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Ancient Labyrinth Spell
Alzoraga's Labyrinth

宝王の常入れ替わり迷宮 (アルぞラガー·ラビリンス)


Aruzoragā Rabirinsu


Caster Magic
Lost Magic



Alzoraga's Labyrinth (宝王の常入れ替わり迷宮 (アルぞラガー·ラビリンス), Aruzoragā Rabirinsu; lit. "Ever-Shifting Maze of the Treasure King") is a powerful Caster Magic used in age's past, serving many uses — one of which is the safeguarding of various treasures and artifacts. It's considered to be a form of Lost Magic because of its potency and how old it is.

Though knowledge of this magic has been mainly lost, there are a few users of it in the modern age — learning it either from another user or remnants of ancient texts pertaining to it.


"This magic had various uses in the past — mainly keeping thieves from potentially looting the treasure of a noble or king. It's said that those trapped within this magic can never escape; their fate forever bound to this ever-changing labyrinth, destined to wander its ever-shifting walls until their time of death. Furthermore, there have been instances where the caster installed various traps & summoned various monsters within this deadly maze in order to hasten the intruder's demise. This made the magic very useful to many. It's said that there are certain areas of the magical world where this magic is still in use, having existed for time in-memorable in order to ensnare those who go after riches of various kinds."
— An archaeologist commenting on the potency and origins of this formidable magic.


  • This magic was created out of desire after the author watched the movie, Maze Runner a few days ago. It's also based on subjects dealing with mazes that the author has studied, either in manga, anime, textbooks, etc.
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