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King's doll markPhoenix Rising
Phoenix RisingThe Rising Order

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Right Thigh


S-Class Dark Mage


The Rising Order


Ester Wild

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Amber Royt


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Sword Magic
Shockwave Magic
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Seven Swords of Sin
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Amodaus is a mage of the Dark Guild Phoenix Rising. She is one of the four S-Class mages of this guild that is also part of the group The Rising Order, as one of it's generals. She controls her region that has been assigned to her with an iron fist. She tolerates no failures and kills any who may do so. Her Second in command being Ester Wild the sister of Aster Wild.


Am appearanceAmodaus Appearance 2


Am is a sadistic war loving maniac who thrives on torturing her prey. While she may look kind hearted and sometimes even acts the part, she is an absolute monster that will kill anyone that gets in her way be it child, woman, man or beast. Am loves the smell and look of fresh blood to the point she will even kill her own teammates to get her thrills. She cares very little for the lives of others and even believes that everyone around her are for her to play with. She sees herself way above humans seeing them only as filthy trash.

Out of the four generals Am is definitely the more twisted general, making sure her plans succeed no matter the cost. Destroying whole towns and ending hundreds of lives mean nothing to her as long as her mission prevails. Though she does have a sort of honor or code that will not let her use these means during a fierce fight. She being extremely prideful will not resort to dirty tactics when fighting someone of high caliber. She truly belief's to be above all, thus she always wants to have an absolute victory. With no question of who is stronger. This clashing with her emotions at times as she will show the outmost respect to those that can best her despite the fact she hates them the most, which is referring to Mao and King's puppets for the moment. Which are also the only people Am ever listens to.


As a child, Am was thrown away by her parents, only to be taken in by a dark guild soon after. For her first years until the age of 15 she was tortured, abused and made to kill in order to survive. Her first important lesson she was ever taught was that the weak die and the strong survive. The strong control the weak. Am was naturally gifted and when she reached the age of 15, she slaughtered her whole guild, smiling as she did. It was at this point she was taken in by King, the guild master of Phoenix Rising, though he did have to subdue her with overwhelming power first

Magic and Abilities

Sword Play:

Immense Speed:

Heightened Perception:

High Intellect:

Immense Magical Power:


Thieves Armor

Am assassins

Am's Thieves Armor (泥棒のアーマーDorobō no āmā) grants her an incredible boost in speed. Allowing her to dart about evading attacks while closing the gap between her and her opponent. Most of the time, the only thing her opponent will see is a red flash zipping by. This armor is accompanied by two daggers that are infused with Shadow Magic. That is quite unique as the shadow surrounding the blades is red. The shadows surrounding the blade are capable of extending granting her daggers a longer reach, when she needs to or they can also multiply and split making it look like her blades are numerous instead of just two. Another way Am likes to use these shadows, is by making them move at high speeds along the blade of her daggers, making them have a sort of chainsaw affect. This capable of ripping steel to shreds and even breaking other weapons that might intend to block her slash. Even more unique is the article of clothing she wears as it too is infused with shadow magic and is very capable of expelling numerous red shadow hands from her cape that work to deflect attacks or to ensnare her opponents Though her daggers are the default weapon for her Thieves Armor, she is able to switch to her numerous other weapons at will.Do to her Wire Magic and Sword Magic she is able to create wires of shadow or infuse these blades with her other magics. She also has a strap around her right thigh that holds multiple tiny blades she uses during her assault.

  • Shadow Palm Thrust (シャドーパームスラストShadōpāmusurasuto): From her cape come out multiple red shadow hands that quickly attack her opponent by rushing them with multiple palm thrusts at and incredible speed. Not only is this spell capable of hitting her opponent multiple times with incredible force that could send them flying, but she could use this spell defensively to deflect or block certain attacks headed her way. She is even able to use the Shadow hands to slam directly in the ground to propel her to jump higher or have them slam into another surface to push her away evading incoming attacks.
  • Shadow Grasp (シャドウつかみShadō tsukami): This spell has multiple red shadow hands come out from her cape to ensnare her opponents. Binding them and constricting at the same time capable of crushing ones bones, or suffocating them to make them pass out. Just like her Shadow Palm Thrust spell she could use this spell to evade attacks by having the hands grab onto the ground or other objects to pull her away, essentially avoiding a direct hit.
  • Shadow Bomb (シャドウ爆弾Shadō bakudan): This spell work by shooting orbs of red shadows from the tip of her blades. Once these orbs are in range of her targets, they burst and shoot out numerous tiny shadow needles in all directions. These needles causing multiple hits with great blunt force. This spell works great when attacking a group or if she wants to cause serious damage to one person making it explode at point black range.
  • Legion(軍団Gundan): Using her Shadow Magic, Am can create several copies of herself capable of running about at great speeds, matching her own. All the copies look exactly alike and are hard to distinguish. Each copy can regenerate almost instantly when cut down or pierced, allowing them to attack vigorously for an extended amount of time. While the copies aren't able to use Am's spells, they do have all her fighting abilities making it an uphill battle against any opponent.
  • Exploding Sombra (爆発する影Bakuhatsu suru kage): Covering her blades with Shadow's, Am throws them at her foes, shortly after causing them to create an explosion of shadow magic wherever they land. The daggers remained unscathed as the explosion explodes outward from the auras surrounding them. These explosions can cause severe damage capable of toppling a large building or taking out a large group at once. While throwing her weapon may seem foolish, she can call for it anytime using her requip magic. She can also change the trajectory of her throws by using her Wire Magic as well, having wires attach to the hilt of the daggers giving her a chance to swing these daggers in different directions. This also allows, Am to create multiple explosions, swinging her blades around to multiple locations as if they were chains. Her Wires are constantly feeding the daggers her magic, giving them the ability to explode several times.

Lightning Priestess

Lightning Priestess

Am's Lightning Priestess Armor (ライトニング巫女アーマーRaitoningu miko āmāgrants) her the ability to control Lightning to a certain extent. Do to her two long swords infused with Lighting Magic she is able to absorb almost all lightning based attacks with her swords without causing any damage to herself. Though her clothes itself are made of materials that are resistant to lightning making her a great threat against Lightning Wizards. Her swords are constantly giving or a static discharge that would cause electricity to travel trough any substance the blades are touching, making guarding against her weapons extremely difficult. Her weapons are also able to shoot out lightning from the tips or summoning lighting from the sky despite the lack of clouds. Like all her armors, she is able to switch between weapons as she wishes.Do to her Wire Magic and Sword Magic she is able to create wires of lightning or infuse these blades with her other magics.

  • Lightning Roar (ライトニング咆哮Raitoningu hōkō): This spell start by Am putting her swords in front of her parallel to each other causing the Lighting Magic to travel between the two causing the massive magic to gather and create small burst of lighting to shoot around her while a sphere of concentrated magic forms between the swords. She then proceeds to launch the sphere
  • Lightning Crash (ライトニングクラッシュRaitoningukurasshu): This spell starts out by Am pointing her blade towards the sky creating a gold magic circle in the location she is pointing. From the circle, rain down multiple bolts of lightning. Am is also able to expand on this spell and create multiple magic circles instead of just one, by simple moving her sword around creating the circles while doing so. Though this does take more magic, it is quite devastating for anyone caught in the attack.
  • Lightning Shield (ライトニングシールドRaitoningushīrudo): This spell works by slamming one blade into the ground and then raising her other blade straight up, above her head. This causes the two magics from the blades connect and clash creating and electric sphere surrounding Am. Anything caught in this sphere is instantly electrocuted being able to diminish other attacks to the point they disappear. If a person tries to attack the shield head on, then they will suffer serious burns and numbing pain from the electricity running through their body.
  • Lightning Shroud (ライトニングシュラウドRaitoningushuraudo): Since Am is able to remotely control her blades thanks to her sword magic, she uses this ability to make her blades spin in a circular fashion making them look like big saws. While they are spinning at incredible pace they are giving of a constant discharge of electricity. Am makes her swords chase after her targets with great speed and cutting ability. Even if the opponent were to dodge the blade, they might still have a little trouble dodging the lighting constantly shooting out from the blades.

Fire Maiden

Am elemental priestess

Am's Fire Maiden Armor (火災乙女アーマーKasai otome āmā) grants her a great defense against the element of fire, as her two weapons are also able to absorb fire based attacks just like her Lightning Priestess Armor. Her two swords are infused with Fire Magic, but with one unique aspect, as one of the blades has a flame that is cold in nature like it if were ice instead of fire.

Fire Maiden Am
Her weapons can exude the flames at a moments notice and can shoot projectiles from the tips or curved projectiles when she swings her sword. Her cold sword being able to shoot strong blunt projectiles at are so cold they could numb a persons limbs. Do to her Wire Magic and Sword Magic she is able to create wires of fire or infuse these blades with her other magics.
  • Fireball (火の玉Hinotama): Am shoots fireballs from the tips of her blades. Though she cannot change the course of the fireballs drastically, she is able to at least maneuver them slightly after shooting them, by simply moving her sword in the new direction she wants it to go. She can however cause the fireball to completely stop in its tracks and keep it floating in mid-air. This being useful to set up a field of fireballs or for setting traps. One more added ability to this, is having am smack the floating fireball with the flat side of her blade. This causes the fireball to burst into numerous rays of fire in the direction she swung or pushed. If someone else tries to hit it the same way as Am, the fireball explodes engulfing it's aggressor.
  • Raging Pillar (レイジング柱Reijingu hashira): This spell works by having Am first point her sword or swords on any surface she desires causing a magic circle to appear and from that circle erupts out a large pillar of fire, burning anything in its way. This spell not only having great offensive capabilities, but defensive as well. Making use of the rising momentum of the pillars to deflect or destroy incoming attacks. If she points both her blades in one direction, this creates a much larger magic circle and a much larger pillar that could devastate a whole group.
  • Twin Wolves (ツインオオカミTsuin'ookami): This spell works by first placing her swords one atop of the other in front of her. The magic from the swords then erupt out but look more like lightning then fire. While they are ripping the earth around her, two fire wolves start to form next to her. She releases this spell by quickly swiping her swords causing the wolves to then charge towards her targets. These wolves attacks in Zig-Zag motions at an incredible pace. Once they explode they create an explosion burning anything in its radius.
  • Flame Point (炎ポイントHonō pointo): This spell is a point blank attack. Am engulfs her blades with flames and begins to thrust her blades towards her opponent when she gets in range. The thrusts are so incredibly fast they look like red flashes capable of throwing 5 thrusts in a second. While they don't pierce the target, they are incredible strong that she could fracture bones or break down a thick steel door.
  • Eruption (噴火Funka): This spell works by first slamming one of her blades into the floor and then raising her other blade above her head. The combined magic from both blades make a connection, that causes various eruptions to rise up from her location outward. This spell is actually a large scale attack capable of devastating large groups or causing great destruction.

Dark Empress

Dark Empress

Am's Dark Empress Armor (ダーク皇后アーマーDāku kōgō āmā)is her strongest armor letting her exude her magic completely and even increasing her stats further. Since she already has great control over shadows thanks to her Shadow Magic, her control over this element is increased further being able to control the shadows of her opponents to entangle them with numerous shadow hands constricting the life out of them. Her sword, Ares is made of the strongest known materials. This sword is capable of retaining all her magic and amplifying her magic greatly. In her Dark Empress armor, Am's Aura spikes greatly, letting her exude her magic power in the form of a monstrous black Aura that emits a powerful pressure throughout the area. This powerful Aura gives Am ample defensive and offensive capabilities, as she is able to expel her magic through her sword in a tangible matter. Usually in the form of purple-ish streams and projectiles. One intimidating aspect of her sword during Dark Empress is that the aura covering her sword takes the shape of numerous skulls or souls surrounding her blade, almost as if trapped souls are trying to escape from her blade.

Raging Tower: This spell launches a large amount of Am's magic through the ground as she swings her sword in an upward motion. This spell causes large pillars of magic to rise upward the moment she swings. These pillars Travers across the ground ripping the very earth as it travels to its target.

Shadow Magic

Shadow Magic  (陰魔法 Kage Mahō) is a Caster Type of magic that allows Am to control all the aspects of shadows from creating it to manipulating it into different shapes for various uses. She can either use her own shadow or the shadows in the surrounding area to bend to her will. While Light Magic may have an advantage over this type of magic it does not mean it will render it useless as she could condense her shadows in such a way they could withstand powerful attacks. Though Am is fully capable of exuding this magic without a weapon, she prefers to use her swords as mediums to further their damage and defensive properties. She has been able to adapt all her shadow magic into each and every of her weapons and armors, with her Dark Empress armor taking everything into a whole new level.

  • Shadow Fists (シャドウ拳Shadō ken): by using her own shadow, she creates numerous shadow fists to fly out towards her intended target. Each fist is capable of causing incredible damage.
  • Shadow Tower (シャドウタワーShadoutawā): This is a grand scale magic capable of attacking multiple targets. She gathers her magic and then slams her palms into the ground causing a giant tower to rise up from the ground. Once the tower is formed, numerous ghost like figures emerge from the tower and begin to rush her opponents. They move incredibly fast and are able to attack with fists.

Wire Magic

Wire Magic (ワイヤーマジックWaiyāmajikkuis the ability to create and control thin wires from the Eternano either from the user or the Eternano in the surrounding area. The user is able to create almost anything their mind can imagine, with of course the more complex objects taking more magic to achieve, but at the same time causing more damage as well. This being to the accumulation of Eternano in one place. The user can create razor sharp wires capable of slicing even through the toughest of metals or she could create blunt wires that they could use to restrain someone or for other various reason. When using their own magic to create the wires, the thin like strings, seem to secrete from all around the body, floating in mid air. This being an incredible weapon for those with high magical capacities.

Another unique trait of this magic is the ability to elemental wires, which is wires created from different elements. This type of spells being a little tricky as in order to create these types of wires, the user has to be touching said element and shape the Eternano in that manner. Things such as water, wind, earth and all non harmful elements pose no problem, but creating wires from fire, lightning, poison, acid and other various harmful substances can bring great harm to the user themselves. That is unless they can use a weapon imbued with a dangerous substance. By using the weapon as a medium, the user is fully capable of creating dangerous wires without bringing great harm to themselves.

The usage of Wire Magic, has many,many possibilities. The user could use these thin, almost invisible wires to set traps and ensnare their targets into death provoking situations. Being able to manipulate the wires as they wish can also prove to be a great defense against almost any attacks depending on how they go about using such magic.When other magic make contact with the wires, it seems an invisible like force stops the magic before hitting the actual wire, as if the wires had a barrier around them. The only limit to this magic, is the imagination of the user. The wire's, depending on the usage, can be created almost instantly and attach to almost any surface. Which also grants them the ability to attach to people allowing for the user to control a person as if they were puppets, moving them against their will. The wires themselves are already extremely sharp capable of slicing through a person with no trouble, even slicing through multiple buildings should the user wish it. Though they can also be used to wrap around objects allowing the user to essentially move it around, or trap it in place. Depending on the users will, the wires can also be used as a sort of hook, that allows them to bring things closer,move from one place to another via wires or more dangerously, steal an enemies weapon. 

  • Wire Prison: 
  • Wire Javelin: 

Sword Magic

Sword Magic (剣の魔法 Ken no Mahō) Is a Holder Type of Magic involving the use of swords. The weapons act as mediums for Am to use in many different ways. She can change or extend her attacks through the use of her weapons allowing for short to mid-range attacks. Like shooting a curved projectile of energy from the blade able to cut or damage her targets greatly. She is also able to remotely control her weapons, allowing her to make her weapons take flight or return to her if they get knocked away. Am can add the properties of her magic to the sword or even change the physical properties of the blade like making it extend to a great length or retracting it turning it like a dagger or short sword. She can also turn it to a blunt weapon or increase the sharpness.

Shockwave Magic

Shockwave Magic (衝撃波魔法 Shōgekiha Mahō) is a powerful Caster Type of magic that lets Am create shockwaves of varying magnitudes and Sizes that highly depend on Am's Magical power, which is exceddingly high.

  • Shockwave (衝撃波Shōgekiha): Am gathers her energy and lets out a massive shockwave of Eternano. This Shockwave capable of blasting many people far away while causing some bludgeoning damage. This spell also having some defensive abilities allowing Am to blast away most spells, sending them back or completely destroying them.
  • Wave Shield (ウェーブシールドU~ēbushīrudo): This creates a vertical Shockwave that Am uses to block most attacks. or by waving her hand at the right moment, she deflects the attack to make it completely miss her.
  • Ring Wave (リング波形Ringu hakei): This spell works with her weapons only. She basically does one whole spin with either of her weapons extended out. This creating a ring, when she completes the spin. As soon as the ring is formed, it immediately expands in a rapid fashion. This ring cutting anything it comes against. This ability could be combined with her other magics to give it other effects. for instance; Her Flame swords create a fire ring that burns anything in its path. The lightning swords create a ring that shoots out multiple rays of lightning while it expands, ripping the ground as it gets bigger and electrocuting anything in its path even capable of paralysing her opponents. With her Shadow Magic any person hit with the ring, will be constricted by a smaller ring around them. and so on each different element giving it a different effect. The direction the ring travels depends on the direction Am spins as she is capable of spinning in different angles.

Seven Swords of Sin

The Seven Swords of Sin (刃の七致死罪, Ken no Nanachishi Tsumi; lit. "Swords of Seven Deadly Sins") is a Holder type magic which allows the user to create then summon up to seven swords, each representing one of the seven deadly sins. The set consists of seven different swords that vary in appearance for each user. To start "collecting" them the user must willingly want to use this magic. They will take a plain sword that has not been infused with any magical energy or properties and etch seven tally marks onto it. This sword can never be infused with magic from here on but is the beginning of this magic. For the user to receive a Sword of Sin they must commit one of the sins multiple times and of their own free will.

For wrath to appear they must kill in cold blood or kill brutally. Gluttony requires using another body against them or to the advantage of the wielder (blood manipulation, cannibalism, over oxidization or hydration of another blood, etc). Lust requires killing out of love or desire. Greed requires murder for power, money, land, etc. Envy will appear due to murder out of jealousy or desire of what other have. Pride comes from deaths to show ones status or power or when one cannot admit they are wrong. Sloth is a special case and very difficult to obtain as it requires the user to remain absolutely neutral and unaffected for a long period of time and they must do so when they lose something or someone incredibly precious to them.

When a user obtains a sword, they will also obtain a tattoo of the swords name somewhere along their body in ink that corresponds with the swords color. The name appears small but will glow lightly each time the sword is called forth. To properly summon the sword the first time, the wielder places their hand on that tattoo and summons using an incantation that goes as follows:

"For Heaven knows I have forsaken this virtue. My sins have been recorded and I have been marked as such. I call forth the weapon that the Underworld has given, let the souls I have damned rest in their demise. I call forth ____ for whom I have paid the toll. I call it forth, for I am the rightful wielder. ____, come!"

In the case of Am, she had a special sword forged for this purpose. This sword lacking in all magical aspects, as it is just a regular sword with average sharpness. Though she did decide to name the sword Chaos. At the moment, Am has been able to acquire two of the seven swords Lust and Pride.

Envy (羨望 Senbō): Am acquired this sword after beheading the previous S-class Mage of the Phoenix Rising guild with her sword, Chaos. A position she desired enough to kill over. While one may think this is not enough to garnish her the sword, it may have been do to the circumstance, as she took on an S-Class Mage with her pure physical abilities, only having her desire for his position keeping her alive. She cared not for the people holding the position, but rather loved and desired the position only and would have killed any of the S-Class mages to meet her desire .She did not want to risk accidentally infusing Chaos with her magic and nullifying it's affects.Though it was a trying situation, ultimately she achieved her goal and killed the S-Class Mage. Once she did, the word Envy appeared on her left collar bone in a light blue. With no hesitation she began to chant.

Lust Am

"For Heaven Knows I have forsaken this virtue. My sins have been recorded and I have been marked as such. I call forth the weapon that the Underworld has given, let souls I have damned rest in their demise. I call forth Envy for whom I have paid the toll. I call it forth, for I am the rightful wielder. Pnthonos, come!"

Making a long blue sword appear. It had red lettering on the blade and it seemed to be an extremely sharp blade. Though it was somewhat unusual as the top end of the blade was cut making it have a flat end instead of a regular pointed end. While the part connecting to the hilt was shaped like a C with an opening. While the hilt is long and has a big hole at the end of the hilt that has Three Rings around the hole.

  • Abilities: This sword has the ability to slowly steal the magic of anyone that it comes in contact with, Am being the only exception. This allows Am to basically drain a person of their magic, when attacked numerous times essentially rendering a person unfit for battle. This sword can also work, when blocking magical attacks as it will slowly cause a spell to slowly dissipate as long as it is making contact with the spell.

Pride (誇りHokori): Pride was obtained after the countless murders Am committed for the sole purpose of proving how far superior she is to the rest. Am would commit such atrocities for the sole purpose of displaying her power in front of her guildmates. Garnering not only their respect, but fear as well. She, although human, seemed to be more of a demon making short work of all those that might dare to oppose her, no matter the age, sex or reason. This caused her tattoo colored in white to appear behind her ear. Once it did she quickly chanted.

Pride Am

"For Heaven Knows I have forsaken this virtue. My sins have been recorded and I have been marked as such. I call forth the weapon that the Underworld has given, let souls I have damned rest in their demise. I call forth Pride for whom I have paid the toll. I call it forth, for I am the rightful wielder. Hubris, come!"

This caused a long white Katana to appear. Though the sharp edge of the blade seemed to be broken up and jagged throughout the length of the blade, while the hilt seemed to be covered by white bandages wrapped tightly around a few times, with a piece at the end coming loose showing of a piece of the metal hilt. Though this blade seems to be somewhat broken, it is extremely sharp.

  • Abilities: This sword has the ability to amplify Am's Magic greatly. Perfectly demonstrating the monstrous power within Am, unlocking her abilities to the fullest. All her spells not only become overpowered, but they can also be activated much faster than before. This sword also helps to regulate the ambient Eternano, which in turn allows Am to conserve her magic greatly, despite the large amounts pouring out of the blade.

Possession Summoning Magic

Possession Summoning (持ち手の召喚 Mochi-te no shōkan)  is the ability of Shadow and Darkness Magic users to infuse certain objects to create and summon Shadow Creatures. The shadow creatures vary in appearance and abilities, which largely rely on the ability and imagination of the user and item used. Even if two users of this magic use the same item, it does not mean the summoning will bring forth the same shadow creature meaning each summoning is completely unique to the user. Not all items are capable of releasing a shadow creature as the item has to be durable enough to sustain the users magics as well as have a certain amount of malice, which helps the shadow creature take its form and gives it most of its abilities. The items doesn't have to be magical, but it has been proven that those with lingering magical auras such as Ancient relics tend to bring forth stronger and more durable shadow creatures. While each shadow creature does have a will of their own, they can also be controlled by the user through the use of a puppet controller created by the users magic. This puppet controller can take the form on anything the user imagines. They can essentially manipulate their creations as if they were marionettes.The benefits of controlling the Shadow Creature is the increased reaction time as well as the boost in durability. Each item used for the shadow creatures can be summoned at any time by the user, though each summoning does require a slightly higher amount of magic than regular summoning spells. Each shadow creature can be cancelled out by the user or by damaging the item, though small cracks will not affect it in the least. The item has to be almost completely broken for it to be dispelled, since some users are capable of infusing the items with their magic to fix said item, though this of course drains the users magic faster. Light magic does have a strong affect against the Shadow Creatures and tend to do the most harm specially those with purifying capabilities.

All Shadow Creatures are capable of strong Shadow/Darkness magic, but depending on the item can have different types of magic as well.


This is Am's sword of Envy, from her Seven Swords of Sin Magic. When this sword is used with her Possession Summoning Magic, a small human like creature with wings, horns and a large Scythe appear. This shadow creature is quite unique as not only does it have the ability to use Shadow Magic, but it can also use its regular ability when in sword form, which is absorbing the Magic from those it makes contact with. Though it is taken a step further as it will sap anybodies energy that is close, with the exception of Am.


This is Am's sword of Pride, from her Seven Swords of Sin Magic. When this sword is used with her Possession Summoning Magic, a large black lion comes forth. This creature is capable of using Am's Shadow Magic, with the added ability of amplifying it's magic greatly. The ambient Eternano becomes a tool for this lion to use as he pleases executing powerful spells almost instantly.


Amodaus Ares Possession Summoning

Ares Possession Summoning Form

Amodaus Ares Possession Equip

Ares Armor after Possession Summoning Magic

This is Am's favorite sword that she usually uses along with her Dark Empress Armor. When Am uses her Possession Summoning Magic on this sword it takes the form or a large red shadow creature with two large blades that has multiple horns protruding from it's broad shoulders that look like a large mouth.Its lower half is just a swirl of red colored shadows. Other than it's massive physique and frighting features, the eyes seem to draw a lot of attention as they glow a beautiful, but fierce red, while the rest of it's head is hidden behind a large helmet that has three blades down the middle, with the one near the forhead being the shortes and the one all the way in the back being the longer blade. Being Am's most precious and most diabolical weapon in her arsenal, This Shadow creature tends to take on the wild and sadistic nature of Am. The bond between this weapon and Am can be further shown, as this shadow creature is capable of equipping onto Am as if it were an armor. Much like her many requip armors. This armor grants Am a new form of  her Ares blade which is a long sword that has multiple small blades extended from the side all along the width of the blade. Most commonly known as a whip blade, since the sword can work much like a whip. This do to the fact the blade can extend over a long distance and retract whenever Am wishes it. Each of Am's hands are covered by armor which grant her sharp and durable claws. From the forearm portion, long feather like material droop down reaching past the knees. This material is actually the body of the shadow creature and from it the shadow creature tends to form. It also has multiple uses as forming powerful shields as well as large spikes or anything that Am wishes, within reason. While the range of the feather like material is quite small and require Am to be up close to attack, it is still extremely useful. Aside from the sword and the shadow creature itself, this armor has many weapons, such as; the sharp claws, a long chain wrapped around Am's left leg that she is capable to whip around or control with her Shadow Magic. This chain is attached to her heel though it is capable of being detached should Am wish it. This chain is quite durable and is proteted by Am's Magical Power. Am's boots have long spikey needles at the bottom that Am usually uses to stomp on her foes piercing their bodies greatly. These needles can shoot out at high speeds and since they are made of Shadow Magic, they can regrow instantly. The abdomen and chest area are also formidable weapons as the glowing red parts can release a powerful concentrated beam of Shadow Magic.

Amodaus Ares Second Form

Ares appearing from feather like material

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