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Zen Bunshū


Caster Magic


Nagisa Himegami

All-Divide (全分周, "Zen Bunshū") is a powerful Caster Magic utilized by Nagisa Himegami


With All-Divide activated, the user's body begins collecting loose Eternano from the atmosphere and combines it with their own Magical Aura in order to form a thin, practically invisible membrane of Magic tightly around their body. Once All-Divide is in place, the user gains the uncanny ability to hit their target regardless of whether they dodge it or not. All-Divide essentially makes the user a "copycat"; meaning before each strike and behind each attack there is a "phantom" imitating it. Therefore even if the opponent appears to avoid the visible attack, they will still get hit by either the true initial attack or the follow-up attack. This is due to the user's every move being copied and traced by the "phantoms". So the entire space in the user's field of vision becomes affected by this Magic, even if they miss one of the other attacks one of the "phantoms" will strike in the user's place. This essentially allows the user to makes the same attack three times in order to surprise unsuspecting targets. . 

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