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"'Surely, I said, knowledge is the food of the soul"

Anand Rishuryu (アナンドのリシュリュー;Anando no rishuryū) is the enigmatic First Bishop of Manus Zeref. No one seems to know is past or history; every event of life is somehow connected to Manus Zeref, ad it may even be one of its founding members. However, the whole cult revered him as a glorious minister, almost a prophet. He acts as Anatoly consigliere and, alongside High Priestess Hou Dowager, as Manus Zeref second in command.




Magic and Abilities




  • Anand Rishuryu appearance is based on Eibon, from the manga and anime Soul Eater
  • Anand is the actual first of name an Indian chess-master. Rishuryu is the romaniji of Richelieu, the (in)famous cardinal who became chief minister of France under King Louis XIII in 1624, and was undoubtedly the most powerful political figure of his country.
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