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Name Alyx
Race Vampire
Birthday January 23rd
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Height 5'8"
Weight 120 lbs
Eyes Red
Hair Dark Red
Blood Type Unknown
Unusual Features Unnatural Beauty
Pale Skin
All traits of Vamprisim
Professional Status
Affiliation Self
Occupation Unknown
Team None
Partner None
Base of Operations None
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Alias Hell's Seductress

Alyx, real name Alexandria Allecis, is an immortal Vampire that stalks the lands. Due to the various myths that have cropped up, people don't believe she is the Alexandria, brushing aside her fangs and pale skin as medical conditions. She is also a competent mage, having actually been blacklisted as a Dark Mage despite the fact she isn't alligned with any guild.


Alyx is a woman of medium height with a lithe form. She has waist length firey red hair and matching red eyes with unnaturally pale skin. She normally wears a form fitting dark red blouse with a flowing black skirt that extends to her ankles, though she is occasionally seen in a black ball gown when she wants to look "fancy". As a Vampire she sports a pair of fangs, the tips of which noticably protrude from her mouth. On her back she has a large scar in the shape of a cross, apparently gained when she was nearly exorsized in the past.

Everyone she has met has claimed she is the most beautiful person they have ever seen.


Magic and Abilities

Vamprism: As a Vampire Alyx has several supernatural abilities at her disposal, along with a few weaknesses.

  • Immortality: As a Vampire Alyx is virtually immortal, only certain Holy Relics and incredibly destructive magic have the potential to actually kill her. Anything less instead puts her into a coma like state during which she recovers.
  • Turning: By biting a person she is able to infect them with Vamprisim.
  • Super Human Strength: Though not to the same degree as others with abnormal strength, Alyx's Vamprisim gives her strength enough to break through a reinforced steel wall with only a few punches.
  • Super Human Reflexex: Alyx's Vamprism also grants inhumanly fast reflexes, shown when she deftly dodges a bullet from close range.
  • Seductive Charm: If she at any point makes eye contact with someone, regardless of sex Alyx can seduce them by layering her voice with a "musical" tone. It has been stated to be more effective on men than women however.

Blood Magic: Alyx utilizes a brand of Blood Magic that allows her to freely manipulat any source of blood. Using it she can stop the flow of blood within others, as well as hardening it into various shapes allowing her to create improvised weaponry.


  • The cause of Alyx's Vamprisim is unknown. She claims to be one of the "Original" Vampires and that she was born a Vampire.
  • Alyx's appearance is loosely based on Bloody Mary from Infamous 2: Festival of Blood.