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Amina Bell is a prominent member of the Bellum branch's Magic Council, holding the position of the 1st seat making her the chairman of the entire organization. Originally being a part of the councils Rune Knights ranks, Amina much like the rest of the councils members worked her up the ranks greatly due in part to her achievements during the last magic war and her help in ridding the organization of it's corrupt members as best as she could. She was awarded the position and responsibility of being charge of the reinstated council in Bellum due to this among other achievements.


Amina is a remarkably tall woman, standing only a few inches below Commander Blackstone who is a tall man in his own right. Her nearly snow white hair is long enough to reach the small of her back while unbraided while her honey brown eyes perfectly compliment her chocolate skin tone. Amina's usual attire is generally less formal than one would expect from the head of the entire Magic Council.


Amina is best described as a charismatic and decisive leader, capable of keeping a cool head during tense situations. Her calmness even in the face of rather bleak odds has had people describe as the perfect soldier who doesn't back down from a fight when in truth she's merely confident in her ability to overcome those odds.


Much like the other members of the Magic Council, Amina is a native of Bellum, having been born and lived in the country for much of her life. When the call was put out for recruitment into the Rune Knights by the time she was a teenager, Amina enlisted into their ranks wanting to make her country a safer place having witnessed the lawlessness that seemed to reign throughout it.

Magic & Abilities

Impressive Magical Power: Amina possesses an astonishing amount of magic power at her disposal, as evidenced by the large caliber of heavy duty spells in her arsenal, spells that would tire out most mages just by attempting to cast them.

Keen Intellect: Amina's quick wit and exquisite perception are perhaps her most renown traits, with her ability to analyze a situation and develop several countermeasures having been the main reason behind her promotion to division leader. Her greatest feat was her ability to accurately predict the movements of the Dark Guild alliance and help coordinate the depleted forces of the Magic Council to victory. As seen by her being one of the few people in the Magic Council to realize the higher ups were up to something, Amina has a keen eye for analyzing even the little things she observes around her.

Enhanced Speed: Amina like most high level mages operates at a speed higher than most mages, capable of reacting to some of the swiftest attacks. Though incredibly difficult, Amina has reacted to the movements of Slow Magic user and managed to avoid their attacks through reflexes.

Enhanced Endurance & Durability: As one would expect from a mage as powerful as Amina, her body is sturdier than the average person. She's held her own fighting off multiple mages in combat, fighting through both fatigue and blood loss long enough for her backup to arrive as well as withstanding multiple blows from heavy weaponry.

Enhanced Strength:

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Having been trained by some of the best fighters in the Magic Council, Amina herself is a skilled combatant more than capable pf handling herself if her magic becomes useless for one reason or another.

Telekinesis (テレキネシス Terekineshisu):

Light Magic (光の魔法, Hikari no Mahō):

  • Light Wave:
  • Light Ray:
  • Radiant Body:
  • Illuminating Ray:

Light-Make (光の造形魔法(ライト・メーク), Raito Meiku lit. Light Molding Magic):

  • Light-Make: Sword:
  • Light-Make: Chain:
  • Light-Make: Hyperion's Palm:
  • Light-Make: Triumphant Shield:
  • Light-Make: Spear:


  • Amina's appearance is based off the character Storm of the X-Men from Marvel Comics.