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Alice Sandaloche (アリスサンダルおうどい Arisu Sandaruoudoi ), is a S-Class Dark Mage from the guild, Magnasium Dark. She serves as an antagonist in the story Fairy Tail: Enchanted along with the other six S-Class Mages and Guild Master. She is considered one of the stronger S-Class Mages in Magnasium Dark and carries the third piece of the eight Keystone pieces. Alice also has a personal officer which is Zafkiel.


Alice is a young woman that has white hair and sharp green eyes, since her pupils are slit-shaped. Her dress' sleeves are puffy on each of the shoulder part and the top of her shoulders are revealed. While on each of the arm part; it fits the first half arm on each side. The second half arm on each side has purple, three-layered ruffles. The skirt is completely black and is layered with purple ruffles trimming. For some reason, she doesn't wear shoes, so she is left barefooted.




Fairy Tail: Enchanted

Powers and Abilities


  • She doesn't like shoes, the reason behind this is unknown.
  • Her favorite food is all kinds of sweets.
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