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"I don't care who I have to fight, how many I have to kill, I will become the strongest. And you won't get in my way."
— Alexius about to engage an opponent

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Blue Devil




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189 lbs.


December 28th

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White (Dragon Force)

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Legion Under the Black Sun


Commander of the Legion Under the Black Sun


2nd Cohort of the Legion Under the Black Sun

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Team Caelum

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Alexius is the commander of the Legion Under the Black Sun's 2nd Cohort.  He is ranked second out of all of the commanders, meaning he is only weaker than Jaco.  Alexius is also the only member of the Legion to be seen in public prior to the Legion announcing their existence to the world, earning him the epithet "Blue Devil".


Alexius has blue skin, with red markings going down the sides of his face from his eyes, like tear marks.  He has pointed ears, brown eyes, and white, shaggy hair.  He dresses in a red jumpsuit, with the symbol of Legion Under the Black Sun on his chest.  Over it he wears a white and yellow chest plate with a green center that also bears the symbol for the Legion.  He also wears black gauntlets, and a long armored skirt.  When exerting a large amount of magic power however, this armor breaks off.


Alexius is single-minded in his goals.  He not only wishes to help Jupiter conquer the world, but also he wishes to replace Jaco as the general of the Legion, and become the new Primus Pilus.  Although he's unwilling to commit the ultimate taboo of killing him.  Because of his dream he trains relentlessly in order to become stronger, and one day surpass his rival. When in combat he can quickly be driven to anger by taunts, and an inability to defeat an opponent. The latter form of anger is generally based around when losing a battle as opposed to fighting evenly. This sometimes causes him to inadvertedly active his Dragon Force. After training under William Mercury, Alexius became much more calm. It takes a great deal more to aggravate him, but he lacks the same complete emotional control that William possesses. His better emotional control now allows him to more effectively use Energy Manipulation.


Like every other member of the Legion Under the Black Sun, Alexius was created by Proserpina's sculpting, and brought to life using Jupiter's Personification Magic, using the magic container of Saul Peregrine. The process of creating him was the most difficult, and Alexius was the last of the dolls created by Jupiter.


Aether and Nina: A Fated Meeting in Bantia

Magic and Abilities

Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic: Alexius is able to use this magic because he was created using a portion of Saul Peregrine's Magic Container.  This allows him access to all of his abilities, although to a weaker degree at the time of creation.  Through rigorous training he managed to overcome this weakness. This magic allows him to eat external sources of lightning in order to heal wounds, and increase magic power. It also grants him immunity to the element of lightning. He can transform his body into lightning to move at high speeds, outpacing most individuals.  He's also capable of freely moulding the lightning into any shape he desires. Alexius' lightning also has the numbing effect normally attributed to Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic, numbing the body with the electrical damage and simulating paralysis. Alexius is capable of altering the volts, joules, or amps in his lightning, allowing for him to generate great heat, or powerful electric pulses. His lightning is capable of destroying an entire city block, similarly to Laxus Dreyar when intimidating Orga Nanagear, with great ease. It is also notable that despite technically being a Second Generation Dragon Slayer, his power level and skills are more similar to a First Generation Dragon Slayer. With this magic, Alexius was able to defeat two of the beasts controlled by Nina Firart in one blow each and completely destroy her treehouse in one blast of lightning. Despite its seeming focus on raw power, Alexius is still capable of utilizing this magic for defensive purposes. He can manipulate his lightning in order to create shields, capable of blocking incredibly fast sword strikes, and shocking whoever made contact in the first place. These lightning shields are capable of blocking both blunt and serrated attacks, giving Alexius an excellent form of offense and defense. The angrier Alexius gets, the more powerful his lightning becomes, eventually being able to overcome insulators such as enchanted rubber, and burn said materials to a crisp.  He can also use pure electrical heat in order to demagnetize objects, electromagnetism to move around metals that he hasn't removed the magnetic field of, and electrical brightness to blind opposition.

  • Lightning Dragon's Roar: Alexius gathers lightning in his mouth and releases it in the form of a concentrated, destructive blast, capable of destroying everything in a wide area in front of him.  A side-effect of being hit by this attack is that the lightning paralyzes them, preventing them from escaping Alexius' next attack. Like Laxus Dreyar's Roar, this one does not require any particularly long prep, mostly just cocking the head backwards and firing the beam.
  • Lightning Dragon's Volley: Alexius creates a sphere of lightning in his hand. He then blasts several arrow-shaped bolts of lightning at his opponent from the sphere.  They're capable of mild tracking, temporary paralysis, and piercing through the target. Alexius can continue to fire more lightning bolts until the sphere in his hand disappears. This is about thirty to fifty bolts, depending on the size of the sphere at the time of creation.
  • Lightning Dragon's Thunder Stroke: Alexius gathers lightning in his hand as he holds it behind himself.  He then punches forward, sending a large blast of lightning towards his opponent that paralyzes the target. He can also use this spell at close range in order to deal great, paralyzing, blunt damage in the form of a powerful punch. This spell was first seen being used on Nina Firart's Sabertooth, Azmos, utilizing the punching variation of this spell, and knocking him out in one strike.
  • Lightning Dragon's Electric Pulse: Alexius gathers his lightning in the shape of a blue sphere firing off many electrodes. He then greatly expands it within a second, generating a powerful blast of lightning that sends anyone within its twenty meter radius reeling backwards. This also short circuits electrical equipment, including that created by magics like Weakness, even if the material in question has been lightning proofed. This spell is similar to a weaker version of Red Lightning.
  • Lightning Dragon's Storm Bringer: Alexius begins this spell by holding his fist above his head, similar to Raging Bolt, and summoning a storm cloud above his opponent. Over time, the storm cloud gains size and power as electricity begins cackling throughout it. The cloud itself also will track the target regardless of how far and how fast they move. After an optimal amount of lightning has been gathered, with a motion of his hand a bolt of lightning flies down to strike his target. Ordinarily, assuming the target remains stationary or is otherwise incapacitated, the target will be struck through the head, with the bolt traveling through their body and out their foot into the ground. This spell's laser-like speed and power makes it incredibly hard to dodge, but unlike the cloud itself, the bolt does not track its opponent. Also, if the spell is interrupted before Alexius activates the bolt, the cloud will disappear.
  • Lightning Dragon's Crash Hammer: Alexius gathers lightning in his hands, gathering it into the shape of a war hammer. This spell is capable of hitting opponents with the same force as an actual war hammer, but greatly amplified by the speed in which Alexius can strike targets with it, despite the hammer feeling practically weightless in his hands. It can smash through Adamantine, and can be transformed into a bolt of lighting that can shock people through defenses. This shocking aspect is also present in it's normal lightning hammer form, allowing him to bypass through most defenses (as long as the material is not a strong enough insulator), and deal bone-shattering damage to opposition.  With each object it strikes, lightning explodes from around it, making it unwise to approach Alexius directly after he launches an attack with this spell.
  • Lightning Dragon's Gamma Knife: Not quite on the scale as the other spells of Alexius, but still just as effective nonetheless. Alexius creates a small, yet highly compressed, bolt of lightning in his hand, shaped as a small knife. He then stabs his opponent with the knife, discharging all of the lighting into whatever he's struck, even burning through insulators such as rubber. Unlike his other spells, which spread a high amount of damage over a large area, this focuses all of the power onto one individual, discharging enough lightning into an individual that it leaves a hole inside the target. While discharging, lightning spreads from all directions from where the knife made contact, making it dangerous to approach as well. This spell is most effective during one on one confrontations. Alexius can also increase the length of the dagger into the shape of a spear. When using the spell this way, he can throw the spear with the same effect and power as the standard knife, possessing great throwing accuracy.
  • Lightning Dragon's Cloak: A defensive spell utilized by Alexius. He can cover either part, or all of his body with lightning. The lightning serves to push away incoming assaults using highly repulsive electrons. This causes anything negatively charged to fly away from his body at dangerously high speeds, no matter what it is, or what it's made from. If it's positively charged however, his cloak draws his opposition closer to him. The lightning will then discharge a sudden, powerful shock, electrocuting whatever touched it, and causing the Cloak to disappear, or at least the Cloak Alexius had just created. The shock normally sends whoever touches it flying backwards, as long as they don't have an immunity to lightning. This spell is even capable of blocking incoming sword swings with no worry of damage to Alexius' person. This spell provides solid defense, while also possessing an effective offense.
  • Lightning Dragon's Cage: Alexius summons lightning, which expels from various points of his body. The lightning can be bent to Alexius' will, as per usual. He then sends the lightning out of his body in arc shapes. The numerous amounts of arcs make it difficult to dodge every bolt, but they serve a different purpose. The lightning bolts are meant to herd the target, or targets, to a specific point. At this location, the target will be completely surrounded by lightning in the shape of a cage. The lightning shocks to the touch, and is also incredibly hot. Alexius can then shrink or enlarge the cage at will. When enlarging the cage, it's to allow someone to slip through the cracks, as he is releasing them. When shrinking it, it is to decrease the amount of space the trapped individual possesses, or to make the cage too small for the individual to fit inside properly. When the cage is this small, the affected individual will be relentlessly shocked, like a bug touching a bug zapper. He generally continues this assault until his target passes out or dies.
  • Dragon Slayer's Secret Art:
    • Thunder Death Sphere: Alexius creates a powerful sphere of lightning that continuously increases in size.  After reaching optimal size (approximately 30 meters in diameter), he throws it at his target, generating a large electrical explosion that decimates anyone in the way.  The lightning is capable of completely destroying the landscape of the area of impact, capable of uprooting trees and pushing away boulders that are not in the immediate area of effect. After this spell is completed it leaves a giant scar on the land from where it touches down. Alexius can use a variety of sizes for this spell as well, from smaller, cost effective spheres, to ones much larger than the supposed "optimal size".
    • Mjolnir: Alexius's strongest standard Lightning Dragon Slayer spell in terms of striking power. Alexius collects electricity into his fist, similarly to Laxus Dreyar's Roaring Thunder, however, with the color the lightning being blue. Alexius charges the electricity for a substantial amount of time before the spell is ready for usage, but during this time, Alexius is surrounded by a large amount of electricity, protecting him from any opposition attempting to interrupt his attack. After completing the charging phase, the electric aura dies down and Alexius will unleash all the collected power in one devastating punch. During execution of this spell, it appears as though his speed exponentially increases as well, leaving opponents unable to track his movements until it's to late. This spell was used to defeat Apophis, the strongest mage of Vanaheimr, and cripple him after the bout, demonstrating the spell's immense strength. If one attempts to block this strike, their defenses will likely be destroyed and be forced to withstand only a slightly weaker version of the spell.

Dragon Force: Alexius can use Dragon Force, but he could initially only us it when overcome with emotion of any kind.  After being defeated by William Mercury however, he learned to activate this form at will. This increases his power exponentially, allowing him to use even more powerful attacks, and it increases his speed by an equal amount to his power.  The destructive power of his lightning is so great that it can effortlessly create large craters in the ground. Although he initially had difficulty maintaining this form, Alexius was able to gain immense power through intense training, allowing him to maintain it as long as a First Generation Dragon Slayer. This form also covers his body in flesh-colored scales, gives him red sclera and white irises, and causes his hair to stick up. His armor also breaks off due to the immense increase in power. After his defeat at the hands of Kazuki Hinata, Alexius has since trained his Dragon Force to near indomitable levels, exceeding the power of Velocity's Ascension state. The power increase is equal to that of an Ascension user's transformation.

  • Hidden Lightning Form - Thunderbird: An advanced form of the Thunder Death Sphere.  Alexius gathers lightning in a sphere, like before.  He then forms it into the shape of a large bird.  After that he sends the bird at his opponent, piercing through his opponent's body, and greatly shocking them. The bird acts as if it's sentient, flying around at Alexius' will, and hunting down his target. Alexius can also ride on top of the bird, with only himself being unaffected by the shocking ability of the spell. It can remain intact even after its initial strike, allowing it to strike through the target multiple times, or multiple targets before finally dissipating. It takes approximately five minutes for the entire bird to dissipate, in which time it can manage to deal an extreme amount of damage to Alexius' targets. Although this spell relies more on piercing power than explosive power than the Thunder Death Sphere, this spell has equal, if not more destructive power than the other attack.
  • Semi-Dragon Force: A form that Alexius has always had the ability to enter at will.  It is essentially a weaker version of Alexius' Dragon Force, but he can activate it at will as opposed to requiring emotional stimulus.  This power is similar to Third Generation Dragon Slayer's Drives, having about the same power increase. Alexius is capable of the same feats as when he is in his full Dragon Force, but to a lesser scale.  He also gains a more vibrant aura, but none of the other physical changes typical of Dragon Force. The surge in power is still great enough to shatter the armor that Alexius wears.

Dragon Rage: Occasionally Alexius can activate a state wherein his sclerae turn black, giving him access to even more power with his Dragon Slayer Magic. Despite being at a 1st Generation Dragon Slayer level, Alexius can still utilize this state, as he is essentially a Second Generation Dragon Slayer. This state can only be achieved when he has taken a substantial amount of damage. This transformation is know as Dragon Rage. Through transforming damage he's taken into power, Alexius can use even more available power, even combining it with his normal Dragon Force or Black Lightning Dragon Mode to double his normal power output, and his Dragonification to quadruple it (the Black Lightning Dragon Mode can be combined with Dragon Rage separately, or with Dragon Force or Dragonfication on top of Dragon Rage). He can power through continuous assaults with no problems, and gradually increase in speed and strength to levels that match that of Light Magic. This ability does have drawbacks however. If Alexius cannot withstand the damage he's taken, or is otherwise overly fatigued, he will be unable to access this form. Also he is not healed upon entering this state. Alexius will still be fighting injured. The more damage Alexius takes in this state, the stronger he'll get. If Alexius is somehow healed, then he will drop from his Dragon Rage state to his normal form. In this state, Alexius was strong enough to easily overwhelm Apophis, the strongest Mage of Vanaheimr.

Black Lightning Dragon Mode: Through rigorous training, Alexius unlocked this power, hidden in the magic container of Saul Peregrine. This combines his lightning with shadows, allowing for greater fluidity of his spells, and increased power. He can also transform into a shadow form that shocks everyone that touches it, on top of the standard intangibility that most Shadow Dragon Slayers have while in their shadow form. This black lightning also has the same abilities as his regular lightning, but enhanced. Due to the fluidic nature of the black lightning, Alexius is also capable of freely manipulating the direction of his black lightning, even after it's left contact from his body, preventing it from being affected by lightning rods. This is evident by the movement of his body, most notably his hands. His Black Lightning has been trained to a level similar to Magic Barrier Particles, with the shadows forcing their way into his target's body through the wounds the lightning leave, and blocking blood flow. The heat of his black lightning also burns eternano in a similar manner, although not nearly as effective at destroying magical attacks as the Flame of Rebuke is. The shadows can be worked out of the body, as long as the afflicted does not use too much magic power in a two week period. This ability allows Alexius to defeat opponents who are stronger than him, as he did with Aether Cade. As the form of his Lightning has also changed, it cannot be redirected or tracked like normal Lightning Magic can, as it is completely different in nature. He can also combine this Mode with his Dragon Force in order to utilize his Black Lightning Dragon Mode spells at an even greater level of power, equivalent to that of a Dragon Force increase in power. Alexius has access to all of his previous spells with Black Lightning Dragon Mode, enhanced with shadows, as well as new, even more powerful spells. Alexius has trained this mode to a degree that allows him to maintain it like his standard Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic, gaining no extra fatigue from utilizing this form.

  • Black Lightning Dragon's Roar: An enhanced version of the Lightning Dragon's Roar. Alexius inhales deeply and fires a blast of black lightning from his mouth. By moving his head, Alexius can also change the trajectory of this spell, and even cause it to move in arc shapes instead of straight directions, allowing it to move in order to avoid any shields placed to defend against this spell. It also has all the properties and destructive power of the his regular Lightning Dragon's Roar, but to a greater degree.
  • Black Lightning Dragon's Dark Cannon: A spell that is similar in appearance and preparation to the Plasma Dragon's Electron Cannon. Alexius cups his hands, and charges his black lightning in the shape of a sphere. He then blasts it at his opponent, causing great electrical damage. Like all other Black Lightning Dragon Mode spells that Alexius uses, this one can be redirected based upon Alexius' will.  Aether Cade has noted that this spell is just as strong as his own Electron Cannon. He can also use a weaker, and quicker, one-handed version. This spell was strong enough to cause debilitating damage to Aether in one blow, and was fast enough that Aether was forced to block it with his body when Alexius aimed for Nina Firart. In their second battle, this spell was shown to be about equal with Aether's Plasma Dragon's Electron Cannon.
  • Black Lightning Dragon's Shower: Alexius holds his hand above his head, collecting a large amount of condensed black lightning in the shape of a sphere. He then throws the sphere into the air, and it explodes, sending several beams of black lightning from every angle, bombarding anyone with a barrage of black lightning that wasn't inside the epicenter of the volley (this is where the ball was created, allowing Alexius to not be struck by his own attack). Only the exceptionally fast can dodge every beam from this spell. 
  • Black Lightning Dragon's Rebel Panther: Alexius creates a large panther out of his black lightning which then charges at the victim.  It's incredibly fast, moving at lightning fast speeds, and can use the shadows that make up its body to phase through attacks sent towards it.  The panther acts sentient, roaring, biting, and slashing at its target, with each attack dealing the appropriate kind of cutting or blunt damage, along with electrical shocks.  For a final blow, the panther latches onto the target, then creates an electrical explosion that greatly damages whoever was in the area of effect, especially the target itself. 
  • Dragon Slayer's Secret Art Revision:
    • Black Thunderbird: A shadow enhanced version of the Thunderbird. Due to the more fluidic nature of Alexius' Black Lightning, he doesn't need to gather the lightning into a sphere before transforming the black lightning into a bird. This bird has all the abilities of the standard Thunderbird, but enhanced with shadows. This version of the Thunderbird is capable of freely changing its shape, shifting into shadows to avoid attacks, and forming weapons on its body. Most notably is how it creates blades with its wings, and sharpens its talons. The bird can also send off its serrated feathers as a projectile to cut and shock its targets. Alexius is still capable of riding this bird, and has immunity towards its black lightning. This spell, in general, can only be fully controlled while Alexius is in Dragon Force. This is Alexius' most powerful spell.

Dragonification: As he inherited the magic from the deceased Mage, it took a great deal of time and practice, but Alexius managed to ascend past his limitations of Dragon Force. The power of Dragonification laid dormant in the magic container of Saul, allowing Alexius to gain the ability to use the state. The appearance if his Dragonification is identical to Saul's Dragonification state, but on a smaller scale. In his transformed state, he gains increased strength, speed, durability, senses, and overall magic power. Alexius has heightened resistance to all manners of magic, save Dragon Slayer Magic, but not true immunity as if he were a full Dragon. He can freely grow scales onto his body to increase defensive power, without the need to transform his whole body. This includes growing the wings exclusively to block incoming assaults. The full transformation also increases his magical power beyond that of his normal Dragon Force. This final transformation gives Alexius access to the highest amount of raw magic power in comparison to the other members of the Legion.

  • Flight: Using the wings he grows from his back, Alexius is capable of natural flight without the aid of magic. His flight speed is incredibly fast, allowing him to move from place to place in instants, mostly increased in speed by turning his body into Lightining with his Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic. The wings are also very durable, and can be used to block attacks. The wings are, of course, made from the same scales as Alexius' regular Dragon scales. 

Red Lighting: Lightning Magic so powerful that not even a God Slayer can eat it. This is considered lightning beyond lightning. This form of lightning is faster, stronger, and has a much larger area of effect. It is overall more powerful than any other form of Lightning Magic, capable of vaporization when standard Lightning Magic would merely cause shocking damage. It is even capable of absorbing other sources of Lightning Magic. While powerful, Alexius can only use this lightning so many times, as the sheer power is sometimes too much for him. By holding back his power, he’s still capable of utilizing this magic for extended periods of time, but the effects will be weaker by a considerable amount. He can also combine the Red Lightning with his Dragon Slayer spells, increasing their power exponentially. By incorporating this lightning into his Lightning Body technique, he’s capable of even matching the likes of Velocity in speed, who moves five times faster than he normally can with his standard lightning.

  • Super Bolt: Alexius gathers Red Lighting in his hand, creating an immense electrical discharge that begins to short out everything around him due to the power. He then punches forward, generating a lightning bolt ten times stronger, larger, and brighter than his standard lightning. The brightness of the lightning serves to blind opposition, making them ineffective in dodging the bolt. The lightning bolt itself, is more like a blast, engulfing much of the area in front of him, as it spreads out the farther it goes from Alexius. Everything caught inside will feel the effects of Red Lightning.

Unique Physiology: As a doll, Alexius doesn't need to breath, eat, or sleep, and has deadened nerves. This last ability allows him to not feel pain from certain attacks, but recognize when he's in danger of being destroyed. He also lacks blood, and any other internal liquids, making clothes unnecessary, and he is capable of surviving extreme temperatures. Due to a lack of any organic tissue, this also gives him immunity to all diseases and poisons. His body also produces no fatigue toxins, as it is inorganic. As long as he has magical energy to use, Alexius is capable of continuing to fight until he reaches the near bottom of his magical energy. The only way to truly kill him is to destroy his magical container, which ordinarily cannot be touched. That means that usually, to kill him, an opponent would need to get him to completely use up his magical energy. His body can still be destroyed however, but he is still able to be revived by Proserpina. As long as his magical container is intact, his personality and memories can be stored into a new body. His body mimics a human's cardiovascular and respiratory systems using magic. This provides them with a sense of smell, sight, and touch. But, if any of those systems have been compromised, he can selectively shut them off, and reboot in order to fix the problem. This process takes a few seconds. Thanks to help from Ragna, Alexius was able to further develop this ability. As Alexius' body completely runs on magic power, any damage done directly to his magic container is detrimental to his ability to remain intact. He developed a way to completely change the flow of his magical power, allowing him to expel impurities from his body, such as Magical Barrier Particles, or magical energy infused into his body from Vampire Magic. This process takes a few seconds as well.

  • Arrangements: These arrangements are used based upon the memories of Jupiter's creations when in battle. Through undergoing arrangement, it adapts their bodies to adapt to specific stimulus they were susceptible to before, increasing their deadliness and overall strength. After each battle, Jupiter's creations only become stronger and stronger. In order for an arrangement to be underwent, a doll must return to Jupiter or Proserpina Saturnalia to have their body repaired, and they can not be undergone by the doll in question on its own.

Expert Energy Manipulation: After his defeat at the hands of William Mercury, and after the Svartalfar War, Alexius became a student of William's. He is capable of manipulating his eternano due to increased control over his emotional state. This allows him to better control his energy, never using any more than he needs to in combat. Alexius can also use this skill in order to cover his body in a thin layer of eternano, and negate the defensive capabilities of opposition that become intangible. This skill is very invaluable against enemies that use magics like Water, or can otherwise transform into their elements.  He can also use this ability to peel off magical defenses, which works similarly to burning them off when used with his Dragon Slayer Magic, and can be used for sensory purposes in order to locate hidden enemies.  His skill in the emotional form of Energy Manipulation is not as great as William's, as Alexius still has some trouble controlling them.

Enhanced Senses: As a Dragon Slayer, Alexius has enhanced senses of smell and hearing. His sense of smell is highly acute, allowing him to smell and recognize any scent, as well as discover the location of hidden enemies. His sense of hearing is also acute, allowing him to hear even the smallest of sounds around him. His Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic also gives him an enhanced sense of touch, due to the electrical field his body outputs. He can use his enhanced senses in order to effectively combat enemies when blinded, or ensure that his enemies can't hide from him when out of his sight. These senses only fail him against enemies able to completely wipe away their presence, such as Jaco or Reaper using Stealth.

Master Hand to Hand Combatant: Alexius is capable of fighting evenly with even the most skilled of unarmed combatants, with or without magic. He generally combines his lightning with hand to hand combat abilities to deal devastating attacks to his opponent.  His hand to hand skills are considered the greatest in the Legion Under the Black Sun, especially due to his immense knowledge of human anatomy.  He targets pressure points in order to quickly take down foes.  His hand to hand skills allowed him to easily fight off Nina Firart's beasts with only physical blows enhanced by his Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic.

Immense Strength: Alexius can shatter bones in a single punch, and deal incredible amounts of damage to his opponents using pure physical force. Alexius is also capable of lifting incredibly heavy objects and also throwing them.  He can even hold up a building, and punch through the stone constructs created by William Mercury’s Cavern Dragon Slayer Magic, including those created from his gems.  He was able to knock two of the beasts controlled by Nina Firart in one blow each, enhanced by his Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic.

Immense Durability: Alexius is capable of taking a multitude of attacks, and then continue fighting like nothing happened. He can even take strong blows directly to his face or body, and, without the slightest bit of hesitation, retaliate before his opponent can escape his range. He was capable of taking multiple blows from Aether Cade, and, at the end of their battle, flew off as if he hadn't received any injuries.

Immense Speed: Alexius is capable of moving at a very high rate of speed, mostly due to his Lightning Magic. This allows him to easilly outmaneuver opponents, and match speed with those that utilize speed enhancing magic.  Like lightning, one can’t even hear his movements until a few seconds after he has, referring to it as lightning speed.  His speed is considered second only to Velocity, whose magic is almost completely based around speed. He was fast enough to move faster than the eye could see while combating Nina Firart, outmaneuvering her beasts, and moving behind her in an instant, as well as react to an oncoming attack from her Sabertooth Azmos, and deal his own attack. He even matched the speed of Aether Cade, although he was generally outmatched in power and skill. His fast movements merely appeared as quick flashes of lightning.

Immense Magic Power: In part from where he received his magical container, Alexius has an immense amount of magic power, like all other commanders of the Legion Under the Black Sun. It is enough to have him ranked as the commander of the 2nd Cohort of the Legion, meaning he's only weaker than Jaco. His position also means his power is equivalent to Vega, who is capable of fighting evenly with Jaco, and puts him above the likes of Velocity, the 3rd cohort commander, haled as the "Air God", and is capable of undergoing Ascension. He is even said to have surpassed Saul Peregrine in power, the one who he received his magical container from. He was capable of overwhelming a Mage the caliber of Nina Firart and her beasts with relative ease, and later went on to fight somewhat evenly with Aether Cade in his base state, even defeating him, but with a dirty trick. He was capable of fighting evenly with William Mercury, the current guild master of Dragon Gunfire (then an S-Class Mage and the second strongest member of the guild) in one on one combat, barely losing to his opponent when he lost control of his emotions. He was even capable of defeating Apophis, the strongest mage of the country Vanaheimr, in one on one combat. When exerting a large amount of Magical energy, his aura appears as an electric blue, black surrounded by red when using his Black Lightning Dragon Mode, and just red electricity when utilizing his Red Lightning.


Alexius' appearance is based off of Mira from Dragon Ball Online.

Alexius, despite being ranked second of the commanders, is approximately equal to Vega in power.

Alexius is the first of the commanders of the Legion Under the Black Sun to chronologically appear in Black Dwarf Star's storylines.

Initially, Vega was going to be the commander of the 2nd cohort, but after Black Dwarf Star thought of Alexius, Vega was turned into just Proserpina's bodyguard.

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