"We lost you and all of our comrades, closest thing most of us had to a family. For years, we thought you died, and now, after all these years, it turns out you're not only alive, but also someone else's slave. We won't stand for that. Even if you can't fight back, we'll get revenge for you. Helel, the humans, and even Azazel. We'll destroy them all, for you, for Lilim, for everyone who died because of them."
Ry'leh telling Marx Dagonet the purpose of Amare Artis
Amare Artis



Amāre Arutisu




Destroy the Fallen Army, the Magic Council, and Azazel

Amare Artis (アマーレ・アルティス, Amāre Arutisu) is a group formed by the surviving members of Belial's army from over 400 years ago. They consist of an unspecified number of members, all whom are presumed to be Demons, and are lead by Aforgoman, Belial's former second-in-command. They are built solely on exacting revenge on those who are responsible for the slaughter of their friends 400 years ago, which includes the Fallen Army, the Magic Council, despite being simply out of natural hate for humans for the latter, and finally, Azazel, for effectively turning Belial into his slave.




Name Rank Team Status
Aforgoman Leader/Founder None Active
Great Dread Demon General None Active
Hastur Demon General None Defected
Crowman ??? None Active
Dagon Demon General None Active
Ry'leh Acolyte None Active
Istasha Acolyte None Active


  • The name Amare Artis can mean "Love Craft", Amare meaning "Love", and Artis meaning "Craft", both in Latin. This is a direct reference to H.P. Lovecraft, the creator of the Cthulhu Mythos, which this group is based off of.
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