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Anais Belrose
Anais Belrose.png
Name Anais Belrose
Kanji アナイスラベルローズ
Romanji Anaisu Raberurozu
Race Human
Birthday June 13
Age 24
Gender Female
Height 5'3"
Weight 102 lbs
Eyes Silver
Hair Light brown-orange
Blood Type AO
Unusual Features Silver eyes
Professional Status
Affiliation Belrose Family
Occupation Head of Belrose Family
Base of Operations Belrose Family Manor
Personal Status
Martial Status Engaged
Relatives Unnamed relatives
Alias Ana-chan


Anais Belrose (アナイスラベルローズAnaisu Raberurozu) is a member and head of the Belrose Family.


Anais is a youthful, young woman with silver eyes and light skin. She has long, light brown hair which ends at midway down her back. She has bangs that are shifted to the sides with one strand hanging in the middle. Some very short stands right beside her bangs which bend in towards her eyes. There are two shoulder length locks of hair placed in front of her ears and curl slightly inward. Her initial outfit consists of a red dress that has sleeves that hang low on her shoulders. Her casual wear, which she doesn't wear often, is a white long-sleeved shirt, a pink cardigan, and a layered red pleated skirt.