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Alia Tsuba
Alia Main.jpg
Name Alia Tsuba
Kanji 特に鍔
Rōmaji Alia Tsuba
Race Human
Age 23
Gender Female
Height 5'8"
Weight Unknown
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Silver-Grey
Blood Type Unknown
Professional Status
Affiliation Fiore Royal Military
Military Discipline Squad
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Captain
Leader of the MDS
Previous Occupation Unknown
Team Military Discipline Squad (MDS)
Previous Team Unknown
Base of Operations Military HQ
Personal Status
Status Active
Relatives Unknown
Magic Sword Magic
Speed Magic
Eye Magic
Weapons Katana

Alia Tsuba is a Captain in the Fiore Royal Military. She also is the leader of the Military Discipline Squad; is the former student of Commander Oros Richards. Alia is the best friend of Lana Kaen, they hold a sisterly bond.


Typical appearance for Alia.

Alia sports the uniform all members of the Military Disciplinary Squad were equipped with, but with her own twist on it. A Tight black leather top, a miniskirt and stockings, over the shoulders wearing a grey haori with a insignia printed on it. She has long light grey hair tied in a ponytail and grey narrow eyes. She can usually be seen with a cheerful expression, unless she is angry or serious.


Unlike her best friend, Alia is in no sense of the word "serious", unless she is in battle. Alia exibits a mature and cheerful disposition wherever she goes. She believes one should stay positive in spite of trials and tribulations. Alia is known for being the chick many young female soilders go to for advice. Even though she, herself, is young, Alia is rather wise. She also can be quite playful, as she makes it her mission to tease Lana when the two get together.

She often rides Lana about her lack of a love life, despite Lana being gorgeous. At times she brings up guys for her to try, usually saying Sanjo 's name. Alia was the student of Oros, the famed Commander. She and him have a great relationship, to this day they often have talks and joke around. Oros refers to her as one of the most gifted soldiers he has ever taught. Alia holds Oros in very high regard. As there are men who play women, Alia tends to play men.



Magic and Abilities

Alia draws her blade.

Not much is known about her abilites at the moment, except that she is incredibly powerful as a fighter. She has always been a gifted mage, as said by Oros. She is elite swordsman, and specializes in the art of swordsmanship. She wields a Nodachi, of which is a masterfully crafted one. She also has eye magic, though the nature of it is unknown. As the leader of the Military Discipline squad, she must be a high level fighter and has gained notable experience.




  • Tsuba(鍔) is the guard of a japanese sword
  • Alia always refers to Oros as "Oros-senpai or Oros-sensei", showing her reverance for her former teacher.
  • She and Lana have been best friends for many years.