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Head of the Magic Council
Name Alexis Tenjouin
Kanji アレクシス・テンチョイン
Romanji Arekushisu Tenjōin
Alias Great Magister (大魔導師, Daimadōshi)
Race ½ Magius(Exalt blood), ½ Human
Birthday November 11th
Age 15 (Daybreak) 47 (Dawn)
Gender Female
Height 157 cm
Weight 29 kg
Eyes Gold
Hair Pink
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Magic-Council-Symbol.png Magic Council
Occupation Head of the Magic Council
Previous Occupation None
Team Magic Council
Previous Team None
Partner None
Previous Partner None
Base of Operations Hargeon
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Mosag Tenjouin (maternal grandfather)
Tsuruko Sejren (cousin)
Elucifer Mercury (father)
Aigrette Tenjouin (mother)
Giselle Mercury (aunt)
Alphonse Sejren (uncle, deceased)
Hikari Zanna (cousin)
Status Alive
Powers and Abilities
Magic Enchantment
Elemenian Spirit Magic
Curse None
Other None
Weapons Velvet Nightmare
Argent Driver
Arms Weapon: Argento Blaster and Cavalier Shield
Soul Armour
Soul Armour Name Soul Armour Knight Argento (神鎧纏最高戦士 (ソウル・アーマー・ナイト) ・聖士 (アルジェント), Sōru Āmā Naito Arujento lit. God Armour Clad Supreme Warrior Holy Warrior)
"listen here, Missy. Magic terminals may be twice as fast as they were two years ago, but the average magician is worthless and stupid as ever as they've ever been. The only one who's changed after this whole fiasco is me. You destroying my Justice Division has caused me to take your words to heart; if you want something done right, do it yourself. When I'm swept into office for a second term, I'll sell the organs of children to zoos for meat, I'll kill the poor, and I'll go into people's houses at night and eat all the food in their fridges except the vegetables!"
— Alexis Tenjouin to Team Daybreak, Daybreak S1, A Thousand Kilo-Nazis

"F is for Friends who don't talk to you. U is for yoU're alone. N is for Never having any plans at all, all you do is sit at home."
— Alexis Tenjouin, to Tsuruko Sejren, Daybreak S2, Heart Drive

Alexis Tenjouin (アレクシス・テンチョイン, Arekushisu Tenjōin), also known as Alexis Sejren (アレクシス・セジュレン, Arekushisu Sejuren) is one of the highest points of authority within the Magic Council; and the daughter of Great Magister Amadam; the main antagonist of Daybreak S2. While initially treated as a minor, joke antagonist, Alexis is revealed to be the true main antagonist within Fairy Tail: Dawn after the time-skip, up there with Crux Kouga and Mr. E. While she is simply content to rule the world from behind the scenes, Alexis shows more to her character in Daybreak S2, where she reveals how conflicted she is with following her father's "lead", obeying him out of a familial bond yet she does not know much about him. When she uses three Super Soul Rings along with the Argent Driver, Alexis is capable of becoming Soul Armour Knight Argento (神鎧纏最高戦士 (ソウル・アーマー・ナイト) ・聖士 (アルジェント), Sōru Āmā Naito Arujento lit. God Armour Clad Supreme Warrior Holy Warrior).

Initially serving as an enemy for Tsuruko Sejren, Alexis soon warms up to her after they meet once more in the Nega End- after discovering their relation- as cousins, Alexis decided to assist Tsuruko in attempting to talk her father out of his goal. Soon after her ascendancy to the head of the Magic Council, Alexis inherited her father's title of Great Magister (大魔導師, Daimadōshi); the greatest spellcaster in Earth Land.


Alexis' casual appearance in Daybreak.

Alexis' casual appearance in Dawn.

Alexis' appearance as Ragnarok, standing atop Flamvell.

Alexis has long bright pink hair with bangs that cover her left eye and yellow eyes. She is said to be highly attractive amongst her co-workers; to the point that Dosaman Ghasulchaonlor took his time to attempt to grab her ass every time she walked past him; albeit the man felt no sense of lust for her, due to being a sociopath, he saw it as merely the way a "normal" person would act. Her yellow, slitted eyes are a sign of the Makō poisoning she had endured.

For attire, Alexis wears a purple witch hat and a Magic Council uniform with the additions of a purple ribbon tie and cape, a long black strap attached to her sleeves, long black legging curves that reach to her mini skirt, and black slippers.

Personality and Traits

"I've told you many times, Tsuruko. Kids are cruel. And I'm very in-touch with my inner child."
— Alexis Tenjouin, to Tsuruko Sejren before battle

Alexis refers to her Rune Knights as Sacrificial Non-Magical Fodder (社正秣, Shaseimatsu).




Lacrima (魔水晶 (ラクリマ), Rakurima): Lacrima is a Magic crystalline substance found in both Earth Land and Edolas. Lacrima can be powered up with different spells and used for different purposes. Lacrima is crystallized Magic. Metaphysically, Lacrima calls upon the wisdom of the world in order to manipulate nature itself. This manifests as the phenomenon of magic for most Lacrima, although other Lacrima pieces enhance the user's abilities. To withdraw the power from the stabilized crystal, a shock triggered by the user's mind is required. As a result the Lacrima user's mind is weakened and frequent use of Lacrima without rest taxes their stamina. A Mage can charge their Magic into a Lacrima to suit their uses. Lacrima is best used when slotted into a weapon or a piece of armour. Once slotted into an equipment piece, the user can unleash powerful attacks or call upon special effects relating to the type of Lacrima itself. Using Lacrima has both pros and cons. Depending on the type and strength of the Lacrima equipped, some stats may be hindered or enhanced.

  • Bomb Lacrima (ボム・ラクリマ, Bomu Rakurima): A specialized Lacrima created by Alexis; it is a Lacrima fused kinetically charged with explosive energy, and such, Bomb Lacrima are used to create explosions. Only seconds after they are launched, they will flash red and then explode in a puff of smoke and fire. Bomb Lacrima can be used in a variety of ways, such as for blowing up rocks or walls, defeating enemies, and puzzle-solving. Alexis can also throw Bomb Lacrima like bowling balls via an underarm swing; even being capable of giving the bomb a spin. Though very useful, they have a double-edged sword quality: they can harm Alexis if she is caught within the explosion. Alexis is capable of using a Bomb Lacrima for ammunition in a blast called the Shroud Magnum (シュラウドマグナム, Shuraudo Magunamu), shooting out a sphere of energy which splits into smaller spheres that explode, dealing tremendous damage.

Velvet Nightmare (ベルベット・ナイトメア, Berubetto Naitomea): The Velvet Nightmare is a firearm designed after two parallel swords, but with gun functionality only. Like any metallic weapon, it can be used to block swords, and defends against Gary Straights' Balmung with ease. It is a special firearm that enables Alexis to fire specialized Origin Bullets which are miniature Lacrima spheres filled with a compound made of the souls of those who were killed by Alexis' experiments, thus causing their life force to be crystallized and released as summons for her to use. The rifle itself is a retractable gun that slides up and down (at the top handle-end of the weapon) for quick transition between modes. Velvet Nightmare can also be used as a pincer-like weapon for grabbing and bifurcating foes similar to the pincer of a crab. In this state, it resembles straight-blade scissors. In the middle of the weapon is a beating black heart; by inputting several numeric codes known, Alexis accesses multiple modes of the Velvet Nightmare. In its Gun Mode, accessed by inserting rotating the slot around the side to become the handle, the Velvet Nightmare has massive recoil; she would offset the recoil if she vaulted off of a nearby wall. The Velvet Nightmare is installed with a semi-perpetual generator called a Magic Drive, which harnesses the byproducts of baryonic decay as an energy source. Like every other power source, a Magic Drive has a limited moment-by-moment output; however due to its very nature a Magic Drive will continue to supply power for a theoretically infinite period of time, so long as the drive is not pushed to breaking limits. Within the context of combat, it affords the Velvet Nightmare the benefit of an inexhaustible power supply. The non-existent heat signature of its internal processes, combined with the magic particle emissions, give the gun a potent mix of stealth and ECM characteristics; neither the Magic Drive nor any energy emissions can be seen by infrared sensors and the magic particles scatter radar and disrupt long range communications. The bullets shot out by Velvet Nightmare use magical particles as propulsion while they seek out targets. After impact with their targets, the bullets inject magical particles into its target's superstructure, destroying their target from the inside. Because of the use of magical particles for propulsion, these bullets may be slightly hampered in terms of operational firing range. However, it is safe to assume that they can still be used in medium-range mass-fire tactics; and overall, the bullets possess firepower that is capable of destroying houses in a single shot.

  • Origin Compound: Velvet Nightmare allows Alexis to fire specialized Origin Bullets which are miniature Lacrima spheres filled with a compound made of the souls of those who were killed by Alexis' experiments, thus causing their life force to be crystallized; the Origin Compound is what remains of the Phantom Beasts after they die. In order for the magical power of a Phantom Beast to be fully drained, they must be transformed into the Origin Compound. The being's soul remains anchored to the Origin Compound, and can communicate and also be temporarily summoned back into their living incarnation. According to Alexis, the Origin Compound is warm to the touch. In order to utilize the Origin Bullets, Alexis places it inside the gun, loads it and fires it. Alexis usually fires the gun above her, sometimes in front of her to hit the opponent, in order to transform activate the Origin Bullets' special functions. She can also load multiple Origin Bullets one right after another, causing all of them to activate at once when the trigger is pulled. Once the Origin Bullets have been fired, Alexis snaps her fingers, causing the Phantom Beast sealed inside the bullet to reveal itself. She can summon three different Phantom Beasts at once; it is noted that Alexis has transformed the Phantom Beasts into mindless beasts, husks without any other thoughts, only able to obey her commands, stripped of free will.

Highlander (ハイランダー, Hairandā): Highlander is a powerful illegal superweapon; developed by Alexis using the blueprints from Dosaman's Etherion cannon. It is said to be a weapon far beyond that of Etherion; and quite possibly the most powerful superweapon to ever exist. It takes the form of a satellite. It is a huge gamma ray cannon which uses multiple nuclear devices to produce a massive burst of gamma radiation, which is reflected back by an external alignment mirror and focused by a second mirror to create a laser beam. This laser is sufficiently powerful that if it were to hit Earth Land, it could wipe out a city. Once fired down, the beam rapidly heats the water that makes up about 70% of the human body; causing the bodies of humans to inflate and explode in a bloody mess. The power of the ray at its weakest charge is capable of instantly vaporizing a small village off of the map. The weapon itself can fire downward to raze any target on Earth Land or upwards into space from where it's stationed. Unlike other particle weaponry that draws power from magical particles, it draws power from solar energy gathered by the orbital ring, which in itself is a staggering amount of energy. Ultimately the intense radiation heat will destroy even buildings. It seems as though Highlander can only fire once every four years. Because of the fearsome and dark appearance of the blast released from the satellite, it is commonly mistaken to be a third ancient demon. The weapon suffers from a limited firing angle (approximately 30-45 degrees from vertical) relative to distance resulting in a cone-like blind spot. Highlander makes up for this by anticipating the movement of enemy targets and firing at the enemy from long-range before the enemy can reach their intended destination. Secondly, the satellite weapon itself is stationary, making it a very vulnerable stand-alone weapon without the protection of mages. Thirdly, although the Highlander is extremely powerful, the weapon itself suffers from a long charge-up time, thus making it unable to fire in rapid succession. In addition, because the Highlander is primarily an area bombardment weapon, it is unable to target rapidly moving targets accurately and is extremely ineffective against targets that are either fast or small enough to dodge the particle beam it fires.

Magic Jammer (マジック・ジャマー Majikku Jamā): The Magic Jammer is a device which dissolves a mage's concentration in an attempt to weaken them. It dissolves a mage's concentration and intentionally leaves them with thoughts that make them more easily tracked by Alexis herself. It’ll weaken the mage a bit, but not enough to eliminate their power altogether. However in these conditions it is also possible for it to cause a mage's powers to go out of control. Powers that use complex calculations are especially prone to this. A normal mage would end up just being injured, but it would be extremely dangerous if this happened to more powerful mages. The Magic Jammer takes the form of thin wires wrapped around Alexis's left arm. They emit a special electromagnetic wave to diffusely reflect a mage's magical energy, causing the mage to interfere with their own power. This needs a lot of power and processing power which is why Alexis can only keep it activated for five minutes at a time. It is theoretically capable of killing individuals such as Jason LaHote and Crux Kouga if they use their abilities within range; something that gives Alexis a great advantage against both of them come the timeskip.

Body Crystal (体晶, Taishō): Body Crystal is a drug that is used to induce a mage to overload, allowing them to temporarily gain power. It takes the form of a fine white powder. Overloaded mages, mages who have lost control of their powers form abnormal synapses within their cerebral cortex. A large variety of neurotransmitters and hormones are secreted in unusual quantities. This crystallized mage essence is the product of collecting, refining and purifying those secretions. Theoretically, applying the crystallized essence to herself, Alexis' magical potential can immediately skyrocket to that of Majin levels. The way that it works is by causing the resonance between the powder and Alexis to power herself up, allowing the achievement of Majin-level power. By ingesting twenty grams of the powder, Alexis' power is bolstered twenty fold. The multiplier is cumulative, so fourty grams will make it fourty fold, and each additional intake will continue to increase the strength exponentially. Aside from increasing one's physical strength, Body Crystal seems to have stimulant or revitalizing properties, since an unconscious Alexis was given one after she was defeated the first time by Crux Kouga after their skirmish and she regained consciousness almost immediately. They also seem to act as painkillers, since Alexis repeatedly took pills to relieve the ache from the wound Crux dealt. However, the effects of Body Crystal make it highly addictive; meaning that it is ill-advised for Alexis to ingest so much of the powder at one time.

Argent Driver (アラザン・ドライバー, Arazan Doraibā): The Argent Driver is a transformation belt created by Alexis Tenjouin, in wake of using Deen Lhant in order to pick up information on the Driver Belts, so that she could replicate the power of the belts without any nasty side-effects; but moreover, it is an evolution of the Mass-Production Model Soul Armours and their Lev Drivers, or worded better, a prototype. The Argent Driver is shown to be a pristine white belt with silver decals; it has a triad of circles in the place of the buckle, enabling the user to slot in three Super Soul Rings in order to initiate the transformation, instead of a single Transformation Ring.

Powers and Abilities

Physical Skills

Ways of Combat

Master Marksman:

Physical Prowess

Enhanced Strength:

Immense Speed:

Enhanced Durability:

Assorted Others

Immense Intelligence: Since she is the mind of Ragnarok, Alexis also happens to be very intelligent; giving her a intellect and capacity for manipulation. For over a decade, she has, directly or indirectly, influenced many of the hardships and suffering the main cast have gone through, and always has backup plans ready in the event her initial schemes fail. For years, she was effectively able to convince everyone around her that she was a kind-hearted woman with the best intentions for the future generations, while performing horrific actions. She has a great talent for analyzing and observing everything in her presence, allowing her to quickly understand a person's pattern of thinking and better manipulate them. She is well-versed in the history, strategy, tactics of the world, and is privy to knowledge previously unknown to many, such as knowing of the existence of the Dark Brand, as well as the obscure method in which to make one. She has also created several sources of chaos while being able to avoid arousing any suspicion from most of the public, most likely due to her illusionary abilities. Lastly, she has also shown herself as a powerful and flexible tactician, capable of adjusting seamlessly to any given combat situation, if not plan out events well in advance. She understands the strengths, weaknesses and mannerisms of her enemies and creates strategies to achieve victory. This is shown in her ability as a skilled manipulator, being able to easily manipulate Seika Kresnik and Nozomi Joysa into nearly getting her desired result, as well as her apparently endless lifespan and time travel power, allowing her to study the world around her for as long as she needs to.

Magical Skills

Alexis's Magical Power.

Inexhaustible Magical Power: Alexis's magical power is an immortal, inexorable power which is attached to her and remains with her ever since she was born; it is unable to be exhausted as long as Alexis is still alive. Additionally, Alexis is a rarity among the others villains in terms of power; while most other villains are consistently powerful, Alexis' power improves dramatically as the story progresses. At first being regarded as a joke; she acquires her power slowly, by absorbing the Phantom Beasts' strength and abusing Makō. By the time she appears in time timeskip, she is able to project realistic illusions, can single-handedly kill dozens of mages in one blow, is immune to regular magic, and presumably capable of using Abyss Break. She can also disable the homunculi' powers, an ability shown to result in the destruction of anyone in close proximity, as evidenced by the disappearance of the three homunculi that accompanied her when she used it. Alexis is shown to be a powerful mage capable of teleportation and telepathy, and can take control of minds, although her ability to do this seems limited to Ragnarok's influence. She is able to critically injure her targets with electric shocks and is somewhat immune to physical or even fatal harm, as she shrugs off Gary's spells until Gary unleashes his signature technique.

  • Second Origin Activation (二原解放, Nigen Kaihō) is a spell exclusively mastered by those mages who possess the control and power to summon their Second Origin without it passively inducing its effects. The rumored Second Origin (二原, Nigen) is, in fact, wrongly named. When considering the nature of the Magic Origin (魔原, Magen), the Second Origin and its activation is simply unlocking the full extent of one's Magic Origin and power. There are a number of ways one can go about unlocking it: it can be a natural process that takes a considerable number of ways, a sudden surge of willpower during a situation of crisis or accelerating the process through magic such as the Arc of Time. However, all of these cause the passive effects of unlocking one's Second Origin to be visible. In the case of Dragon Slayers, it appears to dramatically improve one's physical prowess, but also the intensity of their magical power. However, in the case of standard mages, it vastly increases the quantity of magic they may use in any given situation for a brief period of time, giving them access to magic and equipment that can potentially rewrite the laws of magic itself, though the claim itself is debatable. In order to unlock one's Second Origin without inducing its passive effects all the time, one must firstly impose a sealing condition onto the said portion of the Magic Origin. Due to magical energy being so closely aligned with one's willpower and conviction, this is done so through a rather unique method: the Pact (盟約, Meiyaku). The Pact, in this case, is one that the user makes upon reaching the full level of potential within one's Magic Origin, which in itself takes a considerable amount of time, or emotional upheaval, to achieve. When doing so, the Pact automatically causes this portion of one's magical power to be sealed in a series of magical seals that can only be unlocked with the fulfillment of the Pact. However, due to the strain of the sudden outpour of magical energy within the body, this state causes one to be heavily drained following its immediate use, despite causing a notable increase in the capacity of one's magical power. However, considering that the sudden outburst of magical power within one's body is caused due to the extreme sealing caused by the Pact, one is since unable to recreate the same seal due to the strictness of the requirements. As a result, the portion of magical power sealed is then assimilated to the natural reservoir of magical energy they can access within themselves. While this causes a considerable increase in their base capabilities, given that they can induce the passive effects of the Second Origin "state", they are since incapable of such a large outburst of magical energy through natural means.

Magic in General

Assorted Magic: Magic (魔法 Mahō) is the main form of combat for Mages; it is the physical embodiment of the spirit. When the physical spirit of an organism connects with the spiritual flow of nature, the spirit forms Magic as a product of the connection. Due to her origins, Alexis has demonstrated the ability to use other magic, using her vector ability to interpret spells in a way that she can understand, and repeating the breathing method, casting the spell. As these are pure magic spells, Alexis does suffer a slight disadvantage while utilizing them, displaying extremely delicate control over them by unnaturally sweating; and even bleeding from her forehead when utilizing bigger, grander spells. She is also an expert at developing new spells and new ways of using old spells, and an expert at delayed spells. Due to her natural magic, Alexis is capable of weaving spells together; and her magic is noticeably more stable than most others with magic abilities, and therefore it doesn't breakdown at all and is not easily deflected; it can be said that Alexis's spells are almost unstoppable. Alexis, due to her incredible skill, is able to cast spells up to the high #80's range without the need for an incantation without any loss of power. Magic can be used to either destroy or save the world; and by definition, it is the art of producing a desired effect or result through the use of incantation or various other techniques, that presumably assure human control of supernatural agencies or the forces of nature. She can create demons from mist using machinery and magic, and even with no outside help can summon Phantom Beasts. She is capable of controlling monsters and is shown to control an army of Silver Dragons led by the Nova Dragon; generally being a beast master. Because of her immense mastery of magic, Alexis can chain up to a maximum of fifteen spells together by applying her great mind and concentrating; focusing to her utmost limit—because of this connection, the special effect of the casted spells are sprung into activation instantly after the spell before it, or at the exact same time as one another. This enables Alexis to unleash attacks in swift succession and effortlessly overpower her opponents quickly.


Enchantment (魔法転移(エンチャーントメント), Enchāntomento lit. Magic Transference), also uncommonly referred as Alchemy (錬金術, Renkinjutsu), is a core skill of Magic which is practiced across all of Earth Land, and is described as the skill of "bestowing and affixing one's Magic" (自分の魔法お与えと移設, jibun no mahō o atae to isetsu) by manipulating the flow of matter using both science and sorcery through manipulating the composition and structure of molecules, which are an electrically neutral group of two or more atoms held together by chemical bonds that compose the entirety of existence, granting the user the ability to manipulate the molecules of all forms of matter and energy in any way that they deem to be suitable through simple imaginative commands and motions, thereby enchanting anything into any form on however way the user desires, resulting in Enchantment having infinite potential with limitless options and effects that the caster is able to install upon a humans, animals, all structures, or the environment, all with very few drawbacks, making Enchantment exceedingly versatile. In summation, it can be considered the core discipline of Magic that inevitably gave rise to Elemental Magic and associated classifications. Unlike regular magic, Enchantment can also be used for the purpose of altercation of matter toward scientifically practical ends, and to the extent, it allows the user to induce complete destruction or recreation of anything they so desire.

While antiquated by modern day magicians who specialize in offshoots of the discipline, those who become capable of performing Enchantment on "all things" (万物, banbutsu) are touted as "High Enchanters" (高位付加術士(ハイ・エンチャンター), Hai Enchantā lit. High-Ranking Effect-Date Addition Art Warrior) and individuals of peerless skill within Magic.

Enchantment can be considered a type of magic all on its own akin to Black Arts- not only does it have countless branches, it has its own Magic Seal- this seal appears similar to a pentagram inside an actual Magic Seal, with eight points and symbols representing the eight directions of the world; while it's a magic by its lonesome, Enchantment also incorporates alchemic theory, which is a philosophical and protoscientific tradition that aimed to purify, mature, and perfect certain objects into its mechanics; hence it's less-used name of Alchemy (錬金術, Renkinjutsu). Effectively, Enchantment functions by the caster focusing the magical energies dwelling within their frame intently – unlike regular magics, where the caster then projects the arcane energies outwards and initiates the fusion of magical power and eternano which is ambient within the atmosphere, Enchantment results in the user to only release the influence that their magical energy would have by pulsing their energies forth, which are dramatically bolstered by the caster overlaying their Magical Aura upon their frame ever-so-slightly in order to serve as a vector, which is a quantity having direction as well as magnitude, especially as determining the position of one point in space relative to another; the Magical Aura modifying the vector values of the caster's released magical energies to enhance and reinforce the effects that these arcane energies would have in a manner that could be said to be akin to recreating the effects of a jet burst during the expulsion process – this causes the user's magical power to have properties beyond the normal release of magical power. As the magical energies surge outwards, anything that they wash over is instantly classified as something that the caster is capable of "enchanting" everything that the arcane force comes into contact with; "enchanting" being defined as affixing the energies upon the molecules, which are an electrically neutral group of two or more atoms held together by chemical bonds that compose all sorts of structures, allowing the caster to change the molecular structure of anything which is inorganic in accordance to their thoughts by changing the molecular bonds.

The results of this grant a user of Enchantment the ability to imbue their own energies within each and every aspect that's known to reside within Earth Land, allowing the wielder to change every atom that composes matter which the world is made up of into that of their own energy and from there, have their supernatural energies take upon the properties of other forms of matter, granting the user the ability to produce a variety of effects – doing so has the user's spells of all kinds accompanied by composition alteration; effectively altering how these particles would bond together in order to modify the properties of any object right down to their chemical composition. Indeed, when exerted to its fullest extent, this magic grants the wielder the ability to casually manipulate the present state of various landscapes, climates, and the very earth itself on a whim. But more than that, due to it's activation mechanics, Enchantment allows the wielder to manipulate the molecules of all matter and energy, whether it's superimposing their own energies upon the world, changing molecules, absorbing them, and many more, causing the magic to be almost superbly versatile, showing countless applications and it has a high adaption rate, as a skilled user can seemingly do anything if they put their mind to it. While the scope and range of what the area-of-effect of the magic has yet to be determined, it's known that with Enchantment, the wielder is capable of conjuring things entirely from thought alone just by manipulating and arranging the structure of the molecules which are saturated throughout the entire of existence.

Generally, Enchantment can be considered an extremely versatile magic which functions in a similar manner to that of the Lost Magic which is referred to as Arc of Embodiment, as it mainly runs off of the caster's thoughts, feelings, and more importantly, their imagination; as long as they can perceive something happening as an end result of enchanting something, it is within the scope of the caster's power, effectively resulting in an incredibly wide variety of effects; with Enchantment, a skilled user is capable of combining all sorts of materials, raw or not in order to forge something completely out of the ordinary or to reshape something which already exists, enabling the user to utilize nearly anything in the environment to supplement their abilities in battle and attack in countless manners on the fly. Since Enchantment is more or less powered by the caster's imagination, thoughts, and feelings instead of having a specific theme to the magic like other forms of Caster Magic, Holder Magic, also extending to the likes of Lost Magic, which would theoretically be superior to Enchantment. No, as Enchantment runs off of the process of "eject energy outwards > affect molecules > imagine an effect and it's done", Enchantment can be considered akin to reality warping, a supposedly almighty power that allows the user to create, change, destroy, and even alter the very fabric of reality through nothing but their thoughts. Going even further, as Enchantment seems to work off of the caster's mental commands, the power is able to mimic various magics of all classifications and induce effects upon the world similar to their corresponding magics without those arcane powers taking up a spot in their Magic Origin's capacity – since it's more "installing the thoughts of the caster into the world through molecular manipulation" than anything else, Enchantment possesses a near infinite potential in regards to its effects.

Not only does the caster possess the ability to manipulate any and every form of Elemental Magic through the Elemental Five command by converting molecules and magical energies into a desired element using a series of chemical reactions as a catalyst, with an example of this being superimposing their released magical energies over a certain area in the atmosphere in order to change the oxygen in the air into an enormous roaring orb of white-hot flame in an imitation of Fire Magic, with the smouldering sphere of fire burning anything that it comes into contact with, or having these flames spread over the target, they can imitate the kinds of magic which are based around items as well, such as using Enchanted Arms to imbue various properties into anything that could be classified as a weapon or protective gear – additionally, the caster can use Reaction Force in order to induce a variety of nuclear reactions in the molecules affected by the magic. With Enchantment, the caster is capable of speeding up molecules to the extent that they either catch fire or melt or speeding one's own molecules up, they possess the ability to cling to solid surfaces and move their body at will even without overt locomotive features, and clean toxic or contaminated molecules such as poisonous water and smog, and through invoking an imitation of Transformation, the caster can copy the molecules of another in order to transform into a copy of them. Of course, this dominance over molecules also allows them to slow down molecules to make something move in slow-motion in a similar manner to Slowing Magic, and stopping the molecules of something in motion so that it completely stops moving as per Time Magic. In terms of pure offensive force, a user of Enchantment is able to dissociate chemical bonds and tear apart the tethers of molecules which hold together anything that they come into contact with, causing protons and electronics to destabilize and disintegrate into oblivion as per advanced magics such as Crash.

Certain users of Enchantment are able to effectively manipulate matter with minimum bodily movement, such as by using only their head. Additionally, any form of matter generated through Enchantment is unable to be devoured by any user of Slayer Magic, as they would simply kill them instantly by overloading their Magic Origin. In a similar manner to the various forms of Dragon Slayer Magic, a highly skilled user of Enchantment is capable of affecting and tapping into the Ley lines (竜脈(レイ・ライン), Rei Rain lit. Dragon's Vein), a virtually untapped, raw source of magical power that has filtered through the depths of the earth for years on end- they are alignments between places of magical power; while normally, only Dragons and Dragon Slayers can tap into them to gain their powers; places where multiple lines intersect at nodes attracts magicians like moths to the flame; but in the case of Enchantment, a user of this fighting style is capable of drawing power from the source of magic resting beneath the earth at select locations while utilizing their own Magical Aura and Magic Origin as a sort-of conduit which enables the user to draw power from the Ley lines, absorbing energies which already exist within all matter; tapping into the so-called Dragon's Veins with their own magical energies and allowing them to manipulate the magical energies beneath the earth in any way that they wish. However, in order to actually utilize this power, the user must first understand the inherent structure of the properties about to be reproduced; including the flow and balance of magical energy within, before using their magical energy and thoughts in order to induce the transmutation of matter, whether it be magical or physical. Doing so massively increases the parameters and power of the next Enchantment, and not only this, stronger wielders of Enchantment, such as the the Scarlet Despair, are capable of affecting the terra firma of the world, allowing them to modify the landscape and climate, which is the weather/atmospheric conditions of an area as described over a long period of time in any way that they deem to be appropriate at the time in a similar manner to Terrain Effect Magic, manipulating natural phenomena within the area where the caster surged their magical energies to induce effects such as changing seasons.

Not only this, with Enchantment, the caster is able to transfix their magical energies within anything, including various objects and people – another example of this is the Irene Belserion using Enchantchange to inscribe her arcane might into a pair of swords, one white and one black, allowing Irene to induce an effect similar to the Black Arts known as Living Magic, enchanting the swords into human beings and giving them a lifelike appearance as well as their own personality settings, resulting in the blades of black white becoming Heine Lunasea and Juliet Sun respectively – doing so can be considered akin to the creation of a Familiar, and with assistance by separate sub-abilities of Enchantment, these familiars can take upon almost countless forms alongside a myriad of powers as long as the user has an item to enchant and give life; a variant of this is that the user of Enchantment is able to transform an inorganic or organic being into an animal by mimicking Animal Transformation through Enchantment, as seen when Irene transformed Hisui E. Fiore into a mouse. Going further, this also allows the user to enchant and thus reinforce their own body, granting them the ability of flight by making their body as light as feather, and it can also be used to increase their physical parameters as well as control their state of existence by vibrating their molecules at a high frequency, allowing the caster to become intangible while reinforcing themselves. This reinforcement effect can extend to anyone else that the user desires, enabling a user of Enchantment to enchant weapons, tools, and spells of their allies, allowing a user of this power to serve as a decent support fighter as the amplification effects that molecular manipulation bestows upon others are comparable to Sky Dragon Slayer Magic's status buffing powers in both function and scope, if not moreso. Additionally, Enchantment is capable of being utilized to separate magicians who have received a boost in power whether it by from themselves or by outside sources by inducing an effect similar to Anti-Link - Irene had offered to detach Fairy Heart from Mavis Vermillion, something the latter considered to be an impossibility, but learnt moments after that that it was no problem for someone of her caliber - theoretically, this could also separate a user of Dragon Slayer Magic from Dragon Force and much more.

A user is capable of utilizing Enchantment in order to replicate Healing Magic by transmitting the energies beneath the earth using Ley Line manipulation through the Magic Pathways of the human body to heal their targets of all sorts of ailments or just replenish their magical power and restore them from a fatigued state- it is said that just like with regular Healing Magic and Sky Dragon Slayer Magic, the magician with this magic can heal all sorts of injuries, even restoring people from a half-dead state and healing injuries which were caused by a dragon, whom are some of the strongest races on Earth Land. Of course, these healing properties are capable of being used on the user themselves, and can be projected onto a wide area. Like the original purpose for alchemy, a user of Enchantment can perform synthesis by gathering numerous materials to make all sorts of items, whether they be drinks, armour, and weapons for anyone- not only that, Item Synthesis allows a user of Enchantment to combine two or more items to make a new, much more potent one. Enchantment has been described as being relatively similar to Living Magic and Weakness in that all three magics revolve around the creation of objects forged from the user's own magical energy. In order to get the most out of Enchantment, a user of the magic is almost required to have keen eyesight and knowledge of the surroundings down to the molecules composing everything and what effects they have on each other, meaning that they need a near omniscient understanding of their surroundings at all times. Additionally the scope of the powers displays are hampered by the laws of conversation of mass and energy; a user can't create something greater from something smaller; they're limited to transmuting only things which already exist within this world. As mentioned frequently, as long as the caster can imagine it being doable, the sky is the limit, more or less, resulting in Enchantment being quite possibly one of the most variable magics around, if not the most versatile.

Alexis utilizing the Elemental Five through Enchantment in order to manifest high-intensity flames.

Alexis' skill in Enchantment can perhaps said to be one of the very few things she's halfway decent at; in spite of the fact that damn near everything she does tends to fail horribly or she has less than altruistic motives in the first place (but still generally fucks up)- of course, Enchantment is her main magic, and directly integrated within her fighting style. Inspired by her father, whom was the previous Great Magister before Alexis inherited the title by virtue of being the most powerful magician on Earth Land as the others, whom would effortlessly blow her out of the water in terms of skill and strength, such as Excellen Kilekion, Suzuka Kobayashi, Ashley Briett, Giselle Mercury, and Jonas, had either left Earth Land, been branded a criminal, or weren't registered in the Magic Council's database in the first place. Thus, this somewhat sets a low standard for power levels in Fairy Tail: Dawn, though in comparison to the unaltered timeline where the threat of Hellions never happened and the Fairy Tail Guild didn't suddenly get annihilated by Amadam, she'd still be stronger than the vast majority of magicians in that world, including the Scarlet Despair, being potentially as powerful as the Black Wizard and the Black Dragon - thus, to anyone whom decides it's a jolly good idea to go up against Alexis and her cronies, they'll generally get stomped effortlessly. Indeed, even during Daybreak, Alexis' skill level was said to be above even Leanne Rockwell, whom was actually given the moniker of "The World's Strongest Magician", though this may be due to the fact that the only challenger Leanne faced in the Wizards vs. Knights arc of Daybreak was Kirika Hotsuin, whom definitely isn't a magician, doesn't fight fair, is as powerful as Tsuruko Sejren but a much better fighter, and was genuinely pissed off at Leanne for breaking Deen Lhant's arm, thus resulting in Kirika going after the so-called strongest of Ten Wizard Saints with the intent to kill, resulting in their "fight" lasting six seconds - one second for Kirika to gut her like a fish, and five for Leanne to fall to the ground. Even so, during Excellen's confrontation with Alexis during said arc, the former noted that Alexis did have a lot of potential dwelling within her, but she seemed too lazy to really bother honing it. In Daybreak S2, during her various team-ups with Tsuruko as she realized that her father was slowly losing his mind in his determination to bring her mother back from the grave, Alexis displayed that she was capable of blowing multiple Hellions away with enchanted attacks, something no ordinary magician would be capable of doing as magics and curses are unable to affect Hellions - it's implied that Alexis' blood as a member of the Mercury family helped her awaken her latent fighting spirit, thus giving her the ability to do so.

However, it isn't until Fairy Tail: Dawn, where her relative moral ambiguity is 'discarded' as she uses the power that naturally comes as head of the Magic Council in order to turn Earth Land into her personal playground and crush anyone whom gets in her bad books that the full potential of Alexis' skill in enchanting reveals itself. Going beyond mere molecular manipulation; Alexis' Enchantment grants her the ability to manipulate all matter and energy at a scope that is referred to as Atomic Level Enchantment (原子実と力為植・魔法転移(アトミック・レベル・エンチャーントメント), Atomikku Reburu Enchāntomento lit. Atomic Particle Matter and Energy Grafting Magic Transference), allowing her to transfix her arcane power upon the atoms, which are the smallest constituent unit of ordinary matter that has the properties of a chemical element, and thus, since every solid, liquid, gas, and plasma is composed of neutral or ionized atoms, Alexis can potentially affect the entirety of existence. This level of Enchantment was previously said to be lost to the sands of time, and as such, was only wielded by those with a connection to the ancient beings of yore. The Atomic Level Enchantment extends to subatomic particles, particles much smaller than atoms that compose the atoms themselves, and the constituent particles of atoms that are all classified as fermions, which are the electron, the proton and the neutron, meaning that Alexis is able to manipulate the atoms which make up the entirety of existence, allowing her to shape, generate, and absorb these particles in any way that she deems to be suitable, each on an atomic level (obviously). Through the manipulation of the atoms, Alexis is capable of utilizing many unique and special abilities, all of which have to do with anything and everything that all atoms are entirely made up of; the particles which Alexis' energies are superimposed over are catalysts for these amazing powers to be put into motion, which she can do near-instantly through the acceleration of atoms. As atoms as components of matter make up a majority of organic substances as well as most of the oceans and the atmosphere, almost anything is capable of being affected through the might of Atomic Level Enchantment. Through alteration of matter and energy, the majority of Alexis' powers are bolstered by a multiplication which is said to be at least one hundred times their normal physical and supernatural parameters, if not even moreso – it's theorized that the vast majority of Alexis' powers are derived from she ability to alter matter and energy and that she could simulate almost any type of supernatural power, including Magic, Curses, and many more, with enough practice and control, as long as it is an outward effect. Not only this, Alexis also uses Enchantment in order to fortify her normally frail physical body as to allow her to enter close-range combat and fight on-par with the strongest of Akatsuki.

Imitating her father, whom was previously hailed throughout the lands as a living legend and the greatest magician to walk upon Earth Land, loved by humanity in his human guise as the "Great Magister" and feared by the same group of people as his Magius form referred to as "Black Wizard Amadam" and whose Soul Armour, Soul Armour Knight Magatsu's Knight Power is to generate high-intensity flames of a purple texture that accompany each and every one of his blows, Alexis' main skill that she focuses upon is that of the subspecies ability known as the Elemental Five, which itself revolves around the ability to create the classical elements, which are the rudimentary, simplest or essential parts/principles of which nature consists and were proposed to explain the nature and complexity of all matter in terms of simpler substances, invoked through a myriad of correct chemical reactions, thus flawlessly imitating the likes of Elemental Magic; while this may sound exceedingly basic as normally those with much more advanced abilities such as the ability to stop time and the power to take one's own memories of several magics and mold them together for a variety of results, or even those who can erect a defensive shield to protect themselves would be able to normally overcome simple elemental strikes, in the case of Alexis Tenjouin, whom has achieved a much greater level of enchantment that enables her to affect not only molecules but also atoms as well as possesses a noticeable quantity of fighting spirit within her which can allow her to burst through any offense and defense with her strikes, nothing is safe from her elemental attacks as they have in-built properties which grant a transcendent priority, her spells displaying the ability to transcend normal area-of-effect of all-range combat strikes, as Alexis' enchanted blow cannot collide with, clash with, cancel out, or be cancelled out by other attacks, even other priority-oriented attacks of a similar nature, resulting in each and every one of her attacks being successful. While a master of the Elemental Five, Alexis' preferred method of offensive strikes manifests in the ability to manipulate fire, wielding it at a level that transcends the likes of Fire Magic, fire-type Curses and all fire-element Lost Magic and Slayer Magic, casually changing the temperatures and effects of her flames to produce countless results, a majority of them utterly devastating. Not only this, she incorporates a fair amount of Black Magic into her strikes, such as thrusting a blade of dark energy created by enchanting her sleeves, firing a black and red sphere of energy that explodes in the shape of a plus, summoning pillars of dark energy to impale and/or barricade the enemy, and firing spears of dark energy. All of these properties together results in almost infinite possibilities that even the greatest of magicians would envy due to the sheer versatility displayed by Alexis, meaning that she will always have near-infinite offensive and defensive options at her disposal, and her command and mastery of Enchantment is known to be far greater than any wielder of the magic, or from any transmutation-type magic in general. More often than not, Alexis does not name her enchanting attacks with only a few exceptions; the reason being in order to take her enemies by surprise- overall, it can be said that Alexis is one of the definitive masters of Enchantment, even surpassing the Scarlet Despair if she were around in this timeline.

  • Alexis utilizing Desperado Flame against two traitors in Daybreak S2.

    Desperado Flame (盗賊の炎(デスペラード・フレーム), Desuperādo Furēmu, lit. Flame of the Bandit): Desperado Flame is a powerful Enchantment spell which enables the caster to release a beam of intensely-hot red light that deals damage in a chain of hits. In any case, when performing Desperado Flame, the caster focuses their energies intently, before pulsing their energies forth, which are dramatically bolstered by the caster overlaying their Magical Aura upon their frame ever-so-slightly in order to serve as a vector, which is a quantity having direction as well as magnitude, especially as determining the position of one point in space relative to another; the Magical Aura modifying the vector values of the caster's released magical energies to enhance and reinforce the effects that these arcane energies would have in a manner that could be said to be akin to recreating the effects of a jet burst during the expulsion process – this causes the user's magical power to have properties beyond the normal release of magical power. As the magical energies surge outwards, anything that they wash over is instantly classified as something that the caster is capable of "enchanting" everything that the arcane force comes into contact with; "enchanting" being defined as affixing the energies upon the molecules, but in the case of Desperado Flame, the caster from here invokes the activation sequence of Fire Magic, taking ahold of these molecules as they induce the excitation of the movements of molecular structures and eternano within the area, increasing their thermal energy to the point that the particles strewn about throughout the vicinity spontaneously ignite, forming azure flames that burn exuberantly, flickering wildly and continuously before releasing them in the form of a burning golden and crimson wave of energy that flies forward at high speeds, the front of which resembles a draconic head with cool azurite eyes and its snout pointed forward, fangs bared for the world to witness. Shooting through the atmosphere at incredible speeds, the projectile released constant emits a large amount of heat, which is more than enough to release a continuous volley of explosions that are formed through the projectile's motion and make any form of water which is the immediate vicinity reach scalding temperatures – this effect isn't limited to rivers and the like, as if the caster is going up against a water-element magician, the sheer heat of Desperado Flame will immediately render any and every effect that the spells would have upon the caster null and void by causing it to reach scalding temperatures which the spell is then able to absorb in a similar manner to the elemental consumption method ever-so-associated with Dragon Slayer Magic, bolstering its speed and strength by a relatively large amount. Upon contact, Desperado Flame causes a resonance with the foe's own magical energy, causing both to spike exponentially and smash together in a similar manner to a nuclear reaction, causing a decently-sized explosion that can do heavy damage to an opponent; the contact with the earth and spreads the flames and light outwards in the form of a blazing dome of fire which expands outwards swiftly for several meters; the surging radius seems to hit a wall; as if the explosion is contained somehow in a giant glass sphere. The light rebounds inward, sharpening, rippling across itself as the wave appears to have reached a predetermined diameter and hovered there. The blast radius looks like a huge sphere of negative space fifteen hundred feet across, with neat slices taken out of surrounding buildings, pavement, cars, hillsides, et cetera; there appears to have been no actual heat, let alone shockwaves, emanating from the explosion at all - the only result is that a massive spherical section of the city appears to be missing. This spell apparently requires more than average energy reserves, and covers an expansive range. This makes the technique extremely difficult to either avoid or contain, with it requiring the combined efforts of several Water Magic users in order to extinguish the flames. This attack is extremely powerful and destructive, and has been described as being able to smash through dragon scales, which are known to have extremely tremendous endurance capabilities.
  • Alexis unleashing Darkout Spear.

    Darkout Spear (常闇の錐槍(ダークアウト・スピア), Dākuauto Supia lit. Drilling Lance of Everlasting Darkness): Darkout Spear is a powerful Enchantment spell that's exclusive to Alexis Tenjouin- it involves Alexis manifesting an exceedingly sharp trident composed entirely out of darkness in front of her, impaling anything in her path. In any case, when performing Darkout Spear, Alexis focuses her energies intently, before pulsing her energies forth, which are dramatically bolstered by Alexis overlaying her Magical Aura upon her frame ever-so-slightly in order to serve as a vector, which is a quantity having direction as well as magnitude, especially as determining the position of one point in space relative to another; the Magical Aura modifying the vector values of Alexis' released magical energies to enhance and reinforce the effects that these arcane energies would have in a manner that could be said to be akin to recreating the effects of a jet burst during the expulsion process – this causes her magical power to have properties beyond the normal release of magical power. As the magical energies surge outwards, anything that they wash over is instantly classified as something that Alexis is capable of "enchanting" everything that the arcane force comes into contact with; "enchanting" being defined as affixing the energies upon the molecules, but in the case of Darkout Spear, after her arcane energies have been transfixed upon a relatively small area in front of her as to enable a condensation of this borderline reality-altering power, Alexis invokes an activation sequence that's not dissimilar to the likes of Black Magic such as Darkness Magic (and associated Darkness-Make), Shadow Magic, or even one of the Black Arts, with Alexis going the opposite of the 'magic = feelings' concept—by fuelling her magic with negative feelings, Alexis initiates the usual fusion of eternano and magical power, manifesting pure darkness, which is the polar opposite to brightness, the result of the condition of a very small amount or even an absence of visible light; this, when combined with the molecular/atomic manipulation that's universal with Enchantment and her incorporating principles not dissimilar to Molding Magic or Shape Transformation, results in Alexis Tenjouin manifesting a relatively ornate and medium sized spear that somewhat resembles a trident from the palm of her hand, as signified by it being released from a trio of Magic Seals that enshroud her arm - shooting forward from her palm at velocities that effortlessly match supersonic speeds, the Darkout Spear extends in both size and length at about more than one hundred and seventy thousand meters per second, often arriving at the jaws' destination in much less than a second - the Darkout Spear, thanks to a combination of speed and power, possesses overwhelming amounts of force while surging towards Alexis' target, busting through anything in its way as if it were wet rice paper; this spell can also make drastic turns and move about in wide arcs as to attack more than one opponent both simultaneously and swiftly. Additionally, Alexis has displayed the ability to utilize a variant of phase transition to launch the Darkout Spear differently, simply aiming her palm towards the opponent and from there, the trident manifests, piercing them instantly and dishing out a vicious one-hit kill to anyone whose defenses aren't enough to protect themselves.
  • Heartless Angel (魔球の壊滅天地(ハートレス・エンジェル), Hātoresu Enjeru lit. Demonic Sphere of Heaven and Earth's Destruction):
  • Combination Spell: Saint Oratario (二魔法の合・超破壊光線 (コンビネーション・スペル・セイント・オラターリオ), Konbinēshon Superu: Seinto Oratārio lit. Fusion Between Two Magics: Super Destruction Beam): Saint Oratario is a unique spell—at least on par with Abyss Break, perhaps even stronger. It is recognized as Amadam's signature spell, and although the full power version is exclusive to him, Alexis, being his daughter, is capable of accessing it, albeit in a toned down version; and only through Memory-Make. When performing Saint Oratario, the user places both of their hands in front of themselves, palms open and hands turned up at approximately a 90 degree angle; the form that Saint Oratario takes is one of a powerful chain reaction akin to nuclear fission; as the magical energies upon the user's hand will rumble violently as they quickly spiral outwards before manifesting as a golden sphere of energy which collapses in on itself then expands outwards rapidly towards the enemy in a golden beam; a flare is a contained release of energy, which fully exposes the enemy to the source rather than blow them away from it after a while. When the beam strikes the opponent, it creates a powerful explosion upon contact. Against the strongest demon, Saint Oratario was able to kill it in one hit, scattering bits of its body for miles, leaving naught but its head and its chest, which quickly struck the ground and shatters and creating a mushroom cloud, completely stripping it of its scales when it struck. This beam covers a wide range, almost five kilometers in diameter while creating a massive storm over a large area to do heavy damage to all enemies; it creates an enormous explosion upon contact and leaves a huge mushroom cloud; similar a nuclear bomb; this effect spreads out to a fan-shaped area. What is notable though, is that Saint Oratario can quite easily vaporize weaker species. Due to being powered by their magical power, after executing this spell, the user will clutch their chest as if the user has strained their heart, emphasizing the fact that the user harnesses their own life force to perform the spell. However, due to Alexis being a mere human, whereas her father was a Magius, she cannot regenerate instantly from the blast- as it destroys absolutely everything. Thus, she would have to wait until the Highlander cannon was finished so that she could harness its power while using the cannon as a fulcrum for the spell cast.
  • Time Freeze (時間結, Jikanketsu): With Enchantment, Alexis is capable of stopping time, albeit only for roughly three seconds. When using this spell, Alexis often seems to be teleporting or moving at impossible speeds; so it was debunked that Alexis cannot move at light speed, but merely, he is subconsciously using Time Freeze to move. This ability seems to be extremely exhausting, and the intervals of stopped time that Alexis is able to maintain decreases throughout his later appearances. The nature of the time stop follows the flow of time in the real world, as shown when the duration of time Alexis was capable of stopping was drastically reduced when a foe accelerated time. This ability can last for a maximum of five seconds; though it will not increase beyond that. When using this ability, Alexis often seems to be teleporting or moving at impossible speeds. The ability is best known for Alexis's activation and cancellation phrases "Time, stop!" (時よ止まれ, Toki yo tomare!) and "And now, time resumes." (そして,時は動き出す, Soshite, toki wa ugokidasu).
  • Time Compression (時間圧縮, Jikan Asshuku): Time Compression is the concept of condensing all of time and space into a single moment, or "singularity." It can be initiated by the casting of a spell, which requires incredible power on behalf of Alexis and places her at the center of said singularity. By compressing the entire universe in this manner and placing herself at the center of it, Alexis would assimilate all of creation into herself, then use her sorceress power to recreate everything according to her desires. With it, she plans to change the course of time, space, and destiny. The spell affects time and space, when time and space begin to compress, the world turns upside-down (similar to a Salvador Dali painting) as a thousand different kinds of space from a thousand different points in time begin to fuse together all around Alexis. Because time and space are merging, moving through space allows the people in the area to also move through time, and by utilizing this aspect of the halfway-completed time compression, it allows her to move to any location that she so wishes. The only way to stop Time Compression is with other time-manipulating spells; such as Corpse Shell.

Elemenian Spirit Magic

Elemenian Spirit Magic (元素現幻獣召喚魔法(エレメンイアン・スピリット・マジック) , Eremenian Supiritto Majikku lit. Elemental Embodiment Phantom Beast Summoning Magic) is a Caster Magic that enables the user to call upon the power of Elemenians, a race consisting of spirits that are embodiments of elemental energies within the heat of battle. As described above, Elemenian Spirit Magic allows the user to call upon the power of Elemenians. It is regarded as the "Strongest Summoning Magic" (最強の召喚魔法, Saikyō no Shōkan Mahō) due to the sheer power of the summoned beasts involved; they could be referred to as forces of nature rather than spirits themselves- and to be fair, that comparison isn't too far off. Whenever a magician calls forth an Elemenian, all they need to do is focus and shout the name of the summoned beast, causing it to come into existence as long as there is enough of their element in the immediate vicinity to use as a medium for their manifestation. During the summoning of an Elemenian, a glyph briefly appears on the ground or in the air and the Elemenian emerges through it. The glyphs are circular geometric patterns that are also seen in Tsuruko Sejren's Deus Machina blueprints- each Elemenian has a unique one.

A user is capable of manifesting an Elemenian by offering up a portion of the magic contained within their Magic Origin, forming a temporary contract that allows the Elemenian to fight alongside the caster if they so desire in a process referred to as Spirit Channeling (精霊術, Seireijutsu). Unlike other types of spirit summoning magic, where a spirit is under the control of the caster as long as they possess a physical contract such as a key or card, Elemenians generally have no loyalty and will assist anyone who makes a deal with them, even if they were an enemy beforehand- though there are a few exceptions to this rule. Depending on how much magical energy that the user gives the Elemenian, the cryptid attacks and then leaves, or it will stay and continue to attack until defeated or its time runs out.

The strength of the Elemenians is not affected by the magical strength of their summoner unlike other summon spirits- they are all consistently powerful. The Elemenians, like regular mages, have powerful magic. The magical levels of the Elemenians are charged by giving and taking damage in battle, or avoiding an attack. After the respective Elemenian's magic is launched, the magic levels returns to the state it was in prior to the summon, meaning if the level was full before the spirit was summoned, the spirit can launch two spells in a row. When a spirit is defeated the level is reset to zero. Elemenians also have different categories of sorts, which fall under the basic summoning conditions from their owner.

  • Armatization (元素現幻獣力・一心同体(アルマティエーション) , Arumatizēshon lit. Elemental Embodiment Phantom Beast Power: Two Hearts Beating as One): Armatization is the only standalone spell that a magician can harness when contracted with an Elemenian. Due to the user temporarily holding a contract with them, the sprit has a special "magic link" with the user. By synchronizing their magical power frequency with that of the spirit's when the two are in close proximity, with or without the spirit's approval, the user can perform this spell; which merges the magician and the spirit, integrating the spirit within their body. This integrates the Elemenian into the user's Magic Origin for a short amount of time, granting them abilities such as increased speed and strength, as well as being able to use the spirit's magic. However, in order for Armatization to work properly, the user and their contracted spirit must be in a state of almost perfect synchronization, which would enable the spirit to enter their Magic Origin and utilize their own powers to augment the magician's via sending their own collected magical energy into their body, boosting their powers to the point that they could outfight almost any other normal magician; in addition to being capable of utilizing the fused spirit's strength, the user is also granted access to vastly more powerful spells of their own and a few other powers which relate to the fused spirit. However, utilizing Armatization is a terrifying and exhilarating experience; keeping the spirit's energy in check is fairly difficult, as the user is aware that it can and will explode within them if they make even the slightest mistake. After the process of Armatization ends, the user will experience an enormous drain in their magical power and stamina—the reason for this is that most of their power is used to remain in complete control of the harnessed power; there are no exceptions to this rule. In addition, incorrectly absorbing the spirit's energy can have severe consequences; it's known that some magicians have been bedridden for weeks afterwards if they make a mistake. Armatization is a unique spell in that it is downloaded automatically into a spirit channeller's mind the moment they contract with an Elemenian, an effect similar to that of a spell being installed within a magician's mind with Archive. After their first fusion with an Elemenian, the magician will more often than not remember the spell for the subsequent times, enabling an easier activation later on. Normally, a magician who fuses with an Elemenian can remain combined for thirty minutes, but if they fuse with a High Elemenian, that time is cut in half, as a High Elemenian requires double the magical power from the magician in order to agree to contract with them. In addition, once Armatization has finished, when fused with a High Elemenian, the magician will be left unable to fight any longer because of the greater cost.
    • Break Ride (飛翔態(ブレイク・ライド) , Bureiku Raido lit. Flight Style): Additionally, Armatization has a secondary special ability known as Break Ride; which is a special ability that forcibly coverts the Elemenian into a form that the magician can ride; more often than not a vehicle. Break Ride is activated by the magician surging their magical aura, allowing it to encompass the Elemenian and transform their body into a vehicular form, shifting the focus of the summon from sheer offensive power to insurmountable speed; capable of moving several times faster than the speed of sound at the very least. The form that each Elemenian's Break Ride takes upon varies wildly, with Darkmera, the High Elemenian of Darkness, transforming into a jet, and Flamvell, the High Elemenian of Fire, becoming a motorcycle. However, some Elemenians, such as Zephyros, the Lesser Elemenian of Wind, who simply allows the contractor to ride on his back, and Eltanin, the High Elemenian of Light, who does the same, do not change form. Generally, each Elemenian's Break Ride mode has a concept that defines their actions in battle. Break Ride's duration is determined by how much magical power both the Elemenian and the magician have stored within their Magic Origins when the spell is initiated, and each attack subtracts a certain number of Edeas from the Magic Origins of both beings; meaning that it is slightly more draining than the normal Armatization.
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Soul Armour

Soul Armours (神鎧 (ソウル・アーマー), Sōru Āmā lit. God Armour) are specialized armours worn by various powerful warriors known as Soul Armour Knights (神鎧纏最高戦士 (ソウル・アーマー・ナイト), Sōru Āmā Naito lit. God Armour Clad Supreme Warrior); they are human or humanoid warriors who transforms from a natural human form using a Driver Belt into a superhuman form clad in the armour. The Knights secretly patrol their respective territories to protect civilians from demons. Armed with special magical equipment, the knights carry an eternal war to maintain the light over the darkness in the realm. When transforming into their Soul Armour form, the user slots three Super Soul Rings into the circles on the Argent Driver's buckle, emitting a pulse of energy that allows the user to become Soul Armour Knight Argento (神鎧纏最高戦士 (ソウル・アーマー・ナイト) ・聖士 (アルジェント), Sōru Āmā Naito Arujento lit. God Armour Clad Supreme Warrior Holy Warrior).



  • Alexis is perhaps the worst boss to ever have.
  • The author confirms that her love of M*A*S*H, a military comedy, is one the big reasons Alexis is a jerk, as part of her persona is based on Major Frank Burns. Other inspirations include Richard Nixon (more specifically, the Futurama version of the president) and Mr. Burns from The Simpsons.
  • Interestingly, Alexis is actually a much better fighter than she is at anything else- this is evidenced during the Divine Justice arc, where she is shown to fight on-par with Tsuruko, both with their Soul Armours equipped.