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"I'll fly freely through the sky burning everything that get in my way!"

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A woman stood over the high hills, looking far below. She was standing at the edge of a floating island. "How," she whispered to herself.


"I must reassemble the army. Karin is the only one that I must save" Mastery said to himself. He was walking alone in the forest, having recovered from his injuries. He passed by a still river and looked over. Mastery sees his reflection. "I won't regret this" Mastery whispered. Suddenly, a book hits him on the head, breaking the serious ambiance. Mastery sits down, scratching his head and opened the book. Mastery turned the page and read it. He read about the origin of Black Arts and how it was used to bring despair. Mastery knew about Zeref and why he made the book.

"Is this possible? I could create my own army, through this power!" Mastery exclaimed. Mastery started to recite the incantation written on the book:

Animas desperationis
Papiliones egimus
Et alas mortis
Fuga spatium decrescentes

Mastery, utilizing his Black Arts, created an Etherious. She stood up from the ground. Mastery feared it and wanted to run. "Too much space! I may need to remove these things. Oh, Master!" the strange woman said. "I am an Etherious, created from the Book you read. My name is Brasenie" she added. "Do you have anything for me to do?" Brasenie asked. "No, just find a place for you to stay. I'll be calling you anytime I need your help" Mastery ordered as he ran away. Brasenie did follow Mastery's orders, as she went out into the city without fear to find shelter.

Hours ago before the creation of Brasenie, Sayla, also an Etherious, was flouncing at the edge of the Cube. She was using her Curse as she flounced and unknowingly threw Brasenie's book into the forest. Her action resulted into hitting Mastery and later led to the birth of a new Etherious, Brasenie Columbine, the Innocent Fate.

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