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Amadeus Zaius
Name Amadeus Zaius
Kanji アマディアス ゼーアス
Rōmaji Amadiasu Zeeasu
Race Human
Birthday 5 December
Age 46
Gender Male.png Male
Height 5'11"
Weight 84 kg
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Professional Status
Affiliation Neutral
Occupation Mage
Partner Jonathon Walrus
Raquel Curie
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Alias Dr. Zaius
Magic Particle Magic
Nuclear Magic

Amadeus Zaius (アマディアス ゼーアス Amadiasu Zeeasu) is a genius scientist who acts as one of Professor Walrus' assistants. He has created many small, holder types of magic.





Equipment & Inventions

  • Forger Magic: A type of Holder Magic that Dr. Zaius invented, which allows users to produce powerful, metal creations through a small lighter.
  • Sleep Cycle:
  • Duel Daggers of Pew-Pew-Pew:

Magic & Abilities

Titanium Particle Magic: A rare form of Caster Magic that gives the user control over specific elements. Dr. Zaius has control over Titanium. In order to use it, he needs to take a deep breath, then say the phrase "Titanium Activate!", and finally needs to have some Titanium present in order to use. Dr. Zaius can usually get around this by using his Nuclear Magic to convert other metals into Titanium, such as Iron. Mainly, he uses this magic to help him create strong alloys for his holder magics that he creates.

  • Smoke Bomb - Tickle Time!: This spell is named as such because it produces a white smoke screen from the compound TiCl4. When using this spell, Amadeus will usually raise his fist in the air, then throw it down, opening his hand as it reaches the bottom of his reach. This doesn't actually do anything in particular, since there isn't anything in his hand when he does this, but rather does it for the theatrics instead.
  • Secret Flame: By controlling Titanium to become hotter, Dr. Zaius can create fire. This is because Titanium will actually burn before it gets hot enough to melt. This fire is very special and unique though, as it will burn in an absence of oxygen. This is because it will burn even in Nitrogen and can only be put out in an inert atmosphere or a total vacuum. Dr. Zaius created lacrimas that can produce this type of fire and used them in the Forger Lighters that he made.

Nuclear Magic: A rare form of caster magic that allows the user to control nuclear reactions. In order for it to work, the caster must be physically touching what they wish to affect. This magic allows someone to change the elements of an object they are touching by giving or removing positrons, beta particles or alpha particles to the nuclei of atoms they are touching. The caster has to provide what they give from something else they are in contact with, as well as keep track of everything that is being transferred. Amadeus is a genius who specializes in Chemistry, so he is capable of using this magic to it's fullest potential by calculating how many moles of atoms are in his targeted area, as well as what elements would compose the substance.


Behind The Scenes

  • His appearance is of Krieger from Archer.
  • His alias comes from the character Dr. Zaius from Planet of the Apes.