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"A mighty king who serves as a pawn"
— Tabor Gorilla
Anatoly Chatrang (アナトリーチェス; Anatorīchesu), known also as the Black King, is the founder and leader of Manus Zeref, the greatest and most powerful cult dedicated to the Dark Mage itself in the whole Earthland. An unfathomably powerful mage, he is also the de facto ruler of Pergrande. Sinister rumors are spread about his knowledge of the ancient God Slayer art.




Magic and Abilities




  • Anatoly Chatrang is based on Miraak, from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
  • Anatoly is a common Russian and Ukranian name, meaning "sunrise". It shares the same linguistic root of Anatolia, the greek name of Asia Minor. Chatrang is the name of and old version of chess in Middle Persian. For those reason Anatoly Chatrang is somewhat connected to ancient Persian Culture.
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