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Anastasia of the Tide
Name Anastasia of the Tide
Kanji アナスタシアシルバースタイン
Rōmaji Shirubāsutain Anasutashia
Race Human
Birthday April 5th
Age Debut-16
Gender Female
Height 5'5"
Weight 110 LBS
Eyes Blue
Hair Green
Blood Type B+
Unusual Features None
Professional Status
Affiliation Fairy Tail
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Guild Mage
Previous Occupation None
Team TBA
Partner Dante Alighieri

Jacobo Locke

Juste McConnell

Axton Richards

Base of Operations Fairy Tail Guild Hall

Dante's Tavern Room

Personal Status
Relatives Logain Silverstein(Edolas Counterpart)
Marital Status Single
Alias Anastasia of the Tide
Magic Water Magic

Lance Magic

 Anastasia Silverstein(アナスタシアシルバースタイン, Shirubāsutain Anasutashia) is a guild mage of Fairy Tail. She is shrouded with mystery due to her shy and quiet demeanor. She teams up with Dante Alighieri, Juste McConnell, Jacobo Locke, and Axton Richards to form the dynamic Team Braveheart.



Anastasia in her debut appearance

Anastasia is a woman of serene and pure beauty, noted by both Dante and Juste. She has a petite body with an ample bust size, long green hair that only reaches past her shoulder blades, and dark blue eyes.  She also possesses white, fair skin that possesses no blemish or flaw to it and is smooth to the touch. The most noticable feature, asides from her long green hair, are her long skinny legs. 

In her debut appearance she wears a standard soldier-esque attire. On her head is blue simple soldier helm that has a golden outline. She also possess a simple breastplate, pauldrons, and knee length greaves that possess the same color scheme as her helmet. Underneath that breast plate is strapless green leather armor and a white long sleeve shirt that is torn, revealing a portion of her biceps. There are also blue ribbons that are fastened tight around the forearms, preventing the torn sleeves from falling out. She as similar ribbons tied around her thighs as well.


Anasatasia is a very sweet and quiet teenage girl that rarely spoke a word. She simply listens to the conversation and speaks only when spoken to. She has also proven to be shy, making herself easily dominated by a more outgoing or loud person. She shows her manners and addresses everyone she meets with an honorfic. It's because of this she is very well-liked among both the male and female guild mates.

Underneath that soft hearted exterior is a furocious warrior who strives to prove herself to the world. She trains herself to her limit, often causing many to worry. She dreams of the chance to defeat people the likes of Erza Scarlet. This has gave her the support of many people and the exact reason why she has even joined Fairy Tail in the first place.



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