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Ancient Archive used.png
Ancient Archive

エンシェント アーカイブ


Holder Magic


Mathilda Barbatron

Ancient Archive (エンシェント アーカイブ, Enshento Ākaibu) is a Holder Magic used primarily by Mathilda Barbatron. Despite sounding similar to Archive, Ancient Archive is quite a different Magic altogether and operates in a completely different manner. The name stems from the archaic-looking mediums of this Magic, which are scrolls, and the fact that the spells used against this Magic is essentially archived. Using a wide variety of scrolls to seal away spells to be reused on a later occasion, it is quite useful against other Mages, particularly Caster Mages.


In order to properly utilize this specific kind of Magic, there are several requirements that have to be in place. The first requirement, is a large amount of scrolls. In the case of a single spell, one will usually suffice. The second is the skill to place Eternano into objects and specfically, these scrolls. The final requirement includes writing the name of the spell one intends to seal inside the scroll before sealing it shut. For an experienced Mage, fulfilling the two former is fairly easy. It is actually the third requirement which is the most difficult one to fulfill. Writing esoteric symbols in rapid succession is not a Mage's skill per se, hence why most Mages fail at mastering this spell. This also explains why this Magic is considered rare; many know of its existence, but are simply too slow writers to even consider using Ancient Archive. When this Magic is employed in practice, which is done in rapid succession, the user brings out an unused scroll, channels Eternano into it and seals it shut by compressing Magic into the end of the scroll. The scroll is now prepared to absorb an incoming spell. However, since it is still blank inside, it cannot be used in combat. It needs to absorb a certain spell in order to be useable. And for the spells to be stored inside the scroll, the spell's name needs to be written inside the scroll. This essentially means that the caster may never use this against an unseen spell. However, any spell repeatedly used will essentially be neutralized against a powerful user of Ancient Archive. Slayer Magic which relies on a few powerful spells, as an example, will have a difficult time coping with the sheer versatility of Ancient Archive. However, since the user only unleashes the spells, not controls them, they are at a disadvantage when it comes to raw power. However, it should also be noted that this particular Magic is not capable of sealing all kinds of Magic. Body Magic, such as Take Over and Keratin Body, cannot be archived in the scrolls as that would require sealing the caster away as well; a feat which the scrolls are incapable of achieving. In addition, the Black Arts are also considered to be superior to this kind of Magic and are therefore off-limits. But strangely, it appears as if Curses are fair game and can still be subjected to sealing due to their similar structure to regular Magic. 

The final step of the sealing process when activated.

Despite the apparent disadvantage in terms of power and the ability to properly control the spells, the sheer versatility this Magic offers is not to be overlooked. Its capacities allow it to seal away virtually any spells cast in the direction of the user with ease. However, the process is far more intricate than it seems. Despite the speed and precision of Mages who utilize this Magic as their primary means of combat, it is difficult for inexperienced users to even dream of using Ancient Archive against skilled Mages. The process of utilizing the spell forces the user to unseal the scroll, write the name of the spell directed towards one, then apply Eternano into the scroll, which causes the letters to glow blue momentarily and finally absorb the spell into the scroll. Soon thereafter, the user will have to seal the scroll shut again with their Eternano. By removing the seal of the scroll and unfolding it, the user will unleash the spell stores inside. Afterwards, the scroll will once more be blank; ready to be used over again. However, some of the scrolls may actually contain the spells permanently, but there are several requirements existing in this case. For starters, the spell sealed cannot consume too much magical power from the user. Thus, this is quite relative to user. Some are only capable of sealing spells of extremely low power, while others are capable of sealing spells with moderately high firepower. The second requirement is that the user needs to seal the scroll with a special seal. Altering the flow of the Eternano, the user will produce a wax-like seal with the symbols 特別 (Tokubetsu, lit. Special). This is the seal indicating a permanently useable spell. Finally, the user needs to make sure to seal the scroll with the same Eternano flow after using it. If not, the scroll will still be useable one more time, but only once, as the seal turns into a regular seal again. If the process is executed correctly, the scroll will sport a permanent usage. It should also be noted that some users have a difficult time distinguishing the scrolls from each other. But once a spell is sealed inside a scroll, the exterior of the scroll will change its color to match the color the user associates with the kind of Magic that the spell belongs to. Traditionally, a Fire Magic spell would be red in terms of color, while a Water Magic spell would be aqua.

Despite this, however, the scrolls may still be destroyed by powerful Magic, such as fire. Because the scrolls are vulnerable to any common damage, this Magic is usually utilized in tandem with Requip in order to properly store them and keep them out of harm's way. In addition, the dimensions provided by Requip keep the scrolls stored safely as well. Since an experienced user will accumulate quite a few scrolls during the course of their lifetime, storing them in a pocket dimension will free up a lot of space in one's living quarters. However, this does not usually not make the scrolls resistant to damage. It is therefore common to cast protective charms on the mediums to make them resistant to other kinds of Magic. It should also be noted that a skilled caster of this Magic would be able to combine different scrolls to invent new spells similar to Unison Raid. However, since the caster is alone, less Magic is required to combine. In fact, one may regard advanced Ancient Archive spells as some sort of Magic chemistry. Some spells compliment each other to create new and more powerful ones, while other combinations are disastrous and potentially lethal for the caster. With even basic elements, powerful combinations can be employed to overwhelm powerful opponents. Because the caster of Ancient Archive may use virtually any spell available, this section will detail the known copied spells and the advanced combinations employed by some users. In fact, the Caster may create impromptu combinations during combat by summoning multiple scrolls and combining their Magic. But seeing as certain combinations consist of incompatible Magic, it is often risky to use combinations in combat without trying them out on beforehand. 

Mathilda's Basic Spells:

  • Replication: Pristine Fire (複製:プリスティンファイア, Fukusei: Purisutin Faia): A spell Mathilda stored during combat with a mysterious Fire Mage. While this spell is initially regarded as weak by many, it is quite useful for Mathilda as it can be effectively combined with other spells to become more powerful. Despite having a simple nature and appearance, few doubt that this Fire Magic spell is a basic kind of Magic upon witnessing its true powers. When she initially observed the Mage use this spell against her, Mathilda noticed that he appeared to initiate the spell by bringing his arms up in the air above his head. The man then proceeded to move both his arms clockwise in a circle as he stated the name of this spell. As he kept the rotating motion intact, sparks started to fly before a full circle of flame formed above the man's head. Keeping the motion intact, the flame eventually started to speed up and duplicated; forming two separate rings of yellowish fire. Now prepared to hurl the flame at his enemy, all the Mage needed to do was stopping the motion altogether in the direction which he intended to strike. To the best of Mathilda's knowledge, the rings could be fired separately, as well as in tandem with each other. As long as one ring of fire remained above the caster's head, the second could apparently be produced. But if both were fired, the spell had to be cast again. When the ring travels towards the target, it appears as if it can both expand and contract at the whim of the caster. When Mathilda unleashes this spell, both the circles are intact and travel towards the designated target intertwined.
  • Replication: Evil Metal Wheel (複製:エビルメタルホイール, Fukusei: Ebiru Metaru Hoīru): A spell stored by Mathilda during combat with a mysterious Metal Mage. Deemed to be one of the quickest spells of said Mage's arsenal, it initially took Mathilda aback before she managed to counter it and after witnessing it a second time, seal it away. The caster appeared to place her hands along the sides of her body before swinging them backwards. Bending els will rapidly multiply into more than a dozen. And as they hit obstacles, the wheeltheir arms quite far back, the caster held their palms horizontally. Stating the name of the spell, the Mage materialized several pale blue metal wheels in her hands. Similar in design to the Buddhist symbol of dharmacakra without the eight legs, quite a few would be familiar with the appearance of these tiny wheels. The Mage then proceeded to leap forwards and made a forwards throwing motion with her hands. As the two wheels were now unleashed, they would start moving in the direction the caster threw them in. Initially small enough to fit in the palms of a woman, the wheels started to grow in size as they hit the ground. Becoming the size of motorcycles rapidly, they are now dangerous obstacles that could potentially run over a target at high speeds. However, the true threat does not lie in their speed and size. Whenever the wheels crash into obstacles, they multiply. One of the wheels bounce back, while the new wheel will head in another direction. If not stopped, the whes also grow in size. Many of the wheels will swiftly become the size of car-wheels if not stopped in time. But if the wheels are stopped in their tracks, they will burst into many sharp, metal fragments which may damage the individual who stopped the wheel.
  • Replication: Burning Black (複製:バーニング ブラック, Fukusei: Bāningu Burakku): A spell which despite its name, was used by a Darkness Mage prior to being sealed by Mathilda. When cast, Mathilda noted that this spell could be cast in a relatively simple manner. The caster initiated the spell by placing his left hand in front of his chest with the palm faced upwards. He then proceeded to place his left hand above the right, with his left palm facing the right. Curling the fingertips in order to make them seem reminiscent of claws, a ball of swirling dark energy surrounded by a green hue would appear in the space between the hands. Stating the name of the spell, the Mage then shifted the position of his hands so both palms touch on the bottom, the Mage then proceeded to push the swirling ball of torrential energy towards his intended target. As the ball starts to travel, its appearance changes drastically. Now becoming a massive beam of dark energy still surrounded by a green hue, it becomes far wider in size than it used to be as a ball. Travelling at high speeds, it is only a matter of seconds before it reaches its intended target. The beam will not stop until it crashes into a mass similar to its own size or stopped by a force with equal or higher power. Upon striking such a force, the energy of the beam will be drawn towards the center of the blast and then proceed to implode. As the blast implodes, it will scatter residue energy in the surrounding area. While it is true that the beam of Burning Black is dangerous, the most lethal aspect of this spell is the residue energy which the spell leaves behind once the energy implodes. This energy has properties similar to flames, hence the name Burning Black. These greenish black flames cannot be put out by normal means and will remain for at least ten minutes, or until the caster is rendered unconscious. However, they leave no burn marks on the area which they attacked and will instead attack the nerve system of the living beings they latch on to; effectively able to render a target incapable of moving by overwhelming them with pain. When Mathilda uses this spell, it is released abruptly from the scroll and will then function similarly to how it was used by its original caster.
  • Replication: Mirror Shot (複製:ミラーショット, Fukusei: Mirāshotto): A mysterious Water Mage was the initial caster of this spell and it has since been copied and stored by Mathilda. When it was cast, Mathilda noted that it was apparently rather simple in nature. The Mage placed his palms in front of himself with spread fingers and stated the name of the spell. When he was finished stating the name of the spell, a translucent, rectangular wall of considerable size would appear in front of the Mage. Large enough to cover a small wall, the wall would then become completely invisible to the naked eye. Even though it is invisible, the wall remains intact and stationary, even if a living being moves through it, since the wall consists of water. Since the wall does not move in tandem with the user, it is best used when in a defensive position, as it can only enhance one's own defense, not one's offence. Despite the fact that the wall of water seemingly does nothing when struck by a physical attack, it will immediately respond when struck by a spell, regardless of the nature of said spell. When it is struck, the wall will illuminate and become visible once more. Absorbing the spell, the wall will contain all the Eternano of any spells of moderate to large sizes without fail. Spells of massive sizes, such as Etherion, will be too much for the wall to handle. If the spell somehow involves the caster making physical contact with the wall, the wall will repel the user into the air. When it has finished absorbing the Eternano, the wall will become invisible for a few seconds before it once more will illuminate and release strange masses of water shaped like arrowheads. Travelling at high speeds, the arrowheads will usually strike the unsuspecting target with ease. Designed to drill through flesh, a single arrowhead is about the size of a grown man's fist and possesses considerable firepower because of the speed they're fired at. Their energy consists of the Eternano which was stored inside the spell used by an opposing force, but they still consist of water, regardless of the absorbed spell's nature. When around twenty arrowheads have been released, the wall will promptly disappear. Mathilda's sealed version of this spell has the potential of being quite different from the regular version, as the shape of the wall is dependent on how the scroll curves. If the scroll is straight, however, the wall will be identical to the original spell.
  • Replication: Fetal Movement (複製:胎動, Fukusei: Taidō): A spell which Mathilda sealed during combat with the sage with a wicked heart. It is said to be one of the main sources for offense of said sage. When she executed it, Mathilda noted that the woman raises her hands up and holds them out in front of her chest, forms a circle with her hands by pressing her opposing fingers together. It requires no concentration, merely the rough movements in order to execute it properly. After she finishes stating the name of the spell, an electric orb forms in her hands. It is no bigger than a marble, but as it floats out from her pseudo-grasp, it will expand and become about as large as a human head. The outer layer of the orb is a hint of dark blue, though this is a result of the magical power applied to the outer layer. The insides of the orb are almost pure white, but still with a hint of blue. Crackling electrical energy is occasionally seen surrounding the orbs. This process of creating orbs is rapid and she creates up to fifteen orbs while she is at it. Like most of her Lightning Magic techniques, the orbs are regarded as slow. However, because they are many and home the targets when they move around; making them difficult to avoid. Upon contact with the target, the orbs pop and release crackling energy through it. Once a single orb hits, it is almost guaranteed that all of them will, as a result of the paralyzing electricity. This spell received its quite bizarre name from the way pattern of the attack, as sage found the spell to be reminiscent of the movement of a fetus inside a woman. But since Mathilda has merely sealed the attack into a scroll with permanent usage, she is not required to execute this spell with the same precision as the hermit. Opening her scroll, a dozen crackling orbs of electricity will be released in the direction of the target. Having the advantage of being capable of producing many orbs instantaneously instead of producing many over time, this variation also has the disadvantage of being unable to produce many orbs continuously. 
  • Replication: Inverted Lotus (複製:反転蓮, Fukusei: Hanten Hasu): Despite having a name inspired by a flower, Inverted Lotus is an Earth Magic spell. Used by a mysterious Mage, Mathilda has since copied this spell. The Mage initiated this spell through rather simple means, as it is a rather basic spell. Bowing down to the ground, the caster gently patted the ground with both her palms. Rising up abruptly, the caster stated the name of the spell and stomped on the spot which she had touched with her right foot. As soon as she had finished this gesture, she immediately stepped back in order to not be harmed by the spell. The Caster is then required to do virtually nothing. Tremors would affect the nearby area and often cause unprepared individuals to lose footing. Soon after, the surface near the afflicted area, and therefore also near the caster, will start to crack. A few seconds after the earth has started to crack, a small, rectangular monolith will burst through the surface. Seemingly useless, the monolith will too start to crack after a few seconds have passed. As it splits in two, a long, vine-like structure of rock will protrude through the middle of the monolith and start chasing down the target(s) of the caster. Quite fast and agile for consisting of minerals, the vine will continue chasing down its target regardless of whether they attack it or not. If damaged enough, the vine will not cease chasing down the target, but merely split in two; rendering the escape even more difficult. As it comes close to the target and prepares to snatch it, the vine will grow a flower-like structure, similar to a lotus, and enclose itself around the target; rendering it virtually helpless. If destroyed, this structure will just rebuild itself until the monolith is destroyed or the caster rendered unconscious. Since Mathilda's version doesn't require preparation, the monolith will just fall out of the scroll and promptly hit the ground; already prepared to hunt down the designated target.
  • Replication: Dancing Ice Crystals (複製:舞氷晶, Fukusei: Buhyōshō): A spell originally used by a Mage utilizing Ice-Make and has since been sealed by Mathilda. Originally, this spell required a specific stance in order to be executed, but this does not apply to Mathilda, as she has only sealed it in a scroll, nothing else. The complex stances required for Ice-Make included placing the right arm in front of one's body and the left behind. Further complicating the structure of the movements, the target has to spin around so the left ends up front and the right back. In the middle of the spin, the caster states the name of the spell. Two massive ice constructs akin to snow flakes in terms of design will appear near the fingertips when the spin is half-way finished and start to spin back and forth in the air akin to circular saws. In fact, they are likely stronger than regular circular saw blades and when moving at high speeds, they are capable of slicing through metal. As the caster spins around more, they generate larger and larger quantities of crystals which will spin around. Due to the sheer amount of ice crystals, they frequently collide and change course. Sometimes the crystals fuse together to form strange gears with extended range. While they are susceptible to attacks, the ice crystals can split up into smaller parts as well and then fuse again. Even Fire Magic has proved to be somewhat ineffective against the Dancing Ice Crystals, as the residue water is usually frozen by a new crystal to recreate the melted ice.
  • Replication: Landrel's Poison (複製:ランドレルの毒, Fukusei: Randoreru no Doku): An unique spell which was utilized by the now-deceased member of Faux BabylonLandrel. Due to its immensely powerful nature, Mathilda decided to seal it and has since duplicated it into a virtually endless amount. In that sense, while the Caster is dead, the Magic still lives on. As one of the three known individuals who possess this substance, Mathilda is a lethal adversary to Slayer Magic-users. Although the usage of Landrel's Poison is not well-documented in the academic circles and Mathilda is the only one who is currently researching the substance. However, the researching process moves at a slow pace due to the fact that the substance has to be exposed to the cells of a Slayer in order to work, as other Mages are completely immune to their effects. Even so, how the poison works is not exactly documented either and as such, it would require a live subject in order to be properly scrutinized and categorized. However, Mathilda is unwilling to do so, as she views the process as unethical due to the enigmatic nature of the poison. In reality, as deduced by Sūmi Masēn, the poison is relatively harmless, even if large quantities are inhaled. However, the poison is still quite potent and should not be discredited as useless in battle against Slayer Mages, which it was specifically designed to counter. The most frightening aspect of the substance is its virtual invisibility; it is hardly visible, tasteless and most importantly, odorless. Due to the heightened sense of smell among Slayers, this is a particular advantage against them, as they are unable to detect the poison at all. However, another trait makes the poison even more fit for Mathilda's manner of combat: it can latch on to other spells to truly be concealed. More frequently than not, Landrel's Poison is stored inside spells which the opposing Slayer can consume and thus also forcing them to consume the poison. If this strategy is not viable, it can be concealed in other kinds of spells which disperse the poison throughout the battlefield, thus forcing the target to eventually inhale some of the poison as the battle drags on. Due to the fact that virtually no one bear knowledge of its existence, it is a very efficient strategy against any Slayer. The poison enters rather quickly and can be inhaled or consumed. When it enters the blood stream, it attacks the Eternano in the body and seals any magical receptor shut, as long as they contain traces of the signature Slayers possess. This does not only remove the Slayer Mage's ability to use their Magic, but also any superhuman abilities altogether. This essentially reduces them to nothing but regular humans for a limited amount of time. It is in this period of vulnerability in which the caster of Landrel's Poison can utilize to effortlessly defeat the Slayer. Although this is regarded as a cheap tactic by many, it has been praised as revolutionary by some, as it allows the otherwise powerful Slayers to fall effortlessly. It should also be noted that even Slayers who specialize in poison will be affected by the substance and thus lose their potency.
  • Replication: Obscure (複製:漠然, Fukusei: Bakuzen): A useful supplementary spell which Mathilda stored in combat against a Mage who utilized Darkness Magic. While it belongs to the same classification as Burning Black, this spell uses a more literal form of darkness to achieve its effects, instead of dark magical energy. When cast, Obscure does something rather simple: it unleashes a cloud of murky Eternano akin to thick smog in the surrounding area to disorient anyone trapped in the mist. Because of the fact that it is rich on Eternano, it also obscures people's ability to detect distinct shapes inside the smog. As such, it is an excellent spell for creating confusion and temporary mayhem. It can be used defensively, but also for escape, as the caster is not disoriented. While they are unable to see clearly, they can still navigate based on sensing Eternano and hearing, something which the others also are capable of doing. Due to the spell's smog-like nature, it has a putrid stench which obscures the olfactory nerve. This strategy is therefore especially effective against Dragon Slayers, who have a strengthened sense of smell. It should be noted that it is also at its peak when used in a confined space, as the smog disperses quicker in open spaces. One can also disperse the smog by utilizing Magic which generates kinetic force, such as Wind Magic, to great effect.
  • Replication: Barrier (複製:バリアー, Fukusei: Bariā): A basic spell which has been stored multiple times by Mathilda. Initially utilized by a Mage who used a mage who specialized in Barrier Magic, this spell is the most basic of all the spells he demonstrated. Instead of creating a complex barrier, this spell creates a very basic wall of Eternano which blocks both physical and magical attacks. The barrier is one dimensional and only covers the direction it is cast in. But in return, it is both fast and reliable, as it is able to counter quite a few spells or alternatively one powerful before shattering into Eternano molecules. A defensive strategy where multiple walls are placed in succession is frequently employed as well, in order to inhibit a powerful spell from striking the target. Due to its general usefulness, Mathilda has duplicated a striking amount of scrolls containing this particular spell and intends to incorporate it into various defensive combinations, as it is generally quite useful. For now, she has settled for a combination utilizing only this spell and of course, this spell as a standalone.
    • Advanced Replication: Cube (高度な複製:キューブ, Kōdona Fukusei: Kyūbu): A slight variation of Barrier that utilizes five scrolls with the basic spell Barrier inside. By throwing one up, one to the front, one to the left, one to the right and one to the behind, Mathilda can create a cubical defense with provides her with an omnidirectional defensive option. However, the individual walls are not stronger than the regular Barriers and the cubic structure prevents Mathilda from attacking as long as she's stuck inside the cube. As such, it is regarded as more of an all-encompassing defensive mechanism to be used whenever Mathilda is forced to be cautious or when she intends to stall in combat.
  • Replication: Summer Wind (複製:サマーウインド, Fukusei: Samā Uindo): A spell based on Wind Magic, but with a defensive twist. Instead of allowing the winds to harm the targets by becoming harsh to deal physical damage to the caster, soft breezes are generated. However, the zephyr wind is deceptive, as it transports other people away from the caster. The wind is released omnidirectionally and the caster is thus surrounded by it, making approach incredibly difficult. However, one should note that the wind will not be released continuously, but rather instantaneously. The victims of the spell are also not moved until after the wind stops blowing. The more the target struggles, the further back they will be flung. Because of this, it is wise to remain immobile as the spell is executed, although this is impossible to know without having witnessed the spell in use on earlier encounter, in addition to trial and error. As such, this spell is excellent when it comes to creating distance between Mathilda and Mages who primarily rely on strategies which require them to be close to their opponents.
  • Replication: Cessation (複製:底止, Fukusei: Teishi): A spell initially used by the S-Class Mage of the guild known as Dii Consentes who goes by the alias of Vesta. As Vesta is primarily a Healing Mage, her spells are also primarily centered around healing others and herself. However, they are not strictly based around direct healing, but can also remove other ailments as well. Cessation is the most basic of these spells referred to as Anomaly Resistance Enchants, but also the strongest due to its uncomplicated and powerful nature. Akin to both Anomaly Resistance Enchant: Re-raise and Anomaly Recovery Magic, Raise in nature, this spell works by removing Magic Anomalies from other people's bodies. Magic Anomalies are usually ailments induced by specific types of Magic intended to alter the bodies of other individuals, corpses included. Designed to prevent the allies and Vesta alike to remain untouched in combat, Cessation is intended to be used often indiscriminately, healing enemies as well. By raising one of hands in the air, Vesta will initiate this spell. As she raises the hand, it will be surrounded by a pale yellow magical energy. Dispersing this energy into the environment, the Eternano particles will react to any presence of large concentration of Eternano, most likely a human being. When it hits a target, the target will be surrounded by a shimmering light. Having quite a large radius, the spell is designed to approach an "Area of Effect" kind of strategy. This shimmering light is actually a large concentration of Eternano in the target's body being altered, or rather, reverses any magical alterations done to the body. However, this does not apply to self-induced alterations. It should be noted that this does not include the effects of Healing Magic, as this restores the body to its previous state, or wounds, as this is not a healing spell. Instead, it removes conditions such as magically induced restrainment, seals, reanimation, outside influence, magically induced poisons and diseases, buffs, debuffs and similar effects which change the target's original state. Vesta personally gave Mathilda the permission to seal this spell, as she believes that it can do the world good, since only she currently knows how to cast it. It should be noted that if the spell is cast prior to the induction of a magical anomaly, the effects will linger for a few minutes, thus granting the caster preventive measures. Due to the fact that Cessation is released from Mathilda's scroll, it indiscriminately subjects Mathilda herself, allies, enemies and bystanders to the effects of the spell.

Mathilda's Advanced Spells:

  • Advanced Replication: Vacant Moon (高度な複製:空月, Kōdona Fukusei: Kūgetsu): One of Mathilda's first combination spells and possesses a moon theme. It combines three different spells, a Water Magic one, Lunar Magic and Light Magic, in order to create a devastatingly powerful combination. Unlike most spells stored inside the scrolls, Vacant Moon will not be released from the scroll itself. Instead, it will distort the atmosphere and cause the moon to illuminate, even if it the area is filled with daylight. By opening the scrolls required to use this spell, the caster releases a multitude of water droplets into the surrounding area. These droplets will emit a peculiar Eternano which allows them to absorb most of the lighting and thus also causes the environment to become rather murky, as if the twilight descended on the area. In fact, just about everything but the moon will grow quite murky. While the aesthetics of the spell will be affected by the placement of the moon, the effects of the spell itself will remain relatively unchanged. Illuminating with glorious light, the moon will assume a pale shade of blue, but only to those situated in the area where the light is drained. Elsewhere the moon will appear identical. As the attack escalates, the droplets released from the scroll will start to illuminate. As they cover the majority of the area, it may seem like the only way to escape is to head into the skies. Doing so is, however, a potentially lethal mistake. Although it is true that the droplets are primarily concentrated around the ground area, the following effects of the spell causes the skies to be a dangerous place to seek refuge. As the droplets grow more luminous, the moon will become paler until the point where it is entirely white in terms of color. Then a blue magical circle will appear over the area drained of light and the droplets will start reacting to this. Shooting out elongated, straight lasers of blue energy, the droplets function similar to artillery. The beams travel upwards and due to the sheer number of droplets, the entire area will swiftly be covered in these lunatic assails. While the droplets do release a large quantity of beams, they are released at an irregular pace. However, when the beam hits the magical circle, it will be unleashed once more to hit the droplet below. Continuously recycling the energy, the target will only rid the spell of the energy beams by allowing objects to strike them. The caster can cancel the technique whenever they want, however. A dense attack, Vacant Moon specializes in breaking the target's defense in order to expose the targets.
  • Advanced Replication: Philosopher's Stone (高度な複製:賢者の石, Kōdona Fukusei: Kenja no Ishi): Unlike the other advanced spells employed by Mathilda, Philosopher's Stone was not created by her, but rather by her own mother. It has since, through with much difficulty, been copied by Mathilda. Regarded as one of the most powerful spells in her mother's repertoire, Mathilda has managed to master a less potent variation. One should not consider her version of this attack to be much inferior, however, as it still allows her to heal herself while attacking. One of the major differences between this version and Salome's, is that this version is incapable of completely rejuvenating the target and make them more youthful. Instead, it can restore the caster's body to the state it was in prior to taking damage. Naturally, it cannot restore lost levels of Eternano, as it consumes Eternano instead of restoring it. Despite the fact that it is quite a potent spell, Philosopher's Stone is also one of Mathilda's most stunning spells from an aesthetic perspective. When executing it, Mathilda opens a scroll in which the spell is stored and is promptly surrounded in sparkling Eternano. As a majestic flashing light briefly covers the area, the scroll will summon a total of five gems of different colors surrounding the caster. Rotating idly around the caster's body, the five gems act in a manner akin to shields the caster from damage, but also continuously heals the caster in case of damage. These colors of the gems represent different aspects and elements. The red gem represents fire and is composed of crystallized Fire Magic. It is described as hot to the touch. To the right of the red gem is the blue gem located. This gem represents water and is, as expected, composed of crystallized Water Magic. It leaks water out of this stone. The green gem is located to the right of the blue gem and represents Wood Make crystallized. This particular gem is vibrant and releases revitalizing energy. To the right of the green gem, the metal gem, the yellow one, is located. This one is described as cold and smooth to the touch. Finally, to the right of the yellow one, the orange one is located. This one represents Earth Magic and releases clouds of dust. Due to the fact that all of these gems are composed of crystallized Magic, they cannot be consumed by Slayers of their respective elements, nor Slayers who specialize in consuming Crystal. In addition to healing the caster, Philosopher's Stone causes the gems generated to constantly rupture and release small fragments of the main bodies constantly to deal damage to opponents. As the gems regenerate constantly, this can be a long-lasting assault which exhausts the opponents.
  • Advanced Replication: Chaotic Flare (高度な複製:混迷紅焔, Kōdona Fukusei: Konmei Kōen): The "sister"-spell of Vacant Moon, the combination inspired by the moon, Chaotic Flare is a spell primarily based around sun and generating heat. Unlike its sister, this spell is primarily based around unstable destructive force, compared to Vacant Moon's fine-tuned nature which is easy to control. A combination of Fire Magic, Explosion Curse and Solar Magic, this combines some of the most destructive sorts of Magic into a massive bomb of unstable energy which collapses on itself when it strikes a target. As such, Mathilda seldom uses it in combat, in addition to the fact that it can induce severe recoil damage to the caster. Mathilda created this spell when experimenting to find a spell which would generate an artificial sun and this was the result that came closest, although it is far too transient to be treated as a proper sun. Not to mention far too destructive. However, Mathilda still dubbed it as "hyper star", as it is essentially a very short-lived star with a very violent birthing process and an even more violent termination. In order to properly execute this spell, Mathilda needs to place the scroll on the ground, usually while still sealed. The scroll would then release a massive pillar of energy which continuously burns. Fueled by the Eternano of the surrounding area, the pillar will shoot up into the skies to further consume Eternano. What many are oblivious of, is that this pillar is just the first phase of the spell. As such, they often assume that this is the complete spell and therefore attempt to counter it at this point. However, attacking the pillar is futile as it just consumes any incoming attack and feeds on the Eternano. Akin to a gigantic vacuum cleaner, the pillar of fire is but the chrysalis stage of the attack. As the pillar absorbs Eternano, it will gradually start growing a field of gravity, absorbing most light objects in the vicinity. After a rather short amount of time, the pillar will promptly collapse and form a round ball of fire akin to a star. When the pillar collapses on itself, it releases [[large, omnidirectional flares which damage friend and foe indiscriminately. When it has reached the orb phase, the miniature star will start to release solar flares with massive power. Akin to burning shock waves in nature, they have a tendency to cause rocks to shatter, metal to melt and the ground to hit upon impact. However, the most dangerous aspect of the spell is still the gravity field of the star, which will at this point attempt to absorb most unattached objects - especially ones rich with Eternano. As such, humans are likely to be absorbed by the star. Unlike the pillar phase, the orb phase cannot properly assimilate Eternano and will instead react violently to foreign Eternano by exploding in a brutal fashion. 
  • Advanced Replication: Flying Plum Tree (高度な複製:飛梅, Kōdona Fukusei: Tobiume): A more defensive spell combination, Flying Plum Tree is one of Mathilda's most recent creations and has thus not been extensively tested in combat. As such, she is quite hesitant to using it in serious combat and intends to primarily use it in sparring matches at this point to properly perfect it. However, as few members of the guild are as skilled as her in combat, she seldom participates in sparring matches and instead devote her time to research. Despite this, the outline of the spell is set. The exact spells used in this combination remain unknown till this day, but it apparently involves Healing Magic and some sort of Magic that summons trees. In order to initiate this spell, Mathilda opens the scroll containing the main spell. When opened, this spell summons what appears to be a plum tree which floats on the scroll in the sky. While the tree appears to be rather purposeless, it does in fact do something rather extraordinary when the other components are summoned. Releasing three other scrolls, these scrolls create strange, pixie-like constructs of Eternano which will circle around the tree itself. When active, the tree will absorb all Eternano exerted from anyone but Mathilda and convert it into blasts of green energy stemming from trees. This aspect of the tree is said to be reminiscent of the Lost Magic known as Great Tree Arc, as it releases]] the wrath of nature to harm humans. That is, at least what the tree is supposed to do. Instead, it will more frequently release aromatic clouds of fresh mint which will cover the area. Although this is rather useless in combat, it does provide some comic relief and distraction - especially if a Dragon Slayer comes in contact with this cloud of all-consuming smell. Occasionally, however, the tree will do what it is supposed to: release green blasts of magical energy that will harm anyone but the caster. If the tree is targeted by anything, the three pixie-like constructs will punish the agitator by crashing into them and pushing them away while absorbing some of their magical reserves. As the tree is impervious to attacks that rely on Eternano, it can only be dissipated with physical attacks which possess enough speed to fly past the lightning-fast pixies.
  • Remembrance: Evening Primrose (追悼:待宵草, Tsuitō: Matsuyoigusa): A secret spell, Mathilda only uses this as a last resort in combat. Due to its destructive nature, she does not want to showcase it in front of other people.


  • Many of Mathilda's basic spells have name written in Katakana, while most of the advanced spells are written in Kanji. This can be explained in a rather simple manner. The basic spells retain the original names which the casters gave them, some of them possessing Katakana-themed spells, while the advanced spells are created by Mathilda herself, who possesses Kanji-themed spells.