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Alexander is a founding and one of the most powerful members of the Six wing Guild.


Alexander is a tall, very muscular man with red hair and pale skin. Outstanding usually dresses in dark but ostentatious clothing tailored to show off his muscularity.


Alexander is an emotional individual prone to temperamental outbursts though equally capable of great kindness and empathy. Alexander is also rather arrogant in regards to his power and has a habit of thinking himself invincible.


Alexander was convinced to join in founding the Six wing Guild by his old friend Samantha Valiente who hoped that participating in the project would help him overcome the melancholy he had been in since the untimely death of his wife. Alexander's relationship with the Guild is somewhat interesting as he treats his work as for the Guild as more of a hobby than a job. Alexander is independently wealthy through his ownership of the Skitarii Mining Corporation and puts most of the reward money from his jobs into the Guild coffers.

Magic and Abilities

  • Immense magical power - Alexander has a high degree of magical power and large reserves of magic energy allowing him to cast high-power spells often without exhausting himself.
  • Crash Magic - Alexander is a practice and experienced user of Crash Magic.
  • Energy Magic - Alexander is an practice an experienced user of Energy Magic.

Energy Magic spells

  • Burst - Alexander creates a 360 degree blast of energy around his body.
  • Annihilation bomb - Alexander throws a highly concentrated sphere of energy at his target.


Alexander's based on Overlord Zetta from Makai Kingdom.

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