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Alicia Garnetstar
Race Human/Edolas
Age 17
Gender Female
Eyes Dark brown
Hair Black
Professional Status
Affiliation Edolas Fairy Tail
Occupation Mage
Partner Midnight (Familiar)

Edolas Juvia

Personal Status
Marital Status Alive
Magic Familiar Spirit Magic
Alicia Garnetstar is a mage from the Edolas Fairy Tail and she is the edolas counterpart of Alicia Heartwing.


Unlike her earthland counterpart, Alicia is sarcastic, hot-tempered and filrty. She is often called hard-headed by others, but she despises this by yelling and calling them "idiots" or "piece of crap". She has some tsundere tendencies.


She tends to wear more revealing clothes, or most of the time she wears punk lolita outfits. She doesn't wear glasses like her counterpart.



Former powers and ablilties

Familiar Spirit Magic: Alicia's powers, which allows her to form a contract with her Familiar spirit, Midnight. Midnight has a few abilites of her own, some in defense.

  • Shadow Through: Since Midnight is a shadow cat familiar, she has the ability to go through walls or almost anything.
  • Night Spore: This move possibly paralyzes the opponent.
  • Night Eye: Midnight's "X" eye flashes and sends out dark energy hands from the ground to attack.


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