their entire body into the very element that they use to fight: by transforming into pure light, the user is able to negate and avoid attacks, and gain the added advantage of traveling at incredible speeds and causing significant damage to their opponent and everything that they come in contact with, like a ray of divine light coming to unleash its judgment.

  • Light Shield (遮光体, Shakō-tai): After moving his hands at high speeds in front of him in a circular clockwise motion, the trail of light left behind becomes solid, acting as a semi-transparent radiating shield capable of blocking several basic or one 'special' attack. The more power is put in the shield, the stronger the shield gets. If she pulls his hands back, the shield will slowly start to dissolve and fall apart, leaving him unprotected.
  • Light Blast (光ブラースト, Hikari Buraasuto): By slowly moving his right arm in a clockwise motion, several small glowing spheres appear at the tip of his fingers. After pointing them towards the target, the spheres detach and fly towards the target at amazing speeds. They will not stop until they hit the target or an inert surface. The Spheres then merge once reaching the target and explode, releasing an enormous amount of light and heat.
  • Blinding Light (まばゆいばかりの光, Mabayui bakari no hikari) Collecting photons from the surrounding area, Alexander focuses them upon his entire body, resulting in it glowing a radiant white light, capable of blinding his enemies. This grants him the opportunity to attack or flee.
  • Australis (極光 Kyokkō) : Alexander finely weaves light particles around himself until it creates an aura of light surrounding him. Once this is complete, she is able to manipulate the particles of light as she so wishes, making them into any shape he desires. She can turn it into a spherical shield of light, to defend against attacks from all directions. She can manipulate the light to create an illusion or even send parts off to attack, like threads of light. All of this contributes to make a highly versatile spell.
  • Three Lights Strategy (三光作戦, Sankō Sakusen) is a Light Magic spell that collects magical energy in the form of a small sphere near the ground, at which the user simply has to wave their hand. At this point, the light magic erupts as three rows of grinding light that can shatter the earth and cause great damage to a collective if they do not evade properly and in time. Because of the speed of the spell, this is also very difficult to achieve.
  • Star Lily (姫百合, Himeyuri): Star Lily is a very potent Light Magic spell. Through manipulating light particles, the user is able to enhance every single cell in their body with Light Eternano, causing their body to take upon an aura of pure light around it. This in turn increases their physical abilities extremely, capable of instantaneously traversing distances in a matter of seconds, leaving a white trail behind them after every movement.
  • Helios (ヘリオス, Heriosu) is a Caster-type Light Magic spell. Due to the simplicity of the spell, and the easy customization it affords, it's considered a staple in the arsenal of fighters who lack talent at learning complex spells. To form Helios, the user gathers their own magical energy, imposing their will on it and crafting it into the shape of a sphere. Immense and powerful rotation is added to the sphere, creating a swirling vortex of magical energy encased in an outer shell to contain the eddy of magical energy. Forming Helios is often likened to holding the sun in the palm of ones' hand. Through the rotation of incredibly dense magical energy, the sphere's contact with a human body creates a powerful and extremely painful 'shredding' effect on the body, ripping into target at the point of contact and in the case of targets with durable skin, it causes intense internal damage. One of the key points of Helios is how easy it is to change on the fly; by changing the volume of magical energy used to form the sphere, the size can be enhanced to create truly gargantuan spheroids. The power of Helios also depends on the amount of energy that creates the cyclone held within the sphere; larger amounts of magical energy create stronger 'drills', so to speak, while weaker amounts of magical energy do little more than rattle a target. Skilled users, in addition to modifying the size, can also modify the quantity; sufficient control over the rotation of the magical energy allows a user to manifest Helios in both hands, and wield is flawlessly. This effect is referred to as Twin Suns (二つの太陽!!, Futatsu no Taiyō, due to the image created from wielded Helios in this manner.
  • Milky Way (天の川, Amanogawa): Alexander weaves light particles into a single, extremely potent whip, which possesses exceedingly high cutting power. Though fragile, the user is able to regenerate it through use of Light Magic. Alexander has shown the ability to effortlessly cut through most substances through this spell, and can even manipulate its structure enough to make it hold his opponents and tie them in a rope of sorts.

Absolute Territory

Water Magic



Among various possessions, the most valuable ones are his gate keys.

Golden Keys

Golden Keys, also known as Zodiac Keys are a group of twelve unique Celestial Spirit Gate Keys Celestial Spirit Mages use to summon spirits. They are the rarest and most valuable keys a Celestial Spirit Mage can possess. Each one has a unique key design and every spirit, regardless its strength, is counted as one unit. Currently, Alexander has a contract with five Golden-type Celestial Spirits. Every one of them is able to freely enter the Human World with their own magical reserves, but rarely do so.

  • Gate of the Goat Key (山羊の鍵, Yagi no Kagi): The Gate of the Goat Key is one of the twelve Zodiac Gate keys used by Celestial Spirit Mages to summon the Goat, Capricorn. The Gate of the Goat Key is a golden Celestial Spirit Key bearing the crest of the Goat; it has a white center bearing the crest of the goat. The blade is sculpted to appear similar to a goat's head with horns sprouting out of each side and curling towards the center. While in possession of the key, a Celestial Spirit Mage may be able to summon the Goat Capricorn by reciting the quote, "Open the Gate of the Goat! Capricorn!". This summons Capricorn, a humanoid goat wearing a formal attire who is capable of hand to hand combat.
  • Gate of the Scorpion Key (蠍の鍵, Sasori no Kagi): The Gate of the Scorpion Key is one of the twelve Zodiac Gate keys used by Celestial Spirit Mages to summon the Scorpion, Scorpio. The key is depicted to be a golden key with the crest of the Scorpion, a symbol reminiscent to a cursive letter M, stamped on its bow with the blade of the key ending with a shovel-like design. Similar to the other keys, the bow of the key contains a white center, bearing the crest of the Scorpion, colored in dark red. The blade of the key is forked at the end, similar to a scorpion's claw. While in possession of the key, a Celestial Spirit Mage may be able to summon the Scorpion Scorpio by reciting the quote, "Open the Gate of the Scorpion! Scorpio!". This summons Scorpio, a man with a stinger-shaped gun that can be used to attack with Sand Magic.
  • Gate of the Water Bearer Key (水使いの鍵, Suitsukai no Kagi): The Gate of the Water Bearer Key is one of the twelve Zodiac Gate keys used by Celestial Spirit Mages to summon the Water Bearer, Aquarius. The key is depicted to be an ordinary golden key that is designed similar to that of an upside down urn with two handles on either side. The center of the bow is white, stamped with the crest of the Water Bearer, colored in blue, with a heart on its base. The blade of the key is designed similar to that of a mermaid tail, with "fins" sprouting out of either side of the base of the bow, and four more at the tip, curling towards the center. While in possession of the key, a Celestial Spirit Mage may be able to summon the Water Bearer Aquarius by reciting the quote, "Open the Gate of the Water Bearer! Aquarius!", preferably near a body of water. This summons Aquarius, a mermaid capable of utilizing Water Magic to a great extent.
  • Gate of the Giant Crab Key (大蟹の鍵, Daikani no Kagi): The Gate of the Giant Crab Key is one of the twelve Zodiac Gate keys used by Celestial Spirit Mages to summon the Giant Crab, Cancer. In the Manga, the key is depicted to be an ordinary golden key with the crest of the Giant Crab, a symbol similar to the number 69, stamped on its bow. Similar to the other keys, the center of the bow is white, stamped with the crest of the Giant Crab, colored in maroon, and two spikes sprouting from each side. The base of the bow is sculpted similar to that of the head of a crab while the top is that of a crab's pincer. The blade of the key ends with a crab shaped design, with four legs sprouting out of each side and the tip designed with two pincers. While in possession of the key, a Celestial Spirit Mage may be able to summon the Giant Crab Cancer by reciting the quote, "Open the Gate of the Giant Crab! Cancer!". This summons Cancer, a man carrying two pairs of scissors that can be used to attack the opponents as well as design hairstyles.
  • Gate of the Giant Crab Key (大蟹の鍵, Daikani no Kagi): The Gate of the Giant Crab Key is one of the twelve Zodiac Gate keys used by Celestial Spirit Mages to summon the Giant Crab, Cancer. In the Manga, the key is depicted to be an ordinary golden key with the crest of the Giant Crab, a symbol similar to the number 69, stamped on its bow. Similar to the other keys, the center of the bow is white, stamped with the crest of the Giant Crab, colored in maroon, and two spikes sprouting from each side. The base of the bow is sculpted similar to that of the head of a crab while the top is that of a crab's pincer. The blade of the key ends with a crab shaped design, with four legs sprouting out of each side and the tip designed with two pincers. While in possession of the key, a Celestial Spirit Mage may be able to summon the Giant Crab Cancer by reciting the quote, "Open the Gate of the Giant Crab! Cancer!". This summons Cancer, a man carrying two pairs of scissors that can be used to attack the opponents as well as design hairstyles.

Silver Keys

Silver Keys are the second type of Celestial Spirit Gate Keys, alongside the famous Golden and, less known, Crystal Keys. As their name states, they're made purely out of silver and can be commonly bought in Magic Shops. They usually come unadorned, contrary to their gold and silver counterparts. Each one of them counts as one unit, regardless the strength of the spirit.

  • Gate of the Chisel Key (鑿の鍵, Nomi no Kagi): The Gate of the Chisel Key is a Celestial Spirit Gate Key used by Celestial Spirit Mages to summon the Chisel, Caelum. The key is depicted to be an ordinary silver key with the crest of the Chisel stamped on its bow. The bow is circular and bears the crest of the Chisel on its center, colored green. The blade of the key ends in a simple design, similar to other silver keys. While in possession of the key, a Celestial Spirit Mage may be able to summon the Chisel Caelum by reciting the quote, "Open Gate of the Chisel! Caelum!". This summons Caelum, a robotic Celestial Spirit that can be used as a sword or laser.
  • Gate of the Major Fox Key (軽微狐の鍵, Keibi kitsune no kagi): The Gate of the Major Fox Key is a silver-type gate key utilised by Celestial Spirit Mages in order to summon the Major Fox, Vulrex. The key has a standard silver design, square shaped bow, cylindrical stem and standard blade tip with teeth. There is a fox's paw crest on the bow, as well as on the teeth. A Celestial Spirit Mage is capable of summoning Vulrex by reciting, "Open, Gate of the Major Fox!", while holding the key in front of himself, resulting in a cuddly, white-furred fox with red ornaments on its fur appearing in front of the mage. The fox also seems to be wearing a pair of bells around his neck, which are commonly heard when he uses his Fire Magic, that is the ability to conjure and manipulate fire. Unlike the Minor pandan of the same key, Vulrex appears to be 150 cm tall, allowing Alexander to mount him. He will act as a guardian, protecting his friend from any harm. Vulrex is said to be the first spirit Alexander has made contract with.
  • Gate of the Clock Key (時計の鍵, Tokei no Kagi): The Gate of the Clock Key is a Celestial Spirit Gate Key used by Celestial Spirit Mages to summon the Clock, Horologium. The key is depicted to be an ordinary silver key with the crest of the Clock, a simple clock with two hands with the shorter one pointing to the right and the longer one pointing upward, stamped on its bow. The bow is designed similar to a cuckoo clock with the crest in the middle, coloured brown. The blade of the key is of simple design, similar to other silver keys. While in possession of the key, a Celestial Spirit Mage may be able to summon the Clock Horologium by reciting the quote, "Open Gate of the Clock! Horologium!". This summons Horologium, a walking grandfather's clock that is able to shield people inside its body.
  • Gate of the Southern Cross Key (南十字の鍵, Minamijūji no Kagi): The Gate of the Southern Cross Key is a Celestial Spirit Gate Key used by Celestial Spirit Mages to summon the Southern Cross, Crux. The key is depicted to be an ordinary silver key with the crest of the Southern Cross, a simple cross, stamped on its bow. The bow is designed similar to a cross with the crest, coloured in green, at the center on top of a white diamond-shaped center. The blade of the key is of simple design, shaped like a cross. While in possession of the key, a Celestial Spirit Mage may be able to summon the Southern Cross Crux, a Celestial Spirit with a cross for a head who is capable to know all information concerning Celestial Spirits and their Mages.
  • Gate of the Compass Key (磁石の鍵, Jishitsu no Kagi): The Gate of the Compass Key is a Celestial Spirit Gate Key used by Celestial Spirit Mages to summon the Compass, Pyxis. The Gate of the Compass key is a silver Celestial Spirit Key bearing the crest of the Compass. While in possession of the key, a Celestial Spirit Mage may be able to summon the Compass Pyxis by reciting the quote, "Open Gate of the Compass! Pyxis!". This summons Pyxis, a Celestial Spirit capable of pointing out the cardinal directions.
  • Gate of the Swan Key (白鳥の鍵, Hakuchō no Kagi): The Gate of the Swan Key is a Celestial Spirit Gate Key used by Celestial Spirit Mages to summon the Swan, Deneb. The key is a silver key with a simple design. The bow is designed similar to a swans wing and tail feathers with the crest in the middle. The blade is of simple design, shaped like a swan with several blue orbs. While in possession of the key, a Celestial Spirit Mage may be able to summon the Swan Deneb by reciting the quote, "Open Gate of the Swan! Deneb!". This summons Deneb, who is capable of using Lightning Magic to strike his target(s).
  • Gate of the Bear Cub Key (小熊の鍵, Kaguma no Kagi): The Gate of the Bear Cub Key is a Celestial Spirit Gate Key used by Celestial Spirit Mages to summon the Bear Cub, Polaris. Polaris' key is of simple design similar to other silver keys. The bow is shaped like a bear cub's head with an upside-down white heart, at the center is a yellow orb within a silver diamond. The blade is of simple design, shaped as a four tipped snowflake with several yellow orbs. While in possession of the key, a Celestial Spirit Mage may be able to summon the Bear Cub Polaris by reciting the quote, "Open Gate of the Bear Cub!". This summons Polaris, a giant mechanical pink bear capable of stopping enemies with its huge size.
  • Gate of the Lyre Key (竪琴の鍵, Tategoto no Kagi) The Gate of the Lyre Key is a Celestial Spirit Gate Key used by Celestial Spirit Mages to summon the Lyre, Lyra. The key is still depicted as silver but is designed more intricately. The bow is circular and bears the crest of the Lyre on its center, colored blue. The blade of the key ends in a simple design, similar to other silver keys. While in possession of the key, a Celestial Spirit Mage may be able to summon the Lyre Lyra by reciting the quote, "Open Gate of the Lyre!". This summons Lyra, a Celestial Spirit mostly used for recreational purposes due to her beautiful voice.
  • Gate of the Canis Minor Key (低い犬の鍵, Hikai inu no Kagi): The Gate of the Canis Minor Key is a Celestial Spirit Gate Key used by Celestial Spirit Mages to summon the Canis Minor, Nikora. The key is still depicted as silver but is designed more intricately. The bow is hexagonal in shape and carries the crest of the Canis Minor with the blade of the key ending in a simple design, similar to other silver keys. While in possession of the key, a Celestial Spirit Mage may be able to summon the Canis Minor Nikora by reciting the quote, "Open Gate of the Canis Minor!". This summons Nikora, a Celestial Spirit mostly used for recreational purposes.

Elemental Keys

While the Silver and Gold Keys call the Celestial Spirits who are representative of the stars in space, the Elemental Keys represent the elements. They live in a special part of the Celestial Spirit World. While they are a separate race, they have agreed to (for the most part) abide by the Spirit King's rules. Their keys can be found in their natural environment. They usually take a younglike appearance, most commonly a boy or a girl, but in some cases they take the appearance of an animal commonly found in their respective enviroment.

  • Gate of the Flowing River:
  • Gate of the Golden Flames:
  • Gate of the Tenebrose Knight:
  • Gate of the Flowering Earth:

Jade Keys

Jade Keys, also known as Aeon Keys, are a group of twelve unique gate keys that can be used by Celestial Spirit Mages to summon the long forgotten Aeon Spirits. While the Silver and Gold Keys call the Celestial Spirits who are representative of the stars in space, the Jade Key's Aeon Spirits are that of Time. Among the earliest residents of the Spirit World, they are embodiments of time and have a higher degree of "immortality" compared to Celestial spirits (they can live indefinitely in the human world and can freely travel between the two worlds), and have an immunity to Time Magic. While they are a separate race, they have agreed to abide by the Spirit King's rules. Currently, Alexander possesses seven Jade Keys, proving himself pure-hearted as well as immensely blessed with magical energy, considering the fact that the spirits rarely choose to have a summoner.

  • Gate of the Sheep:
  • Gate of the Tiger:
  • Gate of the Rooster:
  • Gate of the Dog:
  • Gate of the Pig:
  • Gate of the Monkey:
  • Gate of the Snake:


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